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Top AI Social Media Post Generators for 2024

Let’s dive into the future of social post generation with the best AI tools. Aside from streamlined content creation, they’ll help elevate your posts, engage your audience, and redefine your digital presence.

Here’s the list of AI social content generators I’ll cover below:

1. Semrush’s AI Social Media Post Generator

Semrush’s AI Social Media Post Generator is designed to help you craft posts that weave your brand into trending conversations. All you have to do is add your domain name and select a trending story (sourced by the tool from Google Trends).

You can also choose a preferred social media channel, post type, and tone of voice and AI will create a social post for you in less than a minute.

semrush’s ai social media post generator

Here’s the post this AI content generator created for me using the details above:

ai social media post by semrush's ai social media post generator

It is one of the best AI tools for posts you want to create to address top-of-mind topics to engage your audience. It also helps you find a supporting image to go with these AI-generated captions.

ai image suggestions by semrush's ai social media post generators
image suggested by semrush's ai social media post generator

This AI social media post generator helps you save time by quickly generating buzzworthy content for all your social profiles.

Key Features

  • AI post generation relevant to trending topics and your brand
  • Endless content ideas for social posts related to current news and trends
  • AI-powered image suggestion for your social post


  • Free to use

2. Vista Social’s Free AI Caption Generator

Vista Social’s Free AI Caption Generator for social media helps you write captions for six social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, X (formerly Twitter), and YouTube.

This free tool helps you save time on creating social media posts for your specific target audience and content ideas.

Just select the social network, tone of voice, language, topic, and keywords, and let its AI caption generator do the job for you.

vista social’s free ai caption generator

You can copy the caption with a click and use it to schedule your post with your preferred social media management tools.

ai post generated by vista social

If you want to go beyond creating captions, subscribe to Vista Social’s all-in-one social media marketing platform to get started. Read my full review of this tool before deciding.

Key Features

  • Let its AI create social content for specific channels, topics, and languages.
  • Personalize your captions by location or language.
  • Repurpose high-performing social media posts using its AI for paraphrasing.
  • Add fact-checked stats curated by its AI assistant to increase the credibility of your posts.
  • Ask AI to write captions in casual, professional, conversational, humorous, authoritative, and other tones of voice.


  • Free to use AI caption generator
  • Social media scheduling and management features are available with paid Vista Social plans, starting from $15/month.

3. Tailwind Ghostwriter

Tailwind Ghostwriter is an AI-powered marketing tool to help you create more engaging copy while freeing up your time.

The social posts generated by Tailwind Ghostwriter’s AI will help you generate more engagement. This AI social media post generator allows you to create posts using short text inputs, keywords, phrases, and even your article links.

But what sets it apart from other AI content generators is that it has been trained to create copy not just for social media but also marketing copy, such as emails, video scripts, ads, and product listings. 

And the best part 一 you can start using it for free!

tailwind ghostwriter creating post using article link

Here are the results it generated:

pin descriptions created by tailwind ghostwriter

This platform also offers social media scheduling features for three social media channels with its free forever plan. However, you can unlock more credits for Ghostwriter text and social designs with its paid plans.

Key Features

  • Great marketing content written by AI for Instagram captions, Pins descriptions, social posts from your blog/article, and more
  • Social designs created for Pinterest, Instagram posts and Stories, and Facebook posts
  • Social media scheduling features
  • Instagram link in bio tool
  • Email marketing credits/month (unlimited contacts)


  • Free forever plan with 10 Ghostwriter credits/month
  • Pro plan: $24.99/month with 50 Ghostwriter credits/month
  • Advanced plan: $49.99/month with 250 Ghostwriter credits/month
  • Max plan: $99.99/month with 500 Ghostwriter credits/month

4. Anyword

Anyword is an advanced AI writing platform that creates content that resonates with your brand and audience. It analyzes your copy to identify which messaging works best for your website, emails, and social media channels.

You can manage your brand’s messaging, tone of voice, and brand rules in one place. This ensures all AI-generated text is on-brand.

Choose your social platform and add a prompt for the post you want to create, on which topic, and define the creativity level. Click “Generate.”

anyword ai social media post generator

Anyword also scores and ranks the content it creates for predicted engagement potential. You can select the copy with the highest scores for maximum social engagement.

anyword ai created social post with predicted engagement score

Key Features

  • Generate AI-driven copy for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and X.
  • Analyze your published content to identify what messaging works best on your website, social media, emails, and ads.
  • Manage your brand messaging and tone of voice, ensuring the AI-generated content is on-brand.
  • Get a predicted engagement score for all AI-generated copy options.
  • Use it directly in Google Docs, ChatGPT, Notion, and more.


  • Free to use social media post generator
  • Paid plans start from $49/month for unlimited marketing copy generation for ads, emails, socials, and more. Save 20% if you pay yearly.

5. SocialBee’s Free AI Social Media Post Generator

SocialBee’s free AI content generator helps you create social media posts using pre-designed prompt templates. You can select prompt templates for a specific social media channel, type of content, or target audience. And if you prefer, write a prompt from scratch.

socialbee ai content generator prompt templates

This platform lets you choose the tone of voice, approximate word count, and the number of posts you want to create. You can also request hashtag suggestions and emojis inclusion in the caption. Or, you may use another hashtag generator for this.

ai social media caption generated by socialbee

Key Features

  • Post prompts for different social media channels and content categories
  • AI-generated social media posts – text + images
  • Post customization options for each social network
  • RSS feed import to promote your blog posts on your social profiles


  • Free to use AI caption generator
  • Social media scheduling, analytics, and inbox management features with paid plans, starting from $29/month

6. is a combination of ChatGPT, Canva, and Hootsuite. This powerful mix lets you write captions, create images, and schedule your social media posts, all in one place.

You can create posts with its AI social media post generator for free. Just give it a single-line input about the type of posts you want to create and on which topic. will find you the right caption, assets, and hashtags within seconds.

prompt for's ai social media content generator generated social media creative or graphic
captions generated by

You can either post it directly or customize the AI-generated creative, caption, and hashtags if you want. offers several templates to help you design graphics for your social media posts. This includes carousels, brand promotion posts, motivational posts, and special days posts.

social media posts templates by

Its Idea lab lets you generate content ideas for your social media strategy within a click. You can use these content ideas to plan your social calendar for the month.

generate content ideas and posts with

P.S. You can directly schedule AI-generated content with’s free tool. However, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan to download the assets.

Key Features

  • Social media post templates for every business, occasion, and needs
  • AI content generator for social media posts, meme posts, special days posts, and more
  • Customization options for creatives, captions, and hashtag suggestions
  • Content ideas generator using single-line text input
  • Built-in social media content scheduler
  • Creative assets downloader with paid plans


  • Free plan: $0/month for up to 15 AI-generated posts/month and 5 social profiles
  • Solo plan: $29/month for up to 120 AI-generated posts/month and 5 social profiles
  • Starter plan: $59/month for unlimited AI-generated posts/month and 10 social profiles
  • Agency plan: $139/month for unlimited AI-generated posts/month and 50 social profiles

7. helps you write hundreds of on-brand social media posts for different channels. It enables you to create custom posts at scale by leveraging its AI capabilities.This AI tool can do everything from brainstorming content ideas to writing on-brand social post captions and from creating video scripts to automating content repurposing.

chat prompts in

You can access pre-built templates and workflows for various content types such as LinkedIn posts, FAQs, content briefs, and blog posts. It also lets you add your brand voice and tone. pre-built templates for content creation

Start using it for free with 2,000 words of Chat credits and 200 Bonus credits. For unlimited word count credits, upgrade to Pro or higher-priced plans.

Key Features

  • AI-generated on-brand social media post captions
  • AI-generated video scripts
  • Automated templates for turning content briefs into blog posts
  • Various AI-generated content types


  • Free plan (up to 2,000 words in Chat)
  • Pro plan: $49/month
  • Team plan: $249/month
  • Growth plan: $1,333/month
  • Scale plan: $4,000/month

8. Canva’s Magic Studio

Canva is a popular online designing and photo editing app that lets you create stunning social media graphics. Its recently introduced Magic Studio brings you a suite of AI-powered tools to assist with everything, from content ideas to content creation.

It offers a Magic Write feature that turns your text prompts into on-brand social media posts or ad copy within a click. This AI tool can also summarize and paraphrase text for you.

canva magic write ai social media post generator

You can also use it to generate content ideas using prompts like, “5 content ideas for fashion blog.”

With its Magic Media feature, you can turn your ideas into images and videos.

canva text to video creation with magic media ai tool

It also lets you expand your image backgrounds with Magic Expand, ensuring your images are post-worthy across social networks. You can easily turn your 1:1 Instagram photo into a LinkedIn cover-size photo by expanding the background.

Other notable AI social media content creation features include background removal, morphing, and animations.

Canva’s Magic Studio capabilities are not limited to social media posts and designs. You can also use it to write blog posts, design presentations, and create videos.

Explore all Magic Studio features and tools with the Canva Pro plan. You get limited usage credits with its Free plan as well.

Key Features

  • Generate content ideas or complete social media posts by entering a text prompt.
  • Convert your idea prompts into images and videos using Magic Media.
  • Generate long-form text for blog posts, emails, sales copy, and more.
  • Generate headlines for your marketing copy.
  • Work seamlessly across devices with Canva.


  • Canva Free plan (limited AI writing and design usage)
  • Canva Pro plan: $12.99/month
  • Canva for teams plan: $29.99/month

9. RADAAR’s AI-Powered Social Media Post Generator

RADAAR’s AI-Powered Social Media Post Generator helps you create engaging social media posts in just a few clicks for free.

Along with AI-generated text, it will also source relevant images or media files for you from your preferred sources. These could be from Unsplash, Pexels, GIPHY, or Tenor.

You just need to enter what your post should be about and select your preferred language. Hit the “Generate” button and let RADAAR’s AI do the work for you.

radaar ai social media post generator

The AI will generate many copy options for you to select from, including image and hashtags suggestions.

ai generated post by radaar

You can either download the social media post content by submitting your email address or directly publish the post to your social profiles.

The AI post generator is 100% free to use. But if you want to use RADAAR’s social media publishing, inbox management, and analytics features, you can do so with its subscription plans that start from $9.99/month. 

Key Features

  • AI-generated social media posts
  • Media or image suggestions sourced from third-party websites and apps like Unsplash and GIPHY


  • Free to use AI post generator
  • Paid plans start from $9.99/month and provide access to other social media management features

10. Jasper

Jasper is an AI writing tool that empowers business marketing teams with well-crafted AI-generated content. It allows you to create content not just for social media posts but also for web page copy, blog posts, emails, and ad copy.

You can add your brand voice, knowledge base, style guide, and tone of voice to the Jasper dashboard, ensuring on-brand AI post generation, every time.

jasper brand voice management

Its AI lets you create engaging social media captions at scale. You can also use it to repurpose your long-form articles or content into bite-sized social posts.

jasper ai tweet creation

Get 60+ tailored AI templates for different types of content, from photo post captions to LinkedIn posts, Tweet machine, and more.

jasper ai content generation templates

With its Pro and Business plans, you can also use AI to create images from your text prompts. However, these plans have quite hefty subscription fees.

Key Features

  • Manage your brand voice and messaging through guidelines addition in the Jasper dashboard.
  • Use this AI tool where you write- in Google Docs, Google Sheets, Zapier, Webflow, and more. 


  • Free plan: Very limited credits
  • Creator plan: $49/month/seat
  • Pro plan: $69/month/seat
  • Business plan: Custom pricing quote.

Comparing the Top 10 AI Social Media Post Generators

Let’s take a look at how each of these AI content generators stands against each other. It will help you make an informed choice.

The good part — most of them are free to use or offer free credits, so you can easily try them out!

PlatformPricingContent IdeasAI CaptionsImages/Social Designs
Semrush’s AI Social Media Post GeneratorFree to useYesYesYes
Vista Social’s AI Caption GeneratorFree to useYes (with a paid plan of Vista Social)YesNo
Tailwind GhostwriterFree forever plan with limited credits
Paid plans start from $24.99/month
SocialBee’s Free AI Social Media Post GeneratorFree to use
Paid plans start from $29/month
YesYesYes (with paid plans of SocialBee)
Predis.aiFree for up to 15 AI-generated posts/month
Paid plans start from $29/month
Copy.aiFree plan with 2,000 words of Chat and 200 Bonus credits
Paid plans start from $49/month
Canva’s Magic StudioFree plan with limited AI writing and design usage
Paid plans start from $12.99/month
RADAARFree to useYesYesYes
JasperFreemium plan with very limited credits
Plans start from $49/month/seat
YesYesYes (only with Pro and Business plans, starting from $69/month/seat)

Ready to Elevate Your Social Media Marketing Game with AI?

AI social media post generators are not just tools; they are your ticket to creating faster, smarter, and more engaging content.

These popular AI social media content generators suggest content ideas, write captivating captions, and even generate social graphic designs for you. They’ll help free up the time you spend brainstorming and creating content for your social profiles.

So, what are you waiting for? Try these AI tools and watch your content and social media strategy deliver a significant boost in engagement and conversions.

Remember, the journey is just beginning, and with AI by your side, the possibilities are limitless. Happy creating!

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