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Are you struggling to measure the effectiveness of your podcasts? The right podcast analytics tools can help you track and improve your performance.

But, why podcasting?

In 2019, about 90 million Americans above the age of 12 listen to podcasts every month. We have about 14 million more weekly podcast listeners in the U.S. today than in 2018.

Podcast listeners are loyal, with 80% of them listening to all or most of each podcast episode and an average of seven shows per week.

This means that leveraging this emerging medium effectively can help you engage your target audience, and give a boost to your marketing initiatives.

Before you invest money into podcasting, you should learn how to make the most out of your podcast ads and podcast content. You should track the performance of your podcast using powerful podcast analytics tools.

Podcast Analytics Tools That Can Help You Track Performance

Let’s take a look at 9 of the best podcast analytics tools that can help you measure your success.

Podcast Analytics Tool #1: Podtrac

It’s important for publishers and advertisers to have access to reliable podcast data. This will help them make the right decisions about advertising and content. This, in turn, can help marketers like you host successful podcasts.

Podtrac is one of the most effective podcast analytics tools that gives you accurate audience data using their industry-first “Unique Monthly Audience” metric. You can get access to detailed audience demographics to understand who’s listening.

Podcast Analytics Tools

Podcast Analytics Tool #2: Anchor

Anchor is an all-in-one solution to help you create engaging podcasts and host unlimited episodes with zero cost. This podcast analytics tool enables you to distribute your podcast to all major platforms with just one click. This includes platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

The tool also enables you to track and monitor the performance of your podcast episodes over time. You can use their easy-to-read analytics dashboard to grow your audience.

You can record episodes from anywhere using Anchor’s mobile apps and desktop platform. Once recorded, this platform also enables you to easily edit the episode. You can do so right from your iPad, Android phone, or iPhone.

Anchor Podcast Analytics Tools

Podcast Analytics Tool #3: Chartable

Chartable can help you understand and grow the audience of your podcast. You can track and analyze which marketing channels drive the most listener growth.

This tool enables you to track reviews and rankings of your podcast from Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, and Breaker. You can also connect your hosting platforms, Apple Podcasts analytics, and more to track relationships between your advertising and marketing efforts.

You can generate weekly or daily rankings and review reports, which can help you track your success.

Starting price: $50 per month

Free version available

Chartable Podcast Analytics Tools

Podcast Analytics Tool #4: Podbean

Podbean’s powerful analysis tool that gives you an in-depth picture of your podcast trends and audience. It allows you to evaluate your data and download the information for further analysis.

You can also see where your audience is coming from. This will help you better target your audience based on their geo-locations. This data is important to attract advertisers and make the most out of your podcast.

It can also help you build your community of listeners all over the world. You can target your services or products in a more effective way, and make innovative business decisions about your podcast.

Starting price: $9 per month

Free version available

Podbean Podcast Analytics Tools

Podcast Analytics Tool #5: Backtracks

Backtracks’s podcast tracking technology enables you to discover unrivaled podcast analytics.

Earlier, it was difficult for advertisers and podcasters to find out if their downloaded episodes were actually played. But with Backtracks, you can actually find out if downloads resulted in a play.

This tool provides you with comprehensive audio and listener data to help you analyze what’s working and what isn’t in your podcast ads and content. Once you understand your audience better, you’ll be able to design your podcasts accordingly.

Starting price: $39 per month

Free trial available for 14 days

Backtracks Podcast Analytics Tools
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Podcast Analytics Tool #6: Transistor

Transistor offers advanced podcast analytics to help you track and monitor your progress. You can share these insights with your marketing team and use them to attract more advertisers.

This podcast analytics tool enables you to find the average number of downloads per episode and discover listener trends over time. You can define a data-range of your choice to track and analyze downloads data.

With this tool, you can also get a complete episode breakdown to see which episode received the most downloads.

Starting price: $19 per month

Free 14-day trial available

Transistor Podcast Analytics Tools

Podcast Analytics Tool #7: Blubrry

Blubrry provides you with advanced podcast media statistics that can help you understand your audience better. You can discover who your listeners are when they listen to your podcast, which platform or device they use, and more.

This tool offers detailed listener demographics and geo-location data with worldwide mapping. You can get customized performance reports on emails every day.

Starting price: $5 per month

Free version available

Blubrry Podcast Analytics Tools

Podcast Analytics Tool #8: Fireside

Fireside is an effective podcast hosting and analytics tool that helps you collect real-time data about your unique downloads. With accurate download statistics and analytics, you will be in a better position to plan and host successful podcasts.

Starting price: $19 per month

Free 14-day trial available

Fireside Podcast Analytics Tools

Podcast Analytics Tool #9: Simplecast

Simplecast is an effective podcast hosting and analytics platform that can help you gain useful insights about your listeners. You can use this tool to understand your audience, what they like, and where they come from.

This tool also allows you to compare episode trends and see which parts of your show receive the most shares. Simplecast is in compliance with IAB, which means you get access to numbers that match the industry standards.

Starting price: $15 per month

Free 14-day trial available

simplecast Podcast Analytics Tool

Bonus Tool: Castbox

Castbox is another efficient podcast analytics tool that enables you to upload your podcast episodes for free. It is probably the easiest and simplest tool to help you start podcasting.

Castbox provides you with strong and robust podcasting analytics. It allows you to keep an eye on your listeners. You can track and measure the number of downloads, streams, and subscribers.

Unlike some tools, Castbox can help you engage with your audience as well. You can share, comment, and use other social features to generate maximum engagement.

Castbox Podcast Analytics Tools

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best analytics tools that can help you optimize your podcasts for higher engagement. You can select to use the ones that best suit your business and campaign goals.

Do you know of any other podcast analytics tools that should be on this list? If so, please feel free to mention them in the comments below.

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