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Why Partner with ShaneBarker.com

  • ShaneBarker.com is the go-to resource for SEO, content marketing, and digital marketing tips, tools, and trends
  • 50,000+ monthly blog visitors, including SEOs, professionals, marketers, business owners, influencers, and content creators
  • 10,000+ active subscribers with an average open rate of 17% and an average click rate of 3%
  • Our audience is primarily located in the U.S. (69%), U.K., Canada, France, and India.

Who Partners with Us?

Many B2B and SaaS businesses have enjoyed the benefits of partnering with ShaneBarker.com, including industry giants like:

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And more…

Our Top Sponsorship Opportunities

We offer five types of sponsorship opportunities – all designed to resonate with our audience and elevate your brand’s credibility in their minds. Choose the ones that best suit your requirements or you can also suggest other collaborations.

We write effective ad copy, design banners, and add them to articles relevant to the nature of your business. This approach enables our partners to receive an average of 150 clicks per month from our compelling banner ads.

sponsored banners on relevant articles

We write a non-promotional mention of your product to any of our two main listicle types — Tool Alternatives or Best Tools for [purpose/ niche] — along with other competitors. However, we place your product on the listicle as #1, #2, or #3 based on the sponsored tool position you choose for 6-12 months.

sponsored inline ads in tool listicles

We test your SaaS product using a demo account with free limited-time access to all its features. Based on our experience using it, we write a detailed review of its key features, use cases, pros and cons, and relevance to our audience.

sponsored product reviews on shanebarker.com

We compare your tool against one or two competitors for their features, usability, and cost. The post will help our audience analyze which tool does what best and to whom it is for.

sponsored product comparison posts against a competitor

We list your tool or platform in one or more of our relevant tool listicles based on your tool’s features. The placement includes a short description, use cases (with screenshots), key features, and pricing details of your software.

sponsored tool listicles featuring your product and competitors

We write an informational article related to your product’s niche and subtly mention the features that make it a highly useful tool for its users.

sponsored educational posts with a mention of your product

We mention your SaaS product in our weekly newsletter developed around a trending or evergreen topic relevant to your niche. Our newsletter is full of actionable tips and inspiring examples for our highly-engaged audience.

As their trusted and key resource, they act on our recommendations and mentions of products to help run their campaigns effectively.One of our newsletters for Semrush received 229 clicks. We drive similar clicks for tools like SE Ranking, Dux-Soup, Vista Social, and HashtagsForLikes.

sponsored product mentions in our newsletter

We accept well-written articles, within 1,000 to 1,500 words, that are relevant to our audience and meet our publishing guidelines. You can mention or promote your product in the article and get two do-follow links from us. Our editorial team reserves the right to edit your copy for relevance and value.

sponsored guest posts by you on shanebarker.com

What Do Our Partners Say?

“Shane and his team played a crucial role in helping me establish myself as a thought leader in the
influencer industry. I am a big fan of his work and we have worked on a number of amazing projects
together. Can’t wait to have you come to UT Austin soon.”
Adam Enfroy
“If you want to grow your brand and get online exposure, it is extremely important to create epic
content and distribute it effectively. This is where Shane’s and his team of writers excel! Thanks for
your help with BigCommerce and Eterneval!”
Tracey Wallace
“I’ve known for over 6 years and we were fortunate to connect in our hometown. Shane has helped us become one of the #1 Influencer Marketing Software for Ecommerce Sales. We gained mentions on 100s of sites and our traffic and revenue tripled! We are very thankful to Shane and his team!”

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