Apart from these four tools, there are plenty more to help you get started. I'll show you the top 10 tools you can use for content analysis and how they can help improve your search rankings.

Let's get started.

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What Are Content Analysis Tools?

A content analysis tool is a software that analyzes or audits your content to extract insightful data like keywords used, themes, and concepts. The content analyzer tool gives you an overview of how your content ranks on search engines, the conversions it drives, and the average time consumers stay on your page.

Quick Summary
  • SurferSEO delivers content optimization, keyword research, and competitor analysis. It allows you to create content optimized for SEO and SERPs.
  • Google Analytics is focused on helping you track, measure, and manage the results of your website campaigns. 
  • When shopping for a content analysis tool to find and fix grammar errors and make your content clear and understandable, Grammarly will get the job done. 
  • Ahrefs will help you discover new keyword opportunities to improve your SEO strategy and audit backlinks 
  • Clearscope is focused on comparing your content to your competitors' best performing posts and designing content briefs with relevant keywords
  • Semrush will help you research competitors' keywords, measure website traffic analytics and backlinks, track product listing ads, and identify and plan new content opportunities.

A Comparison of the Top Content Analysis Tools

ProductPricingContent optimizationKeyword analysisBacklink analysisCompetitor analysis
SurferSEOFrom $19/user/month (billed annually)YesYesNoYes
SemrushFrom $129.95/monthYesYesYesYes
Google AnalyticsFreeNoNoYesNo
YoastFree. Paid plans from $99/yearYesYesNoYes
ClearscopeFrom $170/user/monthYesYesNoYes
BuzzSumoFrom $119/user/monthYesYesNoYes
DedooseVary depending on the userNoNoNoNo
GrammarlyStarts from $12/monthYesNoNoNo
MarketMuseStarts from $149/user/monthYesYesYesYes
AhrefsStarts from $99/monthYesYesYesYes

Let's take a deep dive into each content analysis tool to help you choose the one that best fits your content marketing needs.

1. SurferSEO

an overview of surferseo content analysis tool website

SurferSEO focuses on search engine optimization, to help you create content that meets your SEO marketing strategies. But how does this SEO content analysis tool work? 

SurferSEO has a set of content research tools that outlines the keyword you want to rank for. It also includes: 

  • Content planner tool that helps you find keyword opportunities that can rank your content higher on SERPs. 
  • Content audit and editor tools that scan your content and give a score based on keyword optimization.  
  • SERP analyzer that provides insights on how your competitor’s pages are performing on search engines. 

Depending on your search query, SurferSEO uses advanced AI technology to identify common patterns on search result pages and gives you a content outline. 

The outline includes keywords and their density (how many times you must use each keyword), related images, recommended word count, and subheadings. 

For instance, if you input your content into SurferSEO, it gives you a score (out of 100). It also provides keyword suggestions that can boost its probability of ranking higher for the target keyword.

surferseo displaying the  score and target keywords of an input content

If you want to use Surfer as your content checker for SEO, here's a breakdown of its pricing plans: 

  • Lite plan. Costs $19/month
    • Billed annually 
    • Recommended for newbies 
  • Essential plan. Goes for $69/month
    • Billed annually 
    • Good for individuals and small teams 
  • Advanced plan. Costs $149/month
    • Billed annually
    • Recommended for experts and mid-sized teams 
  • Max plan. Costs $249/month
    • Billed annually
    • For agencies and big teams

There's also an Enterprise plan with variable pricing. It's customized to suit your specific needs.

2. Semrush

a display of navigation tabs on the semrush homepage

Looking for content review tools for keyword research, competitor analysis, auditing, and creating white-label reporting? Then SEMrush is the SEO tool meant for you. 


Because Semrush has a host of features like SEO Content Template, Surround Sound tool, and SEO Writing Assistant to help you create content that ranks and gets measurable results.

The SEO Content Template suggests semantic keywords to use in your copy based on how they rank on Google result pages. It also checks backlinks and readability scores, content length, and on-page SEO usage.

The SEO Writing Assistant helps you check originality and tone, and optimize your content for user queries and search engines. 

Lastly, the Surround Sound Tool helps you measure and optimize your content for the SERPs. 

When to use Semrush? 

Semrush is ideal for researching competitors' keywords, measuring website traffic analytics and backlinks, tracking product listing ads, and identifying and planning new content opportunities. 

Semrush has three pricing plans. 

  • Pro. Starts at $129.95/month
  • Guru. Starts at $249.95/month 
  • Business. Starts at $499.95/month

But you can test drive Semrush’ powerhouse of features for 14 days by using this link.

You can also check out this Semrush-vs-Moz-vs-Ahrefs review to see where you'll get more value for your content.

3. Google Analytics

the key features of google analytics

Google Analytics is among the few SEO review tools content analysis built to give insights about the behavior of end-users on websites. Google Analytics has a host of features (for both small businesses and enterprises) that include:

  • Reporting. This feature allows you to monitor activity on your website in real-time, how users land on your page, and what content drives more traffic and conversion on your site. It also gives insights on the amount of revenue your site generates from ads, subscriptions, or ecommerce. 
  • Built-in Automation. This feature is for predicting and understanding user behavior, getting quick answers for questions asked in natural language, and learning about new trends, changes, or growth opportunities from your data.
  • Explorations. This one provides insights on the relationship between different user segments, conversion paths, and the steps users take to complete tasks on your page.
  • Integrations. Google Analytics easily integrates with other Google solutions and partner products like Google Ads, Google Cloud, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration to increase your efficiency.

So, if you want to analyze your content and audience performance, don't think twice when Google Analytics is on the options list.

4. Yoast

yoast homepage showing available content analysis options

If you've been searching for a SEO content analysis tool that you can directly plug into WordPress, look no further than Yoast. 

While Yoast isn't the most powerful content quality checker tool, it helps you find relevant keywords and optimize your content for traffic and SEO ranking. Yoast also offers a date reminder to ensure none of your pages becomes outdated. 

If you're planning to use Yoast as your content analysis tool, here are its features: 

  • Seamless addition and optimization of relevant target keywords and meta description to your content
  • Readability and keyword density scores
  • Ability to add FAQs to your pages
  • Easy to install and use 
  • 301 redirects 

If you're looking to join the more than 13 million Yoast users, you can do so instantly because it's free! However, there's a premium plan starting at $99/year with additional features that save you time spent on SEO tasks and drive more traffic.

5. Clearscope

options to get you started on clearscope

If you're looking for a content checker for SEO to highlight content grade, word count, keyword density, and readability score as you write, try Clearscope.

Clearscope comes with a powerful editor that compares your content with competitors' top-ranking posts. It also helps you to research and develop content briefs with relevant keywords and information to optimize your SEO campaigns.

Clearscope is among the tools for content analysis that seamlessly integrate with Google Docs and WordPress to efficiently write and publish your content. 

At high scale (premium plans), Clearscope monitors proactive alerts for content that needs immediate updates. 

And compared to other SEO content analysis and review tools like SurferSEO, Clearscope is a bit pricey. Here's a look at Clearscope's pricing: 

  • Essentials. Starts at $170/user seat/month
  • Business. Starts at $1,200/5 user seats/months
  • Enterprise. Custom pricing with unlimited sharing and exporting. 

Clearscope is also an ideal website content analysis tool if you're looking to optimize your content to generate more traffic and rank higher on SERPs.

6. BuzzSumo

 an image showing the navigational tabs on buzzsumo website

Want to generate “buzz” on your content? Try BuzzSumo, a content analysis website that lets you create content ideas using its keyword analysis and trending content features. 

With BuzzSumo, you can detect how your competitors' content is performing on SERPs and social media platforms, and discover outreach gaps and engagement to build your content on. 

The Content Alerts feature suggests viral and relevant keywords, customer questions, trending stories, and top-performing posts within your space. This helps you build content using niche keywords that increase your possibility of social engagement.  

You can also use the Influencer Segmentation feature to discover what influencer strategies your competition is using. 

If you're planning to use this keyword content analysis software, there are five pricing plans to choose from: 

  • Basic: $119/user/month
  • Content Creation: $249/5 users/month
  • PR & Comms: $249/5 users/month
  • Suite: $499/10 users/month
  • Enterprise: $999/30 users/month

If BuzzSumo is expensive, you can check out other competitor analysis tools fit for keyword content analysis.

7. Dedoose

navigational options on the start page of dedoose website

Much like Google Analytics, Dedoose is ideal for reviewing trends and end-user behavior—this gives you insights into what your target audience wants and how to improve the consumer experience.

Dedoose has qualitative and mixed method capabilities that can help content marketers analyze texts, audio, surveys, images, and videos with raw consumer /market research data. You can import and utilize data in different languages and formats like html, pdf, word, and csv.

Dedoose promotes teamwork and presents data in interactive visuals like tables and charts for seamless analysis. It's also 100% web-based, so you don't need to download it. 

Dedoose’s pricing depends on the user's needs.

  • Individual: The software charges $12.95/active month (students) and $17.95/active month for personal use.
  • Teams: Small teams (2-5 users) pay $15.95/active user/month while a large team (6+ users) pays $13.95/active user/month.
  • Premium: The Premier and Enterprise plans are ideal for small and large research organizations and have custom pricing. 

8. Grammarly

an overview of grammarly start page displaying some grammar mistakes

Grammarly is undoubtedly the best website content analysis tool that serves as a secondary pair of eyes for any content marketer. 


Grammarly uses advanced artificial intelligence tools like Jasper to improve texts and rate the copy based on clarity, correctness, engagement, and delivery. 

To generate higher-quality content, Grammarly lets you set audience, intent goals, domain, and formality. It helps you to: 

  • Find and fix grammar errors like spelling and punctuation
  • Make your content more clear and understandable for your target audience
  • Deliver your content in a more engaging way
  • Check your work for plagiarism 

It's easy to get started with Grammarly. All you need to do is to sign up and install the Grammarly extension. 

Grammarly has three pricing plans: 

  • Free. For basic writing suggestions and tone detection
  • Premium. Starts at $12/month 
  • Business. Starts at $15/user/month 

9. MarketMuse

options to get started on marketmuse website

MarketMuse is the go-to software for content analysis if you're looking to create content with well-researched and optimized keywords

MarketMuse uses machine learning to uncover content insights and generate content briefs with relevant topics, subheadings, questions, and keywords to include in your copy. 

Its keyword content analysis tool helps you check how your competition is creating their content, the keywords they're using, and the FAQs about the topic you're writing about. 

The content quality checker tool uses a live editor to compare your copy against high-ranking posts. Using the connect feature, you can optimize your copy by inputting relevant internal and external links to direct consumers to other pages on your site. 

The bottom line is, MarketMuse is ideal if you're looking to optimize your content to rank high on SERPs. You can use the research functionality to discover relevant keywords and topics, and create a fully optimized SEO content brief. 

MarketMuse has four pricing models: 

  • Free plan. Best for users with low content volume
  • Standard plan. Starts at $149/month ($1,500/year)/ user.
  • Team plan. Starts at $399/month ($3,900/per)/ 3 users.
  • Premium plan. It's customizable and paid annually depending on your business needs. 

10. Ahrefs

a prompt of ahrefs' call to action

Want your content to rank higher on search engine results pages? Then Ahrefs, an all-in-one SEO suite, is the content analyzer tool meant for you. 

Hands down, Ahrefs content research tools such as the keyword explorer, help you discover new keyword opportunities to improve your SEO strategy. It digs deep into research to provide you with new insights and metrics to use in your new topics. 

You can also audit backlinks, track keyword ranking, and analyze content gaps from your competitor domains. 

When to use Ahrefs? 

You can use Ahrefs as a software for content analysis to conduct keyword and competitor research, audit your website performance, plan your content, and identify new content opportunities. 

Compared to other content review tools, Ahrefs is a bit pricey. 

  • The Lite plan. Starts at $99/month
    • Recommended for small businesses and hobby projects
  • The Standard plan starts at $199/month.
    • Perfect for marketing consultants and SEO freelancers
  • Advanced plan. Costs $399/month
    • Ideal as in-house marketing tools 
  • The Enterprise plan. starts at $999/month
    • Recommended for agencies and enterprises. 

Create Content that Ranks with Content Analysis Tools 

Content analysis tools help you evaluate how your content performs in the search results of your target keywords and where it stands against that of your competitors. Some of them also provide you with a breakthrough analysis of your backlinks, consumer behavior, and how much time users spend on your page.

Using these tools the right way for content analysis can help you (content marketers) plan and design content with relevant keywords, and at the same time optimize it for search engines and user experience. 

So, if you're looking to up your content game to drive more traffic and rank high on SERPs, try any of these content analysis tools to see what will work best for your needs. If you want more insightful content to guide you with your campaigns, head on over to our content marketing resources page!

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