My Brain, Your Brawn

You: Hands-on, quick learner, wearing multiple hats at your company and trying to get business results with your own effort and determination, or your own team. But you know there’s a more efficient way to grow your business—you just need some expert guidance.

Me: A grizzled veteran of the digital marketing industry with experience ranging from social media to SEO, from marketing automation to advertising sales funnels. My proven strategies for growth through digital marketing have made me a highly sought-after marketing consultant.

If you’d like a step-by-step strategic marketing and analytics plan designed to grow your business that you can implement yourself, you’ve come to the right place.


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What People Are Saying

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“Over the last couple of years I have called upon Shane for his advise and counsel about matters that I have little if any knowledge base about and each time Shane was empathetic, quick to respond, happy to help and honest about what he knew and didn’t know. If you’ve spent anytime in the business world, you know how rare it is to find someone who will take the time to help someone out without alterior motives at the forefront. Shane is one of those rare people who goes out of his way, just because it’s in his character to do so. If you have the opportunity to work with Shane, count yourself lucky.”

Kevin Miles
360º Brand Story Architect


“I have had the pleasure to work with Shane over the years! Shane has a unique combination of skills, that always get results. Not only is he the consummate professional in all he does, but also the kind of person that you feel like you have been friends with forever. Makes for a rewarding and comfortable experience! I highly recommend you hire Shane. You will not regret it!”

Scott Shepard
Founding Partner & General Manager at EnergyWater, llc

Can I Help You? 

Who Is a Good Fit?

  • Any type of Digital Products, Fitness Experts, and Software companies that gross 5 figures monthly
  • Companies who use behavorial marketing and have a working sales funnel
  • Companies who understand the value in content marketing, lead generation with landing pages
  • An owner(s) who is open to constructive criticism and understand that we all have the same goals…to make money!
  • Companies who are tracking analytics and know their numbers

Who is NOT a Fit?

  • If you’re an affiliate, MLM or network marketer
  • If you want to send traffic to a webinar or website that is untested
  • If your product is porn, business opportunity, gambling, or weapons
  • If you’re looking to sell unethical products or services
  • If your budget is below $10,000

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