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Listen to Shane Barker and Saul Fleischman as they discuss how hashtag usage has evolved over the years. In the episode, Saul also talks about the growth of his company, RiteKit and how they have matured since their early years.

Saul Fleischman also tells Shane what advice he would give to his younger self. In retrospect, he believes he wouldn’t have settled for unsatisfying jobs. Towards the end of the podcast episode, Saul also makes a surprise announcement!.

Listen to their conversation now.

Key Takeaways

[00:33] Evolution of Hashtag Marketing

[04:17] The “Indie” Feeling About RiteKit

[07:24] Learning While Working

[09:58] Advice to Young Entrepreneurs

[14:30] DoA: Who Would You Have Dinner With?

[16:08] Saul’s Surprise Announcement


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