A little over a month ago we wrote about a woman from the Netherlands who vividly tattooed 152 of her Facebook friends’ profile pictures onto her arm. If you thought that was something, you will enjoy the latest techie tattoo: a QR code, which was just recently inked in Paris, France. The artist, K.A.R.L. from the Mystery Tattoo Club, has laid claim on the world’s first animated tattoo. Capturing the QR code tattoo with your phone sets in motion an animated version of the tattoo — a singing man! Check out the video below:

What makes the whole effort even more techie is the fact that the inking was livestreamed on Ballentine whiskey’s Facebook page to align with their “Leave the Impression” campaign.
Would you get a QR code tattoo? If so, what? Let us know in the comments!

Original Article by: Cheryl Morris