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Hashtag campaigns are an essential part of any digital marketer’s social media marketing strategy.

But how can you make the most out of them? You need to find relevant hashtags to amplify your content’s reach and show it to a relevant audience. You also need to track and measure the performance of your hashtag campaigns to see which ones are performing well.

Hashtag tracking tools are really helpful for finding and tracking hashtags. They can also help you measure the performance of your hashtags so that you can improve your future marketing strategy.

What Are the Top Hashtag Tracking Tools?

Want to learn about some of the best tools for you to choose from?

Here’s a list of the top 18 hashtag tracking tools that you can use to design and execute successful social media hashtag campaigns.

Hashtag Tracking Tool #1: HashtagsForLikes

HashtagsForLikes Hashtag Tracking Tool

This is a hashtag finding and tracking tool that can help you use hashtags effectively. You can simply enter a hashtag into the search box and find all relevant information related to it.

This includes the number of unique posts that have used that hashtag, average likes that a post using that hashtag gets, and the total reach that you can get using that hashtag. This not only helps you choose the best hashtags but also track their progress and see how these metrics change over time.


  • Track hashtags engagement and reach
  • Find related hashtags


  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for brands, influencers, and individuals
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee


  • Does not provide real-time hashtag tracking


  • $15 per week
  • $38 per month

Pro Tip: Try it and if you don’t like it, then get your money back within 14 days.

Hashtag Tracking Tool #2: Kicksta

Kicksta Hashtag Tracking Tool

This is a simple tool that helps you search for and track hashtags for Instagram. For any hashtag that you want to track, you can find the number of posts that have used that hashtag.

It also provides you with related hashtags that you can use along with your primary hashtag.


  • Tracks the number of posts using a hashtag
  • Finds related hashtags


  • Simple to use
  • Can be used by anyone
  • Free tool


  • Does not track engagement metrics

Price: It is a free tool.

Pro Tip: Don’t invest in paid tools if you just want to track the reach of a hashtag, as this free tool can do that for you.

Hashtag Tracking Tool #3: Ingramer

Ingramer Hashtag Tracking Tool

This is a more detailed hashtag tracking tool because it provides more metrics and insights than any free tools. You can not only see how many posts use a hashtag but can also see new posts that use it every day.

You get a time graph of the last few days and how many new posts used a hashtag on each day. It also provides an average “posts per day” metric to give you an idea about the popularity of the hashtag.

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Want to know the best part?

This tool has a unique feature that scores a hashtag on how difficult it will be to rank for it. This is similar to the keyword difficulty score, but for hashtags.


  • Provides detailed insights about each hashtag
  • Assigns hashtag difficulty score


  • Simple to use
  • Suitable for businesses, influencers, and agencies


  • A premium tool, not the cheapest option for individual use

Price: $34 per month.

Pro Tip: Combine this with Ingramer’s other tools to grow your Instagram account.

Hashtag Tracking Tool #4: Keyhole

Keyhole Hashtag Tracking Tools

This is a simple and easy-to-use hashtag analytics tool that you can use to track any hashtag or keyword in real time. Apart from providing hashtag performance metrics, it can also help you to find influencers that are talking about a particular hashtag. It also has a word cloud feature that shows all hashtags related to your main hashtag.

Hashtag Tracking Tool #5:

The USP of this social media analysis tool is that it allows you to analyze text and images from social media platforms.

What does this mean?

This tool comes with features like object detection, scene detection, and logo recognition. With such visual insights, you can gauge the opinions of consumers about your brand even if you aren’t mentioned in text.

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YouScan uses Machine Learning to filter out all the mentions that you receive from bots. So, you don’t have to spend your energy on irrelevant content.

What’s more?

This tool segments all of your mentions into different categories like promotion, commerce, and more. hashtag tracking

Hashtag Tracking Tool #6: Hashtagify

Hashtagify Hashtag Tracking Tools

Want a tool that offers analytics too?

Hashtagify is both a hashtag finding and analytics tool. You can use this to find the best hashtags for your posts. You can also track and measure the performance of your hashtags.

What else, you ask?

It also provides the option to find trending hashtags for Twitter and Instagram separately. And it enables automated CSV downloads of your hashtag performance results and has the option to get customized reports.

Hashtag Tracking Tool #7: RiteTag

RiteTag Hashtag Tracking Tools

Want to get real-time hashtag suggestions?

Using this tool. You can get hashtag suggestions for your posts based on real-time hashtag engagement metrics. It provides hashtag suggestions for both text and images.

You can also use this tool to form groups of hashtags to be used together and can add them directly to any post. This tool can also integrate with any social media marketing tool that you use and you can use it from any such platform.

Hashtag Tracking Tool #8: Socialert

Socialert Hashtag Tracking Tools

This is a hashtag tracking as well as an analytics tool. It not only helps you find relevant hashtags but also provides you information on a particular hashtag’s performance. It also has a competitor analysis function that lets you track the hashtags and keywords that your competitors are using.

Hashtag Tracking Tool #9: Twubs

Twubs Hashtag Tracking Tools

Twubs is more than just a hashtag tracking tool, as it creates social landing pages for your hashtags.

And the best thing about Twubs?

It also gives you the option to register your hashtags to claim ownership in cases of trademark issues.

Hashtag Tracking Tool #10: Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder Hashtag Tracking Tools

This is a social media analytics tool that provides you detailed analytics reports for your branded hashtags. You can use this tool to analyze the performance of your Twitter and Instagram hashtag campaigns.

Hashtag Tracking Tool #11: Hashtracking

Hashtracking Hashtag Tracking Tools

This hashtag tracking tool provides you with free historical performance reports for your Twitter and Instagram hashtags. For paid members, it also provides real-time hashtag tracking and performance analytics.

Loving our selection of tools so far? Read on to discover more such amazing tools.

Hashtag Tracking Tool #12: All Hashtag

All Hashtag Tracking Tools

This is a useful hashtag analytics tool that lets you track and measure the performance of your hashtags.

Want to create your own hashtag?

All Hashtag is also has a useful hashtag creator tool that can help you create the best hashtags for your marketing campaigns. You can also use this tool to find the most trending hashtags in real time.

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Hashtag Tracking Tool #13: ExportTweet

ExportTweet Hashtag Tracking Tools

This tool provides both historical and real-time hashtag tracking and lets you find tweets that used a certain hashtag. You can use this tool to find keywords and tweets in which a certain hashtag was mentioned. Which can help you to improve your Twitter marketing strategy?

Hashtag Tracking Tool #14: Tagboard

Tagboard Hashtag Tracking Tools

Using this tool, you can simply search for a hashtag and find all of the posts or tweets that have used that hashtag. Results are displayed in a grid format. It searches for these across social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat.

Hashtag Tracking Tool #15: Followthehashtag

Followthehashtag Hashtag Tracking Tools

This is another useful hashtag tracking tool that lets you search for trending hashtags. It gives you information on how many times a particular hashtag was repeated.

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Hashtag Tracking Tool #16: TweetChat

TweetChat Hashtag Tracking Tools

This is a Twitter hashtag tracking tool that lets you find conversations related to the hashtags that you are interested in.

Want to know the best part?

You can also use this tool to see all of your favorite tweets by hashtag, in an integrated platform.

Hashtag Tracking Tool #17: Hashtags

Hashtags Tracking Tools

This is a hashtag tracking and analytics tool that lets you track and compare you hashtags’ performances. This is a great tool for social listening as you can easily find conversations that mention particular hashtags that you’re interested in.

Hashtag Tracking Tool #18: Klear

Klear Hashtag Tracking Tools

This is another hashtag tracking and analytics platform that helps you find hashtags and analyze the performance of your hashtags.

Wondering what insights it provides?

It provides detailed analytics on hashtags, across various platforms, to help you measure the impact of your campaigns.

Ready to Pick a Hashtag Tracking Tool?

These are some of the most useful and effective hashtag tracking tools out there. So, take your pick and get started on your next hashtag campaign.

Do you know of any other hashtag tracking tools? Let us know in the comments below.

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