Fomo Review: The Summary Box

As an entrepreneur or marketer, you probably already know that FOMO marketing (Fear of Missing Out) is a quite effective tactic that can get you more leads and sales

Fomo is a social proof marketing platform that uses the same technique to turn visitors into shoppers. It helps you showcase live notifications to tell new and returning visitors that other people are buying and reviewing your products or services.

This helps you get instant credibility and trust and encourages other site visitors to take similar actions.

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Product Ratings
Value For Money:
  • Easy social proof marketing
  • Aesthetically-pleasing interface
  • Customization options for live notifications and pop-ups
  • Responsive customer service
  • Code-free social proof marketing with 97+ useful integrations
  • Social proof automation extended to your Facebook Page and other social networks
  • Cost-effective social proof marketing tool with great returns
  • The admin interface could be better (as per some customer reviews).
  • Some brands feel that there should be an option to turn off Fomo notifications for specific customers who find them annoying.
Pricing Details
Pricing PlanCost Per Month (Billed Annually)
(25,000 notifications/month
(50,000 notifications/month)
(250,000 notifications/month)
(3,000,000 notifications/month)

All Fomo plans come with a 14-day free trial.

Quick Review

Fomo helps you convert website visitors into shoppers by increasing trust with live social proof. That’s what makes 16,613 websites trust this social proof marketing platform with leads and revenue generation.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out their detailed case studies.

With Fomo, you can:

  • Show off real visitor actions to boost your site conversions.
  • Customize notifications to match your site design.
  • Increase conversions in minutes.

Become a data-driven marketer and use social proof to your advantage with Fomo.

Disclosure: This content may contain a few affiliate links, which means if you click on them, I will get a commission (without any extra cost to you).

Fomo Review: Key Features

  • Customizable AF powering unlimited message permutations
  • Filters – control elements by adding fallbacks and automation
  • Customizable template rules
  • Built-in themes and custom builder
  • Page rules – control what your visitors see, and where
  • 30+ adjustable controls to meet your visitors’ needs and preferences
  • Notification messaging translation in 29 languages
  • Optimal configuration using 10M data points
  • Fomo Insights to analyze performance and optimize on-page conversions
  • Geo-location targeting to prioritize notifications from the visitor’s area
  • Easy conversion tracking with Fomo Scorecard or Google Analytics integration
  • Code-free social proof marketing using integrations with WordPress, WooCommerce, Etsy, Shopify, Stripe, Mailchimp, HubSpot, and more
  • Roundup notifications by finding patterns
  • Fomo Actions – turn clicks, mouse hovers, etc. into events
  • Fomo Scorecard – analytics and reporting
  • Fomo Broadcast – extend social proof automation to social networks
  • Connect Fomo with form submissions
  • Public robust API for developers

Trust me, showcasing social proof with Fomo is one of the best ways to build more credibility and trust, and encourage visitors to shop from your brand.

Fomo Review: Who is It Designed For?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Ecommerce stores
  • Bloggers
  • Agencies
  • Agencies
  • Anyone who wants to increase website conversions
  • Startups
  • Small to medium-sized businesses
  • Publishers
  • Enterprises
  • Marketers

Want to increase conversions on your product pages and landing pages?

Fomo Review: Why Do I Believe in This Social Proof Tool?

I came across it while shopping on a website that used Fomo and found it to be an interesting concept. Just like the Director of Marketing at Mac of All Trades – Amato Cole, did.

Mac of All Trades and many other sites and companies have used Fomo to optimize their websites for conversions with social proof marketing.

By displaying live notifications like the image below, Fomo helped the brand increase its conversions by 305% and the average order value (AOV) by 14%.

live notifications

What I absolutely love about Fomo is that it triggers your audience's innate fear of missing out to make them take the actions you want them to.

That makes Fomo many marketers' favorite website conversion optimization tool.

Turn Visitors into Shoppers Now!

Detailed Fomo Review: How Has It Helped Many Improve Their Conversion Rates?

Most Fomo users vouch for it for helping them improve their website conversion rate and for their unmatched customer service.

Imagine, your visitors seeing notifications about other people buying your products, subscriptions, webinar tickets, and more.

notifications buying other products 1


Will they not be compelled to check out what you're offering?

I believe that they will be.

And their success stories suggest the same.

Ed Latimore, a former professional heavyweight boxer, author, and public speaker, uses Fomo on his blog, “Mind and Fist.”

With Fomo, he has been able to:

  1. Get more exposure for his products.
  2. Show off things that are selling well.
  3. Pique visitors' curiosity and interest in his products.
  4. Increase conversions.

What's more?

Fomo user, Ed Latimore, says:

fomo ed latimore review


Do you want your visitors to learn about the things your site has to offer?

Leveraging this social proof marketing platform can help!

In this full review, I'm going to give you an in-depth look at how Fomo works and how it has been helping companies boost their conversions and revenue.

Let's start with the most loved features of Fomo.

Visitor Experience Customization Options

Fomo is a very mature product with many tools and options that allow you to heavily customize the visitor experience.

Live social proof notifications

Their customizable architecture powers multiple message permutations to suit the nature of your business. You can tailor your social proof notifications messaging to highlight elements that matter the most to your potential shoppers.

live social proof notifications

Page rules

Similarly, Fomo gives you complete freedom to transform and use the collected data as you want.

You can create new rules and edit old ones through your Fomo dashboard.

page rules

Just select the targeted web page and add/edit a rule – its condition and the resulting messaging to display to users.

edit rule

For example:

example rule edit

And the best part about using Fomo?

You can also limit the number of pages that display social proof notifications to visitors.

limit number of pages

If you don't want to push notifications on pages like the About Us or Checkout page, you can easily hide them from there.


Fomo offers a number of ready-to-use themes for displaying social proof notifications. You can select one from them with a single click and customize the elements to match your website design.

fomo themes

If you've got a developer in the team and want to build your own Fomo theme, it allows you to customize the CSS code.

theme edits

Along with basic themes, there are many hand-drawn illustrated themes as well. You'll find them under the Theme tab.

hand drawn illustrated themes

Timeline and limits settings

Though Fomo uses machine learning to optimize live social proof notifications for maximum conversions, you can also control the timeline and limits manually.

For this, click on the “Settings” tab in the dashboard.

timeline and limits settings

Explore the four highlighted tabs to control:

  1. When a live social proof notification appears on your page
  2. How long the notification stays
  3. The position where the notification appears on desktop and mobile screens
  4. The number of notifications displayed per page
  5. Whether or not the users can close notifications
  6. Whether or not the entire notification is clickable
  7. And more

Sounds interesting, right?

Then, sign up for Fomo today and customize the way social proof notifications appear on your site to engage visitors


Fomo supports integrations with 97+ apps and tools that businesses leverage for website design and development, ecommerce storefront building, marketing, and more.

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fomo integrations

You can integrate the services and tools you use to display notifications about everything from new email signups to new followers on Instagram.

Head to the “Integrations” tab, search for the app you want to integrate, click on it, and add the required details. You can view all of your integrated apps and tools in the “Your integrations” section.

fomo integration steps

If you don't use the apps and platforms among these supported integrations, Fomo also offers Webhook, API, and Zapier integrations.

So, what are you waiting for?

Sign Up to Fomo Today!


As a marketer, I can tell you that users are more likely influenced by their friends, family, and other people from the same community. Fomo gives you a chance to capitalize on this.

You can choose to show off Fomo notifications with the location closest to a visitor's location.

What I mean is:

A visitor from Paris will be notified about recent purchases by other people from Paris.

fomo geotargeting

Fomo uses advanced IP techniques to make this possible and help you increase your site conversions.

A Public Robust API

What sets Fomo apart from its competitors is its public robust API (most competitors don't have this). Fomo also offers hands-on API implementation support.

Their API allows you to:

  1. Create events.
  2. Extend social proof automation to your Facebook Page and other social networks.
  3. Leverage client-side JavaScript helpers for landing pages.

Conversion Rate Monitoring and Optimization Features

No marketing software is complete without tracking and reporting features, and Fomo is no different.

You can track and monitor conversions through Fomo Scorecards in the dashboard.

fomo scorecards

For more data and insights, connect with Google Analytics by visiting Settings > Analytics.

fomo data insights

Fomo Insights uses machine learning to suggest how to optimize your social proof notifications settings in real time to drive more conversions and revenue.

You can easily accept the suggestions it provides by clicking on “Apply.”

fomo insights apply

Are you ready to grow your website revenue?

Start Using Fomo Today!

Fomo Review: What Are Others Saying About It?

If you ask their customers, most of them are quite happy with increased conversions and average order value. People also find their support team helpful.

Here, I've picked a few customer testimonials for you to read:

“As a marketing tool, its beauty is in its simplicity. Showcasing other visitor and buyer behavior as social proof gently nudges those on the edge of converting. It doesn't shout at you. It doesn't beg for you not to leave the site. It doesn't follow you around the web when you do. It's just passing by to offer a passing word of advice.”

Stuart, Surges

“Our conversion rate from customers who engaged with Fomo is over 305% higher than our sitewide average. We have a 14% higher Average Order Value (AOV) thanks to Fomo.”

Amato, Mac of All Trades

“Fomo really helped us improve our conversions, especially on our paid advertising landing pages and during product launches. We saw an increase in conversion rate of 20%+, which is great. I think the most useful part of Fomo is that having it live exposes other products in our portfolio to potential customers. We've seen customers increasing their cart sizes after seeing a notification that a customer somewhere bought a product they'd never tried. Lastly, this is the only social proof tool that doesn't seem to slow our site down.”

Kettle & Fire

Both small and large enterprises trust Fomo for increasing trust, credibility, and sales. And 16,000+ sites can't be wrong!

Are you ready to give your website the boost it needs to drive more conversions and revenue?

Get started now and…

Try Fomo for Free!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Fomo app?

The Fomo app is the social proof marketing platform your website needs to drive more conversions and revenue. It displays real-time orders and product reviews on your website or online store, compelling other visitors to take similar actions.
For more details about Fomo, read the full review above.

2. Why is social proof marketing important?

Nobody cares when you talk about your business and all the good things that you have to offer. But people trust success stories and real customers vouching for you.
That's exactly where social proof marketing comes into the picture. It lets your customers sell for you.
And, Fomo is one of the best social proof marketing tools that can make the process easier for you. Show off your customers' purchases and reviews in real time to turn more visitors into shoppers!

3. Can I use Fomo to fake social proof notifications?

No, Fomo values honesty and integrity. You can only showcase real accomplishments to increase credibility and build trust.

4. Does Fomo offer a free trial?

Yes, all Fomo plans offer a 14-day free trial.

However, with my coupon code “shaneb” you can extend your free trial an extra 30 days and try this social proof marketing platform free for 44 days.

5. Can I use Fomo even if I don't know how to code?

Yes, Fomo is a code-free social proof marketing tool that connects seamlessly with hundreds of business and marketing apps you might be using already.

It also offers Webhook, API, and Zapier integrations along with 100+ others.

6. Have other questions?

Get in touch with their support team.

Start Using Fomo Today!

Fomo Review: What's the Final Verdict?

Not just me but the overall rating by most review sites like G2, Capterra, and GetApp, suggest that Fomo is the best social proof marketing platform.

Once you try this social proof marketing platform, you'll feel the same.

With Fomo, you can not only show off recent purchases to your website visitors, but can also post about them on social media.

Want to improve your social reputation and drive more revenue?

Then, start using Fomo today.

Choose Your Plan Now!

If you have questions about social proof marketing or Fomo, leave them in the comments below. I'll be happy to help!

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