Explore my curated list of the best free and paid wedding hashtag generator tools and services. Elevate your wedding’s social media game effortlessly. Your unforgettable day deserves a hashtag as unique as your love story.

Which Are the Best Wedding Hashtag Generator Tools?

If you don’t know how to come up with the perfect wedding hashtag, these wedding hashtag generator tools can help you come up with fun and unique hashtags for your wedding ceremony.

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1. Wedding Hashers

With Wedding Hashers you’ll get only the best, custom wedding hashtags written by industry experts.

Simply fill out all important information such as the tone of the hashtags, your names and nicknames (if you have any), how you’ll be using the hashtags, and what your proposal was like.

wedding hashers hashtag generator example

Add your email address and name, and let the magic happen. Wedding Hashers will write you a set of custom hashtags and send them your way within 1 business day.

Key Features

  • Personal touch: With Wedding Hashers, you’ll get personalized, professionally-written hashtags.
  • Ease of use: The interface and customization options are well integrated on a single landing page, and hashtags are sent via email.
  • Variety of hashtags: Wedding Hashers also write hashtags for bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays, and even vacations.


  • Using real writers helps the hashtags be more original and personal.
  • You can be much more specific about what you want for your wedding hashtags.


  • It can be expensive, as professional writers are more expensive than an AI hashtag generator.


  • $25 for 3 hashtags
  • $35 for 5 hashtags
  • $60 for 12 hashtags

2. WeddingWire

WeddingWire is a robust platform designed to simplify and enhance the entire wedding planning process, which includes a fairly well-thought-out wedding hashtag generator.

Creating the perfect hashtag for your wedding couldn’t be simpler. Just fill out the form on the page, including your married name, nicknames, and wedding details, then click generate.

wedding wire hashtag generator example

I particularly liked the category section, as it adds another layer to your hashtags by picking the venue of your special day.

weddingwire venue choices

To get your hashtags, you will need to sign up with an email address, but the hashtags generated are free. 

They aren’t the most creative, but I found some interesting hashtags nonetheless. It generates 3 hashtags every time, but you can continuously click to generate more.

weddingwire hashtag example

Key Features

  • Simple UX: WeddingWire boasts a simple, effective interface that can be used by anyone regardless of their technical knowledge.
  • Customization: Customize your hashtags to feel more personal by adding details of your wedding beforehand.
  • Efficiency: Generate endless wedding hashtags within seconds.


  • Generates wedding hashtags within seconds
  • Easy to use
  • Has personalization capabilities


  • AI-generated hashtags lack the extra creativity a real writer brings.


  • Free (email login required)

3. eWedding

eWedding is an all-in-one wedding website design and management tool. It’s a dynamic wedding tool designed to elevate the wedding planning experience. That includes a great wedding hashtag generator.

ewedding landing page

It boasts a selection of tools, some paid, and others free. 

The wedding hashtag tool itself isn’t the most appealing, but it has the same set of questions and data that you can add as the previous two tools, including a wedding setting, year, and city.

ewedding step 1 page

Simply fill out the info and watch it generate hashtags in no time. Below you’ll see that it generated 103 options but only displayed one hashtag at a time, which was a bit frustrating. To look at all the hashtags you’ll need to click through them one by one.

ewedding step 2 page

I also found the hashtags to be lacking in the creativity department. Most of the hashtags are fairly common wedding hashtags, with only the name or surname replaced by the filled-in option. 

I also added a wedding date, city, and setting, but after clicking through about 20 hashtags I still didn’t find anything related to them.

ewedding step 3 page

A great addition though is the option to add your hashtag to a poster. The poster templates aren’t the best looking, but they get the job done. You can most likely design a better poster if you have some design experience, but for users looking for a quick and simple way to get it done, these will work perfectly!

To download your hashtag poster, you’ll need to sign up for a free account, although if you just want to use the hashtag, simply copy and paste it elsewhere, no need to sign up.

Key Features

  • Ease-of-use: The relatively boring UX design is user-friendly.
  • Customizability:  Fill in your wedding date, city, venue, and more to get more personal hashtags.
  • Poster templates: Add your hashtag to a poster to use at your wedding or even on social media.


  • It’s completely free.
  • Easy to use.
  • The poster template library is quite versatile.


  • You need to sign up to download your hashtag poster.
  • Although users filled out all important wedding details, most hashtags still felt generic.


  • It is free to generate hashtags, but requires you to create a free account to download any generated posters.

4. The Plunge

The Plunge is a website designed specifically for grooms who are planning their wedding. It offers a wealth of resources and tools to help you navigate the planning process, from choosing an engagement ring to planning your bachelor party.

The Plunge also offers a free wedding hashtag generator tool to help you come up with the perfect hashtag for your wedding.

The design is simple and elegant. Although the first page seemed a bit basic, the hashtag generator has much more to offer.

the plunge detail entry

Next, you’ll need to add the wedding city, state, date, and venue.

the plunge detail entry 2

Here is where The Plunge surprised me. You can add inside jokes, hobbies, and even the couple's occupations for an added layer of personalization.

the plunge detail entry 3

Afterward, you’ll need to add an email and wait for their team to craft the perfect wedding hashtag and then send it to your email.

Key Features

  • Personalization: With an array of information to fill in, you can expect a highly personalized wedding hashtag.
  • Creative hashtags: With a team of creative writers crafting your hashtag, you can expect the perfect hashtag for your special day.
  • Plenty of wedding tools: Apart from the hashtag generator, there are plenty of other tools such as a wedding planner, budget planner, and even signature cocktail creator.


  • Highly customized hashtag
  • Ease of use
  • Written by a team of creatives


  • Takes longer to receive your hashtag, as it is not generated by AI on the site.


  • Free to use (email required)

5. Wedding Hashtag Wall

Wedding Hashtag Wall is a site dedicated to crafting the perfect Instagram hashtags for your big day.

Generate a new hashtag in minutes by entering both of your names and your wedding date. Wedding Hashtag Wall offers basic customization options for swift hashtag creation, and it's free to use.

wedding hashtag wall create a hashtag page

Although the hashtags that were generated came off as a bit generic, I do like that I was presented with a large list of options to choose from.

wedding hashtag wall results

Key Features

Basic UX: The page layout and form to fill are all simple and easy to use.

Large selection of hashtags: Wedding Hashtag Wall produces a large list of hashtags to choose from.

Hashtags in seconds: It creates a large selection of hashtags in seconds.



  • Most of the hashtags are fairly generic.


  • Free to use

6. WeddingMix

WeddingMix is a relatively basic wedding hashtag generator. What it lacks in bells and whistles, it makes up for in simplicity and efficiency.

Simply enter both your names, select the type of hashtag (classic, fun, offbeat), and add the wedding date then hit generate hashtag.

weddingmix create a hashtag page

Similar to eWedding, WeddingMix provides only a single hashtag at a time. This can make it time-consuming if you’re looking for a larger list to select from quickly.

Unfortunately, the hashtags generated are also characterless and resemble some of the previous AI-generated hashtags by other similar tools on this list.

weddingmix results

Key Features

  • Simple design: With a very simple one-page design, it is beginner- friendly.
  • Personalization: Although a bit limited, it still offers some form of personalization for your hashtags.
  • Favorites: Add the hashtags you like to your favorites list to find easily later.


  • It saves your favorite hashtags.
  • Although the hashtags generated are generic, they can help inspire you to create your hashtags for your wedding day.


  • AI-generated hashtags come off generic and uninspired.
  • Generates hashtags one at a time, which can be time-consuming if you want a wide selection to choose from.


  • Free to use

7. Kicksta

Known for Instagram growth, Kicksta's Instagram hashtag generator provides various options for your special day. Select random hashtags for a more customized wedding hashtag. Kicksta adds flair to your social media game, and it's free to use.

Probably the biggest downside of Kicksta compared to the previous wedding hashtag generators is that it doesn’t provide personalization.

Instead, you fill in a hashtag, and Kicksta will provide the most relevant hashtags.

kicksta  create a hashtag page

Key Features

  • Find relevant hashtags: Choose between top, random, and best wedding hashtags.
  • Large selection: Presents multiple options for you to select from.


  • Provides the most used, and relevant hashtags
  • Generates hashtags in seconds


  • Requires you to enter a hashtag before it generates more hashtags
  • Lacks creativity with most of the hashtags being generic
  • Can’t fill in wedding details such as names, venues, or the date


  • Free to use (email required)

8. Inflact

Leverage Inflact's Instagram marketing toolkit for a powerful AI-based hashtag generator. Use your wedding website URL for relevant hashtags.

inflact create a hashtag page

A great addition to simply inputting keywords is Inflact’s ability to generate hashtags from images and even URLs. This means if you have an Instagram post from your wedding, you can simply add the URL and let Inflact do the rest!

inflact create a hashtag page 2

After adding in a recent Instagram wedding post, here are the results:

inflact results

Inflact sorts the hashtags into frequent, average, and rare hashtags. They recommend using a mix of these for the best results.

Key Features

  • AI-generated power: Harness the power of Inflact’s advanced AI for hashtag generation tailored to weddings.
  • Hashtags from other sources: Discover hashtags based on images, URLs, and keywords, providing a versatile approach.
  • User-friendly: Enjoy the simplicity of a user-friendly interface for seamless navigation.


  • User-friendly interface with hashtags categorized for ease of use
  • Diverse hashtag options for your special day


  • No provision for entering the couple's first names


  • Free to use

9. HashtagsForLikes

An AI-powered hashtag generator, HashtagsForLikes helps you get high-impact hashtags by analyzing your account. Try multiple keywords like names and wedding locations for the perfect wedding hashtag.

Unfortunately, there’s no personalization here, but HashtagsForLikes does offer one of the best hashtag analytics tools out there.

hashtagsforlikes analytics

HashtagsForLikes is not free but the paid plan is worth the investment as it offers in-depth information to help you grow your social accounts, and is best used by aspiring influencers. If you want to know more about it, check out HashtagsForLikes vs. Flick for an in-depth guide.

Key Features

  • Large variety of hashtags: Find the best hashtags from a large list of generated hashtags.
  • Search relevant hashtags: Find the most relevant hashtags on Instagram for better reach and engagement.
  • Detailed analytics: An in-depth look at the perfomrance of different hashtags.


  • Hashtags can help your wedding photos and videos get seen by more people, especially if you use popular and relevant hashtags.
  • Hashtags can be a helpful way to organize your wedding photos. You can create different hashtags for different parts of your wedding, such as #weddingday, #reception, and #honeymoon with HashtagsForLikes.
  • Detailed analytics and performance of the hashtags you use.


  • HashtagsForLikes is a paid tool, and comes with a weekly or monthly subscription that is a bit expensive, but is a great option for aspiring influencers.


  • Regular plan: $59/month
  • Pro plan:  $89/month

10. Shutterfly

Shutterfly's free wedding hashtag generator offers multiple customization options. 

Enter details like first names, last names, and nicknames for a personalized touch. Shutterfly provides a comprehensive solution, and it's free to use.

shutterfly form fill in

I like the UX design here. Sure, the personalization isn’t as in-depth like the other tools in this list, but the wedding theme used to design the form looks great and inspirational.

shutterfly hashtag results

The generated hashtags were a bit simple and felt generic, but there is a large list to choose from, and the ability to quickly share it on your socials is a great addition.

Key Features

  • Basic personalization: It allows you to enter your and your partner’s names and the wedding date, and it will generate a list of suggested hashtags.
  • Relevant hashtags: You can also browse through a list of popular wedding hashtags.
  • Save your hashtag: Shutterfly allows you to save your favorite hashtags.


  • It can help you come up with creative and unique hashtag ideas.
  • It is easy to use and save your favorite hashtags.


  • It may not come up with hashtags that are specific to your wedding.


  • Free to use

11. All Hashtag

All Hashtag stands out as a user-friendly hashtag generator, effortlessly creating wedding hashtags. Simply input a keyword and choose from top, random, or live hashtags to initiate your search.

all hashtag landing page

Now, let's delve into the nuances of these hashtag types:

Top Hashtags: These may differ from your keyword but boast long-term popularity.

all hashtag results top hashtags

Random Hashtags: Generated based on your chosen keyword, these include the selected keyword.

all hashtag results random hashtags

Live Hashtags: Used by others and features your entered keyword.

all hashtag results live hashtags

Key Features

  • It generates up to 30 new hashtags based on the input keyword.
  • Choose between top, live, and random hashtags effortlessly.
  • It has a streamlined one-tap button for easy hashtag copying.


  • Provides a selection of 30 hashtags, including save the dates options
  • Empowers you to choose the type of hashtags that suit your preference


  • No customization options based on first and last name of the couple


  • Free to use

12. Random Word Generator

Last on the list is Random Word Generator. It boasts plenty of hashtag generators and tools, including one specifically curated for wedding hashtags. 

You can generate up to 50 hashtags at a time. It also allows you to add some details for personalization of your wedding hashtag. This includes the couple’s names, the tone of the hashtag, as well as your wedding date.

random word generator wedding hashtag generator

Once you’ve generated the hashtags, they’ll be displayed as a list on the right side of the page. Unfortunately, if you want to create a list of 50, like I did, you’ll need to scroll down a lot to get each of the hashtags.

random word generator wedding hashtag generator results

The hashtags generated are my least favorite of all the tools, as they came off repetitive, and generic.

Key Features

  • Bulk-creation: Create up to 50 hashtags at once.
  • Personalization: Although not as in-depth, you can customize your input with some basic info.
  • AI-generated efficiency: Create up to 50 hashtags in a second or two.


  • Allows further personalization with wedding date and wedding type (fun, traditional, offbeat)
  • Offers flexibility in choosing the number of hashtags generated


  • Lacks location-based customization options.
  • Hashtags come off plain and don’t feel very personal.


  • Free to use

A Comparison List of the Top 10 Wedding Hashtag Generators

Now that we’ve covered all we can about each of these wedding hashtag generators, let’s do a quick comparison.

Wedding Hashtag GeneratorPricingStand-Out Feature
Wedding HashersStarts from $25 for 3 hashtagsPaid service guarantees higher quality.
WeddingWireFree to useEasiest interface and user experience.
eWeddingFree to useAbility to save generated hashtags for easy access.
The PlungeFree to useSpecifically caters to grooms.
Wedding Hashtag WallFree to useFocuses on creating visually appealing hashtag walls for weddings.
WeddingMixFree to useAbility to choose specific hashtag styles.
KickstaFree to useProvides analytics and insights into hashtag performance for data-driven optimization.
InflactFree to useOffers hashtag scheduling and automation features for streamlined use.
HashtagsForLikesStarts from $59 a monthProvides ongoing hashtag management and optimization throughout your wedding campaign.
ShutterflyFree to useIntegrates with Shutterfly photo and design services for easy creation of matching wedding stationery.

Ready to Generate Your Wedding Hashtags?

Weddings are joyous occasions, and people tend to take a lot of images and videos during that time and upload them onto social media.

When you give them the right hashtags, you’ll be able to find all of those social media posts under your personalized hashtags.

This way, you’ll be able to relive those fond memories from wherever, whenever you want to.

Coming up with unique hashtags can be quite challenging, and that’s why wedding hashtag generator tools can come in handy.

You just need to enter certain basic information like your first and last names, wedding location, wedding decor, and wedding date, and the tool will do all the heavy lifting for you.


What is a hashtag generator?

A hashtag generator serves as your go-to tool for creating hashtags on popular social media platforms like Instagram and X.

It effortlessly generates a plethora of hashtags, allowing you to seamlessly integrate them into your posts. This not only boosts exposure but also garners more traction for your content.

What's the best hashtag app for Instagram?

The best hashtag app for Instagram has to be Inflact. It leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to help you figure out the best hashtags for your social media posts.

For more info, check out my list of the 15 best hashtag generator tools.

How do you create a catchy hashtag?

The best way to create a catchy hashtag is by using powerful hashtag generator tools. These tools can make it easy for you to find hashtags by generating numerous hashtags based on a particular keyword, image, or URL.

To learn more about hashtags, here’s a comprehensive guide to using Instagram hashtags.

What's the maximum number of hashtags you can use on Instagram?

Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per post. If you add more than that number, your post won’t go through.

How do you use hashtags correctly?

To use hashtags correctly, you should:
– Use a “#” sign before the chosen hashtag word.
– Do not use spaces in the hashtag.
– You can use a combination of letters and numbers.
– You can’t use special characters in the hashtag.

How do you get hashtag suggestions?

To get hashtag suggestions, you should type “#” and then the target keyword. While you’re typing, you’ll be shown a list of relevant hashtags on the social platform.

How do I create a hashtag?

To create a hashtag, all you have to do is type “#” followed by the word that you want without any spaces.

Does putting hashtags in comments work?

Putting hashtags in the post comments does work!

How do I know if a hashtag is working?

The best way to figure out if a hashtag is working is by checking out the insights of your posts or Stories on Instagram.

Through them, you’ll be able to figure out who discovered your posts through the hashtags. Analytics in Instagram Stories will even help you find out which hashtags are driving the views.

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