Professional and skilled marketers need the right tools to help them effectively market and sell their products.

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is one of the most commonly used marketing techniques. But not everyone is doing it right. It requires a lot of effort as there are numerous aspects you need to take care of.

From designing effective ad copy to selecting the right audience that you want to display your ads to, it involves a lot of tasks.

This is where PPC tools can come to your rescue. These tools can help you with all aspects of PPC marketing and help you run a successful campaign. The right tools will also help you reduce your advertising budget and increase your sales.

Which are the Most Trusted PPC Tools to Help Boost Your Campaign ROI?

There are tons of PPC tools out there. Before you decide to download one, it’s important to compare the features of each of the tools. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best PPC tools. Check them out and then make an informed choice.


Disclosure: Please note that a few of the links in this article are actually affiliate links. If you click on them, I will earn a commission, without any extra cost to you. Please know that I have only selected the best PPC tools for you, which I personally tested and highly recommend. For more information, please read my affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy.


1. SEMrush

SEMrush PPC ToolsImage via SEMrush

This is an all-in-one marketing tool that specializes in SEO and PPC. The advertising toolkit helps you with all aspects of your paid campaigns and strategy.

Apart from finding the right keywords, it also helps fuel your creative strategy by finding successful ads by competitors.

Wondering if this is the right tool for you?

Well, if you have an established business and extensive SEO and PPC needs, then this just might be the best option for you. However, for basic PPC requirements, you can try a cheaper and more basic tool.


  • Competitor analysis of budgets and creatives
  • Keyword research, including local keywords
  • PPC costs benchmarking
  • Competitor discovery
  • Google Shopping campaign analysis


  • A sophisticated tool meant for businesses and SEO professionals
  • Accurate and extensive keyword research and suggestions
  • A multi-functional tool to meet all your SEO and advertising needs


  • Comes with 40+ advanced tools that might take you a while to explore


  • Pro – $83.28 per month, billed annually
  • Guru – $166.62 per month, billed annually
  • Business – $333.28 per month, billed annually

All plans include over 40 SEO, PPC, and marketing tools. Monthly plans a bit costlier than annual plans.

Pro Tip: Use the keyword research tool not just for PPC but also for content marketing, to get the most out of this tool.

2. SpyFu

SpyFu PPC ToolsImage via SpyFu

SpyFu has a whole suite of PPC tools that you can use to boost your paid campaigns. From providing keyword suggestions to spying on your competitors’ ad activity, you can do it all.

Want to know the best part?

It provides AdWords templates that you can simply import to your AdWords account and start using. It also groups all relevant keywords for each ad group and all you have to do is add your branded or product keywords and you’re good to go.


  • Finds competitors’ ad spend and paid keywords history
  • Identifies others bidding on your keywords
  • Provides smart keyword suggestions
  • Automatically organizes keywords into ad groups
  • Shows historically successful ad copies to fuel your creative strategy
  • Gives intelligent bidding advice
  • Comes with ready-to-import AdWords templates


  • A simple interface that can be used by anyone
  • Extensive and accurate keyword tool
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • No separate plan just for PPC


  • Basic – $33 per month, billed annually
  • Professional – $58 per month, billed annually
  • Team – $199 per month, billed annually

Monthly plans are costlier than annual plans and all plans include SEO as well as PPC tools.

Pro Tip: Use this tool for all your SEO needs and not just for PPC.

3. Ad Badger

Ad Badger PPC ToolsImage via Ad Badger

This is a specialized tool that you can use to manage your Amazon PPC campaigns. Unlike most tools on this list, this one does not cater to other platforms like Google AdWords.

Want to know what else makes it unique?

Ad Badger does not just provide a software solution but also provides training for you and your employees. Moreover, you can join their online community to discuss your problems and other topics.

This is a highly-specialized and sophisticated tool meant for marketers and businesses that actively run ads on Amazon.


  • Smart bid algorithm to optimize your bids
  • Keyword and campaign management
  • Over 4 hours of Amazon Ads training
  • Negative keywords optimization


  • Optimizes bids and reduces costs
  • Provides training to upskill your team
  • Has a money-back guarantee


  • Works only for Amazon Ads


  • Ad spend <5K – $87 per month, billed quarterly
  • Ad spend 5K-25K – $143 per month, billed quarterly
  • Ad spend >25K – $450 per month, billed quarterly

Pro Tip: Do leverage the training and online community features to upskill yourself and get the most out of your subscription.

4. PPC Entourage

PPC Entourage PPC ToolsImage via PPC Entourage

This is another specialized PPC tool for optimizing your Amazon advertising. It helps you create and run Amazon product campaigns to increase conversions.

If you are an active Amazon Seller, the PPC Entourage’s suite of tools can do wonders for your business.


  • Identifies areas for improvement
  • Does keyword research and suggests relevant, untapped keywords
  • Has automation options for optimizing bids, adding and removing keywords, etc.
  • Built-in analytics tools
  • Provides bulk campaigns optimization
  • Negative keywords optimization


  • Saves time and effort by managing your Amazon Ad campaigns for you
  • 14-day free trial
  • Quick and easy setup


  • Works only for Amazon and not other advertising platforms


  • Plans start at $47 per month for 5 SKUs and the cost increases with an increase in SKUs.

Pro Tip: Try it for free for less than 5 SKUs and then expand to the paid plans if it works for you.

5. Google Ads Editor

Google Ads Editor is a free ad creation and editing tool. It helps you work on different ad campaigns across multiple accounts in Google AdWords both online and offline. You can manage ad campaigns, make bulk changes to keyword bids with the help of the editor. This useful tool can help you manage your campaigns with ease.

Did you know that it allows you to make changes to all your accounts from a single dashboard? It also allows you to search and replace your text and redo or undo changes to

Make changes quickly to all of your accounts all at once. With the Google Ads Editor, you can search and replace text, move items, and undo or redo changes across multiple campaigns.

This software solution makes it easy for you to share your work with colleagues. You can import and export files easily.

AdWords Editor PPC ToolsImage via Google Ads Editor

6. Bing Ads Editor

Bing Ads Editor helps you streamline your PPC ad campaign management. You can import your data directly into the editor with the help of Google. And you can create campaigns, edit ads, manage keywords, ad copy, budgets, and more. You can also use it to manage multiple accounts together.

Your work can continue, even if you aren’t online. This tool allows you to sync-up your accounts and campaigns. With it, you can do additions or make changes, even offline. When you go online, you can upload all of your revisions at once.

Bing Ads EditorImage via Bing Ads Editor

7. Optmyzr

Optmyzr is an award-winning PPC tool. It automates optimization of your ads with the help of machine learning capabilities. You can handle both Bing ads and AdWords from the platform.

It helps you manage your account by adding or eliminating keywords, adjusting placement on display networks, changing bids, and using the shopping campaign splitter and bidder.

OptmyzrImage via Optmyzr

8. WordStream AdWords Performance

This PPC tool helps you grade your Google AdWords performance. It analyzes your account and provides you details on wasted spend, click-through rates, long-tail keywords, impression shares etc.

Its mobile readiness score enables you to assess your preparedness for mobile PPC. It even checks if you are following the best practices for mobile PPC. This is a useful software solution for analyzing the performance of your PPC campaigns.

WordstreamImage via WordStream AdWords Performance

9. AdEspresso

AdEspresso helps you manage and optimize Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ad campaigns. It is a one-stop solution for all your advertising needs.

From just one platform, you can manage your ad campaigns on different platform. With this tool, you can save a lot of time which you would have spent switching between channels.

Setting it up is easy as it has a lot of visuals. It is integrated with the web design tool, Canva. By using AdEspresso, marketers can save a lot of time and effort and increase their campaigns’ performance. To keep you updated, they also give you access to some trustworthy resources.

AdEspressoImage via AdEspresso

10. Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner helps you target the right customers with the right keywords. It provides you with keyword ideas to build your campaigns.

What’s more, you ask? You can get the keywords at the best price possible when you plan well. And you can create ad groups and set bids for each keyword before starting your campaign.

Google Keyword PlannerImage via Google Keyword Planner

11. Google Trends

Did you know that Google Trends is one of the most popular tools on this list, trusted by marketers worldwide? Want to know what makes it so great? Read on to find out.

Google Trends is an online search tool that enables you to see how often a specific keyword has been searched for over a specific period of time. You can see the results in a search index volume graph. It can show you the relative level of interest in a specific keyword. You can also compare the level of interest among different keywords.

Google TrendsImage via Google Trends

12. PPC Protect

This tool helps you stop click fraud automatically in seconds. It is a very useful PPC tool. PPC Protect protects your campaigns and AdWords budget. It has the most effective IP blocking system. And it allows multiple users per account. You can choose to give selective access to your team. It also monitors your traffic.

PPC ProtectImage via PPC Protect

13. Optimizely

You can use Optimizely as a conversion tool. It helps you test which variation of your webpage engages your visitors the most and then helps you optimize your website. And it enables you to target audiences on the basis of behavior, predictive analytics, multi-page and multivariate testing, campaign management, and more.

OptimizelyImage via Optimizely

14. Tenscores

This is a useful tool that provides recommendations on improving your Google Adwords Quality Score. It also tells you if you are wasting any money due to poor quality scores. And it provides a thorough analysis of your quality score history to help you identify areas for improvement.

Tenscores PPC ToolImage via Tenscores

15. iSpionage

iSpionage is a competitive intelligence tool that provides you with the valuable SEO data of your competitors. It helps you increase conversion rates and generate more leads. And it can tell you how much is your competition is spending on AdWords and which keywords should you compete for.

iSpionageImage via iSpionage

16. Yandex Direct

Yandex Direct helps you place ad campaigns and display banners on desktop and mobile. It helps you target your audience by finding the right customers. You have placement control over the ads. You can learn how your users are responding to the ads, and you can change the settings to optimize your results.

Yandex DirectImage via Yandex Direct

17. Opteo

Opteo is one of the finest PPC tools that can simplify Google Ads for you. It suggests improvements to your ads through data-driven insights based on your conversion data and targets.

You can directly implement these improvements with the click of a button. Additionally, this tool brings all of your performance metrics to a single dashboard. This way, you can track your ad performance with ease too.

Opteo PPC ToolImage via Opteo

18. Adalysis

Adalysis is a recommendation engine that can help you optimize your PPC campaigns. It automates the ad testing process and allows you to test thousands of ads with ease. And it provides quality scores and recommendations for ads. It even helps check broken links, keyword conflicts, n-gram analysis, negative keywords, and much more.

AdalysisImage via Adalysis

19. Keyword Spy

Keyword Spy is a free SEO and PPC keyword research tool. It helps you spy on your competitors most profitable ad content and keywords. You can also learn how much each site is spending on AdWords and get daily database updates.

What’s more, you ask?

Using this tool, you can get an in-depth analysis of your competitors’ budgets, ad copy, affiliates, and more.

Keyword Spy ppc toolsImage via Keyword Spy

Bonus Tool 1: CHEQ for PPC


Image via CHEQ for PPC

CHEQ for PPC is a click-fraud prevention platform. It blocks invalid clicks across major PPC channels from Google to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Bing, Pinterest, and more. The cybersecurity-driven solution blocks fraudulent and non-human users from clicking on ads, saving clients 10-15% of their ad spend which is lost to invalid clicks.

Wondering if this is the right tool for you?

If you’re spending a significant amount on paid search or paid social ad campaigns, this is a must-have tool. It eliminates all the invalid clicks which are draining your ad budget and are infecting your funnel with junk traffic.

CHEQ for PPC is the only click-fraud solution that works across all platforms. With a free trial and less than five minutes set up process, you can see the precise ROI before committing to the service.


  • Eliminate invalid clicks
  • Protect your campaigns on all major PPC platforms
  • Secure your advertising audiences
  • Enjoy granular invalid click analytics


  • Hyper accurate: Based on CHEQ’s award-winning cybersecurity technology
  • Effective ROI: Saves money and improves key metrics like CPA and ROAS
  • Easy to use, intuitive dashboard
  • Transparent: Provides access to fraud reasoning and log-level data


  • Services medium to large-scale advertisers, not tailored (price-wise) for small businesses


  • Fixed monthly fee (1% of media spend) before discounts with a significant ROI on savings (10-15% of ad spend saved)

Pro Tip: Use the keyword research tool and the click fraud heat map to identify which keywords and landing pages are targeted the most by bots and invalid clicks.

Bonus Tool 2: PPC Ad Editor

PPC Ad Editor is one of the best PPC tools to create and review your PPC Ads in a better and faster manner. It is the only online ad creation and proofing software solution that enables you to get faster reviews and approvals on your pay-per-click campaigns.

Build, mockup, preview, and share your Google Ads with this PPC tool.PPC Ad EditorImage via PPC Ad Editor

Key Features

  • Share your proposed PPC ads and keywords from your web browser.
  • Add comments and approve or reject feedback.
  • Directly upload your campaigns to Google Ads or export as a Google Ads editor-friendly CSV.
  • Route your campaigns to other team members in real time.


  • Starter: Free
  • Business: $19/month
  • Agency: $49/month


  • Faster campaign approvals
  • Instant comments and feedback option
  • Mockups of your PPC ads and keywords in an organized format
  • Reduced manual and tedious cut-and-paste work


  • Supports Google Ads only
  • Supports expanded and responsive ads only
  • No option to set campaign budgets or keyword bids

Tool Level

For intermediate and expert users with existing knowledge of Google Ads

Pro Tip: Quickly share your campaign, ads, and keywords with your clients using their shareable URL for instant feedback.

Ready to Increase Your Ad Presence?

These are some of the best tools that can help you optimize your PPC campaigns and help you manage all aspects of your campaigns. Ready to try out these tools? Read their features in detail before deciding which one to invets in.

Are there any PPC tools you want us to know about? Let us know in the comments below. We would be happy to hear from you.


Disclosure: Please note that a few of the links in this article are actually affiliate links. If you click on them, I will earn a commission, without any extra cost to you. Please know that I have only selected the best PPC tools for you, which I personally tested and highly recommend. For more information, please read my affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy.

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