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Conversion optimization is one of the major factors affecting growth in a business. For every type of business, conversion is the final step towards achieving their goals and may require the help of a CRO consultant. Whether it’s to increase revenue or to get more subscribers, every marketing effort strives for conversion. That’s why many marketers look toward conversion rate optimization services to help them make more conversions.

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What is conversation rate optimization?

Conversion rate optimization or CRO can be defined as the method of improving your site’s performance using analytics and user feedback. With an increasing number of marketers consulting conversion rate experts for their websites, businesses are experiencing higher conversion rates. In fact, a eCommerce report states that business to consumer ecommerce sales are expected to reach USD 1.92 trillion by 2016 year.

Here are some of the reasons why you might want to go for conversion optimization services:

  • According to a research, app store search is used by 53% of Android users to find the last app they downloaded. For iOS users, this number is at 47%. Since search is largely responsible for app downloads, it’s only natural that you optimize your app store listing and make your app easily searchable on a Search Engines.
  • The same report shows that users are highly active in app stores with 64% having downloaded an app in the last 7 days prior to the survey.
  • In order to drive users to download your app, it needs to be discoverable. Optimizing it through mobile app marketing can improve your app store ranking.
  • 15% of iOS users and 12% of Android users discovered apps through word-of-mouth. This means that you could benefit from using an app store optimization service that will help you with publicity and better user experience.

What we can do

Shane Barker is an SEO expert who also specializes in mobile app marketing. Our app store optimization service involves the following strategies for promoting your app:

  • We implement data-driven methods to optimize your app and increase organic downloads
  • Instead of just focusing on app promotion, we help you understand your competition better. Our expert engine carefully studies your competition and the keywords they use, so you can get ahead of them.
  • Our app store SEO service is designed to identify target keywords and key phrases.
  • We analyze your currently-used keywords and phrases in order to redesign them for a more search-optimized app description
  • Our professional mobile app marketing service also includes running A/B split tests on app store screenshots and app icons.
  • We even analyze and enhance your app reviews and ratings for better app promotion. This is a great way to build your presence and improve your app store ranking.
  • Our app store SEO experts even assist you in PR and social media to ensure that your app gets the exposure it deserves.
  • We get your app featured on Tech Crunch, LifeHacker, Android Central, TNW, Engadget and other popular app review site which plays important role on your app reputation and Branding.

Why us?

Shane Barker provides excellent app store optimization service to help you in the promotion of your app. See the testimonial page to find out what our esteemed clients have to say about his service.

Many app developers have chosen Shane Barker as their mobile app marketing consultant because of his expertise and dedication. We employ effective and Google-compliant methods to optimize and enhance apps for better app store rankings.

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