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13 01, 2020

The Ultimate Instagram Image Size Guide for 2020

By |01/13/2020|Social Media|0 Comments

If you are using Instagram to grow your brand or business, then your Instagram image sizes matter. Instagram has grown to become one of the biggest social media platforms, with over one billion active monthly users. To reach out to this massive audience, it’s necessary for your brand to have an Instagram account. Brands use this photo and video sharing platform to increase engagement with their audiences. In fact, 71% of businesses use it to grow their presence, according to [...]

6 01, 2020

How to Create Custom Instagram Highlight Covers

By |01/06/2020|Social Media|0 Comments

Instagram introduced the Stories feature in 2016. Since then, it has become a powerful medium for brands to connect with their audiences. Just like Stories, Highlights are also becoming more popular. They are an extension of Instagram Stories; they are Stories that you choose to feature permanently on your profile. Unlike Stories, Instagram Highlights do not vanish after 24 hours. In fact, they are visible for as long as you want, just like the posts in your feed. The best [...]

24 12, 2019

15 Social Media Monitoring Tools You Need to Know Right Now (Updated December 2019)

By |12/24/2019|Social Media|0 Comments

Social media is probably the most important channel for brands to listen to and engage with their potential customers. It’s also where they can build and nurture their relationships with existing customers. There is so much valuable information available on social media that brands can’t simply choose to ignore it. From writing product reviews to posting about their latest shopping spree, consumers engage in various brand-related conversations on social media. By responding to or engaging with these conversations at the [...]

24 12, 2019

Instagram Stories Stickers: How to Use Them to Make Your Content More Engaging (Updated December 2019)

By |12/24/2019|Social Media|0 Comments

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with ~1 billion monthly users. Its growing popularity has made it a key marketing platform for digital marketers. But the level of competition on Instagram is also increasing for marketers. It is becoming increasingly difficult for brands to make their content stand out in a slew of content from numerous marketers. So how can you make your Instagram content more influential and distinct? By using Instagram Stories stickers. 9 [...]

10 12, 2019

Want to Add Music to Your Instagram Story? Here’s How to Do It

By |12/10/2019|Social Media|0 Comments

Ever since the launch of Instagram Stories in 2016, the feature has continued to grow in popularity. In 2018, 400 million people were actively using this feature on the Instagram app. For brands, it can be a goldmine to attract more followers and keep your audience entertained. However, one of the common dilemmas that Instagram marketers face is how they can make their Stories more engaging and fun. Adding music to your Instagram Stories can be a great way to [...]

6 12, 2019

19 of the Best Social Media Management Tools You Need to Manage Your Social Presence (Updated December 2019)

By |12/06/2019|Social Media|0 Comments

Social media management is an important aspect for every business. Taking advantage of the surging popularity of social media, it can help you manage online interactions, deals, branding, and marketing. Social media management tools can help. These software solutions make your work easier by streamlining the process and improving collaboration. Social media management tools can help you make your digital presence felt on social media platforms and help you attract more traffic while retaining your loyal customers. The Future [...]

3 12, 2019

When is the Best Time to Post on Instagram in 2020?

By |12/03/2019|Social Media|0 Comments

Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users and has grown into a social media mammoth. According to Facebook research, 83% of people discover services and products on Instagram. 81% of them use it to research brands, while 80% use it to make purchase decisions. Image via Facebook It’s, therefore, a great time to grow your presence on Instagram, if you haven’t started yet. However, your posts may get lost in the ocean of posts that are uploaded onto the [...]

2 12, 2019

8 of the Best Ways to Get More (Authentic) Instagram Followers

By |12/02/2019|Social Media|0 Comments

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms. According to Statista, as of June 2018, there were about 1 billion monthly active users on the platform. To get more prospects and customers for your business, you must have a strong presence on Instagram. Image via Statista As a result, more businesses are using the app. A recent survey by eMarketer showed that about 75.3% of businesses in the United States are expected to use Instagram by 2020. This means [...]

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