Zyro Review: The Summary Box

Zyro is a website building platform that can be used to design and launch different types of websites from scratch. Zyro also has a specialized set of tools for building ecommerce websites.

Product Ratings Overall:
Value For Money:
  • Mobile-responsive design
  • Free domain for 1 year
  • SSL inclusion for all plans
  • Ease of use
  • Tons of designer website templates
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Limited customization options
Pricing Details
Pricing PlanCost (Per Month)
Website$2.90 per month
Business$4.90 per month
Online Store$8.90 per month
Advanced Store$15.90 per month
Quick Review

Zyro is a simple, but effective, website builder that you can use to quickly create and launch a website without any hassles. It provides you with beautifully-designed templates to create a website for any type of business. The best part is that it already does a lot of work for you and makes it extremely simple to create a site from scratch.

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Zyro Review: Key Features

  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • SSL security with all plans
  • Mobile responsive designs
  • Cloudflare integration
  • Tons of free templates
  • AI-powered tools
  • Allows selling on multiple platforms
  • Easy inventory management
  • Promotional tools for ecommerce
  • Multiple payment options
  • No transaction fees on payments
  • Content optimizations tools

Who is it Designed For?

  • Bloggers
  • Businesses
  • Enterprises
  • Anyone who wants to build a website

Why I Like Zyro

Being a digital marketer and influencer, I keep experimenting with new tools and platforms that I can recommend to my audience. I have tried almost all of the top website building platforms and more.

I came across Zyro while doing some online browsing and it intrigued me. So, I decided to check it out and see what it brings to the table. I am glad to tell you guys that I was pleasantly surprised. That is why I decided to write this Zyro review to help you choose the best website builder for your business.

I liked how easy it is to use and wanted to write this Zyro review to inform you about this brilliant website builder. Zyro has all of the necessary design features to build a website from scratch and has an intuitive user interface.

It also provides additional features that you need to build an ecommerce website and start selling within a matter of hours. Setting up an ecommerce website has never been easier, thanks to Zyro.

Want to know the best part?

You don’t have to pay any transaction fees for online payments, which is amazing.

To sum up this Zyro review, I would just say that it is a no-nonsense, easy-to-use platform that is definitely worth a try. And, with my exclusive 10% extra discount using the code SBARKER10, you can get your preferred Zyro plan at a bargain price.

But, don’t take my word for it. Instead, try it first hand and then decide whether it is a good fit for you or not. Also, read my detailed Zyro review to learn more about this tool and its features.

Detailed Zyro Review: What Makes it Worth Your While?

In this section of this Zyro review, I will list the key features and design options of this site builder and discuss each in detail. I have tried to keep this Zyro review informative and honest, so check out the various features and then make an informed choice.

So, let me start this Zyro review by mentioning some of the most important benefits of choosing Zyro over other similar tools.

The first one, based on my experience, is the affordability of this tool. This Zyro review would not be complete without mentioning how cost-effective this tool is. You can literally pay less than what you pay for one meal and get a website ready within the hour. This really makes Zyro an affordable website builder and it is perfect for first-timers.

You can get analytics data for your website by integrating it with Google Analytics. In that regard, this is no different than any other site builders you can just as easily access your site analytics.

Another benefit of using Zyro is that you can get a full refund if you do not like the tool and want to cancel within a month of buying the subscription. Unlike a lot of other platforms that I know, Zyro really has a no-hassle money-back guarantee.

Overall, it is a safe bet for you to try it and see if it works for you. It is one of the simplest website builders out there and offers tons of useful features. What’s more is that they provide online chat support and usually respond to customer service requests quickly.

Want to find out more about its features?

Keep reading this section of the Zyro review.

1. Free Templates

One of the first things that I want to talk about in this Zyro review is the fact that you get so many beautiful templates for your website. In fact, the first thing that you need to do when you start using Zyro is to select a template for your website, which you can customize later.

These templates are divided into categories and you can find a few templates for all types of websites. Whether you want to start a blog or an ecommerce site, you will have multiple options to choose from.

free templates
Image via Zyro

Want to know the best part?

The templates that Zyro provides are some of the best that I have seen. Any template you choose will look like it is designed by a professional website designer. So, pick the one that you like the most and then customize it further to make it your own.

Once you select a template for your new website, you can then move to the next step and go to their editor to customize it.

Want to learn more about Zyro’s drag-and-drop editor?

Keep reading.

Pro Tip: To save time on customization and launch your website quickly, choose a template that most closely matches the kind of website you want.

2. Drag-and-Drop Editor

The next feature that I want to discuss with you in this Zyro review is its brilliant drag-and-drop editor with an intuitive grid. This editor is one of the simplest ones that I have seen and has all the necessary customization options in one well-organized menu.

All you need to do is click on the “Add Elements” option and you will find a variety of things to add to your website. Whichever of these options you want to add, you can simply drag it and drop it on the page that you are customizing.

drag-and-drop editor

Image via Zyro

Want to find out more about each option?

Here you go.


When you add this element on your page, it will add a text box where you can type anything. You can also format that text by changing the font, size, alignment, etc.

And, if you want to change the position of your text box, you can simply drag it around and drop wherever you want it. Zyro’s intuitive grid feature helps you position the various elements better.


This is the element that you need to add if you want to place calls-to-action on your web pages. You can customize these CTA buttons by adding the relevant text, color, hyperlink, etc.


Image via Zyro


This option lets you add images to your webs pages either from an online source or from your device storage. Zyro provides you with thousands of free images to choose from when customizing your website. They have an online image library where you can search for relevant images by keywords.

Image via Zyro


Similarly, you can also add videos to your page by dragging and dropping the video option anywhere on the page and then choosing a relevant video to add. You will have to add the link to a video for it to show on your page.


Image via Zyro

Other than that, there are some other options like playing the video automatically or on a loop. You can simply toggle on or off to change these video settings.

Simple, isn’t it?

Well, Zyro really is quite simple to use as it provides limited, but all the important customization options without too many add ons.


This option is useful if you want to show your exact office or store locations to your site visitors. This helps people locate your business easily and is quite useful for potential customers.

Instagram Feed

This is a quirky little design element that you can add to the sidebar or at the bottom of a page to showcase your latest Instagram posts. You simply need to link your Instagram account with your website and Zyro will fetch your latest posts and show them here. This is a dynamic design element and will change each time you upload a new post on Instagram.

You can choose how many you want to display at a time and what size you want to keep for each picture.

Contact Forms

Contact forms are used to collect information from your site visitors and are very useful for marketing purposes. Ideally, every site should have strategically-placed contact forms to collect user information for their business.

Zyro provides the option to customize these contact forms by choosing the fields that you want to add and also change the design. You can also create a post-submit message to display to people who submit their information using these forms.

contact forms

Image via Zyro


This is a simple, single-field form that asks users for their email address to subscribe. You can customize the font, background, colors, etc. on this form.

Social Icons

This option allows you to add social media buttons to any page so that your readers can easily find you on various platforms. You simply need to link your social media accounts and choose the size and layout of icons to set this up.

Pro Tip: Explore all the options available and add the relevant design elements to different pages.

3. AI Tools

This Zyro review wouldn’t be complete without the mention of the various AI-powered tools that Zyro provides. These tools are a value-add over Zyro’s web design capabilities and aim to help you optimize your website and content further.

Excited to learn more about these AI tools?

Read about these in this section of this Zyro review. Let’s get started…

AI Writer

This is a brilliant AI-powered writing assistant that helps you generate SEO-friendly content for your website or blog. You simply need to select a topic from the given list of options and click on “generate text” to get access to good content for your website.

ai writer

Image via Zyro

Once you click on that, you will find more subcategories to choose from. For example, let’s say you chose “Health & Living,” you will get the following additional options to choose from:

ai tools

Image via Zyro

After you are done with that, you will also get a chance to choose the type of content that you want to create. More specifically, you can choose whether you want the content for your business description, about us page, personal bio, etc.

ai tools 3

Image via Zyro

Choose the most relevant option and click on “generate text.” This will give you a few options for content that you can simply copy and paste to your web page. You can use this feature to get inspiration to create the best content for your website.

Business Name Generator

If you are about to start a new business and haven’t decided on a name for it yet, then Zyro can help you with that as well. Zyro’s AI business name generator tool can help you find a good name for your business.

All you need to do is add a few relevant keywords that best describe what your company is all about and click on “generate name.” This tool will then give you a list of company name ideas that you can choose from. You can keep changing the keywords to find new name ideas till you actually find something that you like.

business name generator
Image via Zyro

AI Slogan Maker

A slogan is like a catchphrase that is associated with a brand and helps people remember the brand. It is one of the brand identity elements that help increase a brand’s recognition and recall.

For example, when you hear “Just Do It” the first brand that comes to mind is Nike because it is their slogan. Similarly, you can create a slogan for your business. The more catchy it is, the higher will be its brand recall.

Zyro’s AI-powered slogan generator tool can help you create a catchy slogan that is unique and easy to remember. Simply add a few keywords that are relevant to your business and it will give you some slogan ideas for your business.

ai slogan maker
Image via Zyro

Logo Maker

One thing worth mentioning in this Zyro review is that it does not just help you create content, but can also help with visuals. Zyro’s logo maker is a perfect example of this as it can help you create a logo for your website.

logo maker
Image via Zyro

The process to create a logo is quite simple and has three steps:

  • Pick a starter logo
  • Select a color
  • Select a shape for your logo

ai tools 5
Image via Zyro

Want to know the best part?

Zyro also gives you many options for starter logos to choose from. You can pick the one you like best and then customize it further to create a unique logo for your company.

ai tools 6
Image via Zyro

AI Blog Title Generator

If you want to start a blog for your business, then you should definitely try this tool to pick appropriate titles for your blog posts. Titles are the first thing that potential readers see and are often the most important factor in deciding whether or not they will read a post.

Therefore, it is important that you create attention-grabbing and relevant titles for all of your blog posts and other content. This is where Zyro’s blog title generator comes in handy.

You can choose from the range of options that it provides to find relevant title ideas for your content.

ai blog title generator
Image via Zyro

This is not just great for creating catchy titles but is also a good tool for topic research. You can use this to find interesting and trending topics in your niche to write about. For that, I will give extra brownie points to Zyro in this review.

AI Heatmap

A heatmap of your website can tell you which areas of a specific page your website visitors spend the most time on. You can see where people pay more attention and where they lose interest.

But, why is this important?

It is important because insights like these can help you optimize your web pages to get more conversions. If you know where people are most likely to pay attention to a CTA, you can place your CTAs and forms there.

ai heatmap
Image via Zyro

Website Importer

This is one of my favorite features and I am excited to share this in my Zyro review. Zyro provides existing site owners with the option to import all of their existing site’s content onto Zyro’s platform and revamp their website.

You can literally import all your existing content, choose a SEO-friendly template, and publish your website quickly. Transitioning from one website builder to another has never been easier.

Pro Tip: If you already have a website, you can make it better by moving it to the Zyro platform and choosing one of their brilliant templates.

4. Ecommerce Tools

One of the best features of Zyro is that it provides tons of tools and features for ecommerce retailers and makes it really easy to set up an online store. Zyro provides you with all the essential components of an ecommerce website.

So, in this section of my Zyro website builder review, I will discuss the various ecommerce-related features that this tool offers.

Ready to find out more?

Let’s get started.

Option to Sell on Multiple Platforms

If you decide to build your online store using Zyro, you can also connect it with other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon. Zyro makes it very easy for you to connect your Instagram or Facebook stores to your website and offer a seamless shopping experience to your users.

Secure and Mobile-Responsive Design

All of Zyro’s plans come with a free SSL certification included. So, you can rest assured that your website will be secure enough for you to offer online payment options to your customers. Moreover, SSL certification also eases customers’ security concerns and often results in higher sales.

Also, all of the templates available on Zyro have a mobile-responsive design and can be used to create great mobile websites. So, when you design a website using Zyro, mobile-responsiveness is automatically taken care of and you don’t need to do anything extra for it.

Excellent Store Management Tools

Zyro has an intuitive dashboard that makes it easy to manage your products, orders, and inventory. It has some amazing categorization options that you can use to better organize your online store and make it easier for consumers to find the right products.

Zyro also allows your customers the option to track their orders and you will also find an order tracking page in many of the templates.

Please note that these additional ecommerce features are only available with the Ecommerce or Ecommerce+ plans and not the basic plan.

Seamless Payments Options

Another important feature worth mentioning in this Zyro review is the fact that it allows multiple online payment options and supports different currencies. Also, there is no transaction fee for online payments, so you don’t have to worry about that.

seamless payments options
Image via Zyro

Other than that, you can also create and share discount coupons and people can redeem them on your website.

Zyro ecommerce websites also have the capability to perform automatic tax calculations for orders, which makes your job much easier.

Pro Tip: Try to add as many payment options as you can support to make the buying process easier for your customers.

What Are Others Saying About Zyro?

“The builder basically tells you everything you need to do without actually having to know it. It offers way more than I expected.”

Erin Champ and Josh Hallmar,Surf-happy.com

“It’s the most affordable platform on the market. It’s easy to use, and the customer support is beyond anywhere else.”

Jared McCormack & Hanamori Skoblow, Jaredmccormack.com

“It seemed like I didn’t even put a lot of effort into it and had published a website – that’s how easy it was.”

Agnė Kairytė-Timinskienė, Lapsa.lt

“DIY website builder Zyro has an excellent interface and some unique and powerful design tools that give you a lot of control over how your online presence looks and functions.”



Q1. What makes Zyro a good website builder?

A. I wrote this Zyro website builder review to answer this exact question and to share more about all of its brilliant features. However, if I had to sum it up, I would say that Zyro definitely is one of the simplest and best website builders that I have used. It provides you with all of the necessary tools to create a good website quickly, but does not come with too many bells and whistles.

Overall, as I have said in my Zyro review, it is one of the best site builders that I have come across. It is especially good for those of you who are creating a website for the first time.

Q2. Can I get a free trial for Zyro?

A. While Zyro does not provide a free trial option, you can get your money back within 30 days if you do not like this platform. Zyro provides a 30-day money-back guarantee that effectively acts as a safe trial period as you can get a refund if you are dissatisfied.

Q3. How can I get a free custom domain?

A. Once you build a website using Zyro, you can claim a free domain right after publishing your website. Zyro will automatically prompt you to get a custom domain name before your website goes live. This free domain is valid for one year, after which you will need to pay for it.

Q4. Can I connect my own domain with my Zyro website?

A. Yes, if you already have a domain name, then you can connect that with your Zyro website. When you are prompted to choose a free domain, you will also get the option to connect a domain. Simply follow the instructions and connect your existing domain with your website.

Q5. What SEO features does Zyro offer? What does it do to ensure that my website ranks well?

A. Zyro comes with many built-in SEO features like mobile-responsive website design, SSL security, SEO-friendly website layouts, etc. As I have also mentioned in my Zyro review, this is a tool with which you have to make minimal efforts as it does everything for you. Whether it is the website design or site speed, Zyro websites are built to rank.

Q6. Which countries and payment options do Zyro ecommerce websites support?

A. With a Zyro website, your ecommerce store can cater to customers worldwide and support all major online payment options. Online payments also make it easy to accept payments in any currency and from any location.

Q7. What is the cancellation policy?

A. You can cancel your account anytime, just contact their Customer Success team.

Q8. How quickly can I create a site using Zyro?

A. You can design and launch a new website from scratch within an hour using Zyro’s easy-to-use website building platform. You can, of course, make changes to your website later and keep adding new pages and features as your business grows.

Q9. Do I get free hosting using Zyro?

A. Yes, you get free hosting with all plans. And, as mentioned in my Zyro review, you also get SSL security with all plans, so your website is more secure when you build it with Zyro.

Q10. Is it possible to move my current website to Zyro?

A. Yes. As mentioned in my Zyro review, you can use the website importer feature to import your current website onto the Zyro platform.

Q11. Have any other questions?

A. Feel free to ask by contacting their team.

What’s the Final Verdict?

I have written this detailed and honest Zyro review for your benefit and I hope that you found it useful. I have listed most of the important features of this website builder for your reference, but I would still recommend that you to try it firsthand to make an informed decision.

To conclude my Zyro review, I would just like to say that it is an efficient and affordable option for anyone who wants to build a website. It has all the features needed to create a solid, well-performing website and can be used by both beginners and professional web designers.

Overall, I will end my Zyro review giving this tool a big thumbs up. However, you should try this tool yourself to see if it meets your requirements or not. The best part is that you can get it at a discounted price by using my code SBARKER10. And, if you don’t like it, you can get a full refund within a month of using it.

Ready to use Zyro yourself and decide if it is the right website builder for you?

Then go ahead and choose your Zyro plan and use my code to get a discount.

Zyro Review 2024: Should You Use This Website Builder? | Shane Barker
zyro review should you use this website builder

Looking for a simple-to-use website builder to design your website from scratch? Read this Zyro review to see if it meets your requirements.

Price: 2.61

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: All

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Editor's Rating:


  • Mobile-responsive design
  • Free domain for 1 year
  • SSL inclusion for all plans
  • Ease of use
  • Tons of designer website templates
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Affordable pricing plans


  • Limited customization options


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