Podcasts are becoming an increasingly popular trend on the internet. In case you don’t know, a podcast is an audio file that can be downloaded online.

Podcasts can be played on computers and other devices like smartphones. Why do podcasts stand out from MP3 files? When you subscribe to a podcast, it brings you the audio you want. Therefore, you do not have to search for specific files.

You will be told if there is a new podcast available. So the question before you is where do you host your podcast?

Here are the top 25 podcast hosting sites to host and submit your podcast:

#1. Apple Podcasts

DA: 100

Price: Free

iTunes Connect

#2. Google Play Music

DA: 100

Price: Free

google play music

#3. Soundcloud

DA: 95

Price: Free to $16 per month


#4. Spotify

DA: 91

Price: Free


#5. Blog Talk Radio

DA: 87

Price: Free Basic Version

Blog Talk Radio

#6. AudioBoom

DA: 87

Price: $9.99 per month


#7. Squarespace

DA: 87

Price: Plan starting from $12 per month


#8. Stitcher

DA: 87

Price: Free


#9. Libsyn

DA: 85

Price: Starting from $5 per month


#10. iHeart

DA: 85

Price: Free


#11. PodBean

DA: 84

Price: Starting from $3 per month


#12. 4shared

DA: 84

Price: Free

4shared com

#13. PodOmatic

DA: 82

Price: Basic Version: Free
Pro Version: Starting from $8.32 per month


#14. PureVolume

DA: 81

Price: Free


#15. Spreaker

DA: 80

Price: Basic Version: Free
Pro Version: Starting from $5.99 per month


#16. Blubrry

DA: 70

Price: Starting from $12 per month


#17. BuzzSprout

DA: 61

Price: Starting from $12 per month
Free Version Available


#18. Onalytica

DA: 60

Price: Free


#19. Fireside

DA: 52

Price: $19 per month


#20. Simplecast

DA: 49

Price: $12 per month


#21. Podcasts

DA: 45

Price: Free


#22. OmnyStudio

DA: 44

Price: Price Starting from $99 per month

Omny Studio

#23. Podcast Websites

DA: 44

Price: $77 per month

Podcast Websites

#24. Podiant

DA: 41

Price: Basic Version: Free
Pro Version: $12.99 per month


#25. Podigee

DA: 39

Price: Plan starting from $4 per month

Podigee Podcast Hosting


These are the best sites for hosting podcasts. Although you can host any media files on most of them, they work best for audio files. Video files are much larger, and sites like YouTube are better hosting options for them.

While there is the option to place the podcast directly on your site, independent podcast hosts offer many other benefits.

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