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You may have started your Instagram marketing campaign, and you may be posting quality content regularly. However, sooner or later, you may realize that Instagram isn’t one of the most efficient modes of marketing. At least with regards to time.

Every day, you want to post at the right times to reach the most people. However, doing this on a day-to-day basis can be an extremely difficult and cumbersome task. While Instagram wasn’t initially designed to serve as a marketing tool, you can save some time by knowing the common issues.

Knowing the most common and frustrating Instagram problems can help you solve them quickly. This can make life a lot simpler for you and let you utilize your time in a better manner.

Here are a few annoying Instagram problems and methods to solve them:

1. Posting at Optimum Time

Instagram’s business accounts show analytics that allow you to figure out the time when most of your audience is online. Those times are the when you need to post content to get the most engagement possible. You can also use tools such as Iconosquare.

However, it is more than often that these timings clash with some other activities. These Instagram problems can make it a frustrating task to polish the post and then upload it at that exact same time. And unlike Facebook, it is not possible to schedule a post on Instagram from the app itself. However, there are several tools that can solve this Instagram problem for you; some of them are:

A. Buffer

Buffer is a great app that not only simplifies Instagram but also other social media platforms for you. Through this app, you can schedule multiple posts for the week with little effort. All you need to do is select the image and enter the caption. All the hashtags can be added right in the scheduler itself.

Buffer Instagram Problems

Image via Buffer

You can then select a date and time to post on Instagram. Buffer also gives you the option of posting the same post to multiple social media networks at the same time. This can make social media posting very easy for you.

B. Later

Later is an app that is specially dedicated to Instagram; it can help you solve loads of Instagram problems. You can plan your entire feed to create a beautiful profile that can catch the attention of viewers. To plan your content in a better manner, it has a visual content calendar. This will allow you to schedule your posts with insights on when they will be published.

Later Instagram Problems

Image via Later

If you have a business profile, the app supports the auto-publish function as well. So you don’t need to wait for any notification to tap and then publish it manually. The app does all the work for you.

2. Responding to Comments

When your brand is fairly new to Instagram, it’s easy to keep a track of comments and respond to them. To keep your engagement high, you need to communicate with your audience through the comments.

However, things start becoming trickier as you grow. The volume of comments grows quickly and that can make it difficult for you to respond to them. To solve such Instagram problems, you can use Iconosquare.

Responding to Comments Instagram Problems

Image via YouTube

This tool displays a list of all your latest posts on a single page. Additionally, it lets you know about all of the comments which you haven’t responded to. This makes your job of finding and replying to comments extremely easy, especially because you can reply to them right there.

3. Editing Photos on Mobile

Instagram’s photo editor and filters are great. However, it can be a pain to use the small screen on a phone to edit your photos well. When you need to have the same features on a bigger screen, Instagram is a huge letdown.

While Instagram can be viewed on desktops, it doesn’t allow you to edit or upload photos through it. Such Instagram problems can be very annoying for those who prefer editing on desktops.

However, Iconosquare sorts this problem out for you. While it does allow you to view, like, and comment on posts, it also lets you post content onto the platform. This can simplify the entire process for you. The bigger screen can help you edit your photos well. At the same time, a full keyboard will make the caption typing process simpler.

Editing Photos on Mobiles Instagram Problems

Image via Iconosquare

4. Posting Across Social Media

Instagram makes it easy for you to share your posts on Facebook. However, if you want to share it to other platforms, you need to either have the link to the post or share it from the app itself. Such Instagram problems can be time-consuming.

We’ve already introduced Buffer, which can help you post to different social media networks simultaneously. However, IFTTT can do the task in a similar fashion. Firstly, IFTTT stands for “If This Then That.” Using this tool, you can create conditions that it will execute.

Posting Across Social Media Instagram Problems

Image via AndreaBolder

For instance, say you want to post a photo on Twitter every time a certain hashtag is used on your Instagram posts. All you need to do is head to IFTTT and create a “Recipe.” You will first need to set the “This.” You can choose Instagram in this list of platforms.

You will then need to select a trigger based on which the tool will have to act. Once the conditions for the trigger are set, you need to move on to the “That.”

It will again show you a list of platforms available. From this list, you’ll need to select Twitter. Then, you’ll be required to select the action that needs to be taken. The tool lets you set all the specifics of the action so that you can lie back and relax later. Finally, you’ll have to click on “Create Recipe” to finish off the order.

Now, whenever the trigger is hit on Instagram, the tool will take the required action on Twitter without your interference.
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5. Commenting on Other’s Posts

In an effort to crack down on spammers, Instagram has restricted comments. If you don’t know these Instagram problems, you may find your comments rejected many times. For this reason, it is important to know that Instagram doesn’t accept comments with:

  • More than 5 tags
  • More than 30 hashtags in one comment
  • Same comment on the post multiple times

It is important to keep all these in mind while commenting on posts on Instagram. If you aren’t sticking to the guidelines, there are chances that Instagram may not allow you to post the comments.

Reducing the above-mentioned factors can help you sort this problem out.

6. Clean Up Followers

When your brand becomes popular on Instagram, it maybe tough to keep a track of who’s following you. The same, of course, applies to those who are even unfollowing you.

To maintain your brand’s image, you need to ensure that your follower list is clean and authentic. To clean up your list, you can use Crowdfire. It can help you sort out these Instagram problems.

The tool allows you to sort your followers. The filters help you figure out:

  • New followers
  • People who unfollowed you
  • Those who aren’t following you back

You can also take actions such as whitelisting or blacklisting people. The whitelisted people will be marked as friends. As for the blacklisted ones, you won’t be hearing from them thereafter.

7. IGTV Problems

IGTV is the latest feature introduced on Instagram. It allows publishers to upload long-form vertical videos which are up to 10 minutes long. Verified accounts can publish up to 60 minutes of videos.

While the videos may appear great on mobiles, it’s a completely different story when you view them on desktops or other larger screens. The poor quality of videos can be off-putting for the viewers. Instagram problems such as this one can be solved with ease.

Unlike regular photos and videos, you have the option of uploading the IGTV videos directly from your desktop. Uploading them from desktops can help with the quality of the videos. They will appear well on both mobiles and desktops.

To do this, you need to go to Then, head to your profile and select the IGTV option below the stories. You’ll be able to see an option to upload a new IGTV video there. It’ll also show you options to add a cover photo, title, and a description.

IGTV Instagram Problems

Image via Medium

Do keep in mind that the resolution of the video is supposed to be [9:16] so you maybe required to resize it.

8. Promoting Photos Outside Instagram

Instagram may be one of the best places to find photos and short videos. It’s gathered over 1 billion active monthly users. However, not everyone has accounts on the platform. To reach out to your other fans, you need to post photos as many places as possible in the photo-sharing space.

Using the IFTTT tool, you can easily connect your posts on Instagram to other social media networks. This way, you can get your photos in front of your audience on Flickr, Reddit, Digg, and more.

You could also use Iconosquare to improve your reach to your target audience. Through this tool, you can create a web link to your profile so all those who don’t use Instagram can still see all your content.

Additionally, they will be able to see all the comments and likes on the photos just like Instagram. They can even comment on the photos from Iconosquare and share your photos on social media.

If you want to display your Instagram images on Facebook, you could install an app on Facebook through Iconosquare. People will be able to check your Instagram feed right on Facebook this way.

9. Problems with Facebook Permissions

You can have Instagram problems if you delete Instagram from your account on Facebook. When this happens, you may not be able to post on Facebook via Instagram. This can be extremely frustrating, so you need to re-connect them to let them work smoothly. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Uninstall Facebook and Instagram apps.
  2. Go to the settings on Facebook on your desktop and then remove all the permissions that were granted to Instagram.
  3. Install both the apps on your phone again and then follow the process of connecting them again.

Once they are connected, you will be able to post content on Instagram and share it directly to Facebook.

10. Following Other Accounts

There might be a time when you may not be allowed to follow someone anymore. You may receive the error message, “You can’t follow any more people.” This happens because Instagram has a limit on the number of accounts you can follow. This number is capped at 7500.

If you’re facing this Instagram problem, you may need to unfollow a few accounts before you can follow new ones. If you do spot some accounts that are following more than 7500 people, it maybe because they had done so before the new rules came into effect.

11. Switching Between Accounts

This was one of the most annoying Instagram problems out there. To switch accounts, you would have to log out from one and then log into the other one. This was a lot of hassle in the past.

However, with the new updates, Instagram has solved this problem for you. All you need to do is log in to the first account and head to the profile. You’ll be able to see a tiny arrow next to your name at the top.

Switching Between Accounts Instagram Problems

Image via iPhone Life

When you tap on this arrow, it’ll show you the option of adding a new account. When you tap on that, you’ll be prompted to log in to the new account. Once you log in to the new account, you’ll be logged in to both the accounts at the same time.

To switch accounts, you can either go to the profile and tap on the account name and select the account. Or, you can simply long-press on the profile icon and select the account you wish to open. This way, you can easily switch between your personal and business accounts.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is one of the best apps for marketing. However, Instagram problems can play spoilsport to your success. You can use tools such as Buffer to schedule your posts. Similarly, Iconosquare can help you respond to comments and even increase your reach at the same time.

Additionally, you can improve the quality of IGTV videos by uploading them through your desktops. And using tools such as IFTTT, you can get your photos out to people on various social platforms.

Which Instagram problems annoy you the most? Let us know in the comments.
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