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SEO has become a household term for internet marketers everywhere. With more than 3 billion Google searches occurring every day, it’s only natural that marketers optimize their sites for search engines, Hence SEO consultation becomes a “Must do”. Whether you’re a small business or an international organization, SEO consulting services should be a priority in your marketing campaign. It may be best to consult a professional SEO consultant or a SEO consulting company to help you come up with a strategy for getting your website discovered.

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Benefits of SEO

Take a look at the ways in which a good SEO consultant services can help you out:

  • Increase in site traffic – SEO is designed to help your website rank higher in search engines so you can get more traffic. Chitika reports that the top listing in the organic search results of Google gets about 33% of the traffic. This means that the higher you rank in search engines, the more likely your traffic is to increase. The right Search Engine Optimization consultant services can help you with this.

  • Better ROI – SEO consultation is a good way to improve your site content in such a way that you get a good ROI. A case study by Marketing Sherpa found that an organized content marketing strategy was able to boost the revenue of a company by 40%.

  • Increased site usability – SEO consulting services can help make your website much easier for search engines to navigate. Improving the usability of your site is also a good way to improve user experience, which is an important ranking metric.

  • Cost savings – SEO targets people who are actively searching online for your products and services. This makes it a cost-effective marketing strategy that still provides impressive results. The right search engine optimisation consultant will help you achieve your marketing goals while reducing costs.

  • Increased brand awareness – Having your site rank among the top positions in search engines brings more exposure to your brand. Whether you’re a global organization or a startup, an international SEO consultant will work with you to get a better ranking. Through the right SEO consulting service, you will be able to increase brand awareness.

What we can do

As one of the best SEO consultancy service in Sacramento, Shane Barker can help you in the following ways:

  • We provide an all-round service from web design to integrated SEO. We can even retool an existing website with quality content to improve your site ranking.
  • Our SEO consulting services includes optimizing the back-end of your website for long-term results.
  • We will customize a search engine marketing strategy for your business based on your requirements and goals.
  • Our SEO consulting service aims to help businesses improve their local ranking by improving their site’s compatibility with local directories and geolocation services. This will ensure that mobile users in your area can easily find you online.

Why us?

Shane Barker is an SEO consultant with years of experience in diverse industries like International SEO, eCommerce, Local SEO, Online Product Launch. He provides SEO consultancy services to clients across various sectors including ecommerce companies.

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