Shopify has a market share of 28% in the US and it ranks 4th in the world's top ecommerce platforms behind WooCommerce, WooThemes, and Squarespace Online Stores.

Shopify stands out among other ecommerce platforms because of its intuitive interface and unparalleled flexibility. It offers versatile tools and integrations that make it easy for online store owners to manage inventory checkout and track their sales.

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Join me as I explore 20 popular brands whose online store is powered by Shopify. We’ll unravel their themes, revenue, and how Shopify has contributed to their ecommerce success.

Let’s dig deeper.

Quick Read: Popular Brands That Use Shopify Listed

Why Should Brands Use Shopify to Set Up Their Ecommerce Websites?

Top ecommerce brands love Shopify. From Kylie Cosmetics to Red Bull, SKIMS, and many others, it’s clear that these businesses trust the platform to power their high-growth online stores.

But why do these leading brands prefer Shopify rather than other ecommerce platforms? The following reasons set Shopify apart from other ecommerce platforms:

  • Ability to accommodate high traffic: Shopify has a robust infrastructure capable of handling high volumes of traffic without compromising on website speed or performance. High scalability is non-negotiable for big brands during peak seasons, product launches, or sales events when there's a surge in online traffic.

    Shopify's servers can handle such spikes, providing a smooth shopping experience for customers even during high-demand periods.
  • Complete customization: Shopify allows brands to design unique and personalized online storefronts. With customizable themes and site functionalities using Shopify's Application Programming Interface (API) and development tools, businesses can tailor their online store to align with their brand identity and customer preferences.
  • Automation of workflows: Automation streamlines various operational tasks, saving time and resources. Shopify provides apps and integrations that help big brands automate inventory management, order processing, marketing campaigns, and more.

    Automation reduces manual errors and frees up time for business managers to focus on growth strategies.
  • Multiple stores and global expansion: Shopify is a global brand available in over 175 countries. This capacity enables most big brands that have diverse product lines to target customers from multiple countries.

    Likewise, Shopify's multi-store functionality allows them to manage multiple stores from a single dashboard. It helps simplify inventory management, order fulfillment, and marketing across stores.
  • Wholesale management: High-growth brands engage in wholesale operations alongside their direct-to-consumer sales. Shopify Plus, the enterprise-level subscription, includes wholesale management capabilities.

    It allows brands to create separate wholesale storefronts, set custom pricing, manage bulk orders, and tailor different shopping experiences for wholesale buyers.

20 Brands That Use Shopify for Their Online Stores

Shopify offers ecommerce brands of all sizes a platform to start and grow their business. In this section, we’ll look at 20 top brands powered by Shopify.

1. Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics launched on November 30, 2015, and was an instant hit, selling out within seconds of launch. The brand made $400 million in the first year and is one of the most prominent players in the beauty industry.

kylie cosmetics dashboard

Kylie Cosmetics offers lipsticks, eyeshadows, makeup palettes, and skincare items. The brand targets a younger demographic of teens and young adults interested in beauty and makeup trends.

On Shopify, Kylie Cosmetics uses the Vogue theme by Out of the Sandbox. It’s a premium Shopify theme providing a user-friendly interface, and product filtering options and aligns with the brand's aesthetic.

Shopify has played a major role in Kylie Cosmetics' success. For instance, Kylie Cosmetics is known to sell out during product launches. It experiences high-demand spikes, and Shopify can handle the massive traffic and orders without crashing or compromising user experience.

2. Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff is a fashion brand founded in 2005. The brand started with selling handbags but has since expanded to include apparel, accessories, and footwear.

Rebecca Minkoff's target market comprises fashion-forward women, particularly millennials seeking contemporary and accessible luxury.

rebecca minkoff shopify dashboard

Like Kylie Cosmetics, Rebecca Minkoff uses Vogue by Out of the Sandbox. The theme is popular among top Shopify stores due to its amazing features:

  • Fully customizable homepage sections
  • Advanced product filtering options
  • A full-width Instagram feed
  • Multi-column drop-down menus
  • A responsive design that looks great on desktop and mobile devices

You can also build your website with Shopify today. Check out how it stands against BigCommerce and WooCommerce.


Kim Kardashian launched SKIMS on 10th September 2019 as a luxury shapewear brand. It has since expanded to become an athleisure and loungewear brand.

The brand mainly targets athletes and women of all shapes and colors looking for comfortable and functional undergarments and loungewear.

SKIMS has seen rapid growth making over $750 million in sales in 2023. Shopify’s stable infrastructure enabled the shop to succeed by being reliable and by giving customers a great shopping experience.

4. The Kraft Heinz Company

The Kraft Heinz Company is a famous brand that has offered foods and condiments for over 150 years. They joined Shopify in 2020 at the onset of the COVID outbreak. Their main aim was to reach their loyal customers in isolation during the time.

They’ve continued to operate on Shopify even after the pandemic was over, gaining 44% in sales in 2021 and generating over $26.4 billion in revenue in 2022.

5. Gymshark

Ben Francis Lewis Morgan founded Gymshark, a prominent fitness apparel brand targeting young fitness enthusiasts engaged in gym culture and active lifestyles. The brand offers fitness clothing, including activewear, gym wear, and accessories.

gymshark’s shopify dashboard

Gymshark leverages Shopify’s features to grow its international presence. They use the District theme by Style Hatch, which is minimalist and focuses on high-quality product layout. 

Shopify’s customizable features enabled Gymshark to gain more control over user experience and functionalities, contributing to its major success in 2023 with a revenue of 550 million

6. Red Bull

Red Bull was founded in 1987 and deals with energy drinks, holding a 43% global market share.

RedBull uses the Retina by Out of the Sandbox theme on Shopify. The theme shows high-resolution displays and high-quality aesthetics for customers.

red bulls product catalog on their shopify website

Due to legal constraints, the brand can't sell its energy drinks online. However, they offer team-branded merchandise through the online store, catering to fans of its sponsored teams in racing and football.

Through Shopify, Red Bull is able to engage with their fans and sell merchandise associated with their favorite sports teams.

7. Allbirds

Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger founded Allbirds, a shoe and apparel company, in 2016.

The brand creates eco-friendly shoes from renewable materials such as wool, tree fiber, and sugar cane. They target environmentally-conscious consumers seeking comfortable and sustainable footwear options.

allbirds ecommerce website with shopify

Allbirds uses Shopify’s Turbo theme from Out of the Sandbox. The theme is highly customizable with a high speed and stable performance for stores with high traffic.

Shopify has supported Allbirds as their point of sale (POS) in over 20 stores globally.

8. Sephora

Sephora is a global leader in beauty retail. It was launched in France in 1969 and has since expanded globally.

Sephora has one of Shopify's most massive product catalogs, with products like makeup, skincare, haircare, fragrance, and beauty accessories. The brand caters to beauty enthusiasts of various ages, demographics, and preferences, providing luxury and affordable options.

Shopify offers Sephora's customers a user-friendly interface to explore and purchase beauty products with ease. Because of that user experience, the brand’s revenue peaked at over $3 billion in 2022.

9. Victoria Beckham Beauty

Victoria Beckham of the famous UK girl band, Spice Girls, launched Victoria Beckham Beauty in September 2019. 

As a beauty brand known for its high-quality makeup and skincare products, it  targets individuals interested in premium, luxury beauty products, focusing on quality and sophistication.

victoria beckham beauty’s dashboard on shopify

The brand primarily operates via Shopify Plus headless commerce. This means that the backend and the storefront are separated, giving the merchant more customization capabilities than with a regular Shopify store.

10. MVMT Watches

Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante founded MVMT Watches in 2013 as a premium brand offering stylish and affordable timepieces.

mvmt watches shopify store

MVMT Watches targets millennials and younger consumers who appreciate stylish yet affordable accessories.

The brand uses the Turbo theme from Out of the Sandbox. It’s compatible with any device and has customizable features that enable them to focus on design and marketing while effectively managing their online sales operations.

11. Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Jeffree Star founded and launched Jeffree Star Cosmetics in 2014 as a prominent makeup brand. It sells makeup and beauty products targeting makeup enthusiasts, beauty influencers, and fans of bold, high-quality cosmetics.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics uses a custom-designed theme that prioritizes high-quality visuals and changes of appearance for the different seasons and product launches.

Shopify helps Jeffree Star Cosmetics by providing easy online sales, seamless checkout, and the ability to handle high traffic during traffic spikes.

12. LeSportsac

LeSportsac offers functional and fashionable bags, pouches, and accessories. The brand targets fashion-conscious consumers looking for practical yet stylish options.

LeSportsac was launched in 1974 and only got to join Shopify in 2017. After joining Shopify, the brand increased orders by 37% and sales by 12%.

Shopify offers LeSportsac multichannel ecommerce and AI integration, increasing their website click-through rate by 30,000 per month.

13. Lindt

Lindt is a Swiss chocolatier and confectionery company, known for its high-quality chocolates and confectionery products. They target chocolates, truffles, pralines, and other confectionery lovers.

lindt’s product catalog on shopify

Lindt operates under a custom theme on Shopify that reflects elegance, sophistication, and a premium feel to complement their brand image.

14. TULA Skincare

TULA Skincare, launched in 2014, is a brand specializing in probiotic-based skincare products. 

Their target market consists of consumers interested in natural, gentle skincare solutions and those seeking to address skin issues like sensitivity, dryness, and uneven texture.

tula skincare product catalog on shopify

Shopify's customization options help align their online store with their brand aesthetics, focusing on user-friendly navigation and product presentation. 

15. Chubbies Shorts

Chubbies Shorts, launched in 2011, is a comfortable shorts and casual wear brand for men.

They sell shorts, swimwear, and casual clothing targeting men seeking comfortable, stylish, and bold apparel for leisure and outdoor activities.

chubbies and shorts dashboard on shopify

Chubbies Shorts uses a customized theme on Shopify that allows for easy navigation and gives the brand a fun, energetic vibe.

16. Steve Madden

Steve Madden is a footwear and accessories brand known for its unique and fashion-forward products.

It’s a seasoned brand, launched in 1990, selling shoes, handbags, and accessories. They joined Shopify in 2020 targeting bold fashionistas looking for stylish footwear and accessories.

steve madden's shopify store

Steve Madden uses a customized Shopify theme that is unique, aligning with their brand image. It doesn’t offer a regular product catalog. Instead, it presents visuals of models wearing the products.

Shopify's customization allows them to display their diverse product range in a sleek, fashion-oriented design that resonates with their fashion-forward audience.

17. Tesla

Tesla is one of the biggest brands on Shopify.  It’s the most prominent electric vehicle (EV) and clean energy company founded in 2003.

tesla dashboard on shopify

On their online shop, they sell charging devices for their cars, cyber trucks, vehicle accessories, and apparel associated with the brand.

Tesla uses Retina by Out of the Sandbox as a theme on Shopify. The theme helps them align with their innovative technology, brand image, and direct-to-consumer approach.


EYEWEAR by DAVID BECKHAM is a brand associated with the famous footballer David Beckham. Launched in 2014, the brand sells sunglasses and optical frames to the fashion-forward eyewear market as well as Beckham’s fanbase.

This online store is powered by a Shopify theme offering a refined design and a luxurious presentation to align with the brand and the aesthetics of their eyewear collections.

19. Kith

Kith is a streetwear brand catering to men, women, and children. Since its launch on Shopify in November 2011 the brand has seen major success, earning a revenue of over $84.4 million in 2023.

Kith uses a customized theme created by one of Shopify’s partners. The theme emphasizes a minimalistic yet chic design which puts the product and customer experience at the forefront.

20. Taylor Swift Store

Taylor Swift's official merchandise store was recently launched on November 13, 2023 through Shopify. The store offers merchandise, including clothing, accessories, albums, and gift collectibles.

taylor swift store shopify store

The ecommerce target audience is mainly Taylor Swift fans (Swifties) and music enthusiasts of all ages.

The Taylor Swift theme is customized and tailored to her brand and customers' shopping preferences. It’s a straightforward and easy-to-use website theme that can handle massive traffic.

Ready to Grow Your Business with Shopify?

Ecommerce offers endless opportunities for brands to thrive and connect with their audiences.

Platforms like Shopify have revolutionized the way businesses operate online. With its user-friendly interface, customizable themes, and extensive tools, Shopify empowers brands to build online stores that resonate with their customers.

Consider the capabilities Shopify could offer your business. Its scalability and seamless integration of sales channels are designed to provide a solid foundation for businesses of all sizes to flourish.Join thriving brands that use Shopify and turbocharge your online sales today. You can also check out how it stands against its alternatives before making a choice.

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