Video marketing has evolved into a powerful tool for boosting a company’s online presence and increasing brand awareness and sales.

However, many marketers fail to apply the right types of video in their marketing campaigns. If done incorrectly, they can actually hinder the company’s growth instead of enhancing it.

To help you determine which ones are best for your video content marketing strategy, we have discussed 15 types of videos that should be found in an effective digital campaign.

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The Importance of Having a Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is still relatively new, but the responses so far show that it is quickly becoming one of the most effective types of marketing. It really expands the ways to promote and sell your products or services.

As the statistics show, there is a 52% increase in the amount of time people spend watching online videos – it’s an average of 16 hours per week in 2021.

What does this mean for businesses?

First of all, it means that your potential customers will most likely meet your brand through a video. YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are excellent places to start your promotional campaign. In addition, these websites provide resources for planning out the entire process as well.

There has been an increase in the number of marketers who use video in their strategy – on social media, in emails, and in real-life demos. Compared to 61% in 2016 and 85% in 2020, 2021’s survey shows 99% of businesses are eager to use video as a marketing tool.

What led to such a boost?

The main reason is that video editing is not a privilege anymore. It’s an essential skill everyone now has, if not to master but at least to get the hang of. Plus, you don’t even have to make sense of professional software and can use a mobile or online video editor instead.

Taking these numbers into account, you can’t deny that video marketing is effective. You can use video content in many different ways to market your business and reach many potential customers.

video marketing strategy

We will explore these various engaging types of video promotion, giving you the key insights you need to develop brand recognition, capture customers, and influence individuals to take action.

What Types of Videos Should You Use?

1. Brand Presentations

This type of video is arguably the most important one. This is where your audience can get to know you as a brand, as a company with its vital values, and probably the crew behind the product or service. It can be real-life footage or an animated video – everything depends on your company’s image and style.

2. Video Blogs

Having a successful video blog means a steady flow of new followers that can potentially turn into customers. A company vlog can be devoted to expert tips, weekly updates, or topics related to the brand’s industry. To find out how your content resonates with the audience, you can use native YouTube analytics or any other marketing tool with more advanced features.

3. Product Reviews

A product review or overview is the best way to show off its features and capabilities. Not only do these videos increase trust, but they also encourage visitors to book trials and demos as they want to learn more. You should learn how to catch the viewers’ attention just enough for them to call or text you – or buy the product right away.

4. Latest Trends & Current Events

Another thing that will help you stay relevant with your content is to cover the latest events and address topical issues in your videos. Videos like this fit well on social media – Instagram and Facebook. As for TikTok, this platform will help you stay in the loop of popular memes and trending challenges.

5. Tutorials & Explainers

When people don’t understand how to use your product, they go online and search for instructions. You need to do everything in your power for them to find a video of yours. No one knows your product better than you, so you should grab the opportunity to make the most thorough guide.

Apple updates their YouTube channel regularly, filling it with various instructions and explainer videos. This makes users go directly to Apple and not search for other materials to fix their problems.

apple card how to add co owner

6. Customer Testimonials

Video testimonials from your clients seem more believable than feedback on your site or social networks. Comments online (both positive and negative) can be fake, and people tend not to trust them. However, when internet users watch people like them talk about how they enjoy your offerings, they are more likely to warm up to your brand.

7. Live Streams

There is a great way to prove your brand is not just a faceless machine. Organize live streams from time to time with the members of your team. Let them interact with the audience in real time, answer their questions, or present new products.

8. Interactive Videos

Interactive videos grow in their popularity, mainly because they are fun to watch. They have clickable elements, polls, and plot branches that lead to different results. One user usually watches the same video several times to discover all twists and possible endings. And that’s a great way to keep them on a page and increase site metrics.

Back in 2015, Warner Bros. launched an interactive video promoting their new movie Focus. The video follows the steps of a con artist where the viewer gets to choose between options to change the plot.

interactive videos warner bros 1
Source: RAPT Media

9. Webinars

Another way to keep your audience engaged is to hold webinars, probably even exclusive ones. For example, if you develop photo editing software, you can start a course of portrait retouching. Or, if you sell gym equipment, you can teach people how to get prepared for a marathon.

10. Expert Interviews

Your company should act as an expert in your industry and share success stories with others. The best way to do it is to choose people from your team – a CEO or other leaders and have a friendly chat with them on camera.

11. Q&A Sessions

These videos can be both live or pre-recorded. Basically, you answer the most frequent questions your customers have. They can send them beforehand or ask in real time when joining the stream. Alternatively, you can discover what bothers people online by using mention-searching services and analytics tools for marketing.

12. Announcements & Teasers

The best way to stir up interest in a new product is to release a short video about its future launch. The secret here is to give only the basic information in the video and keep the public guessing the rest and speculating in the comments.

13. Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Another relationship-building technique is giving your customers an opportunity to see what happens “backstage.” The best way to exploit this type of video is to post 24-hour stories on Instagram.

14. Events Coverage

Real-life event coverage also works for stories and live streaming. You can tell about a product launch, a corporate party, or a conference your team takes part in.

15. Commercials

Good old commercials are still in fashion. However, you will probably need to bend over backward to create something unique. Incorporate storytelling in your advertising, as well as any other video content you make.


Q1. What is the most popular type of content?

Video is rapidly becoming the most popular type of online content, getting way ahead of text and pictures.

Q2. What is a video marketing strategy?

A video marketing strategy is a set of actions you perform to promote your business or site with the help of video clips. It includes advertising and video blogging and intersects with social media marketing.

Q3. Why are videos better than pictures?

Videos affect both visual and aural sensors, while pictures impact only visual ones. That’s why videos have a more serious effect on the audience.

Q4. Which types of videos are famous on YouTube?

There is no unanimous agreement on this one. However, the most popular types of videos include vlogs, let’s plays, product reviews, and fail compilations.

Q5. How do I create video content?

Here’s a short checklist you need to keep in mind to create video content:
1. Think about the idea you want to convey in your video.
2. Define your goals.
3. Consider your budget.
4. Write the script
5. Shoot the video or draw the animation.
6. Edit the video with the software of your choice.

Q6. How do I make videos interesting?

Your videos should resonate with your audience. When a brand speaks the language of its target audience, it’s a win-win situation. They get engaging content, and you get more loyal customers.

Q7. What is the most important quality of a promotional video?

There are actually three most important qualities. A great promotional video should be engaging, relevant, and unique.

Q8. What makes an effective video?

An effective video is able to sell your product, transmit your brand’s values, and answer the public’s questions. If you manage to tick all the boxes, you may consider such a video effective.

Q9. What are the four main types of online video?

The four main types of online videos include branding videos, tutorials, vlogs, and product reviews.

Ready to Use Videos in Your Digital Strategy?

If you want to use video to promote your business or organization, you’ve probably come across a lot of video marketing tips. Video promotion has been around for quite a while, but it is growing in popularity even more.

Video marketing is not as complicated as it first seems. It’s simply about providing people with video content that most people enjoy watching.

There are different types of videos that work for different purposes. Videos that explain the benefits of using a certain product can be very effective if they incorporate testimonials and other ways of sharing positive experiences with others.

On the other hand, educational videos can be used to teach viewers about new technologies. Some videos are meant to draw the audience’s attention to a brand. All of these types can help viewers change their opinions and get answers. And most importantly, videos work great for branding purposes.

What do you think? What types of video are you already using in your campaigns? Which ones haven’t we mentioned? Please tell us about them in the comments section.

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