Influencer marketing has evolved from a niche marketing strategy to become an integral part of mainstream digital marketing. 86% of digital marketers leveraged influencer marketing in 2017. And as per a recent report, 79% of marketers plan to have a dedicated influencer marketing budget in 2019.

And this is not a trend that will fade anytime soon. In fact, global influencer marketing spend is forecasted to reach $8 billion by 2020, compared with $5.67 billion in 2019.

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Given the rising popularity and growing budget allocations for influencer marketing, we can easily say that it is the future of marketing.

To take your marketing to the next level? you should consider using influencer marketing, if you’re not already doing it.

These important stats show that many marketers are already making use of influencers' to take their business to a whole new level. You can use it too and experience the benefits for yourself.

Benefits Of Influencer Marketing

If these stats aren’t enough to convince you about the importance of influencers marketing, take a look at some of its benefits. Below are some of the ways in which influencer marketing can help your business:

Increase Your Reach

Influencer marketing is an effective way to get access to a broader and more relevant audience base and maximize your content’s reach. By collaborating with popular influencers in your field you can get access to their followers. Whether you ask them to create fresh content for you or just promote your existing content, they can help you reach a much larger number of people.

Build Brand Awareness

This is especially helpful in the case of new businesses or small brands that need to be discovered. Influencers can spread the word about your brand and its unique benefits to their respective followers. Influencers usually have a highly-engaged audience who are interested in a particular niche or industry. So, if an influencer promotes your brand, people are bound to take notice or at least check out your website.

Improve Brand Image

Influencers are usually considered as experts in their respective industry or niche and their opinions are highly-valued by their followers. If an influencer writes a positive brand or product review then people are more likely to trust them more than any other branded content. Collaborating with trusted influencers in your niche can improve your brand’s image and credibility in the industry.

Drive Website Traffic/Get Leads

Influencers can also help you get more leads as well. When they promote your content on their social media channels or website, you are likely to get referral traffic. The best part is that you can get qualified leads with this strategy.

So you see that there are plenty of ways in which your business can directly benefit from influencers’ marketing. These aren’t the only benefits, but you can experience them all firsthand once you start using it.

Challenges Of Influencer Marketing

While influencers' marketing provides plenty of benefits to marketers, it isn’t an easy task to pull off. You might end up facing a number of challenges along the way. Maybe you’re unable to provide engaging content or you were unable to choose the right influencers'. Whatever the reason is, you might end up experiencing a failure in your campaign. Check out the top influencers' marketing challenges marketers’ face when trying to execute the campaign

  • Identifying the right influencers' is the biggest challenge for 75% of marketers
  • Finding the right engagement tactics is a challenge for 69% of marketers
  • 53% say measuring the performance of a campaign is their biggest challenge

So you see that these factors can influence the success or failure of your campaign. Not sure if you can handle the entire campaign on your own?

You can get in touch with influencer marketing agencies. Not only will they help you with influencer discovery, but they help you run your entire campaign.

Agencies like and should be your go-to platforms.

Want to learn more about influencer marketing?

Read the below influencers’ marketing infographic to find out more influencer marketing the future of marketing

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