An average TikTok user spends 95 minutes on the app daily. That translates to 167 million videos watched every minute on the platform.

Many of these videos are TikTok challenges, where users showcase their adventurous or dance talents and create viral moments.

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Participating in viral TikTok dance contests and challenges can help you gain more visibility on the platform. And if you did the challenge well enough, it can go viral and get global recognition. With that, opportunities to collaborate with like-minded people to expand your presence on the platform would now be much easier.

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In this guide, I’m going to cover 25 of the most viral dance challenges on TikTok. I’ll explain each of these popular TikTok dance routines and their impact on video views and engagement to help you choose the most appropriate challenge for your account.

The Most Popular TikTok Dance Challenges Today

The following are the most iconic TikTok dance trends.

1. Dance With My Hands (Wednesday Addams Challenge)

The Wednesday dance challenge emerged after a TikTok user named Lufuson edited a scene from the Netflix show “Wednesday,” with music from the song, “Bloody Mary” by Lady Gaga. The original video was viewed over 43.6 million times and got over two million likes.

@heyitsbessma This is how i'm gonna dance at every party from now on #wednesday #wednesdayaddams ♬ original sound – heyy

The choreography by Jenna Ortega, who plays Wednesday Adams in the show, involves clenching your hands like claws and moving forward while making contact with the audience.

Over 3.9 million fans of the show from around the world took part in the TikTok dance craze, dressing up as Wednesday and dancing in this viral challenge.

2. Paint the Town Red Challenge

Paint the Town Red challenge is another one of the most viral TikTok dances. The challenge was started by Liam Maughan after his dance to the song – Paint the Town Red by Dojacat went viral.

@charlotteseet OK LAST dc: @Liam Maughan #dance ♬ Paint The Town Red – Doja Cat

The TikTok choreography combines footwork, hand movements, and a flowing squat. The dance involves stepping side to side with some shuffling, adding expressive hand gestures, and incorporating a smooth squatting motion.

3. Renegade

Renegade challenge is considered one of the most iconic TikTok dance trends. It was made popular by Charley D’ Amelio, who is the second most followed TikToker, with over 151 million followers.

@charlotteseet OK LAST dc: @Liam Maughan #dance ♬ Paint The Town Red – Doja Cat

The dance begins with a quick arm-swinging motion and then transitions into quick footwork, arm movements, and a quick cross-arm motion followed by a quick snap.

Since the challenge went viral, over 20 million dance videos have been posted with the TikTok dance hashtag, “#Renegadechallenge.”

4 – What It Is TikTok Dance Challenge

The “What It Is” TikTok challenge is an energetic dance with over 1.8 million posts on TikTok. It features music from the song, “What It Is” by Doechii.

@purplespeedy Every good girl need a lil thug🥰💜… #purplespeedy ♬ What It Is – Solo Version – Doechii

The choreography features simple leg and hand movements, making it one of the easy TikTok dances to learn. Smooth footwork combined with the hand waving flow together make the routine visually entertaining.

5. Savage

The “Savage” dance challenge is another one of the most popular TikTok dance routines. The challenge gained massive popularity due to its catchy choreography and the participation of famous TikTok dancers like Addison Rae, Avani, and Chari D’Amelio.

@allisonholkerboss SAVAGE @addisonre @wilkingsisters #savagechallenge #savage #letsgo ♬ Savage – Megan Thee Stallion

The dance contains music from Megan Thee Stallion’s song, “Savage.” It features fun and rhythmic moves like gestures, hip sways, arm movements, and playful facial expressions. 

6. Talk Dirty Challenge

The “Talk Dirty to Me” dance challenge contains music from Jason Derulo’s song, “Talk Dirty.” The dance is so popular that there are numerous TikTok dance tutorials dedicated to the routine.

@lsoojung 최소사망💜 #큐피트 #엘수정 #litchimcn #cupid ♬ Cupid – Twin Ver. (FIFTY FIFTY) – Sped Up Version – sped up 8282

It begins with hand gestures and then transitions into a mix of energetic dancehall and hip-hop moves. The dance also includes hair winding by jumping side to side as you sync with the rhythm of the music.

7. I’m Feeling Lonely (Cupid Challenge)

The “I’m Feeling Lonely” dance challenge has over 8.3 million posts on TikTok. It’s an easy dance challenge involving hand gestures and facial expressions.

@lsoojung 최소사망💜 #큐피트 #엘수정 #litchimcn #cupid ♬ Cupid – Twin Ver. (FIFTY FIFTY) – Sped Up Version – sped up 8282

The viral TikTok challenge contains sped-up music from the song, Cupid by Korean girl band, Fifty Fifty. Many TikTok users lip-sync to the song lyrics as they make hand gestures and facial expressions.

You can create videos with TikTok choreography of the song and also see who shares your videos.

8. Rude Boy Remix

The “Rudeboy” dance challenge went viral after the musician Rihanna performed a remix of the song at the Super Bowl. Fans who were impressed by her dance routine took it to TikTok for a dance contest, trying to outdo each other with the moves.

@dancestudios23 Love this version by @MATT STEFFANINA #dance #rudeboy #rihanna #superbowl #dancelife #fyp ♬ sonido original – Andrea Belén Fuentes

The routine involves a mixture of energetic dance hall moves like hip sways, footwork, and impressive arm movements.

9. Water Tyla Challenge

The “Water” challenge is one of the latest TikTok dance moves to take the platform by storm. The hashtags, “#water” and “#waterchallenge,” have been viewed over 400 million times, and the challenge has over 500,000 posts.

@mjenayla Love this challenge ngl 😮‍💨 dc by me & @Ms Tudy #water #fyp #dance ♬ Water – Tyla

The dancers start by shaking their hips and kicking their legs while pouring a bottle of water down their backs. The choreography incorporates graceful belly dancing, fluid legwork, and twerking.

10. Oh Nanana

The “Oh Nanana Challenge” is a playful and upbeat dance challenge that features music from the song, “Oh Nanana” by DJ 6RB and Bonde R300.

@bmorelilkey Footwork ! 🔥🤣 #ohnana #ohnanana #ohnananachallenge #fyp #foryoupage #fy #trending #viral #dance ♬ Oh Nanana – Remix – dj 6rb & bonde r300

Participants start with a foot tap followed by a sequence of steps that involve intricate footwork. As the dance progresses, the difficulty progresses, with participants adding their unique flair to the routine.

11. This Year, Blessing Remix

This Year's Blessings is one of the most timeless TikTok dance songs. The song keeps going viral as TikTokers share their achievements throughout the year. The challenge features music from the song, Blessing by Victor Thompson and Ehis D Greatest.

@lanadoma TAG someone who has to dance this with you🥥🪕 #dancechallenge #dancetrends #dancetrend2023 #dance2023 #thisyearchallenge #thisyearblessings #blessings #thisyear ♬ THIS YEAR (Blessings) – Victor Thompson

The dance involves slow but smooth choreography where participants sway their hips, make wavy hand gestures, and then throw small kicks. There are over 2.6 posts made by users who tried this TikTok dance contest.

12. Sexy Back

The Sexy Back TikTok dance challenge is one of the most creative TikTok dances due to how each participant expresses the lyrics.

@redshift_crew Sexy Back😋 #fyp #dance #fypdance #trend #sexyback #justintimberlake #timbaland #challenge #tiktokchallenge ♬ SexyBack (feat. Timbaland) – Justin Timberlake

In the dance routine, a group of friends dances around the camera. At the same time, each participant makes gestures that correspond to different parts of the lyrics of the song, “SexyBack” by Justin Timberlake.

Dancers synchronize their movements with the lyrics in playful and humorous ways through hand gestures and smooth dance moves.

13. Blinding Lights

The Blinding Lights is an upbeat and lively dance challenge. TikTok users worldwide have taken part in this energetic choreography set to the song, “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd.

@itsmirandaderrick Tag @theweeknd if you think this is🔥🔥🔥 @bdash_2 #blindinglights #dancechallenge #CompleteMyLook ♬ Blinding Lights – The Weeknd

The dance involves a combination of fast legwork and smooth body movements. Dancers start with quick foot movements and then transition to spins, twists, and other lively gestures that sync with the rhythm of the music.

14. Jerusalema

The Jerusalema challenge is one of the most viral TikTok trends with the hashtag, “#Jerusalema” garnering over 864 million views. It originated from a song called “Jerusalema” by South African musician, Master KG, featuring Nomcebo Zikode.

@marjoleinvanhattum Aoa dreamteam #jerusalema #foryou #foryoupage #nurse #hospitaltiktoks #thenetherlands #holland #nijmegen #dancechallenge2020 @sjenna95 ♬ origineel geluid – Marjolein van Hattum

Many companies have participated in the TikTok dance contest like airlines, healthcare workers, police officers, and people from all walks of life. No other challenge has been embraced as this due to its infectious yet easy-to-learn dance routine that involves synchronized footwork and joyful, rhythmic movements.

15. Unavailable Dance Challenge

The “Unavailable” dance challenge was started by Nigerian singer, Davido when he posted a video of him and American musician, Chris Brown dancing to his song, “Unavailable.” The original video garnered over 16 million views.

@davido Go crazy one time! Timeless out now. Them no dey see me! #UnavailableChallenge @ecoolofficial @Mayorkun @Bobo. Ajudua ♬ UNAVAILABLE (feat. Musa Keys) – Davido

The choreography is a mix of hand gestures and facial expressions. Participants of this challenge often add their personal touches and the latest TikTok dance moves to add fun to the routine.

16. Something New

The “Something New” challenge is a group dance routine that features music from the song, “Something New” by Wiz Khalifa. There are over 1.9 million posts on TikTok under this challenge.

@queennaija #somethingnewchallenge ♬ Something New (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) – Wiz Khalifa

The choreography is simple and inclusive for any level of skill dancer to try. It involves a clap, hand movements, and a little shoulder shaking. Each participant will do the moves and then move aside making way for the next.

17. Ashley Challenge

The “Ashley Look at Me” sound began the viral challenge after a TikTok user called @Sanika.Skywvalker, edited a clip from the show “The Boyz” with a fast beat from the song, “Montagem – PR Funk” by S3BZS.

@justin_corbo Ashley… look at my brothers! 👀 #ashleymontero #ashleylookatme #lookatme ♬ LOOK AT ME – sanika • skywvker

The choreography involves two partners doing hand gestures at the camera, then transitioning into a squat while moving around and clenching their fists. This TikTok dance battle challenge has over 5.2 million posts and counting.

18. When it’s Gone

“When it’s Gone” TikTok dance challenge features music from the song, “It’s a Wrap” by musician Mariah Carey. The challenge went viral after the artist herself participated in this challenge by doing a TikTok dance battle of moms vs. daughters with Kim Kardashian and her daughter North West.

@prettycasualcoco #thatsawrap #whenitsgoneitsgone #mariahcareytiktok #momanddaughter #momanddaughtergoals #momdaughterdanceduo #mommydaughtertiktok ♬ original sound – prettycasualcoco

The choreography starts from dancers moving their hands over their heads to the back a few times. After this, they proceed to move their index finger side to side while swaying their body smoothly.

19. Savage Love

The “Savage Love” challenge began with the popular song, “Savage Love” by Jawsh 685 and Jason Derulo. The dance includes hand movements followed by a visually appealing swaying of the waist. The challenge has over 1.3 million posts under the sound.

@volta_2020 Savage love #savagelove #dance #tiktok2020 #challenge ♬ som original – 2020

20. People (Sped Up)

The “People” challenge includes “Sped Up” music from the song “People” by Libianca. The TikTok dance hashtag, “Libiancapeople” has garnered over 212 million views on the platform.

The dance routine involves fast hand gestures, body movements, and facial expressions corresponding with the lyrics.

@patriciamulyana Draft dulu gais ☺️😎 semangatt 3 hari lagi weekend 😉 #peoplelibianca #dancechallenge #sisters ♬ original sound – user54218508731

21. WAP

The “WAP” challenge contains music from the song, “WAP” by Cardi B, featuring Megan Thee Stallion. After the song went viral, TikTokers created a dance routine fit for the platform.

The routine involves a series of energetic hip and body movements matching the rhythm and tone of the music. Over 3 million posts have been created under this challenge.

@kaalanistevens ♬ WAP(feat. Megan Thee Stallion) – Cardi B

22. Tap In

The challenge went viral after the release of the song, “Tap In” by Saweetie. There are over 2.1 million posts under this dance challenge on TikTok.

The choreography involves energetic hip-hop dance moves that are in sync with the beats and lyrics of the song. Many participants of this challenge add their flair to the dance moves, making each video interesting to watch.

@reece_c_lewis TAP TAP TAP IN🔥 dc: @yodamnmomma #reececlewis #dance #dancer #tapin ♬ Tap In – Saweetie

23. Stay

“Stay” is one of the most popular TikTok dance challenges. It’s based on the song, “Stay” by Justin Bieber and Kid Laroi. The challenge has been created by over 7 million TikTokers from all over the world.

The choreography involves hip sways from side to side with each creator adding their own style and personality to the dance.

@himitsukei_ We are 200k, I can’t believe! Thank you so much for all the support 🥺💖 DC: @mattsteffanina ✨ #stay #dance ♬ STAY – The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber

24. Mon Love Oho 

The TikTok dance challenge has over 3.7 million posts under it. It contains music from the song, “Mon Love Oho” by Liamsi.

The choreography is simple and can be easily learned. It involves a mixture of hand gestures and facial expressions corresponding to the lyrics.

@thelewissisterss We like this one 🤪 #thelewissisters #viral #fyp ♬ MON LOVE OHO – Liamsi

25. About Damn Time

The challenge started after the song, “About Damn Time” by Lizzo was released. The artist shared the dance choreography as a way to promote the song and the routine went viral with over 1.6 million posts under the sound.

The dance begins with a hand clap followed by energetic legwork coupled with smooth hip-hop moves.

@thedancingcarpenters ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME we did this one😉🕺🏼 #aboutdamntime #lizzo #friday #fridayfeeling #fyp #fypシ #foryoupage #viral #trend #dancechallenge ♬ About Damn Time – Lizzo

Participate in a Trending TikTok Dance Challenge and Get More Video Views

When you click on the sound of each of the dance challenges we’ve covered, you’ll find videos of other creators participating in the challenge. Some of these creators are brands trying to get more eyes on their products or gain a following.

TikTok dances are not just a way to have fun; they’re a genius way to earn followers and promote your brand.

If you aren’t a dancer and find it overwhelming to be part of the TikTok dance craze, you can participate in other popular challenges instead.

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Start participating in TikTok challenges today and boost your visibility on the platform.

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