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Influencer marketing continues to grow in popularity with more brands trusting influencer collaborations to run successful marketing campaigns. And it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

As far as the following stats go, the future of influencer marketing sure looks bright:

If you haven’t leveraged influencer marketing yet, you definitely should give it a try. And, if you have used it before, now is the time to learn how you can do it better.

Influencer marketing can be tricky and time-consuming if you don’t have the right influencer marketing tools at your disposal. Thankfully, there are several influencer marketing tools that can help you find relevant influencers, form partnerships, and implement successful campaigns.

Every Marketer Should Use These Influencer Marketing Tools

You can harness the true potential of influencer marketing by using the right tools. However, finding the right ones could be challenging since the market is so full of options.

To help brand and marketers boost the ROI of their influencer marketing campaigns, I have put together this list of reliable and highly effective tools.

Let’s take a look at these seven influencer marketing tools that are perfect for fulfilling a variety of influencer marketing needs.

Influencer Marketing Tool #1: BuzzSumo

The biggest challenge in influencer marketing is to choose who and how to engage with. 68% of marketers say that they struggle to find influencers who are relevant to their brand and marketing needs.

BuzzSumo is more popular as a content research platform. However, it’s also a great platform to find relevant influencers. It includes a powerful “influencer search” feature that allows you to search for the top influencers in any niche, social media platform, or location.

You can find your influencers in two ways – either through their bios or the content they share.

BuzzSumo - influencer marketing tools

Image via BuzzSumo

You can also filter your results by the type of influencers you’re looking for, such as bloggers, influencers, companies, journalists, or regular people.

BuzzSumo allows you to review and sort potential influencers by the following parameters:

  • Page Authority
  • Domain Authority
  • Number of Twitter Followers
  • Retweet Ratio
  • Reply Ratio
  • Average Retweets
  • Instagram Authority

BuzzSumo helps you discover and analyze influencers by their reach, authority, influence, and engagement.

You also get to see what kind of content these influencers share. This can help you evaluate them better. Such insights make it one of the most useful tools in the influencer space.

If you find an influencer who seems to be a good fit for your campaigns, you can directly add them to your lists.

Influencer Marketing Tool #2: Upfluence

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution to handle your influencer marketing needs, Upfluence is a great option for you.

This amazing tool does it all – from helping you find and choose relevant influencers to managing your campaigns and monitoring their performance.

Upfluence has a huge database of over 1 million influencers which you can search through. It helps you identify top influencers through search using advanced keyword combinations and filters like geo-location, social networks metrics, and languages.

Upfluence - influencer marketing tools

Image via Upfluence

You’ll get real-time access to stats including their latest posts, engagement rates, and monthly visitors to their blogs and social profiles. Once you find some influencers who fit your needs, you can contact them at scale.

Upfluence provides you complete access to the contact details of every influencer and also helps you manage your campaigns easily.

How to be Influencer

Rather than contacting each influencer individually, you can add influencers to your lists. Then, launch your influencer outreach campaign by setting up an email template and sending it to the selected influencers.

You can monitor your campaign effectively as Upfluence lets you see who opened the email, who is ready to engage, and much more.

Influencer Marketing Tool #3: BuzzStream

BuzzStream is another great tool that allows you to search for influencers and run effective outreach campaigns.

The process starts with research using simple keyword searches that provides you with a list of relevant influencers. You can also filter results to look for influencers based on language, country, and type of content.

The results can then be prioritized based on metrics like overall rating, PageRank, MozRank, Domain Authority, inbound links, or social following.

BuzzStream provides full access to the influencer’s complete online presence including their social profiles and site metrics.

BuzzStream - influencer marketing tools

Image via BuzzStream

One of the best influencer marketing tools, BuzzStream also has amazing outreach features. It’s easy to create email templates and send them to your list of selected influencers. The tool helps you set up automated follow-ups as well or you can choose to get follow-up reminders instead.

What’s even better is that you can work together with your team through BuzzStream. Enjoy the benefits of a centralized database where you can share notes and collaborate with your team in one place.

This tool helps you analyze your outreach campaigns so that you get to know what works and what doesn’t. Get deep insights into your outreach campaigns as well as team performance.

Influencer Marketing Tool #4: FameBit

FameBit focuses on connecting brands with the right YouTube content creators based on their content requirements.

If you want millions of people to remember and trust your brand, you can get it done with the amazing content creators you find here.

The tool brings you closer to writers, producers, and distributors who have large, engaged audiences who trust them.

In fact, 40% of millennials on YouTube feel YouTube audiences feel that their favorite YouTube stars understand them better than their friends.

FameBit - influencer marketing tools

Image via FameBit

This influencer marketing tool makes it really easy for brands to draft a campaign with content guidelines, the social channels you want to target, and your budget.

FameBit social channels - influencer marketing tools

Image via FameBit

Content creators across channels (primarily YouTube) get to see your requirements and will respond to you.

This way you get access to proposals from interested influencers. You can choose who you want to work with based on what kind of content they are planning to create.

Once you approve the content, influencers share it with their audiences to drive views, engagement, and sales.

Influencer Marketing Tool #5: Pitchbox

Pitchbox is an outreach and content marketing platform that helps brands, publishers, and marketers to promote their content.

The platform allows you to find influencers in your niche within seconds using multiple prospecting profiles and intuitive keyword search.

It is among the most popular tools that marketers use to get access to the most authoritative influencers along with their website URLs, social media profiles, and more.

You can launch customized outreach campaigns to reach out to the most relevant influencers in your niche.

Pitchbox - influencer marketing toolsImage via Pitchbox

Pitchbox allows you to customize each outreach email and sends automated follow-ups to those who haven’t responded in a while.

This helps to increase your response rate and makes sure that you never lose track of a prospect.

Pitchbox outreach email - influencer marketing tools

Image via Pitchbox

Pitchbox helps you create and optimize a data-driven strategy for your outreach campaigns. With useful insights into every aspect of your outreach process, you can refine your strategies to optimize performance.

The tool provides answers to all questions about what’s working and what isn’t, which areas you can improve further, and so on.

Influencer Marketing Tool #6: NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach is a powerful, all-in-one influencer marketing tool used widely around the world. It provides instant access to over 25 million bloggers and social media influencers.

You can use this tool to look for influencers in your niche. Just type in your keywords and find thousands of results. Then filter the results by tags like bloggers, influencers, or companies.

NinjaOutreach - influencer marketing tools

Image via NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach makes it easier to reach out to your influencers and manage conversations with them.

You can launch automated email outreach campaigns with customized templates. Custom templates ensure that every message you send to your influencers is personalized. Automating follow-ups is also possible.

How to be Influencer

Automated email outreach features of NinjaOutreach can save you a lot of time. You can utilize this time in building relationships with your influencers and finalizing strategies for your influencer campaigns.

Manage all your influencer marketing and outreach campaigns with their inbuilt CRM. It allows you to organize your leads into lists, categories, and relationship statuses for easy management.

Influencer Marketing Tool #7: GroupHigh

Like several other influencer marketing tools in this list, GroupHigh has both influencer research and outreach features.

GroupHigh has a huge database of over 15 million active bloggers. You can easily search for the relevant ones by content, reach, social following, location, MozRank, and more filters.

In fact, this influencer marketing tool also allows you to review the usual promotional tactics used by different influencers such as giveaways or sponsored posts.

GroupHigh - influencer marketing tools

Image via GroupHigh

Along with performing influencer research, you can add your existing influencers to GroupHigh. Doing so will help you manage all your connections from one place.

GroupHigh helps you organize and group your influencers and bloggers for easy management. Once you set up your list of influencers, you can create custom email templates for sending outreach emails to the influencers.

Keep an eye on your outreach campaigns with GroupHigh. Such influencer marketing tools can help you monitor your conversations and step-by-step outreach process with each influencer.

Final Thoughts

Influencer marketing has become a preferred choice for most marketers and it has immense potential to give you great returns. However, if you’re trying to do everything manually, it can take great time and efforts in leveraging the power of influencers.

These influencer marketing tools can save you time and effort in finding relevant influencers and reaching out to them.

The good part is that there are plenty of tools available on the internet for you to choose from, which can make your campaigns way easier, quicker, and successful. However, it can be tricky to find the right one for your brand.

If you are debating between two tools or about any particular tool’s features, let me know in the comments below. I can do another blog post to help you understand the best way to leverage the complete potential of those tools.

Which are your favorite influencer marketing tools and why? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.