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trendHERO is a smart analytics tool that can check Instagram influencer accounts for 90+ metrics, including follower quality, engagement, and ad return. Social media managers and brands can use the tool to search for influencers with real, relevant, and engaged followers.

Product Ratings
Value For Money:
  • Huge influencer database
  • Easy to use
  • Machine Learning-Enabled
  • Real-Time Insights
  • 13+ Payment Modes
  • Anytime-Cancel subscription
  • Free trial
  • Works only with Instagram
Pricing Details
Pricing PlanCost (Per Month)

*Their pricing changes depending on the country in which you register for their web service. The prices above are for the US and Europe.

Quick Review

Truth be told, influencer marketing is no cakewalk. It can really backfire if you have the misfortune of partnering with fake or incompetent influencers. But with follower inflation rampant, it’s hard to distinguish genuine influencers from fake ones.

trendHERO makes influencer selection easier with its powerful influencer audit and analytics. Using Machine Learning algorithms, it detects fake followers, likers, and commenters on influencer accounts. Plus, it can analyze ad posts made by influencers for engagement and mentions.

When you base your influencer selection on such concrete numbers, you can get assured returns from influencer marketing. That’s why a tool like trendHERO is an invaluable accessory for serious Instagram marketers and influencers.

trendHERO Review: Key Features

  • Influencer Discovery
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Influencer Account Audit
  • Hashtag Analytics
  • Account Tracking
  • Search Similar Influencers
  • Real-Time Insights
  • Check Influencer Advertising Return

Who is it Designed For?

  • Social Media Managers/Analysts
  • Instagram influencers
  • Influencer marketing agencies
  • Influencer managers
  • Startups
  • Enterprises
  • …AND
  • Anyone who wants to partner with authenticated influencers
  • Anyone who wants an assured ROI from influencer marketing
  • Anyone who wants to access deep insights about their audience and competitors

How I Discovered trendHERO

I'm always on the lookout for new Instagram marketing tools since Instagram is a prime destination for most marketers, content creators, and brands. While researching these tools, I discovered trendHERO for Instagram influencer audits.

I decided to pay a visit to their website. The tool offered superior analytics for detecting fake followers, tracking Instagram accounts, and finding similar influencers. Their mammoth database of 60 million+ authenticated influencers was indeed impressive.

Disclosure: This content may contain a few affiliate links, which means if you click on them, I will get a commission (without any extra cost to you).

But what sparked my curiosity the most was their “500+ Similar Influencers” feature. As an influencer marketing consultant, I often have to provide my clients with comparable influencer options, and trendHERO could help me with that.

I signed up for their Business account and haven't looked back since. trendHERO has impressed me with their in-depth reporting, proactive customer support, and transparent policies.

Knowing that trendHERO has done the due diligence of evaluating influencers, I can recommend influencers with confidence and risk-proof my brand's reputation. Plus, I can extract better marketing ROI by investing in influencers with genuine, relevant, and engaged followers.

But how does trendHERO manage to do all of that? For this answer, read the detailed review below. I'm going to discuss the tool's pros and cons, pricing, and features in detail.

trendHERO: A Detailed Review

trendHERO is a one-in-all influencer discovery tool for Instagram. It can be used to:

  • Search for influencers and opinion leaders for collaboration
  • Audit influencer accounts for fake followers and engagement inflation
  • Find similar influencers
  • Check influencer advertising potential
  • Create, manage, and export shortlists of influencers to Microsoft Excel
  • Track influencer and other accounts

In this trendHERO review, I'm going to give you an overview of the tool's main features, with screenshots for better understanding. After that, I will cover commonly asked questions about the tool's customer support, pricing, refund policies, and payment options.

Let's get started…

How to Use trendHERO For Influencer Discovery

Like most influencer marketing platforms, trendHERO can be used for influencer discovery and research. But you can get really granular with your search using the tool's advanced search filters.

For instance, you can specify multiple locations if you want to capture local audiences through influencer marketing.

A unique filter that trendHERO offers is “follower growth in the last 30 days.” Since social media is quite volatile, it makes sense to make your influencer selection based on recent, real-time data only. And that's where the % follower growth filter plays a key role.

If an influencer has a decent follower growth rate, it shows their account is alive and kicking. At the same time, influencers with abnormally high growth rates are not desirable.

Why, you ask?

They could be using black-hat tactics to inflate followership, such as participating in “follow-for-follow” groups or buying fake followers.


The tool offers many other powerful filters as well, such as number of followers and engagement rate (ER).

Apart from the above search parameters, you can specify 13+ sub-categories to drill down on influencers in your precise industry. If you're not sure about the specs of influencers, you can conduct searches with industry-specific keywords.

trendhero 1

This way, you can save a lot of time and effort during your influencer search and selection.

How to Audit Instagram Influencer Accounts Using trendHERO

While many influencers might look good on paper, they might be faking followers and engagement numbers to lure clients. Marketers, agencies, and brands need to do due diligence while selecting influencers.

To this end, trendHERO can help you audit influence accounts to detect fake followers. This way, you are confident that the influencers you are hiring are authentic and reputable.

To demonstrate how trendHERO audits influencer accounts, I signed up for the tool and conducted a basic influencer search. I short-listed some influencers and opinion leaders that aligned with my niche and values.

To check their credentials, I clicked on “Demo reports” for one of the influencers on my list (David Robson Yoga).

trendHERO provided me with exhaustive analytics about the influencer. Apart from a general overview of the account health, it delivers easy-to-understand charts on things like:

  • Average likes/comments per post
  • Publications in the last seven days, which indicates how active an influencer is on social media
  • Audience authenticity indicated by the number of followers and broken down into fake, suspicious, verified, mass, and commercial categories.trendhero 2

    If there is a huge disparity between an influencer's overall audience and likers, you need to investigate deeper.

    Why so?

    It's likely they've bought fake followers who don't actually engage with their content. Or, most of their followers are dormant, which is bad news for potential clients.

  • Location of overall audience and likers. You can find out which countries your active followers are in and use that intel to finetune your targeting.In the picture below, you can see that our chosen influencer has the most followers from the US but his followers from Brazil are the most active.
    trendhero 3

  • Post frequency and % of likes from followers shows how consistently an influencer posts and how actively their followers engage with their content.trendhero 4
  • Comments analytics, such as the proportion of author comments, short comments, suspicious comments, and real comments.trendhero 5

    If most of the non-author comments on an influencer's posts are short, it is a definite red flag for prospective clients. Longer comments indicate deeper engagement.

    Likewise, author comments should be abundant and insightful since it shows they are keen to interact with followers and build tight communities.

  • Another report worth mentioning here is the quality of likers/commenters.If the majority of likes/comments for an influencer are coming from people with large followings (> 2K), you can assume that the influencer is a part of “comment-for-comment” or “follow-for-follow” type groups.
    trendhero 6

    This is not a good sign since most groups don't allow advertorial content (unless they are business groups). Partnering with such influencers can be wasteful for brands and marketers.

This way, you can rigorously investigate prospective influencers and even influencers you are currently working with. If you're researching influencers for clients, you can export all of these influencer reports into PDFs and attach them to emails and presentations.

The interface is so intuitive and neat that even first-time users will be able to use the tool efficiently. Additionally, with every graphic, there are tool tips to help you interpret the data visualizations better.

How to Find Similar Influencers with trendHERO

While there are many influencer discovery platforms out there, trendHERO's unique features set it apart from its competitors. One such stand-out feature is “500 Similar influencers.”

Using your selected influencers as a starting point, the tool puts together a list of similar influencers, which can be filtered and sorted as needed.

Many sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms comb 1000+ resources to put together the lists. They dig into the accounts that your influencers' followers are following. Out of those accounts, they pick the ones that fit the “similar influencer” bill.

But why do you need to find similar influencers?

Many reasons.

If you own an influencer agency, you need a database of influencers in different niches. Moreover, you want the influencers in your database to be verified and genuine. That's where trendHERO's “Similar influencers” feature comes into play.

Brands that are dissatisfied with their current influencers can find potential partners among the influencer's competitors.

In this report, there is a column titled “Repeats/correlation” that shows the degree of correlation between the compared influencers. The higher the correlation, the more comparable the influencers are.

For example, in the report below, you can see the first influencer (Jelena Vesic`) is a better alternative to our reference influencer (David Robson Yoga) than the second one (Yoga Practice by Alo).

trendhero 7

How did we know that?

Compared to Yoga Practice with Alo, Jelena's correlation with David is quite high (83) even though she shares fewer followers with David.

Lastly, influencers can use this report for competitor research. Using themselves as a reference point, they can see, at a glance, all of the influencers that their followers are following. By digging into their competitors' content, they can find out who they are up against.

How to Check Influencer Advertising Potential Using trendHERO

Influencer marketing can be leveraged to drive sales and trendHERO makes it easy for you to do so through their “Ad Posts” feature.

How does that work?

The tool can check the latest advertising activity of influencers on your wishlist. If you collaborate with influencers who have a demonstrable advertising history, you can maximize your marketing ROI.

If you're interested in searching for Stories with links to specific domains, you can specify the links in the CTA field (refer to the screenshot below).

After that, you can check each influencer's content quality by clicking on the search results. You can filter the results by post type, posting dates, mentioned accounts, and CTA link.

For instance, in the report below, I extracted a list of influencers who use Instagram Stories to promote brands in niches like fashion, marketing, and design. I've also specified recent posting dates so that the tool shows only the latest data.

trendhero 8

It works the other way around too…

Influencers can look for clients who are open to buying sponsored posts. They can check out advertising content that's trending in their niche as well as the going rate of sponsored posts. Armed with this information, they can pitch more effectively and land better deals.

How to Use trendHERO to Shortlist Influencers

When influencer marketing is the mainstay of your digital marketing, it's helpful to keep your favorite influencers on a shortlist so that you don't have to conduct searches from scratch every time.

trendHero allows you to create custom lists of influencers for different campaigns.

Here are the steps you need to follow to create and access lists in trendHERO:

Step1: Click on the “My lists” menu in the navigation bar on the dashboard.

trendhero 9

Step 2: To create a new list, click on the drop-down menu at the top of the page. Scroll down the menu all the way to the bottom until you reach a blank text box. Type in the name of your new list. For this demo, I'm using the name “Fashion influencers.”

trendhero 10

Step 3: Next, you have to select influencers to add to your list. To search for influencers, click on “Discovery” in the navigation pane and select a relevant niche(s) from the “Category” drop-down.

You have a choice of 13+ sub-categories to narrow down your search. For this example, I've selected the “Shopping and Fashion” category.

trendhero 11

Step 4: You will see a list of influencers in the selected category. Click on the ones you want to add to your list.

Once you've selected influencers, click on the bookmark icon on the left-hand side, and select your list from the menu that appears. Repeat this step as many times as needed until you've added all your favorite influencers to your list.

trendhero 12

Step 5: Now that my new list is ready, I can access it any time by clicking on the “My lists” menu and selecting the list from the drop-down on the right-hand side.

As you can see from the picture below, my list has just one influencer. I can remove them from the list by clicking on the “X” to the right.

trendhero 13

Additionally, I can export this list to an Excel file by clicking on the “Export List” button in the top-right corner. This way, I can share my list of prospective influencers with my clients for their opinions and approval. Everything's really quite clean and sorted.

Note: With the Agency plan, you can even access the email addresses and contact numbers of influencers if they have provided these details.

How to Track Influencer Accounts Using trendHERO

trendHERO updates pretty often. The team keeps adding new features and functionalities to make your influencer marketing easy and efficient.

For Instagram marketers, these updates are awesome. With the latest marketing features at your fingertips, it's easy to remain at the top of your game.

One such break-through feature that trendHERO offers is account tracking. You can track the accounts of Instagram influencers for audience growth and engagement patterns. You can also get insights about your target audience by tracking their accounts.

All you have to do is search the accounts you want to track, and then access the “Tracking” menu from the dashboard.

trendhero 14

To demonstrate this feature better, I tracked an influencer account. I signed up for the tool using my email address. I was not asked for credit card details or personal details. And, voila! I was instantly able to start tracking one account for free for 14 days.

The first report that the tool provides about the influencer is “Audience analysis.” The tool plots the influencer's audience volume on a chart date-wise. If there are abnormal peaks or troughs in the chart, you can look into the other reports to figure out what caused them.

trendhero 15

The next report is about content analysis. Just like the previous report, this one also uses a chart to visually depict engagement numbers on the influencer's content.

As you can see from the graphic below, my influencer's engagement rate is growing, which indicates improved content quality and/or targeting.

trendhero 16

The tool also tracks the impact of brand mentions on follower growth. When I accessed this report, I observed a sudden spike in followers of the influencer I was tracking.

Interestingly, the spike happened when the influencer increased the number of brand mentions from 1 to 4. We can infer that the influencer is promoting relevant brands, which is why their follower volume increased exponentially.

They could also have bought an ad or done mutual PR with other influencers in their niche – all leading to increased follower counts.

trendhero 17

The tool also compares the volume of likes and comments as well as posting frequencies. This way, you can judge an influencer's consistency and activity level on Instagram.

trendhero 18

Another useful report in this section is “Top Posts.” You can filter the top posts by likes, comments, and overall engagement, as needed. You also have the option of checking out top posts, with and without mentions.

trendhero 19

Instagram influencers will find the “Best time for posting” report very handy. It identifies the most resultful posting windows, based on the ER of posts during a specific publishing time/duration.

trendhero 20

The “Top hashtags” report can help you find relevant hashtags for your campaigns. You can compare hashtags on the basis of their competition levels and engagement rates.

trendhero 21

The last but perhaps the most important report for marketers is “Ads efficiency.” It shows the performance of ads that your influencer posted during the specified tracking duration.

trendhero 22

For instance, in the above chart, you can see the influencer I'm tracking posted an ad on November 12th. You can make out that the ad didn't boost the influencer's followership too much, despite the fact that there were three mentions of the influencer on the same day.

This could mean that the influencer doesn't have great advertising potential and may not be a great fit for a brand.

On the side, you can see an expandable thumbnail of the ad, along with the number of likes and comments it garnered.

That's all, folks!

I've discussed all the main features and services that trendHERO provides. As you can see, trendHERO is a one-stop destination for marketers, advertisers, and influencers alike.

But there's one more bonus tip for media folks and opinion leaders who use Instagram to grow their clout. They can sign up for trendHERO's Partnership Program and earn a 20% commission from their affiliate links.

Cool, right?

That sums up my trendHERO review. If you're impressed by what you read, register for trendHERO right now. Here's your free trial link:

What Are Customers Saying About trendHERO?

“The better you know the blogger, the better you understand whether they are worth working with or not.”
“The better you know the blogger, the better you understand whether they are worth working with or not.”“The efficiency of advertising campaigns depends on the quality of the analysis of the bloggers and on the selection of those you are going to work with.”
“I have substantiated the choice of the blogger for the client in a well-argued manner and in detail.”
Web Promo Experts

FAQs About trendHERO

Q1. Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

A. Yes, you can cancel your subscription with trendHERO anytime. Your unused payment will be refunded through the payment mode you used while subscribing.

Q2. Is the data provided by trendHERO verified?

A. trendHERO does due diligence while collecting data from third-party sources, but makes no guarantee of its authenticity. You are advised to use the data only for informational purposes to avoid legal liabilities.

Being the sole risk bearer, you must republish or distribute the data with discretion. To learn more about trendHERO's stand on data compliance and security, read their Terms of Use.

Q3. Are the listed influencers affiliates of trendHERO?

A. No, the trendHERO website does not contain any affiliate links. You may find a number of external links but they are more for your information than anything else. The featured influencers are independent contractors who don't pay any commissions to trendHERO for the revenue they generate owing to the tool.

Q4. From where does trendHERO access influencer data?

A. In their Privacy Policy, trendHERO mentions that they use data that influencers have published in public domains, like social media, websites, blogs, and media kits. Thereafter, the tool applies Machine Learning algorithms to identify patterns and draw insights from the gathered data.

Q5. What are the main features of trendHERO?

A. trendHERO mainly offers services to:

1. Audit Instagram accounts for fake followers.
2. Analyze the quality of comments on posts.
3. Track Instagram accounts for follower growth and engagement.
4. Check the performance of ad posts.
5. Find similar influencers.
6. Search influencers and manage search results via custom lists.

Q6. What is the cost of trendHERO?

A. trendHERO has four pricing plans:
Free : $0.00* / Month
Blogger : $15.99* / Month
Business : $39.99* / Month
Agency : $119.99* / Month

*Their pricing changes depending on the country in which you register for their web service. The prices above are for the US and Europe.

Q7. Who can use trendHERO?

A. trendHERO can be used by:

1. Influencers and opinion leaders on Instagram
2. Social media marketing managers and analysts
3. Companies of all sizes and scopes, from startups to enterprises
4. Influencer marketing agencies

Q8. What payment methods are supported by trendHERO?

A. They accept 13+ payment modes, including credit card (Visa and Mastercard), PayPal, QIWI, and most payment wallets.

Q9. What operating systems does trendHERO support?

A. trendHERO can run on Windows and Mac devices as a web app. They are mobile-friendly too.

Q10. What is the deployment type?

A. trendHERO is cloud-based, which means you can host it in the cloud and access it from anywhere, anytime.

trendHERO Review: What is the Final Verdict?

If you're serious about influencer marketing, trendHERO is a must-have tool for you. It digs deep into influencer profiles and audiences to determine their authenticity and bankability. When you rely on real metrics to vet influencers, you can get a more assured ROI from your marketing spend.

While the tool has a simplistic interface, don't consider it lightly. It uses cutting-edge AI technology to prepare reports and metrics. From all the complex data, it creates data visualizations that even non-technical folks can understand. This sure makes it easy for new marketers and entrepreneurs to get off to a flying start in influencer marketing.

Its ad posts feature is arguably the best thing that the tool has to offer. Using it, you can not only check returns on sponsored influencer posts but also optimize your ad creative for future campaigns.

All in all, trendHERO is a powerful tool for Instagram marketers. I would definitely recommend using it to risk-proof your marketing and improve your returns.

trendHERO Review 2024 : Is It the Best Influencer Audit Tool?
trendhero review is it the best influencer audit tool

trendHERO is a robust tool to search and audit Instagram influencer accounts. Here’s my fair and honest trendHERO review that discusses how

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