Regardless of industry or niche, webmasters can’t ignore the benefits of conversion rate optimization (CRO). After all, the ultimate goal of most websites is to engage website visitors so that they will convert into customers.

On a website, conversions can happen on a homepage, product page, or even on a blog post. As a webmaster, you need to make sure you’re optimizing all web pages to get the maximum number of conversions.

Whether your goal is to increase leads, sales, or even subscriptions, conversion rate optimization can help. For digital marketers, CRO is key to growing their online businesses.

Before we take a closer look at the benefits of conversion rate optimization, let’s look at what conversion rate optimization is.

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What Is Conversion Rate Optimization?

When a visitor visits your website, you want them to click on the “buy” button. Or maybe you want them to sign up for your newsletter.

Whatever it is, you want your visitors to take a specific action. The process of getting customers to take that desired action is what CRO is all about.

The benefits of conversion rate optimization are numerous. But many marketers struggle to grasp how they can get their visitors to take the desired action. CRO requires that you understand the behavior of your website visitors.

How do your website visitors navigate through your website? What is it that stops them from taking the desired action? You need to dig deep to find the answers to such questions.

Through user data, you can understand how visitors engage with your website. CRO relies on analyzing this data to come up with foolproof strategies to influence user behavior.

CRO also focuses on providing users with a smoother user experience. If your visitors are not able to find relevant information quickly, it will be difficult to convert them.

Which means that to reap the benefits of conversion rate optimization, your page loading speed is a crucial factor.

According to Google, 53% of mobile users abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load. It’s evident that users want a website that loads quickly. If your pages take too long to load, you stand no chance of converting your visitors into real-life customers.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, the quality of your content also plays a significant role in engaging website visitors. Strive to write insightful articles that offer value to your readers.

Also keep in mind that content that seems overly advertorial can drive customers away.

What Are The Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization?

By now, you understand that CRO can make your site better. If you work on CRO, you can help your business reach its true potential. For those on the fence about CRO, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of conversion rate optimization.

1. You Can Learn More About Your Target Audience

Understanding your audience is important for all forms of digital marketing. Creating a buyer persona helps marketers understand who their ideal customers are. It takes into consideration factors like location, age, interests, and demographics.

However, that is limited to market research. What about user behavior on your website? One of the main benefits of conversion rate optimization is that it can help you understand how users navigate your website.

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Using heat maps and other CRO tools, it’s easy to record user sessions to find your pain points.

Through this strategy, Slide Shop, an ecommerce store, was able to increase their engagement by 8.9%. Additionally, they increased their add-to-cart rate by 34%.

After checking out their user behavior via click flow data and heat maps, the store realized what wasn’t working for them. On the right side of their web page, they had placed a promotional bar.

But users were not engaging with it. So, they replaced it with a navigation bar. By understanding how users were engaging with their website, they were able to improve their engagement.

2. You Can Increase Your Sales

The most apparent benefit of conversion rate optimization is that you can increase your sales. Even small changes in your conversion rate can generate huge profits.

To increase your sales, you can use the following CRO tips:

  • Upgrade your visuals
  • Use A/B testing
  • Reduce form fields
  • Optimize your content

Kuna, an ecommerce store, saw a massive increase of 89% in sales in only three weeks after conversion rate optimization. They added words in their product descriptions that consumers frequently used in search queries.

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Image via Fake Crow

Additionally, they made their “Buy Now” button to red to make it more prominent on their homepage. To get more engagement, they moved their demo video above the fold. All of these changes increased their sales significantly.

3. You Can Lower Your Customer Acquisition Cost

Not all clicks end in conversions. If you’re relying on paid advertising, each click that doesn’t convert can be majorly annoying. After all, you are losing advertising money, and it isn’t driving any revenue.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could convert most people who visited your website? That’s what CRO is for. Among the many benefits of conversion rate optimization, lowering customer acquisition costs is one that many marketers don’t consider.

CRO is all about finding the right mix of elements on your web pages. It’s also about placing relevant ads on your landing pages. Through these strategies, you can get more people to click on your “Buy” or “Subscribe” button.

In turn, you can expect to lower your cost per lead. With a lower customer acquisition cost, you can get more out of your investment.

If your website is relatively new, CRO can be extremely beneficial. Without cutting into your profit, CRO can help you generate more leads.

4. You Can Boost Your SEO

The end goals of SEO and CRO are quite different. SEO aims to provide more visibility to a website by taking it to the top of search results. On the other hand, CRO focuses on prompting website visitors to take some action on the website.

However, these two strategies also have a few overlapping areas and are interdependent. If you work effectively on your SEO strategy, you will reap the benefits of it for conversion rate optimization and vice-versa.

CRO focuses on creating quality content and making your website more user-friendly. These tactics are also crucial to improve search rankings. Additionally, page speed, mobile-responsiveness, and site architecture are also integral parts of both SEO and CRO.

Any web page that is optimized to improve conversion rates is also likely to get more engagement. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of getting more backlinks. It is evident that the benefits of conversion rate optimization can also breathe new life into your SEO tactics.


CRO is essential for all businesses. The benefits of conversion rate optimization are many.

It is what drives sales, subscriptions, and revenue. If you focus on your CRO strategy, you are also going to make your overall user experience better. Additionally, you can lower your customer acquisition costs and boost your SEO strategy.

Which other benefits of conversion rate optimization can you think of? Did we miss any? Please share your views in the comments section.

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