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We’ve helped businesses generate 3.5x ROI from their influencer marketing campaigns! Want to run successful influencer campaigns? Let our results-driven influencer marketing strategies drive the best results for your business.


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Attract & Engage New Audiences with
Effective Influencer Collaborations

Partnering with the right influencers can help you get quick exposure that is nearly impossible to achieve on your own.

As a leading influencer marketing agency, we offer everything from campaign ideation to execution and performance tracking. This is to ensure that you can focus on more important aspects of your business.

Led by brand and influencer consultant, Shane Barker, our team of influencer marketing specialists (managers, strategists, designers, and content creators) can help you achieve exceptional results. We can help you craft an effective influencer strategy, find relevant influencers, co-create content, manage campaigns, and track results.

Benefit from our services to get more exposure for your brand, attract massive audiences that are likely to be interested in your products, and boost sales.

We worked with the health & fitness expert, Zoe Rodriguez of ZBody Fitness, and helped her grow her sales from $400K to approximately $1.6 million in less than one year all through influencer marketing.Take advantage of our proven influencer marketing tactics to boost brand awareness, generate more engagement, and bring in new sales.

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Grew her sales from $400K to $1.6 million in less than one year
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End-to-End Influencer Marketing Services for Your Brand

Wondering how to launch successful influencer campaigns?

Leverage our end-to-end influencer marketing services to boost your brand’s reach, engagement, and overall online visibility. Get more people to trust your brand and become your loyal customers.

We offer a complete suite of influencer marketing services, including:

influencer marketing services
  • Customized influencer marketing strategy to reach, attract, and engage your target audience and meet your business and campaign goals
  • Influencer selection to identify, evaluate, approve, negotiate, and sign contracts with the right influencers for your brand
  • Content creation & amplification to co-create high-quality, engaging content with influencers and amplify its reach with cross-promotions
  • Campaign management to ensure smooth and effective brand-influencer collaborations and generate maximum ROI
  • Campaign monitoring & reporting to track the performance of individual influencers and your overall campaign to optimize it for better results

Want to ace the game of influencer marketing?
Let us help you launch results-driven influencer marketing campaigns for your brand.

Brands That Trust Our Services

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What You Can Expect

Want to attract audiences that are actually interested in your products and services? Benefit from our fully-managed influencer marketing services to win more business.

  • Requirement Gathering
  • Introductory Call
  • Customized Influencer Marketing Strategy
  • Influencer Selection
  • Content Co-Creation & Amplification
  • Influencer & Campaign Management
  • Campaign Performance Tracking
  • Monthly Reporting

Are you ready to accelerate your business growth with successful influencer collaborations


A. Our influencer marketing team is led by Shane Barker, a leading influencer marketing consultant with over 25+ years of industry experience. We have worked with Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, industry experts, and other influencers to manage their campaigns.

A. You can leverage our influencer marketing services to achieve numerous marketing goals simultaneously. We can help you enhance your brand awareness, increase conversions, get more website traffic, and improve your social media presence.

And, you can see quick results when it comes to increasing traffic and conversions as we use tactics like influencer promotions with unique discount codes. However, goals like building robust online visibility for your brand might take more time.

A. With years of experience in the field of influencer marketing, we have made tons of connections with influencers across industries. We not only have a list of authentic influencers and great content creators in various niches but we also have strong relationships with many of them.

We believe in providing completely customized influencer marketing services to our clients. Therefore, we conduct thorough research to find the most relevant influencers for your campaign.

A. Once you choose our influencer marketing services, we will start with:

Analyzing Target Audience & Campaign Goals >>> Influencer Marketing Strategy Development >>> Influencer Discover, Vetting, & Negotiation >>> Content Co-Creation & Amplification >>> Influencer & Campaign Management >>> Campaign Performance Tracking >>> Monthly Reporting

We can schedule weekly or monthly calls as required.

Please feel free to ask.

Want to Run Successful
Influencer Marketing Campaigns?

Our influencer marketing experts can help you strategize, execute, manage, scale, track, and optimize your influencer campaigns for higher ROI. Let us help you generate more value for your money.