Companies are now spending thousands of dollars per month in managing their online campaigns. But these investments are wasted if the promotions they’re running aren’t being seen by their audience. It’s critical for business owners to ensure their Facebook images comply with the latest dimension guidelines from Facebook. Here’s an outline of the latest requirements. You can also find a cheat sheet from TechWyse that details all of the image sizes for Facebook below.

Limit Text on Ads

Although Facebook is about to remove the well-known 20% text limit on ads, it still prefers ad images with less than 20% text to ensure that a crisp clean promotional image is conveyed to the audience. To ensure your Facebook promotions are approved, you must first limit images to 20% text. Failure to comply with this rule might result in your images receiving less reach for the same ad spend.

Optimize for Mobile by Respecting Image Size Limits

The mobile image guidelines for Facebook pages are for a very specific reason. They can help limit the loading time for your page on a smartphone device, and ensure that your page and images look well laid out and non-pixelated for mobile users. By keeping your mobile ads to a maximum 1200 x 628 pixels and keeping image aspect ratio to [1:91], you can ensure that all mobile ads are displayed as designed.

Make Sure Thumbnail Images Comply with Limits

In addition to complying with Facebooks’ rules regarding direct image placement on your pages, you should also ensure that your image thumbnails follow the stated guidelines. The updated dimension guidelines show that thumbnails should be no more than 254 x 143 pixels in size.

Complying with Facebooks’ image dimension rules can help you maintain effective online marketing campaigns long-term. To learn more about the latest rules, take a look at the facebook cheat sheet infographic below.

Cheat Sheet: Image Sizes for Facebook [Infographic] - Shane Barker
Source:TechWyse Internet Marketing.


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