Your sales career lives and dies by the quality of your leads. Having a high percentage of good quality business leads continually flowing in can help you build a successful business and enjoy strong financial rewards. In the past, getting leads involved direct mailing, cold calling, and attending networking meetings. Today, the Internet offers plenty of choices for building leads with less work. Start making your business what it was meant to be by using these three techniques for getting leads online:

1. Build Your Own Website for Lead Generation

Sales representatives should create a website, regardless of the industry. Your website shows potential customers who you are, what you do, what your experience is, and what you sell. It should include your picture and contact information, as well as information on why they should buy your product. This warms them up without having to talk to them at all.

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Your website should lead visitors to an online form they can fill out if they would like more information. When they send in this form, you will receive their contact information. You now have a quality lead from someone who has read your website and decided they are interested in what you have to offer. Follow up with them quickly so they don't forget about you or lose interest in your product. It is best to start with an introductory email, followed by a phone call that day or the next, but no later. You didn't have to do any work to get this lead. Your website did it all for you.

2. Buy Leads Online

Sales representatives have always been able to buy leads. However, these leads were usually out of date and had been sold to many other agents, making them practically worthless. Today, companies like QuoteWizard offer hot, fresh leads that are only sold to a limited number of agents. QuoteWizard specializes in the auto insurance industry. There are similar companies for other industries that are quite excellent.

These companies publish websites for people who are looking for information or quotes. The website visitors fill out online forms provided by the lead generation company. The company vets the best candidates among the leads and sends them out to agents who would best fit the potential client. Leads are never sold to more than a few agents, usually three or four at most. This way, you can be sure to get the best leads when they're new and most likely to buy from you.

3. Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the modern day online networking meeting. By connecting with your business associates (like myself) on this social media platform, you can talk shop and exchange leads. If your leads are appropriate to your LinkedIn connections' clients, your connections will be much more likely to share their own leads with you.

This will give you a bigger pool of leads than you could get working on your own. There is power in numbers, and LinkedIn helps people in similar industries help each other become bigger successes. If you're not on there now, create your profile and start connecting to others in your industry.

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