Is bookkeeping taking too much of your time? Are you hiring professionals who charge you by the hour to manage your accounts? Or are you using overpriced accounting software that’s giving you underwhelming results?

If you’re shouting “Yes!” it’s time to switch to affordable or free (yes, you heard it right!) accounting tools.

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When we speak of accounting software, FreshBooks is the first name that pops up. Indeed, it’s very popular accounting software and a great tool for professionals and small businesses.

But it’s not the most affordable option and may be out of reach for small and medium businesses on tight budgets. FreshBooks alternatives can give you comparable accounting support at much lower prices.

What Makes FreshBooks Great?

But before we get into the best FreshBooks alternatives, let’s take a closer look at the best features of FreshBooks. Consider them while comparing alternative software solutions.

FreshBooks Key Features

  • A responsive interface that enables you to manage your accounts on any device
  • Cloud-enabled for tighter security of your sensitive financial data
  • Industry-standard double-entry accounting system for compliance
  • Automatic tax computation according to federal regulations
  • Quick online invoicing and support for numerous cashless payment gateways

Best FreshBooks Alternatives to Manage Your Accounting

That’s a commendable act for any accounting software to follow. But after careful evaluation, we’ve reviewed 10 FreshBooks alternatives that offer stiff competition. Check them out.

FreshBooks Alternative #1: Harvest

Want a time tracking solution with added capabilities such as online invoicing and scheduling payments?

Harvest's time tracking gives you critical data about your billable and non-billable efforts. You also get the total haul from a project or client.

It helps you identify wasteful efforts that are eating up your budget. You can use these insights to boost your cash reserves.

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Harvest Key Features

  • Robust reporting tools that provide detailed reports on effort vis-à-vis revenue
  • Integration with Google applications, Trello, PayPal, Slack, and other apps
  • Alerts for project budget overshoot and paydays
  • Handy apps for iOS, Mac, and Android
  • Easy setup for timesheet approval

You can buy Harvest for $12 per user per month, with no limits on client and online invoicing volumes. All accounts get a 10% discount if they pay upfront for a year. Nonprofits and schools get a 25% discount.

harvest freshbooks alternativeImage via Harvest

FreshBooks Alternative #2: Indy

Indy is another FreshBooks alternative that is designed for freelancers and independent contractors. Indy features a full Invoices tool as part of its set of business admin apps.

Indy is a full suite of admin tools designed to work together to make your freelancing life easier, less hectic, and more profitable.

Indy Key Features

  • Design and customize invoice templates
  • Send invoices to customers
  • Set up recurring invoices in seconds
  • Connect to the time tracker and add unbilled hours to invoices easily
  • Receive payment through PayPal, Stripe, Zelle, and other options
  • Super affordable at just $5.99 per month


FreshBooks Alternative #3: Invoicera

Invoicera is a great finance and accounting software option for freelancers and enterprises. It enables faster billing, time tracking, and easy payments. You can get customizable software solutions according to the scope and size of your small business or organization.

Invoicera Key Features

  • An intuitive dashboard that’s multi-lingual and supports multiple currencies
  • AI-enabled financial forecasting for better expense management
  • Support for 30+ payment channels for quicker collection of dues
  • Invoice apps for iOS and Android
  • Easy client and staff management features

Invoicera has a 15-day free trial. For up to three clients, you can register for a lifetime-free license. For higher client volume, buy any of their paid plans.

invoicera freshbooks alternativeImage via Invoicera

FreshBooks Alternative #4: Hiveage

Hiveage invoicing software is a great alternative to FreshBooks. You can make project estimates, invoices, payment receipts, and expense accounts from the same interface. It even provides you with detailed reports about the financial health of your company.

Hiveage Key Features

  • Tools to bill clients by the hour and track expenses simultaneously
  • Estimate builder to send free quotes while pitching for projects
  • Auto-generated payment reminders you can schedule according to contract terms
  • Smart collection gateways so that you keep the cash registers ringing every time
  • Professional-looking invoices with integrated tax computation

Prices range from $15 to $79 per month, depending upon transaction volume, which makes it a very affordable accounting solution, especially for a small business or startup.

hiveage freshbooks alternativeImage via Hiveage

FreshBooks Alternative #5: InvoiceBerry

Do you want a free FreshBooks alternative?

InvoiceBerry is an open source finance and bookkeeping application that caters to startups, small businesses, mid-sized companies, and professionals from all walks of life.

You can manage accounts for up to three clients with the free version forever. When your small business expands, you can upgrade to one of the paid plans, such as their Pro version, which allows unlimited users.

InvoiceBerry Key Features

  • Online invoicing allows you to create branded invoices from one of the slick templates
  • You can import, print, and upload huge financial documents in seconds
  • It has integrations with PayPal and Stripe to facilitate quick online payments
  • Real-time syncing of invoices, balance sheets, and payment records
  • One-click conversion of quotes and estimates into invoices

Free version available and great for a small business. Their Pro version is available for $30 per month. It allows you to manage unlimited clients and allows access to unlimited users. At this price, you get 15 readymade invoice templates and a mobile-friendly app.

invoiceberry freshbooks alternativeImage via InvoiceBerry

FreshBooks Alternative #6: The Invoice Machine

The Invoice Machine accounting software has all the basic features of an online invoicing tool, which makes it great for a small business. It simplifies bookkeeping and makes invoice generation a breeze. The API is open source, which means you can modify it with a few HTTP POST calls. Talk about customization and user experience!

The Invoice Machine Key Features

  • A billing timer that keeps ticking and recording effort while you slog away
  • Auto-generated payment reminder emails to maintain the cash flow
  • A simplistic yet feature-packed interface that lets you maintain your account on the fly
  • Set options like language, currency, notes, discounts, and more while creating invoices

The license cost varies from $12 to $48 per month, according to the number of users and clients. For a small business, their free version is a great pick.

the invoice machine freshbooks alternativeImage via The Invoice Machine

FreshBooks Alternative #7: Wave

Wave is another free FreshBooks alternative that syncs your bank account, expense statement, and balance sheet. And there’s no catch.

You can get this accounting software solution completely free for unlimited clients and time. The jargon-free dashboard and uncluttered layout let you get down to business right away.

Wave Key Features

  • Month-on-month and year-on-year comparison reports facilitating wise decision-making
  • Recurring invoices for repeat clients
  • Book balancing with tax deductions to give a clearer picture of in-hand income
  • Instant alerts for invoice delivery, view, and payment
  • Just 1% processing charge for accepting bank payments through Wave. For credit card payments, they charge 2.9% + 30¢ as fees.

wave freshbooks alternativeImage via Wave

FreshBooks Alternative #8: QuickBooks

QuickBooks is among the most widely used accounting software solutions today.

Why is this?

With this accounting software, you can get access to features like project tracking, payroll management, and invoice generation at an unbeatable price.

QuickBooks enables you to always be payday-ready and tax-ready. It automatically makes deductions on paychecks and payrolls.

QuickBooks Key Features

  • Project profitability calculator that factors in overheads and other deductions
  • Due date reminders so that you never miss out on payments
  • Real-time tracking of each outstanding bill status
  • Auto-track your mileage to clock business trips
  • Credit card integration to monitor miscellaneous expenses
  • Batch invoicing for large firms

Freelancers can purchase this software solution for $4 per month. For small businesses, their packages range from $12-$45.

quickbooks freshbooks alternativeImage via QuickBooks

FreshBooks Alternative #9: Xero

The next FreshBooks alternative we’re reviewing is Xero, a sophisticated finance software solution. It combines asset management, invoicing, inventory management, and bank reconciliation.

Through Xero, you can also hire a financial advisor and get great tax-saving suggestions.

Xero Key Features

  • Instant match your bank transactions to entries you have made in Xero
  • You can get notifications on your mobile devices as soon as sent a client opens your invoice
  • User-friendly iOS and Android apps to manage your financials on-the-move
  • Create highly targeted lists with their Smart List feature
  • Accurate currency conversions for global transactions
  • More than 800 integrations with business apps for inventory management, online invoicing, and time-tracking functionalities

Prices for this software program range from $20 to $40 per month.

xero freshbooks alternativeImage via Xero

FreshBooks Alternative #10: ZipBooks

ZipBooks is robust accounting software for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and enterprises. It lets subscribers use its basic features free of cost. You’ll only pay for third-party services available within the software program. ZipBooks imports your bank data for quick reconciliation.

ZipBooks Key Features

  • It can help you keep track of your project expenses and income
  • Strategic tie-ups with popular applications such as G-Suite, Slack, and Asana
  • Support for digital payment gateways such as PayPal and Square
  • Smart suggestions that can help you manage your money and retain customers

Get a single-user license of ZipBooks for free. Multi-user plans cost from $15 to $35 monthly.

zipbooks freshbooks alternativeImage via ZipBooks

Bonus Tool: Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is a robust accounting solution and one of the best alternatives to FreshBooks. It has a suite of advanced tools for revenue and inventory management. It contains many industry-specific packages built to align with your precise needs.

With all editions, you get core financial services such as accounts payable and receivable, cash flow management, and billing.

Sage Intacct Key Features

  • Reporting dashboards to boost your team productivity
  • Immaculate bookkeeping according to industry best practices
  • Integrated with the cloud and other apps such as Salesforce
  • Budget building capabilities and timely alerts for deviations

You need to contact their team to request a quote.

sage intacct freshbooks alternativeImage via Sage Intacct

Ready to Choose a FreshBooks Alternative?

Accounting software can save you a lot of time and effort. Many of these FreshBooks alternatives have a free trial period during which you can evaluate their performance.

Once you’re satisfied that any of these alternatives to FreshBooks meets the accounting, online invoicing, and inventory management needs of your small business or organization, you can subscribe. You can focus on growing your small business while these software solutions keep your financials up to date.

Have you used any of these FreshBooks alternatives? Do you know of any other software solutions for online invoicing and accounting you think deserve a spot on this list? Please let us know your experience and insights in the comments section below.

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