Sometimes driving traffic to your site is just not enough to nurture your business. A high conversion rate is essential to generate leads and sales for your business. But how can you increase your conversion rate?

You can use conversion rate optimization to persuade your website visitors to complete the desired action, whether that's signing up for your newsletter, making a purchase, or something else.

For some companies, the best conversion optimization techniques may be as easy as changing the color of your call-to-action (CTA) button. But in other cases, there may be many things that need to be improved.

Improving your conversion rate is a never-ending battle that needs to be tested and optimized. To make your conversion rate optimization work easier, I've put together a list of the 37 best CRO tools.

These tools can not only help you increase your conversion rate, but also give you a better ROI on your site. A few of these tools are free or have a free version, allowing you to start optimizing your conversion rate with little or no investment.

Whether you are an optimization agency, consultant, or in-house marketer for a startup or enterprise, investing in the right CRO tools is a major decision.

The following list contains a whole bunch of useful tools for conversion experts and marketers who want to increase their leads and reach by optimizing their conversion rates.

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#1. Google Analytics

Price: Free

Google Analytics Solutions

#2. Finteza

DA: 47

Price: Finteza provides two services: an analytical tool and an advertising engine.

For the analytical tool, plans start at $25 per month. A 1-month free trial is also available.

The plans for the advertising engine start at $4 per month (the first 100,000 impressions are free).

Finteza cro tools

#3. SurveyMonkey

DA: 93

Price: Basic Plan – Free
Low-Cost Pro options available


#4. Mixpanel

DA: 79

Price: Starting from $999 per year
Free version available


#5. CrazyEgg

DA: 83

Price: Starting from $29 per month

Crazy Egg

#6. Kissmetrics

DA: 40

Price: Starting from $500 per month


#7. Hotjar

DA: 79

Price: Basic Plan – Free
Plus Plan – Starting from $29/month


 #8. Optimizely

DA: 79

Price: Free


#9. Unbounce

DA: 69

Price: Starting from $79 per month


#10. Apps Flyer

DA: 91

Price: Cost Per Conversion


#11. Visual Website Optimizer (VWO)

DA: 66

Price: Starting from $299 per month

#12. Sumo

DA: 67

Price: Basic plan free
Pro plan starting from $10 per month


 #13. ClickTale

DA: 67

Price: Custom Price


 #14. Qualaroo

DA: 53

Price: Starting at $99 per month


 #15. Zendesk Chat

DA: 93

Price: Lite Version – Free
Prices starting from $14 per month


 #16. HelloBar

DA: 56

Price: Basic plan free
Pro plan starting from $12 per month

Hello Bar

 #17. Woopra

DA: 56

Price: Free version available.
paid version starting from $79.95


 #18. Inspectlet

DA: 55

Price: Starting from $39 per month
Free version available


#19. Ion Interactive

DA: 75

Price: Starting from $2,000 per month

ion interactive

 #20. UsabilityHub

DA: 48

Price: Basic plan starting from $79 per month
Free version available


 #21. OmniConvert

DA: 48

Price: Basic Plan – Free
Premium Plan – Custom Price


 #22. LuckyOrange

DA: 50

Price: Starting from $10 per month

Lucky Orange

#23. A/B Tasty

DA: 60

Price: Custom Price

AB Tasty

 #24. Dareboost

DA: 51

Price: Starting from $21 per month


 #25. WebEngage

DA: 49

Price: Starting from $199 per month

Web Engage

 #26. Convert

DA: 52

Price: Starting from $449 per month


 #27. Zuko

DA: 46

Price: Starting from £100 per month (approximately $130)


 #28. Picreel

DA: 44

Price: Starting from $14 per month


 #29. MouseStats

DA: 38

Price: Starting from $29 per month


 #30. Reactful

DA: 35

Price: Basic plan starting from $299 per month


 #31. ChangeAgain

DA: 24

Price: Starting from $14 per month


 #32. 40Nuggets

DA: 30

Price: Basic plan starting from $30 per month
Free 30 days trial available


 #33. Amplitude

DA: 57

Price: Free


 #34. Experiment Calculator

DA: 24

Price: Free

Experiment Calculator

 #35. Convertize

DA: 29

Price: Starting from $29 per month
Free Version available


 #36. Adobe Marketing Cloud

DA: 98
Price: Variable Price

Adobe Marketing Cloud

 #37. Matomo

DA: 76

PPrice: Starting from €19 per month (approximately $22)


Q1. What are CRO tools?

A. CRO tools help you analyze data you can use to increase conversions on your site. They offer a range of features, including monitoring user behavior, page optimization, split testing, heat mapping, landing page building, survey and form building, etc.

Q2. What is a CRO process?

A. The CRO process describes steps you take to optimize your site or landing page for more conversions. These include:

  • Research, discover, and gather data on what needs improving. Test your website's browser versions, speed, traffic, audience actions, etc.
  • Look for common trends and patterns and use them to create a hypothesis detailing the proposed change, desired effect, and rationale.
  • Run tests that help you validate or disprove the hypothesis. You can use A/B testing, multivariate testing, on-site surveys, satisfaction surveys, etc.
  • Analyze test results and act on insights.

Q3. How do you optimize conversion rate?

A. These are the best ways to optimize your website's conversion rate:

  • Have a user-friendly lead capture form with only the necessary fields.
  • Add relevant pop-ups.
  • Remove distractions.
  • Strengthen CTAs.
  • Add testimonials and reviews.
  • Add live chat.
  • A/B test headlines, features, and CTAs.
  • Upsell.
  • Include a countdown timer.
  • Offer a money-back-guarantee.
  • Use targeted copy.
  • Have an attractive design.

Q4. How do you calculate a conversion rate?

A. The conversion rate formula depends on what you define as your conversion event. The denominator defines total traffic, which could be leads, unique visitors, session counts, etc. The numerator represents your site or landing page’s conversion rate goals.

For example:

  • Conversion rate = (total conversions/total visitors) x 100
  • Conversion rate = (total conversions/total leads) x 100
  • Conversion rate = (total conversions/total unique visits) x 100
  • Remember: Both values have to cover a defined period.

Q5. What is conversion rate optimization?

A. Conversion rate optimization describes the process or strategy you implement to increase the number of site or landing page visitors who take desired actions. These can include signing up, downloading, buying, adding to cart, clicking on a link, etc.

It helps you understand what persuades customers to convert or not on your site in a bid to ensure you offer the best user experience possible. Doing this then increases the number of site visitors converting or taking your desired actions.

Q6. Why is conversion rate optimization important?

A. Why you should care about conversion rate optimization:

  • Optimizing for conversions can lead to quality traffic.
  • High conversion rates lead to more profits.
  • High conversions and profits mean you can allocate more money to acquiring new customers.
  • CRO makes it easy to offer seamless experiences that can lead to happy customers who convert more.
  • Keeping customers engaged on your site can lead to more shares and recommendations, thus driving more traffic.
  • Understanding your audience's needs enables you to create content that appeals to them. It also helps you stay ahead of the competition.

Q7. What is the best CRO tool?

A. This list contains some of the best CRO tools you can use:

  • Google Analytics
  • SurveyMonkey
  • Unbounce
  • Hotjar
  • Woopra
  • Kissmetrics
  • Omniconvert

Q8. What is the average conversion rate?

A. These are the average conversion rates by different metrics:

  • Overall conversion rate: 1.8%
  • Retail: 1.9%
  • Multichannel: 1.8%
  • Online only: 2.3%
  • Ecommerce on different devices: Desktop: 2.59%, Mobile: 1.86%, Tablet: 3.41%, Other: 0.97%
  • Google Ads on mobile: 0.72% across industries on the display network and 3.48% on the search network.

Q9. How do you make money with conversion rate optimization?

A. Focusing on conversion rate optimization means that your brand takes every precaution to impact the number of visitors acting on your calls-to-action. You seek to offer more of what your target audience positively responds to on your site in a bid to ensure seamless and quality experiences.

Doing this then leads to quality traffic to your site, increased conversions, and more revenue. Furthermore, there's a great correlation between offering customers exceptional experiences and boosting revenue.


Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is essential for any marketer. Whatever your designation is in your marketing department, it is critical to understand the important aspects of conversion rate optimization strategies to boost your ROI and grow your business.

Disclosure: This content has a few affiliate links, which means if you click on them, I will get a commission (without any extra cost to you).