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Email marketing tools are very useful and cost-effective to market your products and services.

There were more than 3.7 billion global email users in 2017 and this number is expected to further grow to 4.3 billion users by 2022.

That is too big an opportunity to miss, for any marketer. And don’t forget, for every dollar invested in email marketing, marketers can get a return of over $38. That’s an ROI of 3800%.

However, to run effective email campaigns you need email marketing tools that can help. This week, we bring you 29 of the best email marketing tools, to run successful email campaigns.

Pinpointe’s ‘Email Marketing for Teams’  is the best solution for companies who have multiple people collaborating to design and deliver their email campaigns. Enterprises and marketing agencies can define specific user roles like campaign creation, database management and reporting, for each team member. Agencies can set up as many as 500 separate team accounts for each customer and define or restrict what each team member can have access to.

Pinpointe provides one of the best drag and drop editors we’ve seen. With hundreds of templates and pre-made blocks, companies can create beautiful looking, mobile friendly emails very quickly and without having to know html.

The smart-segments feature allows you to target your emails to relevant prospects with precision.   Overall, this is the go-to tool if you want to do email marketing at scale.

Starting Price: $49 per month.

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Pinpointe Best Email Marketing Tools

Email Marketing Tool #2. BombBomb

BombBomb is a video email service. It helps you send personalized video emails to your prospects.

You can integrate BombBomb with your Gmail, Salesforce, or Outlook and send video emails right from your email inbox. It has smartphone apps for both Android and iOS. So you can record videos from your smartphone and send them anywhere.

BombBomb email marketing tool

Free trial for 14 days – No credit card required.

Pro plans start at $49 per month.

Email Marketing Tool #3. Zoho Mail

Zoho is an ad-free email hosting platform for businesses. It has a powerful admin control panel. Its simple interface offers good control to administrators for functions like domain management, group management, email restriction policies, and more.

You will be able to manage all incoming/outgoing emails, set individual quotas, and block unwanted emails. It comes with an Office suite with Zoho Docs.

Zoho Mail Email Marketing Tools

Plans start at $1 per user per month.

Email Marketing Tool #4. SendinBlue

SendinBlue is a great tool that can help you run effective email marketing campaigns in an automated, seamless manner.

SendinBlue Email Marketing Tool

It allows you to create professional-quality newsletters using their drag-and-drop feature and just a few clicks. Even professionals who don’t have any knowledge of coding can easily use their platform to create attractive newsletters.

What’s more? You can collect and save the email addresses of your contacts in this platform. And you can even segment your subscriber base to send them customized emails. You can use it to send your emails at the best times and get campaign performance reports.

Starting price: Free

You can send up to 300 emails per day to an unlimited number of contacts with the free plan and paid plans with unlimited automation, landing pages, and other advanced features start at 66 USD per month.

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Email Marketing Tool #5. Cakemail

Cakemail is an email marketing tool that’s best-suited for small businesses. You can customize the theme, fonts, and colors just with a few clicks.

It provides ready-to-use email templates and has a big library of content blocks to help you with creating your emails. You can easily maintain contact lists, segregate contacts and create groups, and schedule your emails with ease.

Cakemail email marketing tools

Starting price: $8 per month

Free trial available. No credit card required.

Email Marketing Tool #6. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is a powerful email marketing tool for email automation. Their easy to use drag-and-drop email builder and professionally designed templates help you execute email campaigns with ease.

You can schedule your emails and keep your customers engaged. Personalize and segment to send super-relevant emails. You can also use behavioral data to build relationships. And you’ll have a full analytics suite to track your email campaign’s performance.

Campaign Monitor Email Marketing Tools

Starting price: $9 per month

Free trial available.

Email Marketing Tool #7. Clearbit Connect

This is a useful email marketing tool used for finding email ids. Clearbit Connect helps you connect with anyone with an email ID within a few seconds.

If you have been searching for contacts in a company, this tool will provide it to you. You can find people by name, job title, or role. It can provide you with other relevant details of the contact person too.

Clearbit Connect email marketing tools

Starting price: Free

Email Marketing Tool #8. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an easy-to-use email marketing tool that helps you send great-looking emails.

This tool allows you to import customer data from email clients and spreadsheets. You can personalize email sign-up forms and embed them on web pages and Facebook. It has real-time reporting features that help you track clicks, email opens, social shares, and more.

Constant Contact email marketing tools

Basic price: $5 per month

Free trial available for 30 days.

Email Marketing Tool #9. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is a powerful email marketing tool that has email automation capabilities. It is best suited for online businesses.

This email marketing tool can help you use your email list to grow your business. Bloggers can use easy-to-embed, customizable opt-in forms for readers. Its easy-to-use dashboard helps you manage your subscribers and send them targeted content. You can also send time-sensitive broadcasts. It enables easy integrations.

ConvertKit Email Marketing Tools

Starting price: $29 per month

Free trial available for 14 days.

Email Marketing Tool #10. EmailOctopus

EmailOctopus is an email marketing tool that helps you manage your email marketing campaigns with the help of Amazon SES. You can send email newsletters and drip emails. It helps you create and customize HTML email templates.

You can also use pre-designed templates, analyze and optimize campaigns, and automate them. Store the details of your contacts and send customized emails with no effort, within an automated workflow.

EmailOctopus email marketing tools

Basic plan – Free, premium plans start at $19 per month

Free trial for premium plans available for 14 days

Email Marketing Tool #11. FeedBlitz

FeedBlitz is an all-in-one email marketing tool that helps you manage email marketing, RSS feeds and social media. It helps you convert your feed and blog updates into newsletters which are then delivered to your subscribers via emails.

You can segregate and manage multiple mailing lists, filter by content preferences, schedule and send targeted posts via emails. It also enables social media sharing.

FeedBlitz Email Marketing Tools

Starting price – $7 per month

Free one-month trial available.

Email Marketing Tool #12. GetResponse

GetResponse is primarily an email marketing software solution. It imports, hosts, and captures data of mailing lists. It helps you create newsletters that can be sent to the subscribers on your mailing lists.

You can schedule and automate your emails with the help of autoresponders. It provides you detailed analytics and other stats like click-through, open rates, and other metrics for your email marketing campaigns.

GetResponse email marketing tools

Starting price – $15 per month

Free one-month trial available.

Email Marketing Tool #13. Hunter

Hunter is an email marketing tool that helps you market your emails to the right people by helping you find their IDs. It finds the email IDs you need within seconds.

The domain search feature can help you find the email IDs of all of the people working for a specific organization. You can efficiently index the email addresses. Their email verifier helps you check the deliverability of email addresses.

Hunter email marketing tools

Free plan available for 100 searches per month.

Starting price for premium plans– $34 per month

Email Marketing Tool #14. Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft automates the different sales and marketing processes including email marketing with the help of their platform.

It keeps all of your customer information in one place along with your communication history with them. You can personalize and send automated emails. The email marketing integrates natively with your CRM processes. You can A/B test your emails to optimize your email marketing.

Infusionsoft Email Marketing Tools

Starting price – $99 per month

Free trial available.

Email Marketing Tool #15. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is a website visitor tracking software solution. Once you know who visits your website, you can get more information on them and then send targeted emails to drive conversions.

Leadfeeder integrates into your CRM and email marketing tools to increase sales intelligence. You can collect insights on visitors through Leadfeeder and then connect with them at the right moments, with targeted emails.

Leadfeeder Email Marketing Tools

Starting price – $59 per month

Free trial available.

Email Marketing Tool #16. Litmus

Litmus is a comprehensive email marketing, design, and testing tool. It enables marketers to build, preview, test, and track their email marketing campaigns.

It has an easy-to-use, web-based, drag-and-drop email editor. You can build emails from scratch or use their customizable, ready-to-use email templates. HTML changes can be applied and viewed at the same time. You can test and track the performance of your email campaigns with ease.

Litmus Email Marketing Tools

Starting price – $99 per month

7-day free trial available.

Email Marketing Tool #17. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a cloud-based email management service. It has impressive features like spam filter diagnostics, autoresponders, the capability to segment contact lists by time zone, tools for social networking integration, and more.

It can support both small startups as well as large enterprises. You can easily create, execute, analyze, and track email marketing campaigns. Welcome, re-engage, and follow-up with your contacts automatically.

Mailchimp Email Marketing Tools

Basic plan – Free, premium plans start at $10 per month

Email Marketing Tool #18. Mailgun

Mailgun is a transactional email API integration—a cloud-based service to send, receive, and track emails. It has excellent features for intelligent inbound routing, storage, and email validation. It simplifies the process of sending transactional or bulk emails. It has searchable logs. You can scale quickly. You can A/B test data. You can use tracking and analytics feature to manage emails.

Mailgun Email Marketing Tools

Free for first 10,000 emails every month.

Paid plans start at $79 per month.

Email Marketing Tool #19. MotionMail

MotionMail offers free countdown timers – an impressive email marketing tool for your emails. You can easily integrate the timer with your email marketing software.

Countdown timers help you increase engagement, conversions, and sales from your emails. They help your subscribers take action by a certain date or time by creating a sense of urgency. And they can help marketers foster anticipation for upcoming events.

MotionMail email marketing tools

Basic plan available for free. Premium plans start from $10 per month.

Email Marketing Tool #20. NewsletterBreeze

This is also a very handy email marketing tool for businesses that want to curate and send newsletters to their contacts, but do not have the time and resources to do it manually.

NewsletterBreeze generates content for newsletters by automatically gathering and curating content. It collects the best industry news from the web. You can integrate NewsletterBreeze with any email marketing software easily.

NewsletterBreeze email marketing tools

Starting price – $17 per month.

Email Marketing Tool #21. Sendbloom

Sendbloom is a sales automation platform. It is data-driven and helps create hyper-targeted email campaigns. Its smart crawlers and database help you get valuable contextual information about your prospects.

You can customize your campaigns for key prospects. Its segment designer helps you build campaigns of any granularity. Sendbloom campaign manager also helps you to track and analyze your campaign and segment level metrics.

Sendbloom email marketing tools

Custom quotes available.

Email Marketing Tool #22. Sendy

Sendy is a self-hosted email and newsletter marketing software solution. It lets you send trackable emails through Amazon SES. You can send bulk emails at a low price with no compromise on deliverability.

You can also see easy-to-understand, customized reports of your campaigns. You can even retarget segments of subscribers from your report. It helps you with subscribers management and engagement with the help of autoresponders.

Sendy email marketing tools

One time fee of $59.

Email Marketing Tool #23. Slik

Slik is an email prospecting tool that enables you to gather email addresses of the people through their LinkedIn profiles. No more manual prospecting.

Slik does automated prospecting and lead generation. It provides you with contextual data about your leads. With high email accuracy and an advanced filtering system, this ID finder and email marketing tool does its job efficiently.

Slik Prospector email marketing tools

Starting price – $70 per month

Free trial available.

Email Marketing Tool #24. AWeber

AWeber is a popular email marketing tool that can help you create and send effective emails. It provides hundreds of customizable, mobile-responsive email templates that you can use to create your marketing emails.

It also provides pop-ups and sign-up forms that you can add to your website and social media profiles to collect the email data of viewers.

The tool also has an built-in analytics dashboard that can help you track and measure the performance of your email marketing campaigns.

AWeber Email Marketing Tools

Starting price: $19 per month

Free one-month trial.

Email Marketing Tool #25. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is an all-in-one marketing automation platform. It helps you with email marketing and much more.

You can use their drag-and-drop campaign builder to design email marketing campaigns. And you can segment and personalize the messages for more conversions. You can use autoresponders, drip email, automated workflows, and more to optimize your email marketing campaigns.

ActiveCampaign email marketing tools

Starting price – $17 per month.

Free trial available.

Email Marketing Tool #26. Drip

Drip helps with email marketing automation for ecommerce businesses. It helps you send personalized emails for first time buyers, return buyers, to customers who abandon their carts, and more.

Their marketing automation tools along with workflow builder help you design custom email campaigns. It builds relationships and simplifies your sales funnel. Drip also as impressive customer tracking capabilities.

Drip Email Marketing Tools

Basic plan – $49 per month.

Free trial available.

Email Marketing Tool #27. Omnisend

Omnisend is an omnichannel marketing automation tool that’s a rising star in the email marketing world. With email marketing at its core, Omnisend offers powerful automation that not only allows you to automate your emails but several other channels as well.

With Omnisend, you can add those channels into the same automation workflow: email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, web push notifications, WhatsApp, Viber, and more.

Omnisend also boosts list building, offering landing pages, popups, sign up forms, and even a dynamic Wheel of Fortune form.

omnisend Email Marketing Tool

Omnisend offers a free plan for basic email marketing, and their Standard Plan starts off at $19 per month. All paid plans have a 14-day free trial.

Email Marketing Tool #28. SendX

SendX is an intuitive, feature-rich, and affordable tool that can help you launch and execute unlimited email marketing campaigns. You can also build your own email list using high-converting pop-ups, forms, and landing pages.

This software enables you to design, schedule, and track multiple email campaigns, all in one place. You can easily broadcast email campaigns to your list and measure clicks and open rates. In case you are looking for one, this software also happens to be a great alternative to Mailchimp.

You can also automate your email sequences to ensure that you send the right messages to the right users at the right times.

Starting price: $9.99 per month

Email Marketing Tool SendX

Bonus Tool: Sendloop

Sendloop is a smart, full-featured email marketing and marketing automation software solution. It offers more than 80 free templates, has a simple drag-and-drop email builder, and several other helpful features like email slicers, fast subscriber import, social media sharing, and more.

It helps you nurture leads, segment them, and then run highly targeted email campaigns. And it provides in-depth analytics.

Sendloop Email Marketing Tools

Starting price – $9 per month.


Email marketing tools are a must-have for an effective email marketing strategy for your business.

Among other things, these email marketing tools ensure your carefully drafted messages don’t get blocked and reach your recipients at the right times. They can help keep your targeted group of customers engaged and involved.

If you have been using any other email marketing tool that you’ve found helpful, we would love to hear about it. Please tell us about it in the comments.

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