Imagine your TikTok photos in a warm, golden-hour utopia. With the iPhone tiktok photo edit hack, it's possible! 

TikTok is ever evolving and there's always some new trend to discover or a new challenge to take.

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Discover these 8 incredible editing hacks to elevate your content.

Quick Summary
  • The viral TikTok photo edit hack involves turning up image brightness and contrast and adjusting other settings before editing the photo on iPhone.
  • To do the TikTok photo editing hack on Android devices or desktops, you'll need to download photo editing apps like Adobe Lightroom.

What is the Viral TikTok Photo Edit Hack and Why It Matters?

The TikTok photo edit hack is a clever iPhone trick, involving adjusting brightness and contrast to give photos a captivating, golden-hour appearance.

This magical hack was shared by @anapaulaugaz and it racked up over 20 million views. More and more TikTokers have been using this hack to give their photos a vibrant and professional glow. 

From editing travel to food to landscape photos, this iPhone photo edit hack is one of the best photo editing hacks we've seen.

And while at it, you can check out our guide to the top TikTok editing apps.

If you're dying to recreate your photos using this sun-drenched vibe, here's the process to follow:

How to Do the Viral TikTok Photo Editing Hack (Using iPhone, Android, or Desktop Devices)

Want to make your portrait pictures look amazing and give your landscape shots a special style?

Follow these steps to try the iPhone photo edit hack: 

  • Open your iPhone Photo App, pick the image you want to edit, and click the “Edit” option in the top-right corner of the screen.
an overview of the edit tab on iphone photo app
  • Go to Exposure turn it up to 100
  • Scroll to Brilliance and set it to 100
  • Set the Highlights Bar to -35
  • Transition the Black Point to 10
  • Set Saturation to 10
  • Turn Brightness to -15
  • Set the image Vibrancy to 8
  • Move Contrast to -30
  • Set Shadows to -28
  • Shift Warmth to 10
  • Move the Tint Bar to 39 
  • Set Sharpness to 14
  • Change Vignette to 23
  • Set Exposure and Brilliance back to 0

And that's it—save and share your edited image!

For Android and PC users, here's how to implement this viral TikTok photo editing hack: 

  • Download and install an online photo editing tool like Adobe Lightroom or VSCO on your device.
  • Open the editing tool, look for the photo you want to edit, and upload it to the photo editing tool.
  • Find the editing options like changing backgrounds and adjusting brightness, exposure, saturation, warmth, and shadows among others.
  • After editing the photo, download and save it on your device.
  • Share the photo on TikTok or other platforms.

While the settings won't match that of the iPhone photo app, you'll be able to give your photos an authentic and beautiful look.

8 TikTok Photo Editing Hacks to Transform Your Pics

Here's a deeper look at the common TikTok photo editing hacks you can try using an iPhone, Android, or desktop device:

1. Altering Brightness and Contrast of Your Photos

This TikTok photo editing hack lets you adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth, sharpness, and other highlights to create a warm summer-like look for your photos.

adjusting the brightness of an image to create a warm, sharp, and contrasted photo

The Brightness and Contrast hack is ideal if you don't have control over lighting and setting when taking photos.

2. Adding Filters and Effects to Your Photos

You can use TikTok Filters and Effects to level up your images. 

Filters are preset that can change the saturation and adjust the contrast of your photos. An example is the Beauty Mode that enhances your physical looks.

Effects are ideal for adding a specific detail to your photos. For instance, you can use the Disney Effect to turn your selfies into random Disney characters.

selfies transformed into random disney characters

3. Cropping and Resizing Photos

You can crop or resize your images if you don't like the default standard photo dimensions. This TikTok photo edit hack allows you to focus on a specific detail you want to share with your friends or followers.

cropping an image to capture specific details

Or, you can use it to create image dimensions that meet the requirements of the social platform you want to display it on.

4. Adding Text to Photos

Making your pictures speak louder is easy with text overlays.

Whether you want to be straightforward or show your emotions, adding text to photos can help you convey your message.

an overlay of love, smile, and happy texts on a photo

You can also add text Stickers or use multiple fonts for text overlays. It will be easy to draw the attention of users and get more views on your TikTok videos.

5. Adding Emojis and Stickers to Photos 

Emojis and Stickers are the level-up hacks you need to use to add a fun element to your images.

photos with food and love emojis and stickers

You can use Stickers to make a strong statement while emojis bring out your emotions and add an air of fun to even the most mundane photos. 

Depending on your mood, you can customize TikTok emoticons to connect with your audience. For example, you can use laugh or joy emoji codes to express happiness whereas resentment or crying emojis to show you're annoyed or sad.

6. Enhancing Color Tones of Your Photos

Do you want a perfect portrait?

You don't have to spend the whole day doing makeup—enhance the color tones of your images to get the subtle difference.

changing the color of an image to give it subtle difference

Changing the color of your images adds a greater depth and dimension to your photo, lending it a more intentional and polished look.  

7. Blurring or Changing the Background of the Photo

No doubt, your living room backdrop is cool. But what about trying out different backgrounds from the world’s beautiful landscapes?

You can change the original background of your picture to something more interesting and pretty. Or, you can make the background blurry to put more attention on your main subject.

a blurred background to focus on a lady in the photo

Imagine you take a picture with a lot happening in the background, which can be distracting. To fix this, you can make the background blurry so that the focus is on the person in the picture.

8. Creating Collages of Multiple Photos

Creating a photo collage is a good way to put together multiple ideas, moods, or experiences in one image.

If you're a brand marketer, you can use this hack to showcase your product from different angles. You can create a collection of photos of customers using your product and the end result—to send a message that your product rocks!

You can also share behind-the-scenes photos through collages.

Consequently, you can use the collage TikTok photo editing hack to summarize moments from a holiday, trip, or birthday party.

And creating a collage is easy, especially with the best collage apps.

Elevate Your Content with the Best TikTok Photo Edit Hack

Turn your bland photos into stunning visuals with the TikTok photo edit hack. Implement our step-by-step guide and achieve a golden-hour look effortlessly, whether you're using an iPhone, Android, or PC.

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