Automation of business processes is the key to enhanced productivity.

But how do you automate your processes?

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There are many business management software solutions that can streamline key areas of your business, such as marketing, finance, HR, and customer service. As a result, you can achieve better returns on your invested time and effort.

Moreover, switching your system to automated mode reduces the probability of error. Mechanized systems have near-zero downtime, which means no loss of productivity and subsequent revenue. It’s a win-win solution for all businesses.

Every business decision requires careful deliberation. This includes selecting the right business management software program for your enterprise. And it’s no easy task. Tools vary by industry and organization scale and size. Plus, there are a lot of options to choose from. The choice is truly baffling.

Do you need help choosing the right ones for your business?

16 Best Business Management Software Solutions

We’ve simplified your search by compiling a list of 15 of the top business management software solutions available today.

That’s not all. We’ve analyzed each software program for its basic functionality, advanced features, and affordability. You can use this list to make an informed choice and get on the fast-track towards better efficiency.

1. HubSpot

HubSpot is an all-in-one business growth management software solution with tools for everyone on your sales, marketing, customer service, operations, and content teams. It helps you manage your contacts, assets, and performance analytics in one place.

With features like contact list management and segmentation, campaign management, and omnichannel marketing automation, HubSpot helps you market your products and services.

hubspot marketing hub

Its Sales Hub makes prospecting and account-based marketing simpler to help you close deals faster. You get a customer portal to track interactions, gather customer feedback, and analyze service insights.

The HubSpot CMS helps you engage leads with personalized content. It also offers SEO recommendations to ensure your content ranks higher in search results. You can offer exclusive membership-based content to selective audience groups.The HubSpot CRM suite plans start from $1,781/month for businesses. You can use its free marketing, sales, and operations tools before subscribing to a paid plan.

2. Sage Business Cloud X3

For small and mid-sized businesses, Sage is the top business management software alternative to replace pricey ERP systems. It’s cloud-powered, meaning remote teams can access business data from anywhere. It auto-updates records related to accounting, HR, and sales systems in real-time.

Business managers can accomplish more in less time using the program’s smart features. They include flexible processes that you can scale as your enterprise and workforce grow. Multi-language support lets your global teams collaborate for critical decisions.

You can contact their sales team for pricing information.

sage business cloud x3 business management software
Image via Sage

3. NetSuite

NetSuite is a cloud-enabled business management software solution that helps you migrate your business data and operations from on to off-premise seamlessly.

Now, you don’t need to buy CRM and dedicated solutions for accounting, team management, and analytics. You can get all of your business intelligence through NetSuite’s intuitive dashboard.

With this program, you can get access to native real-time data about your workers and clients. These insights can facilitate quick decision making.

And the best part, especially, for small businesses?

They won’t need a separate customer-facing business management software solution for their ecommerce portal.

NetSuite provides your customers with an unmatched user experience while they engage with your business. All the while, it captures customer data and uses it to draw actionable reports for your managers.

You can get in touch with the sales team for pricing information.

netsuite business management software
Image via NetSuite

4. Bitrix24

For businesses with small teams of less than 12 employees, the free edition of Bitrix24 is the top business management software solution.

With this application you can get 5GB of public cloud space for securing your sensitive business information. This app bundles up 35 tools, including a CMS, PABX, and timekeeper.

For enhanced data security and scalability, you can opt for the custom on-premise solution. Their Business and Enterprise packages suit organizations with up to 50 and 1,000 employees, respectively. If CRM is all you need, then the Bitrix24 CRM system may be a great fit.

If you run a marketing agency, then all you need to do is pair this tool up with other marketing agency tools. Doing so can help you grow your business effectively.

Prices start from $19 a month for public cloud-hosted services and a $2,990 one-time fee for custom on-premise packages for enterprises.

bitrix24 business management software
Image via Bitrix24

5. Scoro

Tired of sending payment reminders manually for routine consignments? Want to do away with tracking staff work hours? Scoro lets you multitask like a pro using its intuitive dashboard. It is one of the best business management software solutions out there for small businesses.

How can it help your business?

Using this app, you can monitor your pipeline, update your inventory, and manage customer relations — all from one place.

This business management software is a cut above the rest for its superb reporting capability. Scoro’s Work Scheduling and Tracking feature gives you a crystal-clear view of your team’s workload, productivity, and billable effort. You can use it to schedule meetings, assign tasks, and manage different projects.

Prices range from $26 to $61 per user, to be paid monthly.

scoro business management software
Image via Scoro

6. WORKetc

Another top business management software solution is WORKetc, a device-agnostic application. It allows you to capture leads from mobile devices, web forms, emails, and more.

Using this business management software solution, you can work on your project management, operations, help desk, and sales teams in one place. For increased productivity, you can even sync it with your inbox and documents by integrating this software program with Outlook and GSuite.

What does this mean?

WORKetc can help you stay on top of things as you get a bird’s eye view of your entire project pipeline. There is no hassle of maintaining multiple spreadsheets and applications. What’s more, you’ll get open-source APIs to create custom solutions for your organization.

Small enterprises can subscribe to the Starter program for $78 per month which is limited to two users. The Team program costs $195 for three users. You can add extra users in the Team program for $49 per head.

Image via WORKetc

7. StudioCloud

This business management software solution is the go-to application for busy project managers. Using StudioCloud, you can create time-bound project pipelines, manage clients, monitor project KPIs, and do more — all from one window. You don’t need to jump from one app to another.

Need to access customer details or communicate with a colleague? You can jump onto the platform’s built-in CRM and instant messenger. StudioCloud’s eSignatures feature helps you close deals without paperwork.

The single-user package is free. Enterprises can also buy their PartnerBoost and EmployeeBoost packages for $35 and $65 per month, respectively. The PartnerBoost package can be used for small teams with only two users while the EmployeeBoost package can be used by more than three users.

studiocloud business management software
Image via StudioCloud

8. Ivy

If you own a product design company, Ivy is the right business management software solution for you. It smart-sources items from your preferred vendors to expedite your workflows.

The Ivy Product Clipper lets you clip product ideas and create a custom product catalog for every new proposal. You can set up custom alerts synced with your project pipeline, so you never miss a deadline again.

How much does it cost?

You can get Ivy’s packages for $599 a year (limited to seven projects) and $999 (for up to 15 projects).

ivy business management software
Image via Ivy

9. BST10 Work Management

BST10 WM is the top business management software solution for architects, environmental consultants, and engineers. It consolidates fragmented business data in one place to give you a clearer view of used, billable, and wasted resources. It fortifies your legacy ERP solution’s financial capabilities.

You can make custom process-based workflows in BST according to your organization’s needs. Since your business needs are unique, BST’s agile framework will auto-align all processes and operations. It’s a dynamic solution for the ever-evolving business ecosystem.

You can contact the sales team for pricing information.

bst global business management software
Image via BST Global

10. EssentOne

EssentOne is a business management software solution designed for process-oriented companies and trading marketplaces. It’s an unparalleled combination of automation, networking, and domain-specific processes.

It’s responsive and flexible. You’ll monitor complex business workflows from the comfort of your home. You get insights about the productivity and utilization of your resources. The business management software program bundles up CRM, product search dashboard, quote builder, and bookkeeper.

Looking for their pricing plans?

You can get in touch with the sales team for demo and pricing.

essent business management software
Image via Essent

11. Ekos

Breweries and food-based companies can leverage the power of Ekos for business management. This business management software solution syncs the production, sales, inventory, and accounting departments of your enterprise.

Its algorithm removes the guesswork out of your quoting and forecasting processes. It brings together data from all verticals in one place. This helps you make accurate estimates regarding resources, delivery dates, and budgets.

What’s more, it can also deeply analyze your sales reports to pinpoint profitable products and efficient resources.

You can contact the sales team for prices.

ekos business management software
Image via Ekos

12. Chronicle

With this business management software solution, you can integrate your sales, marketing, production, and financial systems.

Its digital signing tool, Right Signature, lets you close deals faster by securing client signatures without paperwork. Keep a timestamped communication history of each client for quick reference.

The project scheduler maintains each job workflow and its iterations. QuickBooks integration automates your accounting and bookkeeping systems.

Prices for their Project Management package is priced at $59 per user per month. The Business Management package starts at $79 per user per month, inclusive of QuickBooks plug-in.

chronicle business management software
Image via Chronicle

13. Zistemo

Zistemo lets you manage your teams, resources, and clients from one window anytime, anywhere. The one-tap Slack integration, handy timekeeper, and intelligent CRM are combined in this business management software solution.

It auto-generates invoices, tracks workforce activities, and provides detailed payroll records. This device-agnostic and affordable solution is a boon for small businesses.

Their plans range from 15 € to 55 € per month which is approximately $17 to $61.

zistemo business management software
Image via Zistemo

14. Xpect

Are you looking for a business management software solution that serves your retail, ecommerce, and wholesale outlets?

If so, Xpect may be a good choice.

It has support for bar codes and POS authentication tools. For providing end-to-end assistance, Xpect has strategic partnerships with MS-Office, Westfield, and eBay.

Like most applications in this domain, Xpect is also available in the cloud, public and private. Owing to a flexible framework, Xpect is used by small and big companies, non-profits, member associations, and ecommerce portals to create custom solutions.

For prices, you can contact the sales team.

Image via CIBIS

15. Bizstim

Customer and staff communications become painless with Bizstim. With easy import and export of bulk data, you can easily access information across devices and departments. So, with this business management software it’s easy to assign and reassign permissions and roles to staff members.

Bizstim enables you to maintain accurate accounts with tax compliance for all kinds of payment models. The application is HIPAA-certified to store electronic and physical business-related documentation.

Is that everything Bizstim can help you with?

No. You can also customize the application for local human resource policies to make automatic updates to salaries and holidays.

The all-in-one CRM for small businesses costs $29.99 per month. For individuals and enterprises, their packages are priced at $7.99 and $79.99, respectively.

bizstim business management software
Image via Bizstim

16. Knack

You can get all your departments on the same page using this business management software solution.

With Knack, you can focus on growing your organization while the app looks after your time-consuming tasks. It automates systems like accounting, customer communication, and other team and project management tasks.

Their CRM keeps track of your clients and monitors the engagement of your prospects. For efficient project management, Knack also lets you create timesheets to record time that your employees take to complete each task. Knack is a top business intelligence (BI) tool as it lends you insight into every member's productivity and activity.

Knack Automation simplifies your invoicing and payroll systems. Their in-app chat service enables staff members to communicate instantly to coordinate projects.

Knack is free for up to three users. It is one of the best options out there for small businesses. For bigger enterprises, a license costs $3.95 monthly, per user.

knack business management software
Image via Knack


What is business management software?

Business management software solutions can automate and streamline key business areas, such as customer service, marketing, sales, and human resources. By automating business processes using these tools, you can eliminate human errors, speed up repetitive activities, generate timely reports, and boost overall productivity.

What is the best business management software?

The best business management system is Sage Business Cloud X3. Being cloud-powered, the platform can be accessed by remote teams anytime, anywhere. It can automate tasks related to accounting, sales, and HR and auto-update business records in real time.

What are the 5 most popular software programs used in the workplace?

From the current business management software available, the 5 best picks are:
– Sage Business Cloud X3
– Scoro
– WORKetc
– NetSuite
– Bitrix24

How does database management software help business professionals?

Database management tools help businesses centralize their scattered data so that it is accessible to departments and processes across the organization. These tools offer many benefits to business professionals including:
– Better data integration
– Improved data consistency and compliance
– Faster decision making
– Reduced system and process delays

What software do companies need?

Essential software that all companies need are:
– Accounting tools
– Database management software
– Time-tracking tools
– Customer relationship management systems
– Project management software
– Team communication software

Instead of investing in multiple standalone software for different needs, businesses can also opt for a comprehensive business management software like Sage Business Cloud X3 that unifies sales, marketing, HR, and accounting tasks.

What software is used in offices?

Most offices require software to:
– Maintain business accounts and employee payrolls (Accounting tools)

– Collect and integrate business data with processes (Document management software)

– Track employee productivity (Time-tracking tools)

– Manage customers and leads across channels (Customer relationship management software)

– Allocate resources and check task updates (Project management tools)

– Keep team members on the same page (Team communication software)

What is the most used business software?

Sage Business Cloud X3 is a robust business management software that is used by a large majority of businesses. The cloud-based tool automates key business processes, including sales, HR, and marketing. It auto-updates business records in real-time to facilitate quick decision making.

How do small businesses use business management software?

Small businesses need all the help they can get to scale their operations, reduce operational costs, and improve overall productivity. Business management software can provide all of these benefits by:

– Centralizing business data so that it is available across departments and projects.

– Automating repetitive tasks such as invoicing, employee onboarding, stock taking, and time tracking.

– Analyzing and differentiating between capital and operational expenditures for better bookkeeping.

– Monitoring employee productivity by tracking leaves, output, and logged hours.

Wrap Up

Want to stay ahead of the competition?

All you need is a reliable business management software solution for your operations. From a single dashboard, you can get an overview of all of your processes.

They will not only enhance your productivity and align your business processes, but also boost your brand image. Plus, you can save substantially by getting an all-in-one software program to replace pricey standalone tools.

That’s our lineup of the top business management software programs for your business.

Have you used any of these software solutions to enhance your business’ productivity?

We’d love to hear about your experiences with any of these great tools. Please share your feedback in the comments section.


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