With more than 330 million monthly active users (MAU) on twitter, marketers know there is always a better way to engage with their target audience on Twitter.

There is one simple way of achieving your goals – use Twitter marketing tools. A lot more can be done and achieved with Twitter marketing tools. Let’s take a look at 25 of the best tools now:

#1. AgoraPulse

The best Twitter marketing tool: This is one of the most affordable social media management tools. It helps you engage with your Twitter followers. You can reach out to new audiences and build connections.

AgoraPulse gathers critical data to provide you critical insights. It can help you execute Twitter campaigns. Scheduling and queuing tweets is easy. It has an easy to use dashboard. This tool actively monitors mentions.

Twitter Marketing Tools - agorapulse

#2. Audiense

The best Twitter marketing tool: Audiense is a powerful Twitter management tool. It helps you manage your Twitter accounts. You can use this tool to increase Twitter engagement.

And you can easily spy on your competitors’ Twitter accounts. It helps you optimize your tweeting schedule. You can gain insights into your audience like where they are located. And which language do they tweet in?

You can also manage Twitter DM campaigns.

Twitter Marketing Tools - audiense

#3. Bluenod

The best Twitter marketing tool: Bluenod is a tool which helps with visualization of Twitter communities. Searching and connecting for influencers is easy. You can target Twitter communities for content marketing and ad campaigns.

And you can monitor keywords and track campaigns and have real time visualization of the Twitter community based on them. You can display event community and embed the Twitter map. And it helps you build effective Twitter lists.

Twitter Marketing Tools - Bluenod

#4. Buffer

The best Twitter marketing tool: Buffer is a social media management tool. It is a great tool to manage your tweets. You can schedule your posts, posts them, and then analyzes the performance of the posts.

It helps you manage multiple Twitter accounts. And it helps you build your following and influence. You can create social media posts when you have time and Buffer will post them on schedule.

Twitter Marketing Tools - Buffer

#5. Commun.it

The best Twitter marketing tool: Use Commun.it to manage the Twitter community with ease. This Twitter marketing tool helps you filter the followers you don’t want so that you have a thriving community of your liking.

You can use the tool diligently to increase the number of followers. It distributes the posts with optimized best time scheduling. And it helps you stay on top of your notifications. You can see the engagement in real time.

Twitter Marketing Tools - Communit

#6. Crowdfire

The best Twitter marketing tool: Crowdfire helps you manage your Twitter account more efficiently. Apart from optimizing your account so you only follow right people, it helps in scheduling posts and provides in-depth analytics for all social accounts connected to it.

What separates Crowdfire from the rest of the social media tools is the Content Recommendation feature and RSS integration. These features help you fetch new, relevant content everyday which you can share with your audience and keep your social timelines updated.

Twitter Marketing Tools - Crowdfire

#7. Dlvr.it

The best Twitter marketing tool: This is a social media auto posting and scheduling tool. You can load your content and queue it. Then you can schedule when and how frequently the posts should show up in your timeline.

You just have to allow Dlvr.it to access the RSS feed of your website and the auto-posting feature of the tool will do the rest. It will keep posting new posts on schedule. It automatically adds relevant search-friendly hashtags.

Twitter Marketing Tools - Dlvrit

#8. DoesFollow

The best Twitter marketing tool: This is one very interesting Twitter marketing tool which enables you to find out who follows whom on twitter.

All you have to do is enter the names and the tool will tell you if the names entered follow each other. It is a great tool for understanding the dynamics of relationships between users.

Twitter Marketing Tools - DoesFollow

#9. Followerwonk by Moz

The best Twitter marketing tool: Followerwonk provides tools for Twitter analytics. You can dig deeper and find out all about your followers.

The tools helps you identify the influencers in different niches. You can find and connect with them.

You can also gather info on any profile and compare data. Super actionable visualizations present actionable insights. You can prepare profile reports and compare it with those of others.

Twitter Marketing Tools - Followerwonk

#10. Hashtagify

The best Twitter marketing tool: Hashtagify is a unique Twitter marketing tool that helps you choose the right hashtags. If hashtags are chosen correctly, they make a big positive impact on your online marketing campaigns.

Hashtagify helps you with your hashtag research. It enables you to find the ones that will help you achieve more.

Twitter Marketing Tools - Hashtagify

#11. Hootsuite

The best Twitter marketing tool: Hootsuite is a complete social media tool that helps you accomplish more with your Twitter marketing efforts. From finding prospects to handling customer complaints, you can do everything with Hootsuite.

It helps you find, schedule, manage and report your Twitter marketing strategies. And it helps you find and filter Twitter conversations by keyword, hashtag, and location.

Twitter Marketing Tools - Hootsuite

#12. iTrended

The best Twitter marketing tool: iTrended reports Twitter trends. It provides zoomable heatmaps that show where the trends occurred.

And it can also tell you from where the trends originated and how they progressed on to other locations. You get data on worldwide, country, and city based trends.

Trend data is available for years as far back as 2009. Trend reports cover up to 2 weeks for a single trend.

Twitter Marketing Tools - iTrended

#13. RiteTag

The best Twitter marketing tool: Hashtags help your posts with discoverability. There always is a struggle, however, to find the right hashtags to use.

This hashtag tool provides you suggestions for images on desktop and mobile. You can also group hashtags to compare them on RiteTag. It integrates well with the social networks and you can use the hashtags suggested by this tool on the different networks.

Twitter Marketing Tools - RiteTag

#14. SocialOomph

The best Twitter marketing tool: SocialOomph boosts your social media productivity. You can be more effective with a Twitter marketing tool like SocialOomph.

It helps you schedule updates easily. Once you work on drafts, you can save them and reuse them. You can monitor your posts too.

It enables you to track keywords and hashtags. You can automate a range of different social media management tasks.

Twitter Marketing Tools - SocialOomph

#15. SocialRank

The best Twitter marketing tool: With the help of SocialRank, you can easily identify, organize, and manage your audiences on social media networks including Twitter.

You can easily know more about your followers. It has easy to use segmenting and sorting functions. You can segment them and plan and execute DM campaigns. And you can create lists and send personalized messages to a group of different individuals – with one click.

Twitter Marketing Tools - SocialRank

#16. Statusbrew

The best Twitter marketing tool: Statusbrew is a Twitter marketing and management tool. It can help you with scheduling content, monitoring the audience. and brand management.

The Statusbrew audience feature enables you to grow your audience. You can search and follow the most relevant people. And you can manage your Twitter profile with different features. You can follow, unfollow, whitelist and more.

Twitter Marketing Tools - Statusbrew

#17. Tagboard

The best Twitter marketing tool: Tagboard is a platform that enables you to aggregate data from social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook with the help of hashtags.

It aggregates content, embeds, reposts and redisplays on a tagboard. Keyword filters features help you sift through aggregated posts. And you can filter or promote content as per the requirement.

You can customize the tagboard and adjust screen size, resolution, and more.

Twitter Marketing Tools - Tagboard

#18. Trends24

The best Twitter marketing tool: Trends24 helps you keep track of the topics that trend on Twitter through out the day. This Twitter marketing tool enables you to track trending hashtags.

It can be pretty useful for marketing on Twitter. You can also explore trending videos on Twitter. The timeline view gives you an idea about the trending topic history for every hour of last 24 hours.

Twitter Marketing Tools - Trends24

#19. Trendsmap

The best Twitter marketing tool: This tool provides you with real time data on topics trending on Twitter. It maps the trending hashtags and topics. You can see the topics trending globally, nationally, and in your city on the map.

It is a mashup of Google maps and Twitter. You can find out what Twitter users in different cities are talking about. If you click on any of the trends shown on the map, you will get information on volume of tweets for that word.

Twitter Marketing Tools - trendsmap

#20. Tweepi

The best Twitter marketing tool: As Twitter marketing tools go, Tweepi is a pretty handy one. It helps you get more followers with the help of the power of artificial intelligence.

You can engage users, get more Twitter followers, and use this tool to get more visibility for your brand. Tweepi’s AI-driven Twitter recommendation feature suggests the profiles of users to follow. Tweepi monitors Twitter to find the most relevant users to engage with.

Twitter Marketing Tools - Tweepi

#21. TweetChat

The best Twitter marketing tool: You can use TweetChat to follow Twitter chats. It is very easy to use. All you need to do is enter the hashtag of the conversation you want to follow. Then you authorize the app and you are good to go.

You can participate in the conversation through TweetChat. You don’t need to switch to Twitter. The app automatically adds the hashtag to the conversations. You can see and participate in live chats.

Twitter Marketing Tools - TweetChat

#22. TweetDeck

The best Twitter marketing tool: TweetDeck is an ideal Twitter marketing tool for managing multiple Twitter accounts from one interface.

For businesses that are looking for real-time engagement and tracking of tweets from hundreds of accounts, this tool is perfect.

Tweetdeck can be deployed as a desktop app, Chrome app, and as a web app. You can build Twitter lists, post scheduled tweets, monitor accounts and conversations. The Twitter lists are updated automatically.

Twitter Marketing Tools - TweetDeck

#23. Tweroid

The best Twitter marketing tool: Tweroid is a very useful tool for marketers on Twitter. It helps you optimize the reach of tweets. And it analyzes your account to identify the best times to tweet.

After you sign in, it generates a report in a couple of hours. It tells you about the golden window during the day in which most of your users would be online. And it tracks mentions and provides you hourly graphs.

Twitter Marketing Tools - Tweroid

#24. Twibble

The best Twitter marketing tool: Twibble is a useful RSS to Twitter service. It takes content from RSS feeds automatically and posts them as tweets according to your schedule.

With its scheduling feature, you can control the frequency of tweets. It can easily embed photos and videos in your tweets. You can auto-retweet your favorite Twitter accounts.

The tool monitors your performance so that you can then optimize it with the help of analytics.

Twitter Marketing Tools - Twibble

#25. Twitshot

The best Twitter marketing tool: Twitter includes photos in a small thumbnail size in tweets from posted links. Twitshot helps you add larger image to your tweets.

It is very helpful Twitter marketing tool. Larger images are more eye-catching. And using this tool is easy. You just have to enter the URL of the article. Twitshot shows you images in different sizes for you to choose. You pick the one you want and publish your tweet.

Twitter Marketing Tools - Twitshot


Digital marketers use different kinds of Twitter marketing tools to get the most out of Twitter.

Tools help you engage with your followers in a better way. They help you understand your followers. You can segment your audience for better reach of your Twitter campaigns.

Tools help you figure out when to post your tweets so that most of your followers are able to see them and engage with them more.

If you have been using any Twitter marketing tool which has helped you achieve your goals, let us know about it. We would love to hear from you.