Discussing How to Face Market Downturns with Gigworker’s Brett Helling


Brett Helling

Brett Helling is a serial entrepreneur, who runs a diversified portfolio of websites including Ridester.com, Gigworker.com, and Bloggingtips.com. He has been starting, growing, and monetizing blogs for years. The websites which once started as a side hustle are now profitable businesses that generate revenue through online advertising, product sales, lead generation, and affiliate marketing.
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When you start a business or buy a business, you’re putting yourself at risk. You may face a lot of challenges and market downturns and losses. But you need to be prepared to overcome all of that to keep your business running and generate profits.

Today, we have Brett Helling from Gigworker with us to discuss how he was able to get through the tough COVID-19 times and help his business slowly bounce back.

Listen to him speak about:

  • The kind of market downturns he witnessed during his entrepreneurial journey
  • The importance of sitting on cash to mitigate market downturns
  • The early signs that businesses can look at to predict and prepare for a downturn
  • The importance of pivoting to make the most of difficult situations
  • A few industries that have no market during a downturn

On this episode, Brett also shared fun stuff like one superpower he would like to have and his favorite book.

Tune in now to listen to him talk about it all!

Brett has also published a book titled, “Gigworker Independent Work State Economy,” to share his expert advice and insights on the gig economy.


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