HypeAuditor Review: The Summary Box

HypeAuditor is an all-in-one influencer platform for social media influencer discovery, vetting, and performance tracking to use in influence marketing campaigns.

Product Ratings
Value For Money:
  • Platform-specific influencer search filters
  • In-depth analytical reports for influencer vetting
  • Simple and visual user-interface
  • Fraud detection to identify fake influencers
  • Multiple integrations
  • Free plan to try the basic features
  • Analytical reports might take some time to generate
  • API access only with the Pro plan
Pricing Details
Pricing PlanCost (Per Month)
(Separate plan for each feature – discovery, analytical reports, tracking, and research)
$299 per month for each
ProPlans start from $499 per month for Single Pro tracking and price increases depending on features and scope

Note: Please contact the sales team to understand the pricing structure and get a customized quote depending on your requirements.

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Quick Review

If you are looking for an all-in-one tool to find and vet influencers, track influencer marketing campaigns, and spy on competitors, then this is it. HypeAuditor is the perfect option for you.

I find the tool easy to use and it has everything that I need to choose influencers for influence campaigns for myself or my clients. Plus, it has some added features that most similar influencer marketing tools don't provide.

HypeAuditor: Key Features

  • Advanced influencer search filters
  • Influencer fraud detection
  • Database of 18M+ influencers
  • 35+ metrics to analyze performance
  • Detailed influencer reports
  • Account performance tracking
  • Influence Marketing Campaign tracking
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Competitor analysis
  • Industry analysis

Who is it Designed For?

  • Bloggers
  • Influencers
  • Businesses
  • Agencies
  • Influencer Marketing Consultants

Why I Like HypeAuditor

As a digital marketing consultant, I often work on influencer marketing projects. Therefore, I am always on the lookout for good influencer marketing agencies and platforms among the industry trends.

HypeAuditor is one of the top platforms for influencer discovery and vetting. I tried it some time back, but wanted to use it in some influencer campaigns for a few months before writing a review.

Therefore, this review of HypeAuditor is based on my experience of using the platform.

Want to know which features I like the most?

Well, my favorite thing about the platform is the depth of analytical reports that it provides. HypeAuditor assesses each influencer on 35+ metrics and also weeds out any fake influencers.

I also like the accuracy of the results that it provides through its Influencer Discovery Hub and the advanced filters to streamline the results.

If you are looking for an advanced tool to find and vet influencers, then HypeAuditor will not disappoint. Overall, I love the tool and this review will tell you why it is one of the best in the industry for influencer marketing campaigns.

I used this influencer marketing platform for a few months before writing this review. In this section, I will review all of its key features and mention the ones that I like the most.

Ready to read my comprehensive HypeAuditor review?

Let’s get started…

Here are the four main influencer marketing features of HypeAuditor, along with the reports and insights provided under each section.

1. Influencer Discovery

HypeAuditor, at its core, is an influencer discovery platform that you can use to find YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram influencers. It currently has a database of over 18 million influencers.

Its Influencer Discovery Hub has advanced search filters that allow you to search for influencers by performance metrics, audience, demographics, etc.

influencer discovery hypeauditor review
Image via HypeAuditor

Want to know the best part?

It has platform-specific filters that help you fine tune your search results and find the most relevant influencers for your influencer marketing campaigns.

Wondering how that works?

Let’s take a closer look.


HypeAuditor can help you find Instagram influencers by number of followers, engagement, and posting frequency on their Instagram account. One unique filter it provides is Audience Quality Score (AQS), which lets you find Instagram influencers based on how many people make up their audience.

Another useful filter is “Similar as” that helps you find influencers similar to a particular influencer. This is useful if you have successfully worked with an influencer and want to find the Instagram account of similar influencers.

instagram hypeauditor review
Image via HypeAuditor


HypeAuditor’s YouTube influencer discovery dashboard has more engagement-related filters than for any other platform. You can filter your influencer search results by average views, comments, reactions, etc.

Just like AQS for Instagram, it has a Channel Quality Score (CQS) filter for YouTube. This gives each influencer a score between 1 and 100 based on their influence, audience quality, channel credibility, and viewer engagement.

youtube hypeauditor review
Image via HypeAuditor


This is a new addition to the HypeAuditor’s Influencer Discovery Hub and helps you find the best TikTok influencers for your brand.

Just like the filters for YouTube, this also has filters for how many people are followers, engagement metrics, and content.

tiktok hypeauditor review
Image via HypeAuditor

Pro Tip: Use the generic filters first and then apply more advanced filters to narrow down your influencer marketing search results.

2. Influencer Vetting

Once you find influencers based on your selected filters, you need to vet the influencers before you choose the ones you want to collaborate with in your influencer marketing campaigns. HypeAuditor helps you with that.

HypeAuditor provides detailed influencer reports with valuable performance and engagement metrics to help you choose the right influencers for your influencer marketing campaigns. You can assess your influencer lists on 35+ metrics and then select the best one for your brand and influencer marketing.

Earlier, these reports were available only for Instagram and YouTube influencers, but now you can also get reports on TikTok influencers.

TikTok is an emerging social media platform and few influencer marketing tools help you to find and vet TikTok influencers. Therefore, I wanted to give an additional thumbs up to HypeAuditor for including TikTok on their list of platforms.

Here are some of the key areas that HypeAuditor considers to vet influencers.


HypeAuditor allows you to vet an influencer based on their audience quality and demographics. You can use this to identify the influencers whose audience matches your target customers and avoid accounts with fake followers.

Some of the key metrics in this category are:

  • Audience Quality Score
  • Audience type
  • Location
  • Age, gender, ethnicity, language, etc.
  • Reachability
  • Authenticity
  • Interests
audience hypeauditor review
Image via HypeAuditor


This shows the yearly follower growth of influencers and identifies mass follow/unfollow patterns. This helps you to detect fake influencers and avoid working with any unauthentic influencers.

I particularly like this feature because working with bogus influencers can lead to a waste of time, money, and influencer marketing resources. Moreover, the wrong influencers can also cause damage to your brand’s reputation and cripple your influencer marketing campaigns.


Most influencer marketing platforms provide metrics like engagement rates and average likes, comments, views, etc. However, HypeAuditor goes one step further and digs deeper into the engagement results.

Wondering how it does that?

It does not just check the number of comments, but also checks the authenticity of comments.

Many inauthentic influencers use bots to comment on their posts to improve their engagement rate. Working with such influencers will not help you reach the right audience for your influencer marketing campaigns, even though the engagement rate metrics may seem high.

HypeAuditor identifies inauthentic comments and, thus, weeds out fake influencers.

engagement hypeauditor review
Image via HypeAuditor


One unique and extremely useful feature of this platform is that it provides you with an estimate of how much an influencer is worth.

What does that mean?

It means that you can see an estimated dollar value that the influencer should charge per post, based on their performance metrics. This gives you an idea of where you can start your negotiation if you want to work with an influencer.

Apart from these, the report also provides details on posting frequency, influencer mentions on social media, advertising performance, etc.

Another additional feature is that you can create influencer lists for future use. This helps you quickly find influencers for your inlfuence marketing campaigns without going through the process again.

Pro Tip: Create multiple influencer lists by topic or category to save time for influencer search and vetting for future influencer marketing campaigns.

3. Performance Tracking and Reporting

Just like the influencer reports, you can track the performance of any Instagram account. You can use this HypeAuditor feature to see your account performance and growth on the metrics mentioned in the influencer reports section.

Additionally, you can compare up to five accounts to benchmark your performance against that of your competitors. I really like this option as it helps me stay updated on my performance.

But, that’s not all!

You can also track your influencer marketing campaigns and get performance reports for them. You can find these under the Campaigns tab on your dashboard.

performance tracking and reporting hypeauditor review
Image via HypeAuditor

Want to know the best part?

These reports are shareable and HypeAuditor provides white-label reports option, so you can add your logo when you share them with a client.

Wondering what kind of influencer marketing metrics you will get?

Here are some key influencer marketing KPIs that you will find in your influencer marketing campaign reports:

  • CPE (cost per engagement) and CPM (cost per thousand views)
  • Total likes, clicks, comments, reactions, etc.
  • Audience reached
  • Audience type and quality
  • Total expenditure

Pro Tip: Leverage the account comparison feature regularly to keep tabs on your main competitors.

4. Research

This review HypeAuditor won’t be complete without the mention of this value-adding feature as most influencer discovery platforms don’t provide this.

Apart from helping you find and vet influencers, HypeAuditor also provides industry research on influencer trends and rankings.

You can also find an option to create a report for detailed competitor analysis in HypeAuditor’s Research Hub.

Want to know more about the Research Hub and the reports that you can get?

Let’s discuss these in more detail.

Industry Trends and Analysis

You can find top Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok accounts for any industry and location.

find top instagram hypeauditor review
Image via HypeAuditor

You can also find the most-mentioned accounts or the trending accounts in any industry. You can also see which of these have witnessed a steady follower growth directly from the dashboard.

I particularly like the fact that follower growth is visually-represented in the form of a line graph within the table. I don’t need to open the report for each influencer and can easily compare accounts right from the dashboard.

growth visually represented hypeauditor review
Image via HypeAuditor

Competitor Analysis

This is another additional feature that lets you analyze the influencer marketing campaigns of your competitors. You can see which influencers they work with, analyze the creatives that they used, and how much they spent on the influencer marketing campaign.

You can also find your competitors’ top-performing content and the audiences they target.

Here’s a picture to give you an idea about the kind of metrics you can expect.

competitor analysis hypeauditor review
Image via HypeAuditor

Pro Tip: If you are new to influencer marketing, check what your competitors are doing to get ideas for your influencer marketing campaign.

What Are Others Saying About HypeAuditor?

“Love the price point and the details of the report. Also can tell that you’re iterating a lot on the product and I like the improvements (i.e. report pdf download etc).”
Kristin Sword
“HypeAuditor works like magic. The accuracy and depth of information the tool provides is really great. I especially like how HypeAuditor puts numbers into context. Knowing KPIs, such as Engagement Rate, is important – but are the numbers actually good? HypeAuditor not only let’s you analyze a profile, it also helps you actually understand the health of it.”
Trajan Tosev
Marketing Consultant
“Since the beginning of HypeAuditor, we have been relying on this solution, which has proven its value in supporting influencer screenings and evaluating performance data. The ongoing development of the tool is very positive.”
Markus Hübner


Q1. Do they offer a free trial?

A. No, they don't have a free trial. But they have a FREE PLAN that you can sign-up for to access the basic features of the platform.

You can also request a demo to get an idea about the features and the user interface.

Q2. What are credits and how do they work?

A. A credit is a one-time payment to access a report for one year. For each report that you want to access, even if it is for the same account, you need to pay one credit.

Q3. How many credits do I need for one account?

A. You need as many credits as the number of reports that you want to access. Please note that this is only if you want to purchase a report over and above the limit of HypeAuditor’s plans.

Each plan comes with a certain number of free reports that are included in the subscription cost.

Q4. What payment methods can I use?

A. PayPal and bank cards.

Q5. Can I pay via an invoice?

A. This option is only available for bulk purchases. You can contact [email protected] to discuss special terms for this.

Q6. Can I get whitelabel reports?

A. Yes, whitelabel reports are available. Please contact Anastasia at [email protected] to discuss terms and conditions.

Q7. Do they offer any discounts?

A. Discounts are available for bulk purchase of reports, but you need to contact their sales team for this.

Q8. How can I cancel a subscription?

A. You can cancel your subscription from the account settings menu or send a request to [email protected]. Subscription cancellation requests need to be sent at least 24 hours prior to the subscription renewal date.

They don't offer refunds if you choose to cancel your subscription in the middle of the subscription period.

What’s the Final Verdict?

HypeAuditor is an all-you-need influencer marketing platform that can help you find and vet influencers, spy on your competitors, and track your influence marketing performance.

I especially like the level of insights provided by them in each type of report and some of the advanced metrics that they use to identify industry trends.

Overall, it is a good tool for anyone who works with social media influencers on a regular basis. For those of you who only want to avail certain features, you can choose one of their feature-specific starter plans.

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