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Employee advocacy is a critical aspect that is often ignored by many brands. It can help you grow your brand value and reach. It also helps employees push their professional growth as well. In fact, according to a survey, about 87.2% of respondents said that it contributes to growing their professional network. In addition, 76% of them feel that it helps them keep up with industry trends.

To leverage employee advocacy to its fullest, you can use one of the best employee advocacy platforms. These platforms can help you implement employee advocacy programs with ease.

However, before we can get to the platforms, let’s understand employee advocacy.

What is Employee Advocacy?

Did you know that people rate a regular employee as being a more credible voice (53%) than a CEO (47%)?

Isn’t that surprising?

Employee advocacy takes advantage of this trust and allows employees to contribute to a brand’s marketing efforts. In a nutshell, employees can become brand advocates.

They can contribute to promotion in several ways, including recommending company products to their family and friends. They can also represent company interests externally and internally. In some cases, employees who are experts on a product or service can become the company spokesperson.

But how do you encourage employees to take part in the program?

Let’s take a look.

How Do You Improve Employee Advocacy?

If you’ve started an employee advocacy program without success, here are ways you can improve it:

Be Transparent

Tell your employees why you want them to take part in the program. Do not just set it as a rule and expect everyone to follow blindly. Instead, provide your employees with a logical explanation for why engaging with company content is crucial.

Position Your Employees as Experts

Let your employees try out your products and feature their reviews on your social accounts. Nordstrom, for example, lets their employees showcase their taste in fashion on their social media channels.

Position Your Employees as Experts Employee Advocacy ToolsImage via Instagram

When the featured employee shares this content, it could trigger a viral post as their friends and family also share and engage with the content on their timelines.

Make it Easy to Share Your Posts

Don’t assume everyone on your team knows what to share about your company. Instead, help them create content related to your brand. Alternatively, you can also offer suggestions on what they can share on their accounts. Pre-written content or direct links can make the process easier for them.

OfferRewards and Incentives

Reward engaged and active employees and show appreciation for the help they’ve offered. You can also provide incentives to encourage others to join the program using contests or competitions.

Customize Content

Don’t assume every employee will share the content you provide. Instead, customize the content to fit the taste of individual employees. Find out what every employee cares about the most and provide content that may resonate with them.

Send Reminders

Send reminders to employees to share and encourage them to be active. Sometimes they may just forget to share company content.

Don’t Force It

Do not force your employees to post content that they may not want to share. Your job is to only provide them with suggestions and encouragement. If you come across as pushy, you may lose their respect.

Show Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Share employee milestones, office celebrations, company outings, and videos showing a day in the office. Employees featured in the footage may want to share the content on their timelines, leading to increased engagement.

Show Behind-the-Scenes Footage Employee Advocacy ToolsImage via Instagram

Now, that you have a better understanding of what employee advocacy is, let’s dive into the best tools:

Wondering what these tools are and which one will be the best for your business?

Here are some of the best employee advocacy platforms you can use.

Which are the Best Employee Advocacy Tools?

Increase and track your employee advocacy using these employee advocacy platforms.

1. LinkedIn Elevate

LinkedIn Elevate is one of the finest employee advocacy platforms that can help you leverage LinkedIn.

Want to know what makes it one of the best?

Read about its features, mentioned below, to find out:

You can curate the finest content on the platform and suggest it to your employees using this platform. It also shows you analytics, such as the most engaged employees and has features that help you give updates and reminders to them.

It’s a great employee advocacy software service for all those whose advocates are active on LinkedIn as the platform only lets you grow your reach on it. As the tool comes from LinkedIn, you also get direct access to trending content, which can make it a very useful source for curating content.

If your company uses LinkedIn for recruitment, this platform can be extremely helpful for you. This is because it can position your brand as an authority figure in your industry on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Elevate Employee Advocacy Tools

Image via LinkedIn Elevate

2. Sprout Social

Sprout Social allows you to amplify your reach on social media through employee advocacy.

Bambu, its platform, enables you to curate some of the finest content on social networks and is thus one of the best employee advocacy programs. It also offers premium features like virtual event marketing and tradeshow event marketing.

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However, it’s not possible to directly integrate this employee advocacy software solution with Sprout Social. You can, however, connect it using Zapier. Additionally, it offers a social selling solution that can help you measure B2C metrics like impressions, shares, and clicks.

Sprout Social Employee Advocacy Platforms

Image via Sprout Social 

3. Dynamic Signal

Using Dynamic Signal, you can drive the growth of your brand by leveraging the influence of your employees. You can empower your employees by sharing high-quality company-approved content with them.

What makes it one of the best employee advocacy software solutions is the fact that it allows you to track, analyze, and optimize employee advocacy too.

Want to know the best part?

It offers integrations with some of the biggest tools, such as Slack, Facebook Messenger, and Oracle.

Additionally, you can not only track social engagement data but also data from internal channels to understand your overall content engagement. This makes it the perfect platform for all those looking to improve internal communications and drive employee advocacy too.

Dynamic Signal Employee Advocacy Tools

Image via Dynamic Signal

4. Oktopost

Oktopost enables you to streamline all of your social media and advocacy activities through its platform. This includes operations like pulling content from social media, sharing it with your employees, and then tracking business metrics.

The depth of the data that you get to analyze makes it one of the best employee advocacy programs for your brand.

It works well for B2B companies that are looking to generate business results and not just build brand awareness.

In addition, it allows integrations with some of the most major marketing automation platforms such as HubSpot, Eloqua, and Marketo. This employee advocacy software service also offers integration with Salesforce, which helps you drive social selling without leaving the platform.

Oktopost Employee Advocacy Tools

Image via Oktopost

5. EveryoneSocial

EveryoneSocial is trusted by large and enterprise organizations for employee advocacy, social selling, employer branding, and internal communications.

Your employees can not only share content on social media, but they also boost engagement by liking or tagging other colleagues. This is to ensure that everyone sees important information.

EveryoneSocial is one of the first employee advocacy platforms to have a native built-in application for Salesforce. Some additional features include a Chrome extension for easy content suggestions, push notifications, and in-depth reporting.

It enables your employees to create their own personal streams of content too, and the tool boasts numerous integrations with major platforms.

EveryoneSocial Employee Advocacy Tools

Image via EveryoneSocial

6. DrumUp

Using DrumUp, you can turn your employees into your brand’s social ambassadors. It provides an easy method of broadcasting content to your employees. The reason why it’s one of the best employee advocacy programs is that you can schedule posts with one click from its dashboard.

DrumUp Employee Advocacy Tools

Image via DrumUp

7. Smarp

Smarp has an internal content hub through which employees can discover the latest content and share it. You can easily populate this newsfeed with the latest company news and updates.

It’s one of the best employee advocacy platforms because it also allows you to track employee engagement metrics. You can also see the earned media score through this platform.

What’s more, you ask?

In addition to the relevant metrics, it also helps you measure vanity metrics such as shares, likes, and followers. The platform also features a content hub that consists of an internal resources database.

Smarp Employee Advocacy Tools

Image via Smarp

8. LumApps

LumApps shows the way ahead with its stellar employee advocacy platform. You can maximize your social reach and build your brand image by empowering your employees to share your content. The ease with which you can share content with your employees makes this one of the best employee advocacy programs out there.

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It also simplifies the entire process of sharing the posts for your employees by giving them a single platform to manage both social media and internal communication.

LumApps Employee Advocacy Tools

Image via LumApps

9. Sociabble

Sociabble is on of the best employee advocacy programs not only for promoting employee advocacy but also for managing influencer marketing, internal communications, and more.

You can create personalized push notifications and share them with your employees. It’s possible for your employees to develop their own content as well and share it in their groups. It also allows you to gather content from social media, RSS feeds, and URLs.

Sociabble Employee Advocacy Tools

Image via Sociabble

10. Connecteam

Connecteam is a great employee communication and engagement tool that serves as an employee advocacy platform too.

It’s possible to chat and communicate within your groups through this employee advocacy software service, and you can also have a contact directory on it. Through your communications, you can drive employee advocacy programs and motivate your employees to share your brand updates on social media.

Connecteam Employee Advocacy Tools

Image via Connecteam

11. SocioSquares

SocioSquares has an employee advocacy platform, SocioAdvocacy, that helps you leverage the influence of your employees.

It’s possible to share content on multiple platforms through a single click using this employee advocacy software solution. You can also get real-time reports of your progress through the platform, and it’s got cross-platform accessibility too.

SocioSquares Employee Advocacy Tools

Image via SocioSquares

12. DSMN8

DSMN8 provides you with an all-in-one employee influencer platform that can help you increase your reach and engagement.

Want to know what makes it so good?

It’s one of the best employee advocacy platforms because it also helps you empower your employees to develop their networks to increase your brand visibility. You can create brand advocates from your staff and showcase your company culture, products, and services to others on social media through them.

DSMN8 Employee Advocacy Tools

Image via DSMN8

13. Hootsuite Amplify

Hootsuite Amplify is a great add-on to Hootsuite’s already stellar social media management solutions. It allows you to send out email notifications about your latest content and updates to your employees.

It’s also possible to share pre-approved content with your employees and enables them to post it through their mobile app. It’s one of the best employee advocacy software services for those brands that are already using Hootsuite.

Hootsuite Amplify Employee Advocacy Tools

Image via Hootsuite Amplify

14. Influitive

Influitive is an interactive employee advocacy program. You can seamlessly share some of your most up-to-date content with your employees and motivate them to share it with their circles on social media.

How to be Influencer

You can also nurture your relationships with them and capture the feedback in real-time to push your engagement and reach even further.

Influitive Employee Advocacy Tools

Image via Influitive

15. PostBeyond

PostBeyond helps you take your marketing to the next level with employee engagement. It makes the entire process of sharing approved content with your employees simple and short.

In addition, you get access to detailed analytics and insights that can help you understand the impact of employee advocacy programs on your brand visibility.

This employee advocacy platform also brings all of your content under one roof to ensure that your employees can share it easily.

PostBeyond Employee Advocacy Tools

Image via PostBeyond

Ready to Start Your Employee Advocacy Program?

Employee advocates can help you take your brand to the next level by influencing their close circles.

They can boost your engagement rates and reach by sharing your latest content and company news on social media. However, you must ensure that they notice and have easy access to that content.

For that, you should consider using employee advocacy programs that can help you share your updates with them. In addition, these platforms can also make it simpler for your employees to share these posts on social media.

Are there other prominent employee advocacy software services that you know of? Let me know in the comments.