From lip-sync videos and trending songs to matching you with your twin Disney characters or celebrity parents, TikTok is a social sensation! 

But how does TikTok achieve this? 

It is simple. TikTok filters!

best tiktok filters

TikTok has a library of filters that can help you level up your content and get more views. Whether it's for creating a glowy effect or pretending to be dancing in the streets of Madrid, TikTok filters can make it a reality.

If you're a TikToker looking to transform your videos and make them more attractive to marketing agencies, you've come to the right place. We will list the 16 best TikTok filters and effects you can use to bring your content to the next level.

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What Are TikTok Filters and Effects? 

While they're often used interchangeably and confused with each other, TikTok filters and effects aren't the same thing. So, what are they? 

Filters on TikTok are presets that alter the look of your video or image–they change the saturation, add contrast, or adjust other video-capturing features. 

TikTok filters can be categorized into Portrait, Landscape, Food, and Vibe. You can find and use multiple filters from each category. 

On the other hand, effects add a specific detail to your video. You can use popular TikTok effects to add a pair of dog ears to your head or a hologram effect. 

The bottom line is, using popular filters on TikTok will help you create unique content on top of using TikTok hashtags that will make you easily discoverable.

16 Popular TikTok Filters You Don't Want to Miss

Now that you know what filters and effects are, let’s hop on the list of the trending TikTok filters and effects you should try in your next video.

1. Facetune by Lightricks

Though an editing app outside of TikTok, Facetune allows you to experiment with new looks every day. One of its most popular effects that many TikTokers love is its AI generator.

You can download Lightricks’ Facetune app on your iOS or Android device. Upload 10-20 images of yourself and use the AI generator to:

  • Create professional headshots.
  • Change hairstyle or hair color.
  • Create custom AI avatars like fairy, anime characters, or superhero looks.
  • Experiment with AI clothes changer to try the latest fashion trends.

Here’s an example of how you can transform your snaps for stunning TikTok videos using Facetune:

facetune photo effects for tiktok videos

2. Beauty Mode 

Beauty mode is among the best TikTok filters for selfies–they enhance your physical attractiveness. These filters can smoothen your skin tone, improve coloring, or modify the size of your facial features.

tiktok beauty mode filter

You can easily apply beauty filters to still photographs or real-time videos. 

But how do you use beauty mode? 

  • Open your TikTok app 
  • Tap the + button at the bottom of your screen (it's in the middle of the app)
  • Hit the Beauty icon on your screen's right side 
  • Choose the beauty filter you want to use 
  • Take selfies or record your video and post 

Bold Glamour is the widely-used filter by Tiktokers when they want to look good. This beauty mode has 56.5 million videos while the hashtag #boldglamour has 888.4 million views. 

TikTok users share different opinions on using beauty filters. Taking Bold Glamour, for example, is enjoyed by some users. But others are worried about the filter's ability to create seamless beauty appearances that distort reality. 

tiktok beauty mode filter

“My heart breaks for younger girls on this app that think everyone just looks like this naturally.” Wrote Chars0far in a video showing off the filter.

3. V11 Fantasy Filter

Fantasy filter is a great choice if you're interested in a TikTok filter trend that connects with Gen Z. 

Why do I say so?

tiktok v11 fantasy filter

V11 adds a slight blue tint and red hue to your TikTok videos. You can also mix it with the color customizer filter to create romantic pop themes throughout your videos. 

To use the fantasy filter:

  • Tap the + symbol on TikTok and start recording your video 
  • Click on the top right-corner menu in the video preview 
  • Tap Filters and scroll to find the fantasy filter 
  • Tap the filter and preview the fantasy it will bring to your video 
  • Make any necessary edits then your video is ready to post 

V11 has established itself as the best filter on TikTok that gives users a vibrant summer tone.

4. G6 filter

G6 has become a hit on TikTok filters list and is identified by a letter and a number. While it is labeled a food-related filter, G6 is an ideal buy for retro-vintage look enthusiasts.

tiktok g6 filter

G6 adds a warm glow and depth to your videos. No wonder celebrities jumped on board the craze under the tag #Glowup videos. 

To get the G6 filter: 

  • Open the TikTok app and click on the + icon at the bottom center of your screen 
  • Navigate to the Filters option 
  • Click on the Food tab
  • Flick through until you see G6
  • Select G6 to apply it to your video 

Want to be a famous TikToker? Check out this list of famous TikTokers and why they tick. 

5. Anime Filter

The trend of Anime filters on TikTok started soon after users uploaded their Snapchat videos on the app. The Anime filter leverages AI and face-mapping technology to transform you into an animated character.

tiktok anime filter

How do you get the Anime filter on TikTok? 

Anime is a Snapchat filter. So, you'll need a Snapchat account to create a video with the anime filter before uploading it on TikTok. 

Here's how to do it: 

  • Open Snapchat 
  • Go to the search bar and enter “Anime Style”
  • Click on the Anime filter from the results 
  • Record your video 
  • Save the video to your camera roll
  • Upload the video on TikTok 

6. Bling Effect

Looking for the best TikTok effects to create sparkling content? The Bling effect is the answer. It mimics the sparkle a diamond flashes when struck by the sun.

tiktok bling effect

You can use the Bling effect to create indulging definitions with a dazzling effect on your beauty, make-up, or dressing videos. It can make your pair of earrings sparkle or imitate the flash of a diamond on your glittering dress. 

To add the Bling effect: 

  • Tap the + button at the bottom center of your screen
  • Navigate to the “Visuals” section 
  • Flick through the effects until you see the silver-themed effect 
  • Tap the “Bling” option and create your sparkling video  

7. Inverted Filter 

There's a reason the inverted filter is on the trending TikTok filters. This filter flips any image or video you capture using the front-facing camera to mimic how other people see you.

tiktok inverted filter 

The inverted filter was made popular by the ‘Deja Vu challenge'. Users look straight at their phone camera and see their faces get flipped by the inverted filter accompanied by Olivia Rodrigo’s song – Deja Vu. 

Is there a big deal using the inverted filter? 

Despite its popularity, the inverted filter has made some users unhappy on seeing another perspective of their facial features. But, unless you try it yourself, you won't be able to tell what the fuss is all about. 

To use the inverted filter: 

  • Open your TikTok app and tap the + icon at the center of your screen
  • Tap on the Effects tab at the bottom left
  • Scroll through the ‘trending' until you see the effect with two arrows pointing in opposite directions
  • Tap the arrows icon and start recording your content 

8. Color Customizer Filter 

Color customizer is among the best TikTok filters that’ll make you look good. As its name implies, the color customizer filter lets you use various hues to change the saturation and look of your eyes, skin, and clothes among other elements.

tiktok color customizer filter 

How do you use this filter? 

  • Launch your TikTok app and record a video 
  • Navigate to the Effects library in the lower left corner
  • Look for a blank face on a rainbow background 
  • Select the filter
  • On the upper bar, choose the color you want to apply to your video 
  • Select and apply color strength from the lower bar 

Popular uses of the color customizer filter include using the yellow filter to whiten teeth, changing the tone of skin and clothing, or adding a black and white effect.

9. Disney Effect 

The Disney effect is among the popular TikTok effects as it turns you into a random Disney character.

tiktok disney effect

With millions of views on Tiktok, the Disney effect will animate your face and make you look like Prince Eric or Megara—straight out of a Disney World.

Disney is a hit on the TikTok effects list that can easily make you popular on the app. You can also check out our guideline on how to get more views on TikTok

Want to see your Disney self?

To use the Disney effect, you must have the Snapchat app installed on your phone. Here's how to get started:

  • Open Snapchat 
  • Search for “Disney Eyes” in the search bar 
  • Tap on the Disney filter from the results
  • Record your video and save it to the camera roll
  • Upload the video on TikTok 

10. Face Zoom Effect 

The Face Zoom effect is among the popular TikTok effects toward the end of 2019 – it was all the rage on TikTok. Nowadays, it's picking up again.

tiktok face zoom effect

Face zoom effect allows the camera to focus on your face. It zooms in the face and keeps it at the center of the screen. 

You can use this effect to reveal how you look up close and how you look from a distance. Or use it with friends to see which face the effect will zoom in. 

To use this cool TikTok filter: 

  • Open your TikTok app
  • Tap on the + icon and navigate to the trending tab under Effects
  • Flick through the effects until you see the a smiling face inside the camera lens line with a blue background 
  • Tap on the effect and start recording your video 

11. Green Screen Filter Effect 

Looking for a cool TikTok filter to change your video background? The green screen filter effect will get the job done. 

TikTok offers a couple of default green screen images you can use to make your videos stand out. You can use the green screen filter to easily change the background of your videos.

tiktok green screen filter effect 

You can check out the #greenscreen to see how others are using it to level up their content. 

To use the green screen filter: 

  • Open your TikTok app
  • Click on the + button at the bottom center of your screen 
  • Navigate to the Effect store and search Green Screen
  • Choose a green screen effect filter you desire to use in your video 

12. Your Celebrity Twin 

Who is your celebrity look-alike? Your celebrity twin filter has the answer. 

Your celebrity twin is a TikTok filter trend that flips through photos of famous people until it finds a celebrity you look like.

tiktok your celebrity twin 

The celebrity twin filter became popular in late January 2022. Avan Jogia used this trend and discovered that his twin celebrity is Ariana Grande, his former co-star. 

To use the celebrity twin filter: 

  • Open the TikTok app
  • Click on the Discover button at the bottom of the page
  • Type “Your Celebrity Twin” in the search bar 
  • Tap the red record button next to the filter 
  • Record your TikTok with the red record button
  • Tap the screen to surf through the cycle of A-list faces 

If you're not impressed by your first celebrity match, you can run the process again to get a different match (the filter randomly selects a celeb each time you use it).

13. Your Celebrity Parents 

Are you dying to know who your celebrity parents could have been? You can find your answer using the “Your Celebrity Parents” filter. 

Your celebrity parents have been steer-wheeled by the “Please Adopt Me” filter videos. Users in the videos try to find out who their celebrity “parents” are by their facial appearance. 

tiktok your celebrity parents

Top results from the “Adopt Me” trend include a match up of Jackie Chan and Charli D'Amelio, Doja Cat and Bruno Mars, and Timothée Chalamet and Lady Gaga. 

To use the ” Your Celebrity Parents” TikTok filter: 

  • Open the app
  • Tap the effects icon at the bottom-left side of your screen
  • On the search bar, type “Who are my parents”
  • Fix your camera on your face and start recording
  • After a few runs, the filter will land on two names–your celeb parents  

You can rate the accuracy of the “Your Celebrity Parents” filter by morphing their faces together. 

14. Clown Filter 

Popular TikTok filters to share your most embarrassing stories with the world? The clown filter is worth a try.

tiktok clown filter

The clown filter puts a psychedelic version of clown paint over your face when creating a video to showcase dark or failed moments in life. 

Users have made the filter popular through the hashtag #”IAMACLOWN” to sum up their failed social interactions and awkward relationship moments. Miley Cyrus is among the stars who have used the filter to share their “clown” and dark moments. 

To use the clown filter: 

  • Launch your TikTok app
  • Navigate to the search bar and type “IAMACLOWN” 
  • Click on the hashtag to access the page with this trend
  • Tap on any of the videos and click the song title on the bottom of the video 
  • Select “use this sound”
  • This will let you make a video with clown filter and the sound 

15. Time Warp Effect 

When filtering through the best TikTok effects list, Time Warp will definitely draw your attention. 

What's so unique about the Time Warp effect?

Like the panorama photo effect, the Time Warp scan alters the appearance of your image or video. A blue line moves across your screen and freezes your image as it passes.

You can use this effect to create doubles of yourself, distort your facial appearance, or make objects appear floating. 

A popular Time Warp trend is the #TimBurton challenge. In this trend, TikTokers distort  themselves to look like the characters of Tim Burton films.

tiktok time warp effect 

As the blue line passes across the screen, users pull the skin around their eyes down and push their cheeks in. This makes them look like they have sunken faces. 

16. Long Face 

If you're looking for a cool TikTok filter to make comedy sketches, try the Long face filter. 

As the name implies, the Long face effect warps your face to make it look long and wide. This makes you look absolutely funny! 

The Kid Waking Mom Up trend is a popular use of the Long face filter.

tiktok long face

Regardless of the age of your target, the Long face filter will get the trick of the joke home. 

How to use the long face filter on TikTok:

  • Click on the effects button at the lower left hand corner of your camera
  • Navigate the trending folder 
  • Tap on the long-face filter 
  • Record your video 

Ready to Use the Best TikTok Filters? 

Filters are one of the top features of the short video giant–TikTok. From the best TikTok filters for selfies to popular effects, you'll get a library of presets to help you create more appealing videos. 

You can try out the TikTok filters we've listed in this article to scale up your marketing plan or get more followers. 

Make sure you leverage the right filters that resonate with your brand's personality and engage with your customer base on a deeper level.

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