As influencer marketing has matured over the years, there are many new platforms that you can choose from. In fact, there were over 240 new platforms and influencer agencies created in 2020 alone.


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As a marketer, the sheer number of options can get confusing. So how can you figure out which is the best influencer marketing platform out there? Begin by comparing the key features, pricing plans, pros, cons, and usability.

Basically, you need to invest time in research. When you’ve got a business to run, it can seem like a time-consuming process.

To make it easier for you, we’ve done all the groundwork. In this article, we list some of the best influencer platforms out there that you can consider to run your online campaigns.

Before we get to the comparison, let’s take a look at the benefits of running an influencer campaign via a specialized platform.

Why Should You Choose an Influencer Platform or Marketplace For Your Campaigns?

Are you on the fence about running your campaigns via an influencer marketplace? In this section, let’s take a look at what an influencer marketplace is and what the benefits of using one are.

To answer the first question, here is a quick definition:

An influencer marketing platform refers to an online space where influential people sign up to work directly with brands on social media campaigns.

For example, here is a directory of influencer profiles that you can check out on the influencer marketing platform, Tagger once you sign in:

image7 768x480 1

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Typically, brands submit detailed campaign proposals to the influencer marketplace. Any influencer who finds a proposal interesting can connect with the brand easily. The idea is to make collaboration between brands and influencers smoother.

However, some platforms only allow you to find information about the influencers. To contact them, you need to reach out to them directly.

Pros of Using an Influencer Marketing Platform

The biggest benefit of using an influencer marketing platform is that you get easy access to multiple influencers. That’s the obvious part. But what are the other perks you can get by using an influencer marketing platform?

Let’s take a closer look.

Benefit #1: You Get Access to Vetted Profiles

Most influencer marketing platforms vet influencers before adding their profiles to the system. This means that you can expect to find high-quality profiles that do not engage in shady practices. As a result, you can save time that you would otherwise spend conducting a thorough background check.

Benefit #2: You Can Collaborate More Easily

Influencers who are registered on influencer marketing platforms are likely to be familiar with what it takes to manage a partnership. This means that you’ll have to spend less time educating and onboarding them.

In a nutshell, the whole process of pitching a campaign and collaborating is likely to be quicker.

Benefit #3: You Can Check Out Influencers of Different Tiers

From upcoming nano-influencers to high-end celebrities, most influencer marketing platforms have a variety of profiles you can check out. If you’re planning to collaborate with multiple influencers or creators across different tiers, these platforms are great.

Benefit #4: You Can Find Niche Influencers

Influencer marketing platforms attract influencers from different niches. If your campaign is related to a specific niche, you can check profiles specifically from that category.

Even for narrow categories like home organization or gardening, you’re likely to find some influencer profiles that you’d like to work with.

Benefit #5: You Can Track Results Easily

Influencer marketing platforms offer advanced reporting options so that you can track your campaigns more easily. From conversions to engagement and even sales, you can keep an eye on everything on a single dashboard. Not only is it convenient, but it is also helpful if you need to send reports to investors.

Now that we’ve covered the main benefits of influencer marketing platforms, don’t you think it's worth the investment?

Trust us, your marketing team will thank you for investing in such a platform. It will make it easy for them to run influencer campaigns smoothly.

That brings us to the question — Which is the best influencer marketing platform for you? There is no singular answer. The choice will vary based on your campaign goals, budget, and overall requirements.

In the next section, let’s discuss some important factors you should look at while comparing different platforms.

How to Pick the Best Influencer Platform: 10 Questions All Marketers Should Ask

Approximately 1% of marketers say that it is difficult to find the right influencer for their campaign. What’s more, spotting fake followers also is the topmost concern for marketers. It’s possible that you might face these problems as well.

One of the best ways to avoid them is to find influencers via reliable influencer discovery platforms. Before you decide on a platform, make sure you find answers to the following questions:

1. Does the influencer marketing platform allow you to work with multiple influencers at once?
Even before you begin your first influencer marketing program, you need to think big. At a later stage, you may want to scale your campaigns and work with multiple influencers.

That’s why it is important to check if the influencer marketing platform of your choice has any restrictions related to influencer partnerships. Some platforms may charge an additional fee or allow you to collaborate with an allotted number of influencers only.

2. Does the influencer marketing platform allow you to discover influencers across platforms and categories?
Undoubtedly, Instagram is the most important platform for influencer marketing. YouTube and Facebook are next in line in terms of popularity.

But what if you want to run an influencer marketing campaign specifically on a niche platform like Twitch? Or if you want to run campaigns on multiple platforms? It’s possible to do that with the right influencer marketing platforms.

Some platforms allow you to find influencers on specific social media networks. If you want to work with influencers on YouTube or TikTok, double check if the influencer platform has influencer profiles from these networks.

In addition to this, also check out all of the categories from which you can find influencer profiles on a social media network. For brands that want to work with only niche influencers, this is an important step.

3. Does the influencer marketing platform filter suspicious influencer profiles?
Working with influencers who buy fake followers can damage your brand’s reputation. In the process, you can also waste your money without getting any results.

What’s the best way to avoid such a partnership? Work with only credible influencers. Good influencer platforms regularly weed out any inactive or seemingly suspicious influencer profiles. On such platforms, you can be sure that you’ll only find genuine influencer profiles.

While you can manually assess the audience authenticity of any influencer, it may be a time-consuming process.

You’ll have to sift through an influencer’s follower list and double check if they have credible names, profile pictures, and posts. You’ll also need to find out if they follow other accounts with similar interests.

Instead of getting into all these details, you can simply use an influencer marketing platform that uses AI to do all the work for you. Here is an example of how Heepsy reports the audience authenticity of influencers on their platform:


Image via Mention

4. Can you directly DM influencers via the influencer marketing platform?
Many influencer marketing platforms allow you to reach out to them directly. This can save you the hassle of finding their contact details to reach them via phone or email.

If you can connect with influencers via the platform itself, you can straightaway discuss brand deals and collaborations.

5. Does the influencer marketing platform have built-in social listening tools?
If your brand has been active on social media for a while, chances are you already have an engaged audience.

Some of your fans may even have the potential to become brand advocates. With built-in social listening tools, you can find such profiles easily and create campaigns for them. Such platforms send you alerts and notifications every time your brand is mentioned online.

6. Which integrations does the influencer marketing platform provide?
Many influencer marketing platforms provide integrations with ecommerce and email marketing software programs.

This makes it possible for you to connect your customer list directly and create genuine relationships. If the goal of your influencer marketing campaign is to boost sales, this feature is a useful one.

7. How flexible are influencer campaign workflows?
You may have a cracker of an idea for your influencer campaign. However, with time, your needs and ideas can evolve.

That’s why you should check if your campaign workflows are customizable and flexible even if the campaign is live. If you have multiple changes and you have to keep on setting up a new campaign each time, it can be confusing and inefficient.

8. Can you run social media ads via the influencer marketing platform?
One of the best ways to run an effective social media campaign is through influencer whitelisting. For the uninitiated, it refers to the process of getting permission from an influencer to run paid social media ads through their online profile.

While you can do it manually, it can be a tedious process that requires a lot of effort. Many influencer marketing platforms offer whitelisting capabilities that streamline the process of obtaining advertising access to influencer accounts.

What’s more, some platforms also offer options for providing automatic content rights. This feature is very helpful for keeping a track of posts that perform well organically.

As a result, it becomes easier to figure out which posts should be boosted so that they can be shown to a targeted audience through paid social media ads.

9. Is the analytics data integrated with the Instagram API?
Invest in an influencer marketing platform that provides accurate data for your campaigns. Ideally, you should opt for a platform that gives you data from Instagram API. Such real-time data is accurate.

However, some platforms scrape this data from the web. If that’s the case, the data that you see may not be too accurate. Before you finalize any influencer marketing platform, make sure you check that it is integrated fully with the right API.

10. How can you measure the impact of your influencer marketing campaigns?
If you want to improve your influencer marketing campaign, you need to keep an eye on the key metrics. For campaigns where the overall goal is to boost engagement, you’ll need to check the likes, shares, and comments on your posts.

On the other hand, if you want to increase your brand awareness, you need to track brand mentions, impressions, follows, and other relevant metrics.

Make sure the influencer marketing platform that you choose has clearly defined metrics to track your campaigns. It is also a good idea to check the reporting capabilities beforehand. After all, complex data presented in visual form can make things a lot easier for your marketing team.

Once you find answers to the above-mentioned questions, you’ll have more clarity on which influencer marketing platform is the best for you.

To make sure you’re signing up for the right choice, take a look at the key features of the top influencer marketing platforms in the market.

Which Are the Best Influencer Marketplaces and Platforms?

1. Upfluence

This influencer marketing platform has a robust discovery tool that allows you to discover new influencers and brand ambassadors across different categories.

It comes loaded with easy-to-use tracking tools that make it easy to manage your campaign and find out who is talking about you on social media.

What’s more, Upfluence’s suite of tools also includes specialized options for relationship management and payment processing. Basically, you can run your influencer campaigns completely via this influencer platform.

Key Features

  • Discover influencers and analyze if they are the right fit for your brand
  • Check the progress of each influencer collaboration under a single dashboard
  • Create custom workflows and automate campaigns easily
  • Send invoices easily within the dashboard
  • Track campaign performance with advanced analytics


  • Shows vetted influencer profiles across all major social media networks
  • Offers the ability to generate individual affiliate links and coupon codes
  • Provides native ecommerce integrations
  • Allows you to send emails in bulk to contact creators at scale
  • Has a free Chrome extension
  • Assigns a dedicated manager for each client


  • Minimum contract is for 12 months
  • Can seem complicated for newbies

Tool/Platform/Software Level

Great for ecommerce businesses

Upfluence has three different plans: Growth, Scale, and Enterprise. To find out more about the pricing details, please get in touch with their sales team.


Image via Upfluence

Pro Tip: Use their Product Seeding feature to provide hybrid (payment and products) compensation to influencers.

2. Tagger

This data-centric influencer marketing platform enables you to discover influencers around the globe and manage relationships with them easily. It has on-platform payments, contracts, and messaging so you don’t have to exit the platform at any point.

When it comes to campaign planning and management, Tagger has advanced capabilities to analyze audiences, interests, and affinities. You can even compare how you fare up to your competitors.

In a nutshell, you get a centralized hub to manage all activities related to your influencer marketing campaign.

Key Features

  • Get access to over 6 million influencer profiles
  • Filter influencer profiles based on location, engagement rate, affinity, and other such metrics
  • Check influencer analytics and measure their authenticity
  • Track and compare competitor metrics
  • Generate accurate, real-time campaign reports that are customizable


  • Has a great social listening tool that allows you to conduct competitive analysis
  • Gives you the ability to white-label messages
  • Can create proposals and approve content directly via the influencer platform
  • Shows top content and creators for specified metrics


  • Might take a while to understand all of its features
  • May be too complex for small businesses
  • No pricing details mentioned

Tool/Platform/Software Level
Intermediate to Advanced

Meant for mid to large scale businesses

Please get in touch with their sales team to get a quote based on your requirements.


Image via Tagger

Pro Tip: If you are working with multiple influencers, you can group them together to track their efforts easily.

3. TapInfluence

This end-to-end influencer marketing platform can help you with influencer discovery, outreach, campaign management, and analytics. It’s designed so that you can run your influencer marketing campaign without the need to move away from the platform.

From creative briefing for campaign proposals to content creation and payments, you can handle it all on TapInfluence. To make sure you are headed in the right direction, you can analyze key campaign metrics including reach, media value, views, and conversions.

To scale your campaigns, TapInfluence also allows you to automate the whole process of content amplification. All you need to do is set the budget and pick a relevant image.

All in all, it has a lot of advanced features that can take your influencer marketing campaigns to the next level. The platform is made with marketers and their convenience in mind, so you can expect a great user experience.

Key Features

  • Look for suitable influencers via keyword and visual search options
  • Create influencer lists or get access to premade lists for top search topics
  • Schedule multiple social media posts across different time-slots
  • Automate the addition of a sponsorship disclosure
  • Check fraud detection and third-party click scoring for click traffic


  • Provides easily downloadable reports for campaign tracking
  • Integrates with Google Analytics and all major social media networks
  • Ability to provide or restrict access to team members or clients to specific campaigns
  • Can automate campaigns with their publishing and scheduling tools


  • No details about pricing plans provided
  • Some users might find the onboarding process tricky

Tool/Platform/Software Level

Meant for agencies and large brands

Please get in touch with their sales team to get an accurate quote.


Image via TapInfluence

Pro Tip: To optimize your campaign budget, you can utilize the open bidding system in TapInfluence. It also allows you to programmatically match your bids based on creator targeting options.

4. Onalytica

This influencer marketing platform is known for its easy search capabilities. Equipped with a huge database of influencer profiles, you can easily filter out results based on your campaign requirements.

Additionally, Onalytica has other tools to help you manage your relationships with all the influencers on your radar. If you are looking for an influencer marketing platform that is targeted towards B2B campaigns, Onalytica should be your choice.

On their website, they mention that their clients have seen up to thirty times more awareness and engagement. Plus, they have also seen five times more demand generation, with their target audience.

This was possible by integrating influencers into event and content promotion. In a nutshell, it’s an easy-to-use software program that is ideal for businesses of all sizes.

Key Features

  • Discover influencers from a global database that includes more than 700,000 influencers
  • Get important insights into your audience and key metrics
  • Manage multiple influencer relationships and scale your campaigns
  • Measure the impact of your influencer marketing campaigns


  • With the Topical Authority score, you can figure out the relative influence of a particular influencer in a chosen field
  • You can find influencers via content or topics
  • Ability to understand what an influencer mostly talks about via “Word Clouds”
  • Ability to analyze an influencer’s prominent influence circles via “Key Connections”
  • Demo provided


  • You can not send direct messages to influencers via the Onalytica platform
  • Limited information on their website

Please get in touch with their sales team to get an exact quote.

Tool/Platform/Software Level
Beginner to Intermediate

Ideal for mid-size and large brands


Image via Onalytica

Pro Tip: If you are a newbie to influencer marketing, join Onalytica’s Academy to learn all of the fundamentals and advanced tricks of influencer marketing.

5. Klear

In the era before influencer marketing boomed, Klear began as a tool to help Twitter users get analytics on their follower base. Since then, it has shifted course and become a full-fledged influencer marketing platform.

It enables you to search for relevant influencers across different platforms via advanced filters. It also shows audience demographics and influencer analytics so you can vet influencers easily for your campaigns.

The Klear CRM also makes it possible for you to maintain contact information for influencers, manage outreach, and track campaign status. It also comes with social listening and monitoring capabilities to help you improve your marketing approach.

Key Features

  • Focus on influencer search via niche topics, influencer tier, social channels, or other such advanced filters
  • Get all influencer research on one platform
  • Manage influencer relations with the built-in CRM system
  • Build lasting relationships with Klear’s in-app messaging tool
  • Approve content, sign contracts, and process payments from within the platform
  • Measure the success of your influencer programs and create detailed reports


  • Create easy-to-understand reports that are super insightful
  • The social listening features teach Klear’s AI about your brand
  • Klear’s AI shows search results that are specifically relevant for your brand
  • Supports all platforms including Instagram Stories and TikTok
  • Live, tailor-made demo available


  • No proper reports for TikTok
  • May face issues pulling historical data sometimes

Please get in touch with their sales team for a live demo and pricing details.
Tool/Platform/Software Level
Beginner to Intermediate
Meant for small and mid-size brands, and agencies


Image via Klear

Pro Tip: Not sure how much to charge influencers for your campaign? Check out the influencer pricing calculator on Klear.

6. Traackr

This data-driven influencer marketing platform aims to help brands build long-lasting relationships with influencers. In fact, you can sort influencer profiles based on the type of relationship you have with them on Traackr.

In addition to this, they also have a social listening tool to keep track of brand mentions in real time. It is designed keeping in mind the needs of enterprises. It provides a deep dive into analytics that are important for high-stakes influencer campaigns.

Key Features

  • Network visualization tool to check an influencer’s close connections
  • Easy-to-use collaboration tools for large teams
  • Check which strategies are working for your competitors
  • Check relative influence and affinity via the Resonance score


  • It has a robust search platform
  • Lots of educational resources provided
  • Option to sort influencer profiles based on your relationship
  • Includes all major social media networks


  • It may take a while to learn the software program properly
  • No data provided yet for Instagram Stories

Please contact their sales team for an exact quote. Pricing details are available only by request.

Tool/Platform/Software Level
Beginner to Intermediate

Meant for large organizations


Image via Traackr

Pro Tip: If you aren't sure if the investment in Traackr is worth it, check out their ROI calculator.


As one of the best influencer marketing platforms out there, IZEA enables you to manage your campaigns from the start to the finish. For marketers, IZEA offers a specialized discovery tool, influencer marketing platform, and the option to opt for fully managed campaigns.

This platform has been paying bloggers since 2006. If you think about it, they were probably one of the first few influencer marketing platforms to monetize the business. Since then, they have come a long way.

Now IZEA covers content production, distribution, and campaign management all under one platform. In fact, they also have a special Creator Marketplace and a Social Intelligence Platform.
Key Features

  • Provides a global network of opt-in influencers
  • Search for influencers with customizable filters
  • Engage with influencers via in-app messaging
  • Send direct offers and open bids via the influencer platform
  • Work with two-way bidding in the system to eliminate accounting issues
  • Distribute content on various platforms and monitor its impact in real-time


  • Automated FTC disclosures for all content published via the influencer marketing platform
  • Option to build your own Influencer Cloud via white labeling
  • Option to check an influencer’s top brand mentions and connections
  • Demo available


  • Has a rich functionality but requires some time to learn
  • Pricing may be high for small organizations

IZEA has multiple solutions for creators and marketers. Here are the prices of all of them:

  • IZEAxDiscovery: $149/month onwards
  • IZEAxUnity Suite: $500/month onwards
  • BrandGraph: $149/month onwards
  • Shake: $50/month onwards
  • Managed Services: $25k onwards

Tool/Platform/Software Level

Meant for medium-sized companies to large organizations


Image via IZEA

Pro Tip: Want to design long-term influencer marketing campaigns? Use IZEA to make multi-platform, multi-part Creator ambassadorships. With this option, you can allow Creators to accept an offer that has a pay-out for each deliverable.

8. Influencity

When Influencity started in 2014, its focus was only on Twitter. It was a platform that aimed to automate publishing tweets by Twitter influencers. Over the years, their focus has shifted towards Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and other popular social media networks.

On Influencity, you can search for influencer profiles and add multiple filters in many different combinations to get the most relevant results.

Once you find a profile you are interested in, you can check their audience demographics, follower quality, affinity, and more. Basically, all the research is done for you. Additionally, it also has features for campaign management and tracking.

Key Features

  • Get more relevant results with lookalike influencer searches
  • Make influencer lists and forecast how they are likely to perform
  • Automate multiple influencer campaigns at once
  • Assess costs of past projects to negotiate better deals with influencers
  • Add notes in the influencer platform to collaborate more easily with your team members
  • Compare campaign performance across platforms with easy-to-read graphs


  • Get access to a huge influencer database (over 70 million influencer profiles)
  • Ability to check how often an influencer interacts with their audience
  • Ability to spot fake influencers
  • Option to match your audience preferences to influencer profiles
  • Free trial available


  • Rich functionality but has a steep learning curve
  • Limited features in the lower-tier pricing plans

Influencity has four different pricing plans:

  • Starter Plan: $48/month
  • Basic Plan: $98/month
  • Professional Plan: $298/month
  • Business Plan: $698/month

Tool/Platform/Software Level
Intermediate to Advanced

Meant for small businesses, medium-size brands, large brands, and agencies


Image via Influencity

Pro Tip: Need help with campaign management, influencer hiring, or campaign strategy? Get in touch with Influencity’s accounts team. They will share additional services that you can opt for to make it easy for you to manage your influencer marketing campaigns.


Unlike most other influencer marketing platforms listed in this post, is a newer player on the bloc. When it began in 2018, it was called “Shop and Shout.” Since the beginning, their focus has been more on micro-influencers and small businesses.

The idea behind the platform is to give equal importance to the quality of content and its distribution. For each of the 100,000 influencer profiles on, you can get in-depth data. From audience interests to lookalike profiles, you can find it all on the platform.

The entire process of setting up a campaign and running paid social media is super convenient. Even if you are a newbie, you’ll be able to navigate this influencer marketing platform easily.

Key Features

  • Provides in-depth audience analytics
  • Easy opt-in for influencers via the Collaboration Hub
  • Option to run always-on automated influencer campaigns
  • Ability to whitelist or sponsor user-generated content


  • Easy to set influencer requirements and make your offer
  • Integration with Facebook Ads to repurpose content
  • Has special tools that make it super easy to host giveaways
  • Option to work with a campaign specialist for Automated plan subscribers


  • YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are the only available channels
  • Minimum three-month subscription required

Pricing has three main pricing plans:

  • Affiliate Programs: $99/month
  • Full Access: $395/month
  • Automated Plan: $995/month

These prices are for a three-month subscription. If you pay a 12-month plan at once, then you can get a 15% discount on all pricing plans.

Tool/Platform/Software Level
Beginner to Intermediate

Suitable for small businesses and midsize companies


Image via

Pro Tip: Check out the free Marketplace on You may find interesting products or influencer profiles in your niche.

10. trendHERO

This influencer marketing tool is especially notable for its feature that helps brands detect fake followers. With it, you can easily find the quality of an influencer’s audience and gauge if they use genuine means to grow their influence.

On trendHERO, you can also find influencers by demographic, engagement, active subscribers, and other important metrics. In addition to this, you can monitor your competition and monitor how often they promote their social media ads.

The best part is that the platform also sends you a list of 500 similar accounts based on the interests of followers.

Key Features

  • Check audience analytics by city, gender, audience interests, audience type, and other such categories
  • Monitor how an influencer responds to their followers’ comments and how closely they appear to be in touch with them
  • Analyze content to find the percentage of likes from subscribers
  • Analyze brand mentions and find similar blogger accounts


  • Lookalike search to find relevant influencer profiles easily
  • Ability to check an influencer’s past branded work
  • Deep analysis of influencers and their followers
  • Free plan available


  • Works only on Instagram

You need a minimum one-month subscription for the paid plans of this influencer marketing platform. To give it a try first, you can opt for the free plan. Here are all of the plans:

  • Free Plan: $0
  • Lite Plan: $9.99/month
  • Pro Plan: $29.99/month
  • Advanced Plan: $99.99/month

Tool/Platform/Software Level
Beginner to Intermediate

Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, and agencies


Image via trendHERO

Pro Tip: If you intend to make a presentation or show an influencer list to investors, you can export your report in PDF.

11. GRIN

This influencer marketing platform is focused on helping ecommerce businesses create valuable influencer collaborations. This all-in-one platform has features that cover influencer discovery, relationship management, content management, reporting, and more.

What makes this platform stand out from the others is that it enables you to manage your orders without having to worry about delivery. GRIN can handle all of that for you.

Key Features

  • Discover influencer profiles across YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok
  • Track all your KPIs and create custom reports within the influencer platform
  • Track and repurpose content to publish it across different social media platforms
  • Product seeding options so you don’t have to worry about the logistics
  • Manage payments within the influencer platform


  • Enables you to find influencers from within your customer base
  • Multiple integrations available
  • Real-time tracking of sales and referrals
  • Demo available

Pricing information not available

Please get in touch with their sales team for details on their pricing plans.

Tool/Platform/Software Level
Beginner to Intermediate

Meant for all ecommerce businesses


Image via GRIN

Pro Tip: To analyze your ROI based on sales, check the payment history option. It shows how much money you have paid to a specific influencer over a period of time.

12. Aspire

Aspire aims to help brands create solid communities of influencers, loyal ambassadors, and affiliates to talk about their brand experience at scale.

One of the most unique aspects of this influencer marketing platform is that it enables you to search for influencers via image recognition. Just like you conduct an image search on Google, you can look for relevant influencers via images.

Additionally, it also provides social listening abilities. So, you can find brand ambassadors based on profiles that mention your brand online.

You can manage relationships with influencers and track campaign ROI. You can also track your affiliate programs and reward the top-performing influencers with incentives for boosting your sales.

All in all, Aspire is an all-in-one platform to boost your online presence and manage your influencer and affiliate programs.

Key Features

  • Search for influencers based on aesthetics, keywords, location, and other key metrics
  • Get access to a Creator Marketplace
  • Check data-rich profiles for vetting and shortlisting influencers
  • Look at benchmark pricing recommendations
  • Monitor your brand mentions online
  • Specialized tools for influencer relationship management
  • You can integrate influencer platform with Shopify


  • Multiple ways to find influencers for your campaign, including image matching
  • Multiple templates provided
  • Detailed, insightful reports given
  • Demo available on request


  • Some influencer recommendations may not seem relevant
  • Loading time is long in the browser

Please get in touch with their sales team for pricing details.

Tool/Platform/Software Level

Ideal for brands and agencies of all sizes


Image via Aspire

Pro Tip: To turn your existing customers into brand advocates, use the Shopify integration on Aspire.

13. NeoReach

This influencer marketing platform’s algorithm mines the online web to dig for data and then goes on to index it.

Currently, there are over five million social media influencers in the NeoReach database. For each influencer profile listed on the platform, NeoReach provides comprehensive data.

It is designed keeping in mind the needs of enterprises and large companies. For small to midsize companies, this influencer marketing platform may not be suitable. They customize the annual subscription for all of their clients. However, the overall range is between $50K-$500K.

NeoReach monitors the activity of influencers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, and YouTube. You can access all of this data while picking the right influencer for your campaign.

Along with an influencer marketing platform, NeoReach also provides fully-managed campaign services.

Key Features

  • Get access to 40 advanced filters to find the most relevant influencers for your campaign
  • Check an influencer’s authority within their target market
  • Connect with influencers on the platform via their in-app messaging feature
  • Create automated workflows to run your campaigns on autopilot
  • Track the progress of your campaigns in real time


  • Has an easy-to-use, intuitive interface
  • Has an effective onboarding process
  • Influencer Media Value (IMV) is a good indicator of your ROI


  • Only a few micro-influencer profiles are available on the influencer marketing platform
  • The price point may be expensive for small businesses


  • NeoReach offers different pricing plans for different organizations. However, these are not designed like the plans listed for the other influencer marketing platforms on this list.
  • Instead, NeoReach gives you a customized quote based on your needs and the number of followers you have. So, it isn’t possible to get a specific pricing plan structure up front.
  • NeoReach’s main audience is large companies that have huge budgets and large marketing departments. Expect the annual subscription fees to cost anywhere between $50K-$500K.

Tool/Platform/Software Level

Ideal for large companies and big agencies


Image via NeoReach

Pro Tip: Not sure if an influencer profile is genuine? Use NeoReach’s fraud detection service to check if an influencer has fake likes or follows on their profile.


1. Which is the best influencer platform for B2B campaigns?
One of the best influencer platforms for B2B campaigns is Onalytica. On their platform, you can find verified profiles, check influencer preferences, and get campaign insights.

You can also use contract templates and the integrated payments system to run your influencer campaigns smoothly on the platform.

2. Which is the best influencer marketing platform for small businesses?
Here are some of the best influencer marketing platforms that are designed keeping in mind the needs of small businesses:

  • Klear
  • Influencity
  • GRIN

3. How can I find influencers for free?
Here are some unique ways in which you can find influencers for free:

  • Search for niche-specific or location-specific hashtags on Instagram.
  • Check out the list of top niche influencers on Google.
  • Check influencer profiles on the Explore page on Instagram.
  • Monitor your brand mentions.
  • Use a free influencer marketing platform.
  • Check who your competitors are collaborating with.

4. Which criteria should I look at while picking an influencer marketing platform?
Before deciding on which influencer marketing platform you want to use, these are the features that you compare for different platforms:

  • Social media channels
  • Categories
  • Influencer tiers
  • In-app messaging
  • Fraud detection
  • Integrations
  • Flexible workflows
  • Campaign analytics
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Budget
  • Ease of use

5. Which are the most profitable niches in influencer marketing?
Here are some of the most profitable niches in influencer marketing

  • Health
  • Beauty
  • Fitness
  • Travel
  • Fashion

6. Which are the best influencer marketing platforms?
Here are the best influencer marketing platforms:

  • Tagger
  • Upfluence
  • TapInfluence
  • Onalytica
  • Klear
  • IZEA
  • Influencity
  • … and others.

For more options and details, check out the other tools mentioned in this post.

7. What are influencer networks?
Influencer networks are platforms that can connect brands and influencers for collaboration. Typically, these marketplaces feature pre-vetted and verified profiles.

When a brand signs up to such a network, they get access to this pool of influencers. In addition to this, they can also find analytics for campaigns that are run within the network.

Unlike influencer marketing platforms, you can’t automate your campaign flows or organize your campaigns from within the platform.

8. Which platforms or channels do influencers use?
Instagram is the most popular channel for influencer marketing. Apart from this, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitch, and blogs are also used.

9. Which social media network has the most influencers?
Instagram, being the hub of influencer marketing, has the highest number of social media influencers.

10. What software programs do influencers usually use?
Influencers can sign up to influencer marketplaces or influencer marketing platforms to boost their visibility. Upfluence, Tagger Media, TapInfluence, Onalytica are some of the popular platforms that influencers are active on.

Which is the Best Influencer Platform?

Influencer marketing platforms make it easy for you to find genuine influencers to collaborate with. Instead of having to go through hundreds of influencer profiles manually and checking if they are legit, you can depend on these platforms.

Such platforms either allow only verified influencers to sign up or constantly weed out any suspicious-looking profiles.

Recently, influencer marketing platforms have also started offering other additional services, including campaign management, CRM, campaign analytics, affiliate programs, and content amplification.

Before you choose the best influencer marketing platform for your brand, make sure that you check them on the basis of the criteria mentioned in this post.

Do you have any questions related to finding the best influencer marketing campaign for your business? Please feel free to mention them in the comments section.

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