Discussing Unconventional Business Ideas With Cat Howell


Cat Howell

Cat Howell is a marketer who is passionate about Facebook Ads. She is the Founder and CEO of Eight Loop Social and the FB Ads Academy. She also runs Facebook Ad Hacks, one of the largest Facebook groups targeting Facebook ad buyers around the world. To train budding Facebook ad agency owners, freelancers, and marketers, she built The Academy and Digital Distillery. She has worked with clients like Coca-Cola Amatil and Contiki and has been featured in Entrepreneur, Business Rockstars, Inc. Magazine, and other publications.
WEBSITE: CatHowell


  • About Buying and Selling Domains
  • Why It’s Difficult to Promote Organic Vaginal Sprays Online
  • About Cryotherapy

Key Takeaways

[0:23] Working on the Reality Show, “Pay the Invoice”

[6:25] Buying Absurd Domains

[9:52] Theory of Her — Selling Organic Vagina Sprays

[12:59] What Is Cryotherapy Like?

[16:39] What Cat Would Do if She Won the Lottery

From cryotherapy to organic vaginal sprays and domain selling, Cat Howell and I discuss some out-of-the-box business ideas in this episode. This conversation is equal parts madness and marketing! To wrap up the segment, I also ask Cat what she would do if she won the lottery.

To find out her answer, tune into the episode.


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