Ask IKEA and Home Depot, and they will tell you that Do-It-Yourself (DIY) is the future. So, it’s not a surprise that the number of creative DIY influencers on social media has grown rapidly.

Compared to baby boomers and generation X, millennials are handier around the home.

Additionally, they are more likely to handle home repairs by themselves than any other generation.

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From Pinterest to YouTube, social media is the new classroom for DIY projects. If you want to join the movement, you should consider following some DIY influencers on social media.

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Creative DIY Influencers You Can Follow for Inspiration

Let’s take a look at some of the most creative DIY influencers you should follow for inspiration on your influencer marketing efforts.

DIY Influencer #1: Erica Domesek

Dubbed as the “Fashion Queen of DIY” by Elle Magazine, Erica Domesek has more than 178k followers on Instagram. But her Instagram page mostly has snippets of her everyday life.

She uploads all of her DIY projects with step-by-step instructions on her lifestyle blog, “P.S. I made this.”

psimadethis diy influencer

Image via PSimadethis

What began as a personal project to showcase her handmade accessories has now become a big brand.

Through her brand, Erica wants her followers to embrace their inner creative kids.

Apart from fashion, you can also find fun DIY projects on food, lifestyle, and beauty niches on her blog. She also hosts her own show on TLC called, “Erica in the House.”

DIY Influencer #2: Ben Uyeda

Ben Uyeda is a designer and DIY influencer on a mission. He wants to give people modern furniture that is affordable, elegant, and durable.

His brand, HomeMadeModern, focuses on furniture made from materials like steel, solid wood, and concrete.

He believes in sustainable design, so he often uses recycled material as well.

ben uyeda instagram diy influencer

Image via Instagram

From making shipping containers to building grill stations, his DIY videos have everything on home renovation and interior design.

He has more than 206k followers on Instagram, and his YouTube channel has more than 1.52 million subscribers.

DIY Influencer #3: Mandi Gubler

Mandi Gubler likes to call herself the “fearless DIYer.” As the name suggests, she isn’t afraid to make bold choices or to take on big projects.

Her blog, Vintage Revivals, features a whole section on room makeovers. From teenager room makeovers to trailer redecoration, the section showcases Mandi’s experimental and creative side.

mandi gubler instagram diy influencer

Image via Instagram

This DIY influencer’s journey into blogging began without much experience in the field of design.

As she writes on her blog, she was a stay-at-home mom who was sick of being afraid to decorate.


She has come a long way since those days. Now, she has 201K loyal social media followers on Instagram who look to her for design and DIY ideas.

DIY Influencer #4: Jennifer Hadfield

This mother of five kids was featured in Forbes as one of the top home influencers.

Her blog, Tatertots & Jello, features craft ideas, decorating ideas, recipes, and DIY tutorials.

She also has her own line of beautiful paper and other scrapbooking items for craft company, Pebbles Inc.

jennifer hadfield instagram diy influencer

Image via Instagram

On her blog, she has a separate section where her followers can find printable decorative banners.

You can find printable banners for special occasions like Thanksgiving and Easter. On  Instagram, she has 119K followers.

DIY Influencer #5: Corinne

This DIY influencer is also a cleanliness freak who wants to help other moms master the art of homemaking.

Her blog, Slayathomemother, features articles about home renovation and home improvement and organizing to cleaning and DIY projects.

slayathomemother diy influencer

Image via Slayathomemother

Her YouTube channel focuses exclusively on cleaning and organizing projects. So, for DIY projects, you should take a look at her blog.

From simple wall decor ideas to a guide to redesign your dining area, you’ll find it all there. Her Instagram, which has 100K followers, features a lot of sponsored posts.

DIY Influencer #6: Lauren Shaver

Lauren Shaver introduces herself as a DIY blogger, thrift store treasure hunter, and classic interior design lover on her Instagram page.

On her blog, you can find DIY projects on budget decor, seasonal decor, and home improvement.

blesser house diy influencer

Image via Blesser House

What sets her blog apart from other DIY influencers on the list is that she has given it a personal touch.

There is a separate section where you can take a tour of her home and get to know her style better. She has 115K followers on Instagram.

DIY Influencer #7: Amber Kemp-Gerstel

Amber Kemp-Gerstel is the creative mind working on the DIY blog, Damask Love.

Her claim to fame can also be accredited to her appearance on NBC’s primetime show, “Making It.”

A former child psychologist with a Ph.D., Amber decided to change her career path in 2015 and try her hand at blogging. Since then, she has been posting DIY craft videos.

amber kemp-gerstel instagram diy influencer

Image via Instagram

Her blog content mainly focuses on crafts. However, she has mentioned in various interviews that she would like to branch out into home improvement and other niches.

She currently has 86K followers on Instagram.

DIY Influencer #8: Rachel Lee

This DIY influencer from Melbourne mainly makes DIY tutorials and videos on organization and motivation. From home organization to healthy routines, her YouTube videos are diverse.

rachel lee youtube diy influencer

Image via YouTube

On her channel, check her playlists to find the DIY sections. On YouTube, she has 617K subscribers, and on Instagram, she has 67.9K followers.

DIY Influencer #9: Annie

Annie is a mother who is also a DIY influencer. On her blog, she describes herself as a mom who DIYs in between changing the diapers.

Along with taking care of her kids, she is working with her husband to upgrade their 1980s home.

Her blog content is inspired by these experiences. She is designing a kid-friendly home, so functionality is a significant aspect of her design.

diydecormom diy influencer

Image via DIYdecormom

Previously, she has also been featured on shows like Apartment Therapy, Hellobee, Rambling Renovators, and One Room Challenge. Her Instagram account has 54.3k followers.

DIY Influencer #10: Lindsay Dean

Lindsey is a DIY Influencer who wants to improve her home on a budget. On her journey, she wants to help others do the same.

She says she was never really a handywoman, but it just happened when necessity arose.

lindsey dean diy influencer

Image via Instagram

To quote her, she has “the champagne taste on a beer budget.” So she had two only options – either to make it or not to get it at all. On Instagram, she has 1 million followers.

DIY Influencer #11: Brittany Bailey

Brittany Bailey, or Pretty Handy Girl, is a graphic designer, artist, general contractor, and photographer.

prettyhandygirl diy influencer

Image via PrettyHandyGirl

She wants to break the stereotype that women aren’t handy. Her blog is for those who want to learn to do their own repairs and upgrades. On Instagram, she has 30.1k followers.


If you’re aiming for self-sufficiency or want to save money, DIY projects can be a good choice.

Gardening, home improvement, fashion, beauty, and more — you can do it yourself. For inspiration, you can look to DIY influencers on social media.

Which other DIY influencers do you like? Please share your views in the comments section below.



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