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Regardless of its innovative features, it’s never easy for a new product to immediately generate revenue for the company. Brands usually require the help of a product launch manager to ensure that their new product is a success. Since this stage is so delicate, it can be said that a product launch is one of the most vital steps for a brand to achieve growth. You might want to hand over the task of marketing your new product in the hands of an expert product launch consultant.

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Issues And Challenges Of New Product Launch

According to the Harvard Business Review, only about 25% of retail products and consumer packaged goods manage to earn $7.5 million during the first year of their launch. Here are a few reasons why you need product launch consulting before launching a new product:

  • Some companies can’t support fast growth. You need to have a proper plan to catch up in case the product takes off.
  • Product launch marketing can help you determine if your product offers the right features to sway buyers.
  • Certain products need some amount of consumer education to become a success. A product launch manager can help you with this.
  • If there’s no market for your product, there is no chance of it taking off despite how revolutionary it is. Product launch consulting helps you test the water and identify whether or not people would buy the new product.
  • With the help of a product launch consultant, you can come up with strategies to ensure your product lives up to the hype. Therefore, ensuring its success.

What We Can Do

Shane Barker’s product launch marketing services are designed to provide top-level assistance for brands that are launching a new product online. Take a look at our product launch consulting approach:

  • We design a customized marketing and public relations campaign for your new product.
  • We run tests to determine the potential of a new product.
  • A professional product launch consultant will help you generate interest through a targeted media outreach program.
  • We will help you in creating quality web content that highlights the best features of your product.
  • Our dedicated team of product launch consulting experts will help you time and plan your product launch.
  • We create and promote a launch event for the new product.
  • A dedicated product launch manager will oversee the development of online marketing campaigns for the product including press releases, webinars, search engine marketing, and email advertising.
  • Our product launch consulting service also involves providing assistance in the implementation of the launch.

Why Us?

For years, Shane Barker has provided valuable product launch marketing services to clients across various sectors.

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Through Shane’s expertise, we can help you come up with innovative ideas for promoting your new product. As your product launch consultant, our aim is to help you achieve your goals.

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