How to Disrupt a Traditional Industry Right: An Interview with Dynamic Blending’s Jordan Erskine


Jordan Erskine

Jordan Erskine is an Inc. 500 entrepreneur and also the Co-Founder of Dynamic Blending, a leading contract manufacturing company that produces cosmetics and skincare products. Having built two successful 8-figure businesses, he is a dynamic and in-demand entrepreneur and leader. He specializes in research and development, innovation, industry disruption, marketing, growth strategies, web design, and much more. To top it all off, Jordan is also an angel investor.
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Disrupting a traditional industry is not easy but that’s how innovation happens and trends change. And everything evolves for the better, right?

On this episode, Jordan Erskine, the Co-Founder of Dynamic Blending, a skincare products contract manufacturing company, will talk about how he has disrupted the archaic manufacturing industry.

You’ll learn:

  • How did Jordan get into the contract manufacturing cosmetics industry?
  • What were the major challenges he had when starting Dynamic Blending?
  • What is it like to bootstrap a company to success?
  • What made him change the traditional manufacturing industry and how he actually did it.
  • Why is it important for all business owners to learn marketing?
  • What can entrepreneurs do differently to become industry disruptors?

If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to change the way things happen in your industry and make it easier for both sellers and consumers, be sure to listen to Jordan speak about his journey doing the same.

Tune in now to get some inspiration!


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