With the help of TapInfluence brands can find influencers. They can create, automate and track influencer marketing campaigns with a single set of tools from one place. It collaborates with content creators who produce inspiring content for influencers who then use it to promote brands.



Sysomos helps you add business intelligence to your social media activities to optimize it. MAP-its social research and analytics engine with a massive searchable database. The search engine analyzes and indexes billions of conversations that happen on social media to provide you relevant tips related to your brand.



Grin is a platform that enables the marketers and agencies in identifying, recruiting and activating the most engaging influencers on social media. The tools help in crafting and executing interesting influencer marketing campaigns.

ninja outreach

Ninja Outreach

It is an outbound marketing software which helps businesses generate leads through prospecting and outreach initiatives. It helps you in figuring out who to reach out to and where. Its simple to use dashboard provides you with qualified leads.



It is a platform which helps businesses find top influencers fit to promote their brands.it has a big database of influencers. brands can search influencers on the basis of reach, engagement and other factors. The software has a very intuitive interface.

group high

Group High

GroupHigh is an influencer marketing platform which helps in identifying the network between influencers. it has the largest blog search engine. its software is very useful in identifying the right influencers, for brands to build authentic relationships. You can find influencers on the basis of content they post in a specific niche.



It is a Chrome browser plug-in which makes networking easier. It injects Facebook connections into your networking efforts which makes it easier for you to discover personal relationships. You can research and build more robust network when you use it with LinkedIn.

deep social

Deep Social

It is an influencer ranking, discovery and analytics platform for Instagram influencers and their audience. The platform provides in-depth insights into demographic and psychographic data of Instagram users. The platform creates a time series forecasting model that accurately forecasts audience insights three months into the future



It is a Twitter analytics tool that provides information on Twitter users. You can use this tool to determine trends, increase followers and segment them by location, social authority and more. It helps you can identify brand influencers easily.



It is a content research and monitoring tool. It has a powerful social media search engine that helps you find and analyze best performing content in the specific niche. It helps you track the trending content.