Sprinkle some tech magic on your website with their machine-learning mojo. Say goodbye to content struggles and say hello to SEO-friendly awesomeness—all with a dash of AI fun.

Let’s make your digital journey a breeze with these fantastic AI content generators.

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How AI Content Generators Are Transforming Content Creation

In 2023, 12% of businesses used AI to generate content. It is projected that by 2027, 80% will be using AI to create content. In fact, bloggers who do make use of AI for content generation, see a 33% increase in their productivity. 

AI's role in a marketer's or content creator’s content strategy goes beyond automation. It not only streamlines content creation but also sparks creativity with its advanced algorithms, machine learning, and natural language processing. With its ability to analyze vast datasets, spot trends, and understanding of user behavior, it greatly contributes to crafting content that truly connects with target audiences.

On that note, you can easily use AI to create various content types, such as blog, email, newsletter, social media, and product descriptions.

How Can AI Content Generators Save Time and Resources?

In a fast-paced digital landscape, time and resources are invaluable commodities. AI content generators emerge as game-changers, offering solutions to the perennial challenge of balancing the need for quality content with efficiency.

Here are ways that AI content generators can help you save time and resources:

  • Efficient workflow automation: AI content generators streamline the content creation process, automating repetitive tasks and allowing for the rapid generation of high-quality content.
  • Accelerated content production: By harnessing the power of advanced algorithms, AI tools help creators produce substantial volumes of content in a fraction of the time. 
  • Resource optimization: AI content generators liberate human creators from mundane tasks, allowing them to allocate more time and focus to the strategic aspects of content creation.
  • Consistent quality output: AI tools maintain a consistent level of quality across content production, ensuring that each piece aligns with brand standards and resonates with target audiences.
  • Scalability for content demands: Growing content demand is now easier to scale with little or no compromise to quality.

A Sneak Peek into the Top 13 AI Content Generators

Now that we’ve discussed why AI content generators are and will be a huge part of content generation in the future, here are the 13 best AI content generators on the web.

1. Semrush’s SEO Writing Assistant (SWA)

Semrush's SEO Writing Assistant, accessible only through its App Center, is a powerful tool boasting 76 functionalities. It’s the perfect AI assistant for any content marketer and creator.

semrush ai writing assistant tools dashboard

You can craft almost all forms of content for any need: emails, blogs, CTAs, web content, social media posts, ads, video scripts, product descriptions, and job descriptions just to name a few. Remarkably, it also operates seamlessly in over 25 languages.

semrush ai writing assistant languages

For swift article generation, utilize SWA by inputting a headline, subheads, and target keywords. It swiftly assembles a comprehensive article in under 15 seconds, complete with an SEO score and improvement suggestions.

There is also a plagiarism checker for each generated text. 

semrush ai writing assistant plagiarism checker

SWA doesn't stop there. After your initial draft, use its features to enhance subheads, and titles, or even undergo a complete article rewrite – all under 10 minutes. However while SWA is almost as perfect as a human writer, your final pass to the content is still necessary to catch any unnecessary phrases that misalign your content to your brand messaging.

Key Features

  • Versatile content creation: Access a comprehensive suite of 76 AI-generating tools for crafting diverse content types, from website copy to marketing materials.
  • Natural Language Processing: Leverage natural language processing to tailor content according to your specific tone of voice, audience, and creative preferences.
  • Plagiarism detection: Ensure originality with an integrated plagiarism detection tool, safeguarding your content against duplication.
  • Multilingual capabilities: Write in over 25 languages, catering to businesses operating in diverse markets.
  • Structured articles: Automatically structure your articles with headers, subheadings, and lists, enhancing visual appeal and readability.
  • Search engine optimization: Target relevant keywords for optimal SEO performance, improving visibility in search engines.
  • Team empowerment: Facilitate collaboration among team members of varying skill levels, enhancing productivity, efficiency, and consistency in content creation.


  • Free plan (up to 1500 words a month)
  • Unlimited plan: $25/month

2. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO, an advanced AI SEO tool lets you effortlessly research, compose, and optimize your articles for higher search rankings.

To begin, simply input your main keyword, specifying the type of article, brand tone, competitor targets, and the desired human touch in your content. It will generate a blog outline that is meticulously tailored to your preferences, offering a solid foundation for further customization.

surfer seo content editor

When it comes to editing, Surfer's Content Editor not only optimizes your content for search engines by seamlessly integrating secondary and related keywords, it also provides a detailed content score.

surfer seo seo content score

Key Features

  • Content editor: Surfer SEO's flagship feature provides real-time feedback on your content, optimizing it for search engines.
  • Keyword research tool: Find relevant keywords for your content with data on search volume, keyword difficulty, and related keywords.
  • Grow flow: Track progress over time with metrics such as organic traffic and keyword rankings, identifying areas for SEO improvement.
  • Content audit: Identifies and addresses SEO issues on your website.


  • Essential AI: $139/month
  • Advanced AI: $279/month
  • Max AI: $499/month
  • Enterprise: Contact their sales team for a custom quote

3. OpenAI's ChatGPT

OpenAI launched ChatGPT in November 2022, which has swiftly risen to prominence as a leading human-like AI text generator. It has a remarkable feature that is able to emulate human interactions across contexts based on the prompts you add to it.

openai chatgpt main dashboard

Use it to generate compelling content for different formats, including ad copies, copywriting, and blog posts. Remarkably, it also extends its capabilities to code generation, showcasing its versatility.

openai chatgpt coding example

The free version may already suffice for your basic content needs. But if you’re unaware how to properly prompt the tool, its Plus subscription offers prompt examples to help you initiate text creation faster along with access to 70 plug-ins to enhance its functionality. 

One notable feature of the paid subscription is the Code Interpreter which allows users to utilize Python and facilitates the seamless upload and download of files. Your $20 investment per month for ChatGPT Plus subscription gives you access to additional features and functionalities that will surely boost your content creation process.

Key Features

  • Natural language generation: ChatGPT crafts text akin to human writing—creative, informative, and engaging, making it your go-to for diverse content needs.
  • Automatic summarization: Condense lengthy text effortlessly. ChatGPT summarizes documents into concise snippets.
  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU): ChatGPT tackles tasks like answering questions, language translation, and crafting creative text in various formats.
  • Dialogue generation: ChatGPT brings dialogues to life. It can generate content with engaging conversation that you can use for telescripts, sales scripts, customer service, and even for entertainment.
  • Data manipulation: Uniquely ask Chat GPT to turn your content data to tables, add indexes, or decode JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) effortlessly. 


  • Free to use (GPT 3.5)
  • Plus plan: $20/month (GPT 4)

4. AI Social Content Generator by Semrush

The AI Social Content Generator, part of the Semrush App Center, is a specialized tool for crafting engaging social media content. Tailored to meet the requirements of single-image posts, memes, videos, and carousels, it caters to the diverse needs of social media marketing.

ai social content generator main dashboard and themes

To get started, establish your unique “brand page.” Simply upload your logo, set your preferred tone of voice, and select font preferences to ensure that your posts align seamlessly with your brand identity.

Now, let's delve into the tool's functionality. Define the basic theme of your post, and witness the tool swiftly generate an initial draft. If it doesn't quite hit the mark, a simple thumbs up or down prompts the tool to generate alternative options.

ai social content generator social post generation example

The customization feature plays a pivotal role, giving you the flexibility to edit text, media, or seamlessly incorporate your own images. It has templates for videos and carousels, presenting you a spectrum of assets to choose from.

ai social content generator templates

While the abundance of options may initially seem overwhelming, it's precisely this level of customization that adds versatility to the AI Social Content Generator.

Although it doesn't directly publish content to social media networks, the AI Social Content Generator equips you with ready-to-use content to publish directly on any suitable platform.

Key Features

  • Content idea generation: Input keywords to spark relevant content ideas for your brand, industry, or target audience.
  • Trend alignment: Explore current topics, emerging trends, and hashtags to keep your content in sync with ongoing conversations and interests.
  • Brand consistency: Manage brand style with preferred tone, colors, fonts, and logo for cohesive social media branding.
  • Content customization: Tailor your content to be audience-centric based on demographics, interests, and online behavior for specific audience segments.
  • Platform optimization: Optimize content for each social media platform's unique features and audience preferences.
  • Performance tracker: Monitor social media content performance, including engagement, reach, and audience demographics.


  • Free plan (up to 200 social posts)
  • Add-on plan: $20/month ( +100 more posts)

5. Jasper

Jasper is a powerful AI content generator driven by GPT technology. It creates humanized text for diverse marketing assets such as copywriting, social posts, long-form blogs, and even translation.

Tailoring content to your specific needs is effortless. Simply choose from a selection of templates, input details like your desired tone and voice, and start generating text immediately.

jasper ai main dashboard and template selection

Its extensive features include access to 50+ templates such as the Text Summarizer, Paragraph Generator, Creative Story, and Quora Answers, enabling you to craft content in the most effective formats.

jasper ai templates page

One notable feature is the ability to fine-tune content further. For instance, within blog post templates, you can specify key points and calls to action, ensuring a personalized touch. Jasper's adaptability extends to brand voice, allowing you to train the AI to emulate your unique tone and style consistently.

jasper ai language options

You can integrate Jasper with Chrome and Edge Extensions, enhancing workflow efficiency and facilitating rapid content platforms like WordPress.

The AI chat feature enables you to ask questions, brainstorm ideas, or provide prompts, adding an interactive element to your content creation process.

jasper ai chatbot

Key Features

  • Long-form content creation: Generate long-form content, including blog posts, articles, and website copy with ease and efficiency.
  • Multilingual content creation: Generate content in over 30+ languages, expanding your reach to a global audience.
  • Content templates: Access a library of pre-built templates and formats to streamline content creation and maintain consistency.
  • Tone of voice and style management: Instill your brand's unique tone and style into all generated content.
  • Grammar and plagiarism checker: Ensure your content is grammatically correct and free from plagiarism with integrated checking tools.
  • SEO optimization: Optimize your content for search engines to improve visibility and organic traffic.
  • Content management system integration: Integrate Jasper with your existing content management system for streamlined workflows.


  • Creator plan: $39/month
  • Teams: $99/month
  • Business: Contact their sales team for a quote

6. Copy.ai

Copy.ai stands out as a powerful AI writing tool, offering a comprehensive suite of over 100 writing templates and supporting 25+ languages.

copyai templates options

Whether you're crafting blog posts, refining product descriptions, or honing ad copy, Copy.ai becomes your go-to tool for generating high-quality content. As a digital marketing expert, I appreciate the efficiency it brings to content creation, especially during moments of writer's block.

Copy.ai doesn't just stop at offering templates; it also has a workflow mode that allows you to generate content at a much larger scale. These include cold outbound emails, webinar promos, and long-form blog content.

copyai workflows example

It also provides valuable in-app tips, weekly demos, blog posts, and FAQs, creating a supportive environment and knowledge base resource as you familiarize yourself with this AI assistant. 

Copy.ai ‘s user-friendly approach extends to its pricing model, offering a perpetually free plan with a 7-day free trial for the Pro plan. The freemium option, with a 2,000-word limit renewing monthly at no cost, provides a risk-free entry into the world of AI content generation. 

Key Features

  • 90+ copywriting tools: Copy.ai provides a wide range of tools for creating different types of marketing copy, such as website copy, social media posts, blog posts, email marketing campaigns, and more.
  • AI Writing Assistant: Copy.ai's AI Writing Assistant helps you generate creative and engaging copy for your marketing needs. Simply provide it with a few details about your target audience, and it will do the rest.
  • Grammar and plagiarism checker: The built-in grammar and plagiarism checker ensures that your copy is error-free and original.
  • Chrome extension: Allows you to access its tools directly from your web Chrome browser. This makes it easy to generate copy while you're working on your website, social media posts, or other online content.
  • Workflows: Allows you to create automated workflows for generating copy. This can help you save time, improving your efficiency.
  • Content templates: Copy.ai also provides a library of content templates and recipes to help you get started quickly and easily.


  • Free plan
  • Pro plan: $49/month
  • Team plan: $249/month
  • Growth plan: $1333/month
  • Scale plan: $4000/month

7. Describely

Describely is an advanced AI-driven product content platform powered by GPT-3 technology. It helps brands quickly and seamlessly create product content, without the hassle of boring spreadsheets and documents.

describely home page

Upon signing up, Describely introduces a seamless project setup, allowing you to extract content directly from relevant websites by providing essential details such as the website URL, importing a CSV, or using text to describe and rewrite product descriptions.

The interface itself is reminiscent of ChatGPT’s.

describely  main dashboard

Describely stands out with its Workflow Que Collaboration that enales team collaboration, task assigning, feedback gathering, and approval streamlining. The platform also offers bulk content and product description generation, ensuring scalability for extensive content demands.

describely content generation page

One of the key advantages is Describely's seamless integration with SEO optimization tools, ensuring your generated content is primed for search engine ranking. 

With a 7-day free trial, you can try all its features without adding your credit card details.

Key Features

  • AI-powered writing assistant: Leverages AI to generate unique and engaging content by providing relevant details about the product and desired writing style.
  • Easy-to-use interface and commands: With an intuitive interface, Describely ensures accessibility regardless of your level, providing you nuanced control over the content generation process.
  • Bulk output: Describely can create bulk product descriptions for your site. Simply input your website’s URL, or import a CSV.
  • Support for multiple languages: Describely generates content in multiple languages, making it valuable for international businesses and content creators targeting diverse audiences.


  • Free plan (1 user, 25 generations/month)
  • Core plan: $9/month
  • Enterprise plan: Contact their sales team for a custom quote

8. Writesonic

Writesonic, an AI writing tool, is a versatile solution for a plethora of different content needs. Leveraging GPT, Writesonic assists in generating articles and stories, paraphrasing, summarizing, expanding text, and even providing blog topic ideas.

writesonic main dashboard

Writesonic aims to deliver engaging SEO content tailored precisely to your brand. The pricing starts with a “Free Forever” plan, ideal for solo entrepreneurs. You can generate up to 10K words per month with this plan.

AI Article Writer is a key feature of this tool, which you can train for your brand's voice. It will help you create personalized content that also ranks in the SERPs.

Creating content is as simple as entering a keyword or search term, and then adding reference article URLs, before hitting the next button.

writesonic ai article writer 5 setup

From there, you can add your article’s title and other information such as tone, voicing, keywords, quality, and more.

writesonic ai article writer 5 setup 2

The Chatsonic feature supports all of your marketing goals, for instance, generating social media captions, ad copies, landing pages, and email marketing. Writesonic also offers free email marketing templates that you can use to jumpstart your campaigns.

Writesonic also has a content outline creator, with a built-in keyword finder. After finding keywords you’d like to use, simply click “generate” and watch the tool make your brief in seconds.

writesonic ai article writer keyword finder
writesonic ai content outline creator

Writesonic also boasts social media content generation, headline generation, product descriptions writing, as well as ad writing.

Key Features

  • AI content generation: Generates a variety of content including social content, blog posts, copywriting, and even product descriptions.
  • SEO and keyword targeting: Incorporates SEO optimization and keyword targeting for higher search engine ranking.
  • Multilingual content: Supports content generation in over 25 languages for global outreach and cross-border marketing.
  • Paraphrasing: Rephrase existing text to maintain clarity while enhancing originality.
  • Text expander: Expands and lengthens short pieces of content to create more comprehensive pieces.
  • Article summarizer: Condenses lengthy articles into concise summaries.


  • Free plan (10,000 words a month)
  • Freelancer: $20/month
  • Small team: starts from $19/month (starts from 10,000 words a month)
  • Enterprise: $500+/month

9. Kafkai

Kafkai uses AI technology to craft SEO-friendly content for websites, blogs, and social media. It works in three different modes:

  1. Niche-specific writing with a plethora of niches such as travel, spirituality, or fashion.
  2. Advanced niche-specific writing that delves deep into subject matter, for example writing a blog offering dating advice, or automotive repair instructions.
  3. General writing such as short blog content, or copywriting.

It helps you create content for 39 industries and works well as a WordPress plugin.

kafkai choose a niche

Kafkai starts at just $1 per month and has cool features like a bulk content generator, 14 language settings, and a template library that you can command the tool to use. Once you’ve picked a topic, prompt the tool how many articles you want, and see its AI content generator in action.

When your articles are ready, Kafkai sends you a browser notification.

kafkai article generation example

Key Features

  • Bulk content generator: Kafkai leverages AI-powered capabilities using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) algorithms.
  • Long-form and short-form content creator: Produces long-form content in various formats like blog posts, articles, and website copy, as well as short-form content like social media captions, product descriptions, and marketing copy.
  • SEO optimization: Incorporates SEO optimization and keyword targeting for content to rank in search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Easy-to-use interface: Kafkai's intuitive and straightforward user interface ensures easy navigation for users of all levels.


  • Preview: $1/month
  • Hobbyist: $9/month
  • Writer: $29/month
  • Blogger: $49/month
  • Professional: $129/month

10. GrowthBar

GrowthBar originated as an SEO Chrome extension in 2020 and swiftly evolved into a comprehensive writing tool within a mere three years.

Similar to other AI writers, it has ideas and blog generators to streamline your workflows for various content types, including email newsletters, press releases, product descriptions, and sales emails.

growthbar main dashboard

What sets GrowthBar apart is its distinctive blog outline tool. This particular feature proves impactful as it assists in constructing an outline that focuses on keywords and headlines. The strategic placement of the right keywords, be it in the title, headlines, or subheads, is crucial for search engine crawlers to efficiently discover and rank your content.

growthbar article outline and writer

As you craft your draft with headlines, draw inspiration from top-ranking articles related to your keyword. View these resources only as inspirations rather than direct templates that you can copy to avoid plagiarism.

Before submitting the draft for AI to complete, you have the flexibility to edit each line. Keep in mind that AI performs optimally when you present it with a well-structured prompt, and the blog outline sets the stage for an effective prompt.

In contrast to Semrush's SEO Writing Assistant, GrowthBar's article creator interface displays the text on the left and an SEO score on the right. While it assesses the draft for SEO suitability before publishing, it deviates from the Writing Assistant by not providing suggested improvements.

growthbar content score and on-page seo

Key Features

  • Generate articles quickly: Powered by AI, GrowthBar can create long-form and short-form content in seconds.
  • Unearth high-volume, low-competition keywords: Identifies lucrative keywords that competitors haven't targeted yet.
  • Evaluate keyword difficulty: Assesses the challenge of ranking for specific keywords, prioritizing your SEO efforts effectively.
  • Generate long-tail keyword suggestions: Discovers long-tail keywords to attract targeted traffic to your website.
  • Monitor on-page SEO performance: Keeps tabs on your website's SEO health, identifying areas for improvement.
  • Optimize for Google's Core Web Vitals: Ensures your website aligns with Google's performance standards for improved search rankings.


  • Standard plan: $79/month
  • Pro plan: $139/month
  • Agency plan: $249/month

11. Wordtune

Wordtune AI, a leading AI content generator, is widely recognized for its impressive paraphrasing and rewriting capabilities. This advanced AI rewording tool excels in optimizing content while preserving the core context, making it an indispensable resource for a diverse range of users.

wordtune content expander example

For students, researchers and business owners, Wordtune AI emerges as a vital ally for effective writing. Whether crafting essays, research papers, market research, this AI content generator not only facilitates the improvement of text quality but also helps in maintaining context integrity.

wordtune content expander example

When writing for your business, its adept ability to rephrase content ensures that the final output is not only well-articulated but is also plagiarism-free.

The user-friendly interface of Wordtune AI makes it easy to navigate, enabling you to easily add it to your arsenal of writing tools.

Key Features

  • Sentence rewriting: Transforms sentences into clearer, more concise, and impactful expressions.
  • Tone adjustment: Modifies the tone of your writing to match your desired style, whether formal, casual, or creative.
  • Active voice conversion: Converts passive voice sentences to active voice for stronger and more direct writing.
  • Real-time feedback and suggestions: Lets you receive immediate feedback and suggestions as you write.
  • Intuitive interface: Navigate the tool effortlessly with a user-friendly interface.


  • Free plan
  • Plus plan: $24.99/month
  • Unlimited plan: $35.50/month
  • Business plan: Contact their sales team for a quote

12. Rytr

Rytr stands out as an innovative AI content generator, streamlining content creation in just three steps. Users can choose their specific use case, provide additional context, and let Rytr generate killer content effortlessly.

rytr content outline example

Powered by GPT-3, Rytr's AI writing capabilities extend to creating blog ideas, social media ads, business pitches, emails, landing pages, and more.

rytr content outline example

Some of its key features include over 40 templates or use cases, content creation in over 30 languages, and the ability to select from 20+ tones of voice to convey the right emotion.

Key Features

  • Content creation: Generates diverse content formats like blog posts, articles, social media posts, and product descriptions. 
  • AI writing assistant: Enhances creativity and engagement, providing suggestions, sentence rephrasing, and overall style improvement.
  • Content improvement and rephrasing: Elevates your content quality by rephrasing sentences, correcting grammar errors, and ensuring concise and impactful writing. 
  • Content optimization: Optimizes content for search engines and social media by incorporating relevant keywords and phrases.
  • Multiple languages support: Generates content in over 25 languages, catering to a global audience and diverse linguistic needs.
  • Language-specific content templates: Lets you access a library of content templates in multiple languages, providing a starting point for your writing projects.
  • Real-time collaboration: Allows multiple users to work simultaneously on the same project, facilitating teamwork.


  • Free plan
  • Saver plan: $9/month
  • Unlimited plan: $29/month

13. Unbounce’s Smart Copy

Unbounce stands out as an excellent option for crafting impactful landing pages, pop ups, and sticky bars. A noteworthy feature that sets Unbounce apart is its AI copywriting tool, Smart Copy, designed to streamline content creation.

smart copy setup page

With over 45 templates, Smart Copy offers you a swift start to generating ad copy, emails, taglines, and more, making it a versatile AI content generator.

smart copy template selection

One key element of Smart Copy is its Writer tool, a page that practically writes itself. With minimal inputs, you can effortlessly generate sentences, paragraphs, and even whole stories in seconds.

smart copy listicle example

Additionally, it empowers you to write content in specific styles or tones, summarize text or articles, and even translate content from one language to another. The Chrome Extension further enhances usability by allowing you to highlight a copy on any page and seamlessly rewrite, summarize, or expand it.

Key Features

  • AI content generation: Generates original and engaging content for your diverse social media platforms and marketing needs.
  • Content automation and templates: Lets you streamline content creation using automated tools and pre-built templates.
  • Brand consistency and personalization: Helps you tailor your content style to specific audience segments, maintaining consistent branding across all your content.
  • Content optimization and analytics: Optimizes your content for engagement and reach by leveraging data-driven insights.
  • Multilingual content support: Extend your global reach through content creation, plagiarism checking, and language-specific templates.


  • Free plan (40 credits a month)
  • Essential plan: $19/month
  • Unlimited plan: $49/month

Choosing the Right AI Content Generator for Your Needs

In conclusion, selecting the ideal AI content generator is important for efficient and effective content creation.

Whether you need diverse templates to help jumpstart your writing project or a tool to help write everything for you, these AI content generators will cater to those needs seamlessly. As you navigate the options available, prioritize a tool that aligns with your specific requirements.

Have you used any of these AI content generator tools recently? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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