You may have a great product and your business may have already started taking off. But until you can sell that product efficiently, your revenue will be limited.

How Do You Generate Revenue?

You first need to generate buzz about your brand. And you need to start getting the lead generation you want.

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Lead generation is the part where things start getting tricky. You need to ensure that you get high-quality leads that can easily be converted.

Until and unless you can generate high-quality leads, you can’t take your business to the next level.

This is why lead generation is a critical step to scale your business and increase revenue. This article will show you some easy-to-implement lead generation tactics and strategies that will help you increase your revenue.

1. Define Your Audience

Before you get started with lead generation, you need to first define an audience for your brand. This is because you need to ensure that all of your content marketing efforts bear fruit.

If you don’t target the right people, they may not respond well to your marketing strategy. This can harm your lead generation efforts.

Instead, if you show your content to relevant people, they may end up resulting in strong lead generation. This is why it is essential that you define your target audience before starting off.

How to Define Your Target Audience

You need to come up with a customer persona. This should be based on their locations, behaviors, demographics, and interests.

Based on the customer persona, you can build your target audience. And then use that in your lead generation strategy. All of your content and marketing strategy efforts should then be focused on this group.

For example, if you’re selling women’s clothing, you need to exclude men from your sales funnel targeting. If your business serves a limited area, you need to target only the women in that area.

2. Blog Regularly

To earn the trust of your customers, you need to ensure that you blog regularly and create high-quality content. The content marketing should be engaging and it should have some variety to keep things fresh.

You can create how-to's, expert round-ups, and even a special blog series to engage your readers. It is only when people trust your brand that they will be willing to give away their information.

Lead generation tactics such as this one can be implemented by every brand, no matter how big.

3. Use Social Media

Social media has become an important platform for content marketing. You simply cannot afford to ignore social media marketing as a brand.

It gives you the opportunity to connect to billions of users and get your brand in front of them. Furthermore, this lead generation strategy can do more for your brand than even rankings on search engines.

For This Reason…

There are loads of social media lead generation strategies and tactics out there. Try repurposing your old content marketing and sharing it on social networks or sharing links to your landing page.

You can even reduce cart abandonment by remarketing your products on social media platforms to those who’ve already shown interest in them. You can even build lookalike audiences and showcase your products to them.

There is so much you can do through social networks that it has become a major driver of traffic to websites.

In fact, the social media platform of Facebook alone drove 18% of all web traffic to websites in 2018. You can harness this power of social media to generate leads for your brand too.

4. Landing Page Optimization

A landing page is a page where visitors are prompted to give their information to you. This is why you need to optimize your landing pages to get the best search engine optimization results possible.

You need to be clear in your goal about what you expect from your landing page. The first step in optimizing landing pages should be to optimize your headlines.

It appears in bold and is large in size so you need to make sure it is powerful. It should catch people's attention and make them want to give you their information. Try keeping it short and concise.

The next important thing is your on-page content. This content needs to be well-written and should be convincing. It should encourage visitors to try out your product or give you their information.

For this, you need to make sure that your content flows well to keep the readers engaged. The content on your landing pages should be divided into sub-headings so it’s easier to read and the information is easier to process.

The landing page should also have images and videos that clearly depict your products and services. These can catch the attention of the visitors and can help improve your lead generation.

However, do keep in mind that they shouldn’t increase the page load time, which can spoil the user experience.

Lastly and Most Importantly…

You should use a relevant call-to-action (CTA) on the page. It should be located in a prime location on the page where it can be easily visible to the eye.

If you can implement these tactics for lead generation well, they will help you get more leads.

5. Encourage Reviews

Online reviews are an extremely important tool for building trust in your business. According to BrightLocal, as many as 97% of people search for local businesses online.

Additionally, 73% of consumers trust a business if they see positive reviews online. The same study showed that nearly 68% of customers were willing to write a review if they were asked.

brightlocal lead generation tactics

Image via BrightLocal

When people start trusting your business, they will be more likely to give you their contact information. Especially as part of your email marketing efforts.

And if you can get your customers to write reviews about your brand, you can boost your brand's image. This leaves a good impression on potential customers, who may turn into leads.

With such lead generation strategies and tactics, you can not only get more leads but build relationships with your customers. This can help boost your sales and revenue along with customer retention rates.

6. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a great way to generate leads and boost revenue. You can collaborate with popular social media icons and get them to review your products.

When their followers see them endorsing your brand, they may be prompted to purchase from your brand too. This is because influencers are seen as trustworthy decision-makers by their followers.

Influencers need not be limited to social media influencers. They could be bloggers who have a good fan-following on their blogs or journalists for reputable publications.

You need to find influencers who write regularly in your niche and have high levels of engagement in their posts. It is only then that your campaign will see a good lead generation rate.

The Best Part About Influencer Marketing

It is pretty affordable. In fact, a survey by Bloglovin’ found that 84% of micro-influencers charged less than $250 per sponsored post on Instagram.

bloglovin lead generation tactics

Image via BlogLovin’

You can ask the influencers to write an honest review of your products and include a call to action. This CTA can link to your landing page where the users can easily give their information.

Using Influencer Marketing on Social Networking Sites

You can even boost your influencer’s posts. You can target this post to your audience by using Facebook’s Branded Content tool. This way, you’ll be able to reach more people and generate even more leads.

Such lead generation strategies and tactics can be further optimized by using your influencer’s reviews as testimonials.

This way, you’ll be able to appeal to your existing audience and the influencer’s audience. Again, because they are seen as reliable decision makers by their audience.

7. Use Live Chat

Live chat not only enhances the customer experience but even helps with lead generation. You can use live chat support and automation platforms like Intercom to engage visitors on your website and identify leads.

It is an easy method of getting the contact details of consumers too. From the consumer’s perspective, it gives them an immediate solution to their queries.

For the Brand

It means higher levels of customer satisfaction and even improved conversion rates. Live chats usually ask for the details of the customer before connecting to the agent.

This form ideally collects the consumer’s name, email address, and phone number.

Generally, the consumer will easily enter their details so that they can get connected to the agent. This can help you with the follow-ups and you can include them in your lead generation strategies.

Live support should ideally be available throughout the day. This is because 24×7 live support can get you more leads as your website might have visitors throughout the day.

8. Use Twitter Lead Generation Cards

Twitter has made it easier for brands to generate leads from their platform. You no longer need to get your users to click on a link and take them to your landing page. All of this hassle is circumvented by the lead generation cards.

twitter lead generation tactics

Image via Twitter

By creating these cards, you can make all your content accessible right on the cards. This way, people have to simply enter all the required details on Twitter itself. Such tactics can greatly impact your lead generation rates.

9. Utilize Your Newsletter

You can use your network of subscribers to generate further leads. To do so, you can insert share buttons in your newsletters. Then you can then encourage these subscribers to share the newsletter with their network.

gmail lead generation tactics

Image via Gmail

This will prompt them to follow your email marketing efforts further. And if they share the newsletter, you may get more leads. You don’t need to do anything fancy here.

You can simply insert a call-to-action in your email marketing content that encourages them to share the newsletter and social sharing buttons to make the job easier.

10. Run Contests

You can run contests to not only generate buzz about your brand but also to generate leads. Such lead generation strategies can get people to easily give up their information. This is mainly because people love freebies.

What You Need To Do…

Offer prizes and spread the word about the contest. You could get people to submit their photos, write some taglines, participate in quizzes, and more. You can use your imagination to come up with different types of contests.

To register for the contests, people will need to give you their name, email address, or phone number. You could even offer a discount to those who register for the contests. This can help you get more active leads.

sephora lead generation tactics

Image via Sephora

Recently, Sephora launched a quiz contest that offered $400 worth of their products to the winners. To register for this, people needed to part with some basic contact information. This could get Sephora thousands of leads.

11. Affiliate Marketing

To boost your lead generation even further, you could implement affiliate marketing. You can have affiliates send traffic to your landing page from their own websites.

In return, you can give them a commission based on the number of leads or sales they generate. You could even hire affiliates to drive conversions and boost your revenue.

Affiliates can easily bring traffic to your landing page. And if they are well-targeted, they can be inexpensive too. This is mainly because it is a result-oriented method of marketing. It only works on a commission basis.

So if your affiliates work more effectively, they will get higher commissions. This works as a great incentive for them. And for you, it gets you a higher number of leads.

Such lead generation strategies are cost-effective too since you’ll only be paying for results.


Q1. What are lead generation strategies and tactics?

A. Lead generation strategies and tactics are activities or processes you employ to attract prospects and convert them into leads.

Q2. How to generate leads?

A. Use these tactics to generate leads:

  • Create gated content.
  • Offer discounts and coupons for first-time subscribers.
  • Offer free trials.
  • Leverage chatbot conversations.
  • Offer a valuable newsletter.
  • Host events.
  • Promote lead magnets on social networking sites.
  • Use social ads.
  • Retarget those who didn’t convert.

Q3. How can I generate leads fast?

A. Use these tactics to generate leads fast:

  • Run paid ads.
  • Have user-friendly pop-ups.
  • Run time-sensitive offers.
  • Place ads on social networking sites.
  • Partner with influencers.
  • Offer free trials.
  • Run contests.

Q4. How do you find quality leads?

A. Implement these strategies for quality leads:

  • Leverage influencer marketing.
  • Use your newsletter.
  • Ask for referrals.
  • Engage leads at events.
  • Optimize social accounts to appeal to new buyers.
  • Offer consultation services for the first [specific number] of prospects.
  • Revisit lost opportunities.
  • Use live chat.
  • Run a webinar, workshop, or seminar.

Q5. What is lead generation marketing?

A. Lead generation marketing refers to strategies and tactics you employ to capture and stimulate audience interest in your services or products.

These tactics then help you get qualified leads into your sales funnel so that you can nurture and convert them.

Q6. What are the best lead generation tools?

A. The best tools to use for lead generation are:

  • Leadfeeder
  • io
  • Leadformly
  • Unbounce
  • Snovio

Q7. Is lead generation profitable?

A. Yes.

With a lead generation company that gets other businesses qualified leads, you can earn a monthly retainer or get paid for every lead.

Q8. Can you make money with lead generation?

A. Yes, you can.

You can open a business where you find and deliver quality leads to businesses. And the higher the quality of leads you deliver, the higher the pay you can ask for.

Q9. What are the ways of lead generation?

A. The following are ways you can generate leads:

  • Regularly offering valuable content through blogs
  • Influencer marketing
  • Live chat
  • Contests
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Producing quality newsletters prospects can subscribe to
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Social networking
  • Landing page optimization

Q10. How can I get leads without paying?

A. Lead generation strategies that don’t require spending money include:

  • Request that loyal customers recommend your brand.
  • Demonstrate your experience and expertise through guest blogging.
  • Offer free trials.
  • Run an affiliate program.
  • Offer incentives like a free consultation, discounts, etc. that get people to register or buy.
  • Offer value with lead magnets.
  • Include several opt-in forms on your website.
  • Use Facebook lead forms.

Ready to Generate More Leads?

Lead generation may seem like an uphill task but it is essential if you want to drive revenue. If you can implement these lead generation strategies and tactics well, you’ll be well on your way to getting higher revenue.

In the end, it all comes down to how efficiently you can get users to give you their information.

Do you have any questions related to the lead generation strategies and tactics mentioned above? If so, do let us know in the comments section below. We’ll try our very best to answer them for you.


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