Exemplary customer relationships form the core of modern businesses. Brands that are serious about nurturing customer relationships are always searching for a robust CRM.

SugarCRM has become their preferred choice owing to its unparalleled features and services. It can help you nuture all your company relationships effectively. However, SugarCRM is out of reach for businesses and professionals that are just starting out.  Consequently, affordable SugarCRM alternatives are gaining prominence.

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Before we start evaluating affordable SugarCRM alternatives, let’s discuss why SugarCRM has ruled the industry for decades.

Here’s why:

The platform has tailored solutions for customer experience, quotes management, lead nurturing, and sales forecasting.

SugarCRM allows on-cloud or on-premise deployment of solutions. Its powerful built-in integrations empower your entire sales and marketing programs. No wonder, even with a hefty price tag, SugarCRM has garnered a massive user base and favorable industry reviews.

However, it doesn’t offer marketing automation, which many of its competitors do.

Thankfully, SugarCRM is not the only project management and CRM option for startups and professionals. Luckily, there are several cheaper tools with premium features and excellent performance records. We’ve reviewed and compared the top 10 alternatives for you.

10 Best SugarCRM Alternatives

As your business needs are unique, you need a CRM solution that’s tailored just for you. By evaluating the top CRM tools, you will be able to identify the tool that will suit your budget and fulfill your business objectives.

To facilitate side-by-side comparison of tool features and prices, we’ve reviewed 10 alternatives to SugarCRM below. Check them out.

1: YetiForce

YetiForce is an open-source, cloud-powered CRM platform that is available on both iOS and Android devices. The YetiForce community proactively updates the platform with the latest, cutting-edge features that users can leverage module-wise.

The flexible engagement model lets you buy add-on modules and individual modules.


  • A simplistic dashboard that gives a panoramic view of all modules and widgets
  • A robust Sales module with sub-systems for opportunities, inquiries, calculations, and quotes
  • A powerful and customizable Calendar module for task allocation and monitoring
  • Segmentation of leads, accounts, partners, vendors, competition, and contacts
  • A built-in email module to maintain customer communications from within the platform


You can access the prices of individual modules through their website.

yetiforce sugarcrm alternative
Image via YetiForce

2: Snapforce CRM

The next CRM software in our lineup of alternatives to SugarCRM is Snapforce CRM, a robust platform that synchronizes your customer database, phone systems, and email. As if that’s not enough, the Prodigy edition works seamlessly on mobile devices so that you can continue working on the road.


  • Enterprise account management module to streamline your accounts and contacts
  • Quotes builder that generates professional-looking and accurate quotes instantly
  • Integrated secure payment gateways that can receive and disburse payments
  • Easy lead assignment to team members and tracking
  • Automatic conversion of quotes to sales orders


A single-user license of their core CRM edition, Prodigy, is priced at $12 monthly. You have a wide choice of free additional modules, such as Telephony and Two-way Full Email Sync.

snapforce crm sugarcrm alternative
Image via Snapforce CRM

3: Apptivo CRM

Apptivo CRM is a cloud-enabled platform with a full stack of features and services. Strategic partnerships and an intuitive interface have made Apptivo CRM software a sought-after tool in the industry. At a reasonable price, users can enjoy premium features and seamless support.


  • Varied lead capture mechanisms such as web-to-lead and email-to-lead forms
  • CRM customer relationship management modules are available as standalone apps that are customizable
  • Apps that focus on converting a contact into a lead into a paying customer
  • Sales tracking that monitors the performance of individuals and teams
  • Integration with G Suite, Slack, and Office 365 for easy data import and team management


The free STARTER pack is good for 3 users and 500 MB of business data. It allows basic contact sharing and support. If you need mass emails and white-labeled modules, you can opt for the higher-price editions.

apptivo crm sugarcrm alternative
Image via Apptivo CRM

4: Odoo

Odoo CRM is a reputable alternative to SugarCRM with a full-featured freemium edition. Apart from the basic sales tracking features, Odoo offers advanced services such as sales forecasting and reporting.

You get actionable insights about your sales process, which enables quick decision making. This sounds good, doesn’t it?


  • A customizable dashboard that lines up key modules and reports
  • Sales reports and flowcharts that compile data in real-time
  • Automatic scheduling of activities based on the sales script
  • Precise comparison of monthly targets
  • Instant updates that notify when a quote is sent or a colleague initiates a call


You can pick and choose apps to create a custom package for yourself. The standalone CRM customer relationship management app costs $8 per month per user. If you need Invoicing and Sales apps, you will have to pay $16. Visit their website for the complete rate chart.

odoo sugarcrm alternative
Image via Odoo

5: Salesflare

The next SugarCRM alternative, Salesflare, is best suited for B2Bs. The automation platform aims to reduce your admin workload and labor overheads. The good news is that it mechanizes data collection and compilation tasks that eat up your productive time.

Think about it! With Salesflare by your side, you can focus on your core business.


  • Customer contact information extraction from email signatures and social profiles
  • Automatic logging of meeting minutes and customer calls
  • Unified documents folder for each customer for quick reference
  • Clean, uncluttered grid view of opportunities with highlighting of hot and warm opportunities
  • An insightful view of each customer by tracking sent emails and websites visited


A single-user subscription costs $30 monthly if paid upfront for a year.

salesflare sugarcrm alternative
Image via Salesflare

6: SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM is an open-source platform that offers complete freedom and flexibility to users. You get a 360-degree view of all your customers, leads, and opportunities, and can take timely action to boost conversions.


  • The open REST API lets you integrate the CRM customer relationship management software with existing business solutions
  • A bustling community that keeps the system updated and relevant to the evolving business ecosystem
  • SuiteASSURED, the world’s first assurance program for customer relationship management software, gives you a comprehensive care package and assurance of a proprietary solution
  • Rich customer personas and branded quotations to drive your sales systems
  • Automatic customer segmentation and personalized messaging for each segment help nurture all your company relationships


Available for free.

suitecrm sugarcrm alternative
Image via SuiteCRM

7: Pipedrive

Pipedrive is one of the top alternatives to SugarCRM that helps you manage leads, track customer communications, and derive performance metrics, all from a single interface. It offers water-tight security and privacy of your sensitive business data.


  • Direct pipeline from chatbots and web forms for capturing and feeding contact management
  • Automatic tracking of emails, calls, and messages to keep the database up-to-date
  • Artificial intelligence to mechanize repetitive manual tasks
  • Mobile app version lets you access and operate the customer relationship management software anytime, anywhere


Their bestseller plan is PROFESSIONAL which is available for $49.90 per user per month. All plans are GDPR-compliant and have 150+ apps and integrations.

pipedrive sugarcrm alternative
Image via Pipedrive

8: EspoCRM

One of the top, affordable SugarCRM alternatives is EspoCRM, which can be hosted on-premise or on the cloud.

Here's the kicker:

This customer relationship management tool collects customer info, collates it, and generates reports from it. Armed with this intelligence, you can make better customer management business decisions and improve your efficiency.


  • Layout, Label, and Entity Managers to customize the platform’s interface
  • BPM and Workflow toolsets help to design sales funnels in a few minutes
  • Role assignment and access permissions to team members help to secure invaluable customer data
  • Powerful analytics forecasts sales ROI and tracks sales by lead sources


Contact the sales team for prices and quotes.

espocrm sugarcrm alternative
Image via EspoCRM

9: Insightly

Insightly is an all-in-one solution for all your sales, marketing, and project management needs. The customer relationship management software connects numerous data points to generate a high-definition image of your customer.

Keeping this persona in mind, you can improve your lead management, approach the right prospects, and invest efforts into converting them.


  • Automatic lead routing for quick assignment of tasks
  • Multi-step workflows for executing complex business processes
  • Instant email alerts to concerned colleagues when a milestone is achieved
  • Bulk emailing and real-time tracking of open and click rates of each email
  • Linking customer emails, calls, meetings, inquiries, and all other touchpoints to give a wholesome view of each customer and their engagement history


The three editions – Plus, Professional, and Enterprise – are priced at $29, $49, and $99 per month. Link building and business process automation features are available only in the Enterprise edition.

insightly sugarcrm alternative
Image via Insightly

10: Freshsales

Freshsales from Freshworks is an AI-powered CRM software that helps with lead scoring and sales pipeline management. It leverages artificial intelligence to empower your sales force with business intelligence and customer insights.


  • Smartforms that capture customer data from various touchpoints like website and emails
  • Customer profile building to generate rich buyer personas for better customer relationship management
  • Lead scoring to classify leads as cold, warm, and hot based on user behavior study and engagement history for better contact management
  • Segmentation of team members according to territory and auto-assignment of tasks to optimize project management
  • Maintaining comprehensive customer records, notes, files, appointments, and contact information to improve your sales pipeline


Their cheapest plan is BLOSSOM, which costs $12 per month and works well for small teams. For that price, you get lead management, one sales pipeline, and two-way email sync, plus many other basic features. If you need advanced lead scoring, opt for their most popular ESTATE plan, priced at $49 monthly.

freshsales sugarcrm alternative
Image via Freshsales


Q1. What is SugarCRM?

SugarCRM is a customer relationship management system that helps companies manage and improve their lead nurturing, customer experience, sales forecasting, and quotes management.

Q2. What is the best alternative to SugarCRM?

The best alternative to SugarCRM depends on the specific needs of your business. Some of the best SugarCRM alternatives include:

Q3. What are some alternatives to salesforce.com for CRM?

Some of the best alternatives to salesforce.com for CRM include:
Apptivo CRM

Q4. What are the fastest-growing CRM solutions?

The fastest-growing CRM solutions include:
Snapforce CRM

Q5. Is SugarCRM too expensive?

SugarCRM offers unparalleled services and features, however, it can be too expensive for small startups and businesses. There are many affordable alternatives to SugarCRM available in the market in 2024 and detailed in this article.

Q6. What is a comparable CRM alternative to Pipedrive, for medium-sized companies?

A comparable CRM alternative to Pipedrive for medium-sized companies is SugarCRM.

Which SugarCRM Alternatives Will You Try?

An efficient CRM tool is indispensable for every growing business. All of the tools featured in this post are battle-tested for performance and cost-effectiveness. You can sign up for a free trial or demo to see these tools in action. Let us know your feedback in the comments below.

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