Your marketing team has completed your research and you are satisfied with your latest products. It's time to plan your product marketing strategy. The success of your product depends on it.

The Market Research Association points out that only 40% of development products can move to the market. From there, only 60% of products will make a profit.

To ensure that your new product launch is successful you need a carefully planned marketing strategy and need some assistance from startup directories.

Technology is the key to success in a changing consumer market. Consumers have new contact points every day to evaluate your products, including advertising, websites, email, phone apps, referral reviews, customer service, and trade publications.

A common way to market your startup is to submit it to startup directories and review sites.

A Word of Caution About Startup Directories

But first, a word of caution about promoting your startup or product in these directories. I did a lot of research on startup directories, I saw many misleading and downright false claims about these startup directories online.

There are a few startup directories which are considered  spammy. Google considers these  startup directories as bad and submitting your startup to them will never add any value. If you are putting your website in these startup directories, it could decreases the trustworthiness and reputation of your site. It can also negatively affect your website's rankings. So it's important to keep this in mind before submission.

One way to avoid or define the spammy websites is by checking out the Domain Authority of a website (DA).

Top 50 Startup Directory Websites

Here is a list of the top 50 startup directory websites to help you with your startup or product launch marketing.

1 Startup directories - redditreddit.com90
2 Startup directories - YcombinatorY Combinator85
3 Startup directories - Crunch baseCrunchbase90
4 Startup directories - AngelistAngeList83
5 Startup directories - Geek wireGeekWire85
6 Startup directories - Producthuntproducthunt.com84
7 Startup directories - SpringwiseSpringwise68
8 Startup directories - f6sf6s.com72
9 Startup directories - GustGust67
10 Startup directories - alternative toAlternative To86
11Startup directories - killerstartupskillerstartups.com59
12 Startup directories - growthhackersGrowthHackers62
13 Startup directories - VatorVator65
14 Startup directories - inc 42Inc 4268
15 Startup directories - BetalistBetaList60
16 Startup directories - feedmyappfeedmyapp.com47
17Startup directories - Next Big WhatNext Big What59
18 Startup directories - iamwireI Am Wire50
19Startup directories - stackshareStack Share55
20Startup directories - snap munkSnapMunk51
21Startup directories - Startup grind Submit Your StartupStartup Grind44
22 Startup directories - startup stashStartup Stash49
23 Startup directories - all tops startupsAll Top Startups52
24Startup directories - EU-Startupseu-startups.com56
25 Startup directories - paggupaggu.com38
26Startup directories - startupbeatStartup Beat48
27 Startup directories - startupliftstartuplift.com43
28 Startup directories - startup rankingStartup Ranking50
29Startup directories - New Startups Submit Your StartupNew Startups44
30Startup directories - betapageBeta Page44
31Startup directories - appvitaAppVita35
32Startup directories - startup blink Submit Your StartupStartupBlink46
33Startup directories - techplutoTech Pluto41
34Startup directories - Tech FasterTech Faster44
35Startup directories - launchingnextlaunchingnext.com43
36Startup directory - apps400apps400.com40
37Startup directories - thestartuppitchThe Startup Pitch42
38 Startup directory - startup88Startup8837
39Startup directories - promotehourpromotehour.com36
40Startup directories - e27 Submit Your Startupe27.co72
41Startup directories - betabound Submit your startupBetabound54
42Startup directories - Startup DopeStartup Dope41
43Startup directories - Index Submit Your Startupindex.co53
44Startup directories - startupguys Submit Your StartupStartupGuys42
45Startup directories - startupstatsstartupstats.com30
46 Startup directories - startupbufferstartupbuffer.com39
47Startup directories - crazy about startups Submit Your StartupCrazy Aboout Startups35
48Startup directories - startup resources Submit Your StartupStartupResources38
49Startup directories - allstartupsallstartups.info31
50Startup directories - Feedough Submit Your StartupFeedough43


Q1. Is it worthwhile to submit a new startup to the startup directories?

Absolutely! But it’s important to only submit a new startup to well-established startup directories with good reputations and high domain authority (DA). Directories with a low DA can sometimes be spammy and actually do your startup more harm than good.

Q2. What are the best startup directories on the web?

This post lists 50 of the best startup directories on the web, including:

  • Reddit
  • Y Combinator
  • Crunchbase
  • AngelList
  • GeekWire
  • KillerStartups
  • GrowthHackers
  • BetaList

Q3. Where can a startup find a list of startup directories to improve their SEO?

This list from Shane Barker includes 50 of the best startup directories to improve SEO, including:

  • Reddit
  • Y Combinator
  • Crunchbase
  • AngelList
  • GeekWire
  • KillerStartups
  • GrowthHackers
  • BetaList

Q4. How can startups promote and market their products to gain awareness?

One of the best ways to market your startup is to submit it to startup directories and review sites.

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