Emojis are visual tools you can use to enhance your TikTok posts to gain attention from your target audience – and it works all the time! However, they’ve started to become far too common as you see them in most TikTok posts. 

So what would set your content apart from the rest? The answer is Tiktok secret emojis.

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The coined word means these emojis are not commonly-used or easily accessible compared to the bunch of emojis on the platform. 

The TikTok emoji codes are real eye candy, so using them would really make your posts unique and captivating, drawing eyeballs to them and boosting engagement – without a doubt!

So, how can you get a set of all TikTok emojis that are hidden? 

This article takes a deep dive into what secret TikTok emojis are and how to find and use them. 

Let's get started.

What Is the Secret TikTok Emoji Code?

The secret TikTok emoji code is a set of unique hidden emojis engineered by TikTok and require a special shortcode to unlock them. 

So, what makes the secret TikTok emoji codes special? 

First, unlike the classic emojis, you cannot find an emoji TikTok on the native Android, iOS, or computer keyboards. 

Second, emojis TikTok come in 2D, are more minimalistic, and have a range of aesthetic tones to choose from. 
These could be the reason behind the 4.3 million views of the #tiktokemojis.

How Many Secret TikTok Emojis Are There?

Currently, there are 46 secret TikTok emojis you can use to convey different emotions, and they appear all the same across different devices. 

These secret emojis are hidden from the TikTok emoji keyboard, thus, you need secret codes to unlock them.

Below is the full secret TikTok emoji list you can use to add more flair to your content, conversation, or comments. 

And if you're looking for the secret TikTok emojis png, we'll give you a list of all TikTok emojis names.

Dumpling-Shaped TikTok Emojis PNG

Are you looking for a dumpling TikTok emoji face with varying colors? Here are 23 dumpling TikTok emoji names to take your challenge posts to the next level:

joyful tiktok emoji code

1. [joyful]

This is the TikTok emoji face for happiness. It has happy eyes and a broad smile to show you're very happy. 

hehe secret emoji code

2. [hehe]

The hehe TikTok emoji is a laughing counterpart to the classic laugh emoji with tears. It has sideways glancing eyes and a small smile, and can be used when you want to express that something is funny.

tears emoji secret code

3. [tears]

Want to show 'em you're crying, either because of sadness or joy? Use the tears emoji that features two long streams of tears falling from the eyes.

stun secret emoji code

4. [stun]

Let the stun emoji express your surprise with a drop of sweat, an open mouth, and scared eyes. 

hidden rage emoji code

5.  [rage]

Using this red-faced dumpling emoji, with an almost exploding anger, strongly indicates you're boiling over.

[cool] tiktok emoji code

6. [cool]

Sunglasses make us look cool, don't they? And the cool TikTok emoji wearing sunglasses with a bit menacing eyebrows facing down tells that you're feeling sassy.

[excited] emoji short code

7. [excited]

This dumpling TikTok emoji has a smiley face that’s laughing hard to show you're excited or something is funny. 

smileface tiktok secret emoji code

8. [smileface]

Use the simple dumpling smile emoji with big eyes and a little smile to show them they're a bit shady.

[angel] secret emoji code

9. [angel]

If you want to play innocent, let the dumpling angel emoji with a sweet smile and a halo,make a case for your purity or kindness. 

[laugh] tiktok emoji

10. [laugh]

For an absolutely funny expression – laugh out loud – use this white TikTok laughing emoji with closed eyes and tears rolling down its cheeks.

[loveface] secret tiktok emoji code

11. [loveface]

Use this secret TikTok emoji face that has 2 big hearts for its eyes to show you're in love. 

[shock] tiktok emoji

12. [shock]

Feeling some next level shock? Express it by using this emoji with an open-mouth, blue face, and angry eyes – and will definitely make it known.

[wow] tiktok secret emoji code

13. [wow]

surprised or shocked about something? The dumpling wow emoji with a surprised face, raised brows, and elongated eyes will help you convey the message.

[slap] tiktok emoji

14. [slap]

The slap TikTok emoji face features a red handprint on its face and suggests someone is crossing the lines, such as insulting or saying something mean to you.

[cute] secret emoji code

15. [cute]

If you're feeling cute, use the cute TikTok emoji with big charming eyes and a smile to show youthfulness, innocence, or kindness.

[blink] emoji code

16. [blink]

Want to flirt a bit with a friend? Use the blink emoji that features a heart to compliment the look.

[disdain] secret tiktok emoji code

17. [disdain]

Show them you're feeling displeased using the disdain emoji that has an angry face with bags under its eyes.

[astonish] tiktok emoji code

18. [astonish]

Feeling upset? Use the dumpling gray astonish emoji with an open mouth and furrowed brow to shout out loud.

[proud] emoji code

19. [proud]

As the name suggests, the proud TikTok emoji shows you're proud that you were right about something.

[evil] secret emoji code

20. [evil]

The dumpling emoji TikTok face has a purple face, fangs, and hollow cheeks to show you're feeling grumpy.

[pride] emoji code

21. [pride]

The pride TikTok emoji has lowered brows and kissy lips to show you deserve a pat on the back.

[nap] emoji code

22. [nap]

Are you feeling sleepy or uninterested in something? The closed eyes and a snotty face on the nap emoji shows you're moodless, or your eyes are heavy.

[awkward] tiktok emoji code

23. [awkward]

The awkward dumpling emoji features a drop of sweat and upturned eyes to suggest you're uncomfortable or anxious.

Round Face TikTok Emoji Codes

The remaining 23 secret TikTok emojis come in round face shapes, but differ from the standard TikTok emoji keyboard. They include: 

[smile] tiktok emoji

24. [smile]

The smile TikTok emoji has a close-mouthed grin. It's colored pink and suggests you are happy, appreciative, or showing love.

[cry] tiktok emoji

25. [cry]

If you're feeling all blue, you can use the cry TikTok emoji to show it. The cry emoji features tears flowing like a river.

[angry] secret tiktok emoji

26. [angry]

This TikTok emoji is colored red and features stress markings on the top right side and furrowed brows, indicating displeasure or annoyance.

[happy] tiktok emoji

27. [happy]

The happy TikTok emoji features squinty eyes and a wide grin. It's peach in color and suggests extreme excitement or enjoyment.

[embarrassed] tiktok emoji

28. [embarrassed]

A drop of sweat and furrowed brows identifies the embarrassed TikTok emoji list name. It shows you’re feeling cringey during those uneasy moments.

[surprised] secret emoji code

29. [surprised]

The surprised emoji is peach in color and bashful, to show you're extremely amazed by something.

[shout] tiktok emoji

30. [shout]

The shout emoji resembles the evil emoji—it's purple with fangs. It indicates frustration or that someone wants to vent.

[wronged] emoji code

31. [wronged]

The wronged emoji probably suggest nervousness and uncertainties. It is yellow and features sorrowful eyes and two fingers pointing at each other.

[flushed] emoji tiktok

32. [flushed]

Flushed emoji have a small smile and pink cheeks, perfect for nerve-wracking moments.

[yummy] emoji tiktok

33. [yummy]

How do you give thumbs up and show appreciation?  The yummy emoji is the best emoji choice.

[complacent] secret emoji tiktok

34. [complacent]

Not convinced about something? Use the blue sunglass-wearing complacent emoji to express that message.

[drool] tiktok secret emoji code

35. [drool]

This TikTok emoji code has heart eyes and a small drool. Use this to let friends or someone you love know you're thinking about them or that you “drool” over their content in envy.

[scream] tiktok emoji

36. [scream]

The scream emoji has a blue face and a wide mouth to express shock or surprise, such as when viewing a scary video.

[weep] emoji tiktok

37. [weep]

This crying TikTok emoji has a small tear falling down its face and sad eyes to show grief or sympathy.

[speechless] emoji tiktok

38. [speechless]

Shifty eyes and a drop of sweat completes the speechless emoji. It's perfect when you have no more words to say and rather not speak.

[funnyface] secret emoji code

39. [funnyface]

What better to show you're joking around than the stuck out tongue and a wink featured in the pink funny-face emoji?

[laughwithtears] emoji tiktok

40. [laughwithtears]

Someone or something is way too funny and you want to laugh it out? Use the laugh-with-tears emoji code.

[wicked] tiktok secret emoji code

41. [wicked]

The Wicked emoji is purple and features horns and fangs. It's perfect to convey a message that you're feeling mischievous or up to no good.

[facewithrollingeyes] tiktok emoji

42. [facewithrollingeyes]

This emoji TikTok has eyes rolling upwards to suggest irritation or disgust.

[sulk] emoji iktok

43. [sulk]

The sulk TikTok emoji is red and features a twisted brow and unhappy pout. It shows you're totally frustrated or mad about something.

[thinking] tiktok emoji code

44. [thinking]

Lost in thoughts, concerned, or contemplating ? The thinking TikTok emoji code with a hand on its chin tells it better.

[lovely] emoji tiktok code

45. [lovely]

The lovely emoji features a kissing face, tightly-closed eyes, and blushing cheeks. It's the best for sending out special love or appreciation.

[greedy] tiktok emoji code

46. [greedy]

Hankering for dough? Use the greedy emoji TikTok featuring dollar signs in its eyes and a broad smile to jokingly show your materialistic side.

Now that you're familiar with the 46 secret TikTok emojis names and what each code means, let's talk about… 

How to Access the Secret Emoji Code

If you want to get the secret TikTok emojis: 

  • Type the specific code that relates to the emotion you want to get in the typing bar
an illustration on how to get the angel secret tiktok emoji
  • Enclose the code using square brackets. For example, to get a cool, cute or crying TikTok emoji, type the code cool, cute, or cry and insert the square brackets like this: [cool],[cry], [cute]
  • Press enter or send. The code will automatically generate native cool, cute, and sorrowful emojis on your TikTok keyboard.  
[cool], [cry], and [cute] tiktok emojis
  • Choose the secret emoji that resonates with the mood of your caption or comment from the suggestions. 

That's it! 

That was an easy hack, wasn't it? Try the secret code hack in your next TikTok video or comment and watch those engagements rolling in!   

How to Use TikTok Emojis 

To use the hidden TikTok emojis:

  • Select an emoji from the list above.
  • Copy the shortcode of that emoji.
  • Paste the emoji shortcode into a comment or caption on TikTok.
  • The shortcode will turn into a secret TikTok emoji when you press enter or post respectively. 

Why Use Secret TikTok Emoji Codes?

The truth is, using the secret TikTok emoticons makes you look like a savvy TikToker with vast knowledge about TikTok's secret language. Likewise, secret codes help you respond to captions creatively and expressively, cut short your comments, or create videos with relatable emotions.  

How is this helpful? 

Let's say you want to make your TikTok posts among the most viewed TikTok videos. By using relatable secret codes, you can create a heavy connection between your content and your followers.

Likewise, you can use emoji TikTok codes on trending hashtags to make a compelling visual emotion. This way, you can connect to more people that find secret emojis interesting and personable. 

Lastly, unlike the traditional emojis that come installed on iOS, Android, and Microsoft devices, the hidden TikTok emojis maintain their visual style across different operating systems, eliminating ambiguity about what they mean.

Get the Secret TikTok Emojis

TikTok has hidden emojis that can add aesthetic and visual appeal to your TikTok captions and comments. But you'll need a specific code to unlock them. 

Just follow the codes I gave you on the list above and you’re on your way to unlocking them with ease.

Select an emoji shortcode, copy it, and then paste it on your TikTok comment or caption. The shortcode will automatically generate emojis relating to its unique code, making it easier for you to express relatable emotions. 

So, whether it's a cry, proud, cool, angel, evil, or happy TikTok emoji, don't miss out on using them when editing your next TikTok videos or prepping your comments. 

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