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Influencer marketing Consultant

Are you making the most of your influencer marketing status? Maybe you’re facing a crisis about which brands to work with. The increasing popularity of influencer marketing has been a boon to influencers from all walks of life. Yet many influencers aren’t utilizing their full potential. Some are having trouble associating themselves to the right brands, while others are simply unable to effectively handle all the prospective sponsorship offers while negotiating effectively.

Whether you’re a blogger, stylist, chef, traveler, photographer, or vlogger; there are plenty of opportunities for you to monetize your status as an influencer. That’s where an influencer marketing consultant comes into picture. Not sure what that is? Read on and find out how an influencer consultant can help you make the most out of your status as an influencer.

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Why influencer consultants?

Influencer consultants are like celebrity’s marketing consultants, where an expert works with you to fully monetize your following. Here are some of the benefits of working with an influencer consulting firm:

  • As an influencer, you’re under constant public vigilance. People take note of what you say and do. This means that even the smallest mistakes could damage your image. When you choose to work with influencer consultants, you get assistance in managing your social media image. Our experts will actively work with you to positively build your image and following.

  • Even an influencer can have some trouble convincing their followers to purchase something. It could be that your messages seem too staged now and people don’t trust you as much as they used to. Our influencer consultation will help you ensure that followers truly engage with you and listen to what you have to say. We will help you deliver your messages more persuasively and influence your followers’ purchase decisions.

  • Did you know that you’re probably not getting incentivized like you deserve? Many influencers have trouble negotiating with businesses and brands, which means they’re unable to fully monetize their status as influential individuals.

    Working with an influencer marketing consultant will help you get the most out of your sponsorship and collaborations agreements with high-end brands. Our experts will help you through the negotiation process so that you can get all the perks from being an influencer. By perks I mean money, longer-term contracts, free products, free trips, VIP access to social events and so on.

  • To further optimize your image as an influencer, you need to associate yourself with relevant and reputable brands. As your influencer consultants, we can help you determine which brands align best with your personal values and interests. This will ensure that you only work with brands that your followers will love, meaning you won’t be losing your reputation as an honest and honorable influencer.

Why us?

Shane Barker has been in the image consulting industry for 10+ years and has helped top celebrities and athletes in maintaining a positive image while growing their fan base. Find out what our esteemed clients have to say about Shane Barker on the testimonials page. He has worked with big names like retired NFL player, Adrian Ross and actor/director, Angela Bassett, 2XMr. Olympia, Jeremy Buendia, Fitness Model, Sandra Prikker and many more.

With a passion for helping people reach their full potential, Shane Barker will help you make the most of your influencer status. He provides exceptional influencer consulting services that ensure your financial and personal growth in this growing space of Influencer Marketing.

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“I have worked with Shane for the last 7 years for which he has exceeded my expectations at every level.”
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