Quick Summary:
  • Sharing some fun and engaging Instagram polls can boost your visibility on the platform and help generate new leads.
  • To create a poll, you must use the Polls Sticker available in the Stickers tray on Instagram Stories.
  • IG Polls can help you receive real-time feedback from your audience and keep them engaged with your brand or business.
  • Do not overdo Instagram Polls and use your discretion when framing funny poll questions.

Want to gain deep insights into your audience and drive traffic to your Instagram page? Instagram Polls are your key!

With over 500 million daily users of Instagram stories, tapping into this feature is a surefire way to enhance your reach and engagement.

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I'll guide you through creating impactful polls and provide a list of questions for maximum engagement.

What Is an Instagram Poll? The Power of IG Engagement

Instagram Polls are a dynamic way to engage with your audience and gain insights into their preferences. Easily create a poll using the Poll Sticker in Instagram Stories and watch the interaction soar with up to four response options.

Once you have shared a Poll on Instagram, your audience can view it, select a response, and see real-time results. You can then analyze the votes to understand your audience better and make changes to your Instagram marketing strategy accordingly.

Since the polls you do on Instagram are a part of IG Story, they will disappear after 24 hours.

Top 45 Instagram Poll Questions to Ask Your Audience

Polls are perfect to engage and entertain your followers and keep them coming back to your Instagram page. Asking the right questions can also help you get valuable feedback from your target audience or potential customers.

I will share a few examples of Instagram poll questions here that you can ask your audience for maximum responses. I’ve categorized them into three types so you can browse through each list type to pick the ones that best fit your brand or business. 

“Yes/No” Instagram Poll Questions

These are short and straightforward Instagram poll questions with two simple response options to choose from – Yes and No.

Since this type of poll is easy to answer, it usually generates maximum response. They are ideal to gauge the interest of your target audience in a particular product or service.

Here are some examples:

  1. Did you buy anything from us in the last 3 months?
  2. Are you satisfied with our products or services?
  3. Would you buy this product?
  4. Have you tried our new collection?
  5. Do you use Instagram for business?
  6. Do you follow a fitness regimen?
  7. Do you check your emails regularly?
  8. Have you read this book?
  9. Would you recommend our brand to others?
  10. Do you use this app/tech feature?
  11. Will you invest in this?
  12. Will you attend this upcoming event?
  13. Do you like this product?
  14. Should businesses post on social media every day?
  15. Does email marketing help online businesses?

“Choose One” Instagram Poll Questions

These Instagram poll questions can have two to four response options to choose from. They are perfect if you are looking to have a fun interaction with your audience and boost engagement. You can also slip in a couple of questions related to your work from time to time, and receive quick feedback from your audience.

Look at some of these examples:

  1. Which cuisine do you prefer? a) Italian b) Mexican c) Thai
  2. What is your favorite beverage? a) Tea b) Coffee c) Fruit Juice
  3. What kind of vacations do you prefer? a) Beach vacations b) Camping c) Road Trips
  4. What is your favorite movie genre? a) Action b) Thriller c) Romcom
  5. What is your favorite social media site? a) Instagram b) Facebook c) LinkedIn
  6. What type of scent do you enjoy? a) Floral b) Woody c) Citrus
  7. Which animal would you like to keep as a pet? a) Dog b) Cat c) Rabbit
  8. What’s your ideal weekend activity? a) Shopping b) Hiking c) Clubbing
  9. Are you a) A morning person b) A night person
  10. What’s your preferred me-time activity? a) Read a book b) Take a walk outside c) Journal
  11. What is your favorite sport? a) Football b) Baseball c) Basketball
  12. What is your favorite OTT platform? a) Netflix b) Prime Video c) Hulu
  13. What is your favorite pastime? a) Listening to music b) Watching TV c) Playing video games
  14. What is your favorite time of the year? a) Summer b) Winter c) Fall d) Spring
  15. Which web browser do you prefer? a) Chrome b) Safari c) Firefox d) Opera

“Would You Rather” Instagram Poll Questions

These questions are good to start interesting conversations with your followers. Their responses can tell you a lot about their behavior, mindset, and influences that help them make decisions. Having this information about them can help you plan for your future products and services accordingly. 

Here’s a few of these type of poll:

  1. Would you rather a) Work from the office b) Work from home
  2. Would you rather a) Be invisible b) Be able to fly
  3. Would you rather a) Laze around at home b) Go to a movie
  4. Would you rather give up on a) Hot drinks b) Icy drinks
  5. Would you rather a) Workout in the morning b) Workout in the evening
  6. Would you rather a) Live in the Sahara Desert b) Live in Antarctica
  7. Would you rather a) Be a photographer b) Be a singer
  8. Would you rather a) Go to the gym b) Practice yoga
  9. Would you rather a) Shop online b) Shop in-store
  10. Would you rather a) Go back in time b) See the future
  11. Would you rather a) Live in a city b) Live in the countryside
  12. Would you rather a) Have more time b) Have more money
  13. Would you rather a) Own a boat b) Own an airplane
  14. Would you rather a) Save money b) Travel and explore the world
  15. Would you rather a) Have a pause button on your life b) Have a rewind button

These are some Instagram poll ideas that you can use to drive more traffic to your Instagram page, boost engagement, and generate leads for your business.

An important point to keep in mind:

An Instagram Poll Question can be up to 80 characters only.

A few tips:

  • Keep the questions short and simple for the polls you do on Instagram.
  • Ask fun questions from time to time.
  • Ask questions that will elicit engagement.
  • Frame questions with your target audience in mind.
  • Most people do not respond to open-ended questions, so avoid them.
  • Use suitable images or GIFs to capture the attention of your audience for better engagement.
  • Try different Instagram giveaway ideas from time to time to build brand awareness. This can also help you grow your followers, engagement, and sales. Instagram Quiz Poll is a good option for giveaways.
  • You can also use the right hashtags in your Instagram Stories for better brand exposure and engagement.

How to Make a Poll on Instagram

If you are not sure how to make a poll on Instagram, I will show you the steps to do it.

  1. Go to your Instagram account and tap the “Add icon +” at the bottom of the screen.
instagram add icon
  1. Select “Story” from the row of tabs at the bottom.
instagram story tab
  1. Tap the “Aa” option on the left side.
create option in instagram story
  1. Tap the “Sticker icon” at the top of the screen. This is where you can find Stickers on Instagram.
instagram stickers tab
  1. Select the “Poll Sticker” from the Sticker tray.
instagram poll sticker
  1. Type a question in the box and add two to four options. You can customize the poll with stickers and effects if you want.
tabs to customize an instagram story
  1. Share the poll with your close friends or followers.

This is how you can create polls for Instagram; it’s so simple you can do it in just a few steps. So start creating and share them with your audience.

A few tips:

  1. You can also add a background image or video to your Instagram Polls to make it more appealing.

Here’s how you can add a background image to IG Polls:

  • Tap the “Add icon” at the bottom of your Instagram page.
  • Select “Story” from the row of tabs at the bottom of the screen, and then tap the gallery icon in the bottom left.
  • Select an appropriate photo or video from your phone’s Gallery and create a poll.
steps to add a background image or video to your ig story
  1. You can also use the “Add Images” Sticker from the Sticker tray to add one or more relevant images to your poll.
how to add photos to ig story
  1. If your Instagram Stories views are down, using stickers, location tagging, and highlight features can help improve your reach and engagement.

How Can Instagram Polls Help Your Brand and Business

Whether you use Instagram for business or leisure, you can add polls to your Instagram Story and benefit in the following ways:

  1. Boost reach and engagement: A good Instagram poll can catch the attention of your audience and encourage them to participate in it. This can work positively for your Instagram page metrics and help you gain new followers and leads.
  1. Know the audience or Instagram tribe better: The right poll questions can help you understand your audience better. During product or service ideation, you can use your poll data to customize them to fit your audience’s preferences. The same goes for any launch you are planning. 
  1. Increase interaction with the audience: Posting fun and engaging Instagram poll questions from time to time can gradually improve your interaction with your followers. This will also boost the visibility of your website, if you have one, and convert visitors to leads. But be wary about your audience’s cultural background as some funny poll questions may not rub well on them. Observe discretion at all times. 
  1. Get real-time feedback: You can also use Instagram polls to receive quick and real-time feedback from your audience.

    For example, if you want to learn about your customers’ views on a product that you sell on Instagram, you can create an Instagram poll with the product image and specifications and ask your audience to vote.
  2. Keep your followers entertained: The right polls for Instagram can also educate and entertain your audience, giving them reasons to keep coming back to your page. 

How to See Poll Results and Share on Instagram

Here’s how you can view and share the results of an Instagram poll with your audience:

  1. Tap your profile picture on the top left to open your Instagram Story.
instagram story tab
  1. Go to the Poll Question and swipe up from the bottom of the screen. You can see the Poll results here.
instagram story poll results illustration
  1. Tap on the “Share Results” option.
how to share instagram poll results illustration
  1. Customize the Story poll results with text, stickers, and effects if you want and share it with your audience.
instagram poll results illustration

This is how you can see poll results on Instagram. The result of an Instagram poll is shared as a separate Story so your audience can see how other people voted. It is always good to share poll results to keep your audience engaged.


How long do Instagram polls last?

Instagram polls last for 24 hours. After sharing your poll on your story, your friends and followers can vote immediately, and the poll with its results will disappear after 24 hours​​.

Can you make Instagram polls anonymous?

No, Instagram polls are not anonymous. When you create a poll, you can see who voted and what option they chose in the story's viewers list. This allows you to compare votes from the friends and followers whose opinions you trust most​​.

Can you see who answers Instagram questions?

Yes, you can see who submitted each response to your Instagram questions. The responses are found in your story's viewers list, where it's private. However, when you share the response in your story, your friend’s photo and username will not be shown​​.

Optimize Your Engagement with Instagram Polls

Instagram polls are not just easy to create, they're a golden ticket to engaging with your audience.

Craft the right polls to enhance your brand's visibility and lead generation. But remember, moderation is key.

Regularly gauge your audience's response to fine-tune your strategy, and keep your Instagram poll questions fresh and creative for continuous engagement.

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